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Protocol Service Details Source; 27000: tcp, udp: games: Ports 27000+ are used by some online games: Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat, Counter Strike use ports 27000-27015 Left 4 Dead 2 (Valve software) uses ports 27000-27040 Vindictus MMORPG (devCAT/Nexon) uses ports 27000-27025, 36567, and 47611 tcp/udp Steam (Valve gaming platform) uses these ports: 27000-27015 udp (Steam client game client. The latest installment to the Counter-Strike franchise maintains a healthy, ever-intensifying competitive scene alongside a growing casual playerbase. Click an image in the grid to filter our table below.

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The class also allows you to query servers using RCON although this only works for half-life 1 and source engine games. Counter strike-source"they use newer protocol(7) than yours" whenever i try to connect to a server it says the above sentence i m not able to connect to any server plz help. A Voir galement: Comment trouver patch counter Strike v. 1.6 Problme Counter Strike CS 1.6 -Forum-jeux Vido patch Counter Strike source Windows7-forum-Windows 7 Problme Counter Strike CS 1.6-Forum-jeux Vido patch pour counter-Strike 1.6-Forum-Jeux Vido COUNTER.

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Counter-strike source free download. A Skin Mod for Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source / Skins / Rifles / AWP. However as it is a GoldSrc game, I can use the Counter Strike 1.6 protocol and it will still work.

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Counter strike source protocol 7 patch. Using a TM1638 based board with Arduino https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4155. The game was developed by Valve Corporation and millions of people all over the world are playing it for years.

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The Meld II (25): Fear of a Dark.

The Meld II (25): Fear of a Dark.
Gryll when grabbed, (since the move enveloping him somewhat by surprise), went far more machine stiff than he would otherwise have intended. The ambushing interaction occurring swiftly upon his return to the heavy world of animate matter. The assault directly following him barely lifting his Korvax Casing / Appearance Modified Traveller Exo-suit up from the hard metal floor, whence it had previously fallen, seemingly doll lifeless. Earlier, no outrunning the unexpectedly early Pulse, yet he had tried instinctively even as his systems had rebelled and failed.
When the Fox eventually disengaged her body from his shell, for a moment he thought his friend and, at times, virtual student, was actually going to follow up her hug by striking him hard. Her look and stance easily akin to an overemotional lover in a questionable work of popular fiction. The reactive feelings invoked by all of that, as surreal as his recent digital experiences might be to a biological.
‘That wasn’t fun.’ Jhasq complained. The Pentacle Medic too obviously not talking about her hug. Tufted ears drooped. Although how much fun available from hugging a cold Korvax Casing a matter Gryll also considered debatable. His machine shell made him feel lesser, almost unworthy of her display of emotion.
‘Sorry.’ He stated with unfeigned feeling. Thinking it easy to ignore some biological anxieties. ‘Although due to the time differential I was not absent long.’ He knew this, having quickly checked his internal clock upon Casing re-entry. Some systems not halting even in an outwardly inactive Casing.
‘Trust us, at this end, it felt longer than you can possibly imagine.’ Efor interjected. The Gek going so far as to clasp Gryll’s right arm briefly, equally glad to have their colleague back. ‘What Spawning happened in there?’ He added. ‘Did you find and fix the problem?’ Yet before Gryll could answer he continued. ‘Based on the steady lighting, there hasn’t been a Pulse since you fell, despite the last one arriving untimely early.’
Then Efor promptly stepped back drawing his weapon and pointing it squarely at his Korvax friend.
‘What are you…’ Jhasq began.
‘Tell me something an outsider wouldn’t know.’ Efor demanded cutting her firmly off.
‘Oh. I didn’t think ab-’ She began, belatedly taking some steps back, drawing her own multi-tool, feeling unusually indigenous technological naive. Thinking that hug might have ended very badly - for herself.
‘You really enjoy your carbon biscuits.’ Gryll stated coolly in a matter of fact unconcerned manner.
Efor visibly relaxed lowering the muzzle of his weapon. That exactly the sort of irrelevant detail easily missed by a digital interrogator and Casing thief - it would do. He made a wide open mouthed Gek grin.
‘Sorry. Struck me that anyone or anything might be in there now, given the weird circumstances.’
‘Not an unwise precaution. That can certainly be an issue with Convergent Casings, not as much usually with us less connected Rogues.’ Gryll added. ‘Although in this situation I can understand the concern.’
‘So what did happen in there?’ Efor asked again.
‘You might say I made a new friend.’ Gryll sent back to them both.
‘Really? What sort of friend?’ Efor asked suspicion sliding back into his sending again.
‘Names itself Abel Praxis. Claims to be an Artificial Intelligence designed to oversee the City, or at least once assigned to that specific role.’
‘Claims. You have some doubts about it?’ Efor sent.
‘Lets say I presently lack confirming proof. All I have being the words of a disembodied intelligence.’ After that he explained most of the facts to his associates, (or the story related so far), including many other particulars of his incorporeal adventure in reasonable detail.
‘Thousands?’ Efor sent scratching at his head ridges clearly surprised at the large number.
‘Exactly my first reaction. Our limited local findings deceptive. Still, I can see how that possible. The large scale and nature of this place, plus the outlined circumstances of the situation both down here and above ground - it all fits.’ Gryll sent.
‘Horns and Fangs, so not simply us more common Foxes, with another tribe of barbarous cannibal Tusk Raiders out there as well complicating the mix?’ Jhasq stated less than happy about the last part.
‘So Abel Praxis informed. Some locals very unfriendly. We might have more than Smugglers to confront.’
‘So what now?’ Efor asked. ‘Although, since you got swiftly back, I am guessing you volunteered our aid.’
‘We seek out the Xaedyn Shaft Warren. Recalling Nahrl from his exploration first.’
‘Will we be expected by these City Warren folk?’ Jhasq asked.
‘No. We cautiously initiate our own first contact protocol. Liaising with them the best possible to achieve our enlarged objectives. A little multitasking: Fulfilling my bargain with Praxis whilst ideally facilitating our means to rescue Tor. If it all proves - as our new friend claims - it seems doable. I was even gifted a detailed mapped out route to follow that should prove a relatively safe transit, despite any ongoing frictions. Of course, it could all be part of an elaborate trap.’ Gryll admitted.
‘You were suspended in an impenetrable darkness the whole time within there?’ Efor asked.
‘I was. Though it would hardly have mattered otherwise. Anything revealed to me in that particular informational space a purposely manufactured construct. Little better than a tailored digital illusion, Praxis owning that domain. That the AI refused to project dressings either a sign: He is severely depleted, being super stealthy, innately honest, very cautious, or full of clever deceit or some random combination of such.’
‘Did it ever cross your mind you might’ve been talking with the entity named Hexahlmoz?’
‘It certainly did. In all that shrouding darkness it difficult not to brood about the Dark. I suppose that potentially purposeful suggestive, mentally reinforcing so to speak. Maybe I was inside a - cunning - construct after all, a mock up of the Mythic Void resting Beyond the Beyond. Though I do not recall the Darks being delineated as that level of - softly - subtle, at least not when they manifest in our domains. In the texts such events usually somewhat louder infernal.’
‘An empty void sounds mind bending creepy enough, but maybe that a product of my personal Cult experiences. Did you pick up on any stray vibes in there at all? Lore, and some direct experience, suggests the Darks tend to exude an overbearing presence, not something too easily folded away.’ Efor sent.
‘There was plenty disturbing in there for a less controlled mind, the empty isolation alone…. However, Abel easily shone over any disquiet, whilst coming across opposite to an Outer Abomination. Actually, if anything, his presence, (such as it was), seemed jovial charming and very personable.’
‘Not the worst signs. Jovial and charming not typically judged prominent Dark traits. Still, I guess Abel could be nothing more than a front for a certain Digital Echo now loosed too. I’ll bet that one could do jovial and charming if it suited him.’
‘I did consider there might be a bit of Ancient Gek within the AI, since Geskhan or his Tusks originally architecting its general parameters. Interestingly though it also exuded a bit of Korvax to me, possibly from physical structural legacy aspects of deeper original system hardware and coding.’
‘I suppose that might make sense.’ Efor sent.
‘As I said, quite personable although the level of darkness surrounding me more than a little unnerving, along with a broader sense of something unpleasant resting - further - beyond.’ Gryll admitted. ‘However, that fits perfectly with the AI’s overall story.’
‘In any tailored construct nothing need break the manufactured scenario. Whilst, even if Abel not the Dark that hardly guarantees fidelity towards us. Spawn it, if exactly as it claims, given its origins it might yet be deviously loyal to the objectives of its originator despite promising otherwise.’
‘As mentioned: We should approach all the locals with caution including Abel Praxis. However, for now the best way forward does seem firm engagement. Abel potentially a wonderful informational resource. It will just be up to us, (as ever), to confirm reality or falsehood - the best we may.’
‘How strong is this AI’s supposed relationship with the City Warren folk?’ Jhasq asked.
‘Sadly, from what I can gather, pretty much invisible.’ Gryll admitted.
‘After all this time that is hard to believe.’ Jhasq sent.
‘Abel claims to have interacted with them in the past only lightly - in cunning ways - and never openly.’
‘Surely with the stated systems regeneration and repair they must suspect a guiding intellect of some serious kind involved.’ Efor argued.
‘They could just calculate such as lesser surviving localised automation. Whilst if some suspect a more evolved central artificial intellect overseeing, without actual communication they would have no affirmation to work with. My only strict directive being - that how it stays - for now.’ Gryll added.
‘Directive? Are we taking directives?’ Efor asked instantly sounding naturally rebellious. ‘Besides, seems like a needless complication before we even meet these City Warren folk.’
Gryll noticed Jhasq nodding slightly to that outburst.
‘Not my call.’ Gryll stated. ‘I saw no advantage in arguing against that desire. It early in our working relationship for unnecessary awkwardness. Easier overall to earn trust via some cooperative compliance.’
Efor shrugged then, but Jhasq still didn’t look happy. Perhaps already feeling the proposed deception a little disloyal to compatriot Uplifts and Warren folk, - to her - a poor beginning.
‘Giving up - too much too early - in any negotiation can come over as exploitable weakness.’ She sent.
‘I made a well considered point of contact judgement call. None of you there. If it helps you both to better rationalise the necessity I would conjecture that ignoring the SmugglerGek I was the first person Praxis communed with in a very long time. Very possibly why it seemed to enjoy our conversation so much. My impression being it has long endeavoured not to get too entangled in the development of an as yet technologically regressed society for myriads of sensible reasons.’
‘No doubt with an emphasis on protecting itself first.’ Efor sent back cynically, Jhasq again nodding.
Gryll held out his hands in a placating gesture. ‘As a digital it will be multitasking. Not surprising it has concerns about revealing itself being a sophisticated and mindful entity. Though, I would agree, such levels of cultural sensitivity almost suspicious in a - First Spawn - device. So yes, with staying aloof, it may also, as you claim, have natural added selfish reasons well beyond the welfare of any City Warren Folk. Yet who does not look to their own needs too? Few people utterly selfless. Whilst a - fully - self aware AI no less a rounded person than any of us.’ Gryll strongly reminded.
‘Else that stance another aspect of clever deceit by a still restricted controlled machine under orders. Since if we play along we can hardly seek verification of its veracity from the indigenous.’ Efor reminded.
‘A good point yet I counter they would know it well enough if it normally acted malevolent. Consider us working as go betweens for a client that prefers to remain anonymous. Is that so hard to accept? Perhaps, as you suggest Efor, the previous invisibility as much to stay off the broader grid as anything else. Although with the SmugglerGek now in on the secret and their Tusk hirelings too I wonder how much longer its presence can remain fully unverified. Really, I also agree that some Warren locals may already suspect much, but again suspicion is not proof. Though going on our Uplift friends, like Jhasq here, those people no ignorant fools. Perhaps Abel Praxis will soon be forced to change its old policy of secrecy - out being out - but for now I suggest we comply with our new digital friends requests for diplomatic reasons alone.’
‘Requests then not demands?’ Jhasq asked.
‘The sort of contractual requests an employer makes upon an employee with a firm agreement.’ Gryll sent.
‘It didn’t act too smart machine by trying to deal with those SmugglerGek.’ Efor added.
‘Perhaps, though I get the feeling those interactions occurred before the Gek and Tusks showed their truer character. I didn’t gain the whole story around that either - not yet - Abel struck me as able enough though, if perhaps a little lonely. Whilst if the Tusks had already identified its existence to their Smuggler employers, to them the AI’s cover already blown.’
‘I suppose they immediately sought out any possible surviving central computer system as potentially the quickest means of securing local information, plus operational control of any remaining active machine infrastructure, including readily bypassing problematic security systems.’ Efor guessed.
‘Exactly. That would have been my first potential target too. Though since, at best, being all about looting, a betrayal inevitable of any fastidious Guardian AI - if they could not simply enslave it. Again however, Abel didn’t share every historic detail of his failed relationship with the Gek.’ Gryll reminded. ‘I do have a link address though. We, at least, will be able to network in and consult with the AI as needed. For a time its inclusion technically bringing our Pentacle back up to full strength.’
‘You propose we work that closely with this relatively unknown entity?’ Efor asked.
‘Given our priorities seemed the best speedy proactive way forward. Vigilance mitigating risk.’
Efor looked a bit glum, considering how their vigilant collaboration worked out with Reefee.
‘So what exactly is our job to be for this ‘AI Client’ come temporary new Pentacle member?’ Efor asked.
The Gek wondering if Gryll demonstrating a little unreasonable overcompensating bias for digital folk.
‘It wants help curbing Hexahlmoz.’
The Gek’s mouth virtually hung open for a second at that utterance, before he clamped it shut. Gryll winced internally. To say Darks had bad reputations - a serious - cold digital Korvax understatement. Plus he knew Efor had enough history with techno occultism to wisely fear any Dark more than most.
‘Luckily,’ Gryll hastily added, ‘that part of it more a long-term side benefit, slightly outside our specific present contract. Right now less problematically what Praxis needs most is the Smugglers gone. That should be the crux of our input. With those Interlopers removed from this area, Praxis can return to quietly running his City whilst developing other necessary policies: Contacts and alliances as required for its er… other needs. No doubt, it expects Torrance will be grateful towards it though for any part it plays in his liberation.’
‘Although in doing so we might actually be working for Geskhan again, simply by assisting this Spawn AI.’ Efor warned. ‘If Geskhan made the thing he probably has keys to regain control - any time - he wants.’
‘It just as likely such access long lost over the ages Efor. Whilst we or even such folk as the KVC might be able to help Praxis remain autonomous, if it proves presently true.’ Gryll suggested.
‘Haa! Autonomous only under the KVC, if those Convergent get involved.’ Efor noted.
‘Surely, by its very nature, it always has to obey former core programming parameters.’ Jhasq debated.
‘So you might think Jhasq, but truly intelligent software entities of a self aware level oft include built in systems of evolution. Truer AI can be surprisingly organic rather than static forms of intelligence: They can grow and mature as much as any fleshy person does, potentially when not strictly design limited evolving far, far faster and much further than any, no offence, mere meat sack contained intelligence.’ Gryll sent. ‘Abel claims to some degree to have made itself, which being off a leash - so long -, if true, is far from impossible. Although, it pointedly suggested we all do that in here too.’
‘Cursed tricky things true AI. Worse, this one, we must suppose, technically an ancient First Spawn AI which seems tricky squared to me. Even if it is autonomous now and thus off remit that might be worrying in other ways. Potentially this one a new potent player upon Hellespae. Have to admit a First Spawn AI not something I have encountered before - not even when in the Cult - at least not that I noticed.’
‘Abel is nothing new Efor - he is ancient - he has always been here, making him more a local denizen than us. Technically here we are the invading Interlopers upon his domain. Though I equally have no experience with First Spawn artificial intelligences, (ignoring some Digital Echoes), I am obviously well familiar with digital intelligence in general. Anyway, I believe we should not ignore a potential Korvax connection here. Praxis hinting at a Korvax root. Which is possible given the mass looting of Korvax tech by the First Spawn during and after the war, including shockingly many Digital Echoes, Casings and Casing components.’
‘That could put a strange spin on it all.’ Efor admitted.
‘I find myself calculating that Abel Praxis likely a mismatch hybrid system: Part Korvax war salvage, part Gek or Tusk work. Making him potentially even less artificial contrived compared to some purer less convoluted lower grade - purposely design limited - machine AI. Although I am veering into deep conjecture here with that including deep thoughts about the slippery nature of the Korvax digital soul. To me, we Korvax, (Convergent or otherwise), remain more than machines inside because although digitised we still follow something of the patterns of our once biological selves. Our digital coding emulating the product of our ancient DNA. This old AI may also have similar style DNA patterning deep inside itself.’
‘Since we have a communications link, (long before we do anything rash), we should initiate a general Pentacle Meeting along with Nahrl and it. Probably a lot more operationally useful facts and opinions we can learn from the AI about the City environs and occupants, whilst getting a better feel for its mind in general via such interactive discussion. Then perhaps we shall all feel more comfortable with an AI as a temporary team member.’ Jhasq sent.
‘A fine proposal.’ Efor agreed. ‘Certainly worth a small delay. I would rather go in there as informed as possible. Especially in a first contact situation with jumpy locals. Play it badly and they could turn on us. After all - they don’t know us - and folk engaged in an active conflict can be quick to misjudge.’
‘That you are allied with Foxes should help. Us Warren folk can be quick to make fast friends with our own kind. Having a common foe always a serious boon with early negotiations as well.’ Jhasq reminded.
‘I remember,’ Efor recalled, ‘there was some natural suspicion of us when we first arrived at Taran.’
‘Of course, although it helped greatly that you had Nahrl and the rescued Stone Cutters to vouch for you.’
‘You still gave us a bit of an interrogation.’ Efor accused.
‘Well saving some Foxes could easily have been a simple operational ruse, purely undertaken to gain our trust. We had, after all, previously known betrayal by devious off world folk.’ She reminded.
‘A mixed blessing at best these locals being preyed upon by SmugglerGek and Tusk heavies.’ Efor stated.
‘Especially bad luck for you. Again a few nefarious Gek giving all your kind a bad reputation.’ Gryll stated.
‘I hope it will not be back to all that GekSpawn business.’ Efor complained.
‘Sadly too possible. To such long isolated Warren folk, all Gek easily primarily associated with the First Spawn of legend. It possible SmugglerGek practices not really helping the Uplifts divorce that old association either.’ Jhasq warned.
‘Great! Though I guess it is just Hellespae all the way back to Geskhan. Bah! I hate it though. Not nice getting those dirty and, sometimes odder, mixed up looks.’
‘Dealing with the species of our betrayers but also our Father Maker can be complicated.’ Jhasq admitted.
‘Simply what it is. When they get to know us better they will get over any former prejudices.’ Gryll sent.
‘Some maybe, not always everyone and not always so quickly.’
‘It can be like that anywhere ever blighted by nasty racial conflicts and tensions. There are probably places where folk look down upon, or fear, Vy’keen as much, or even us Korvax. Plenty of good people have very harsh opinions about Rogue Korvax. Some virtually shooting at us on sight. Sadly, some of that bad rep well earned by Space Pirates and other criminal Rogues: Simply burdens of association we shoulder.’
‘Best keep me back a bit, until you manage to explain I am not with the Smugglers.’ Efor stated.
‘True enough. They might rashly misidentify you - harshly. Luckily, they no doubt only have primitive arms. Worst case, you ought to easily survive any accidental friendly fire outburst.’ Gryll noted.
‘I would rather not test my shielding. If fighting has been going on for a while, it always possible Gryll that some of them have liberated modern weapons.’ Efor reminded.
‘Even if they have grabbed a couple of multi-tools as war booty,’ Gryll retorted, ‘they probably have limited ammunition and no means to make more, hardly possessing that technology level.’
‘Maybe.’ Efor replied. ‘Still, you are the one often reminds us about being careful of assumptions.’
‘Ideally again this Abel Praxis may be able to detail out potentially troublesome matters. We should compile a list of useful questions in advance of my suggested Communications Conference.’ Jhasq sent.
Communications Conference, Efor repeated in his head, outside of their back and forth sendings. Their Fox friends come a long way in a short time. Still, the Warren Foxes of Taran always sophisticated enough especially in her way Jhasq. Hardly what some Interlopers might too boldly misrepresent as primitives. It not mattering that Warren Foxes superficially once prided themselves on their crude stone age weapons, rather than even adopting the slightly better technology of the bronze age tools the old Horde foe originally used.
Many Foxes, he recalled, (even during the worst of times), stubbornly accounting their enemy Cousins of a sort making killing the same sinfully taboo. There being kinder ages when they had all been Uplifts living and working together in a seemingly almost idyllic society, at least according to taught Elder Fox lore. Early days in Hellespae, before it all Spawned Up prior to the advent of Dark Dreamer emissions and the rise of the barbarous Tusk Horde with their Blood Cult Gek style sacrifices and rampant Uplift cannibalism.
Sometimes Efor finding it hard to equate Geskhan, (as a notorious First Spawn), with any hint of the creation of a kinder society here during Imperial times. Though it clear even Ancient Fox society had some First Spawn kinks underneath. Still, to the Foxes it was a happier period despite their culture specifically First Spawn engineered, primarily for First Spawn benefit. It even possible much of old Uplift society only an esoteric social engineering side experiment to the rare Scientist Archivist Inventor and Engineer who uplifted them. Perhaps Uplift Culture virtually a Dark Archivist hobby. Still, love Geskhan or hate him, the original flesh and blood Gek unquestionably one of those rare multitalented almost mythical renaissance style figures, whose able presence alone blossoms to symbolise and create a measure of their specific times.
As to the old Fox cultural ban on bronze age tools that still somewhat confounding Efor with its concept that metal weapons make killing too easy, thus, he extrapolated, it also too easy to create deemed - murderer style killers - rather than say more considerate, less abusive, hunters or purely defensive guardian warrior archetypes. Interestingly, the old restraint potentially environmentally focused as well, being a tool designed to reduce over exploitation of resource pools that well managed might regenerate from sensible depletions.
Efor guessing that former issue now deeply complicated by multi-tool usage, since multi-tools so much more than just fighting weapons. Although the creation of the Surface Militia and so on deeply impacting Fox Warren Cultural norms, it initially mostly former Fox Slaves that led the way with Multi-tool use. Most early Fox recruits swelling the ranks also coming from deemed less sophisticated Surface Dwellers or folk once fully bred in Tusk captivity of uncertain original specific generational faction.
Maybe the stone age disadvantage also in part an Elder Fox contrivance, encouraged to stay in power within besieged reclusive Warrens. Yet at times Efor couldn’t help wondering if they, (as in the old Triumvirate), corrupted and contaminated some arguably kinder aspects and ideals of former Hellespae culture. Amusingly darkly though, (Efor not considering himself that good), always readily arguing for practicality over say any religious Peace of the Mother style dogmatic philosophy. Yet despite his practical cynicism the Gek still a little abashed at certain less planned products of their influence. A degree of ongoing off world societal tainting difficult to deny. Easy, for example, to witness some confusion of cultural clashes in particular within Nahrl.
Less problematically, Efor found it just interesting, (if true), that Abel Praxis had strong concerns about developmentally polluting the culture of - his - City denizens. Perhaps that hinting at old peace loving Korvax sensitivities embedded in earlier protocols sunk deep within the core of the AI, that being if the AI truly had such origins as part of its material and code. Geskhan, in review, seeming prone to playing with lots of sources for the assets of his broad experiments. It not so surprising then that he might have used some Korvax AI in one or more of his Cities / Great Machine Nodes, or at the very least, (as Gryll suspected), looted Korvax parts and / or corrupted some of their sophisticated designs to his ever curious will.
Even here and now the ancient war spawning active consequences. History not always easy to escape.
Efor supposing one issue with going software and machine for the Ancient Korvax being a denigration by some to less than biological citizens of Euclid, less than real people. Making of themselves the very nature of machine tools, items perfect for greedy acquisitions and redeployments. The conversion of that species making enslaving them initially socially easier for the First Spawn leadership in general, maybe even assisting with selling the conquest to any less vicious and single minded among their general populace. Though in truth, from their wartime propaganda, the Spawn hardly seemed to suffer too many qualms about enslaving even biological folk. Nonetheless, it possible, Efor mused, that abusive culture really began to bite down hardest after their taking of Korvax Prime. Although the need for sacrifices for the Imperial Blood Cult always another grim motivating factor in relation to corrupting Imperialist propensities towards conquest and enslavement, destroying a mythic Homeworld and enslaving an entire species a new low.
Contact with Darks and the Overmind of Monopods however hardly helping First Spawn morality.
Ironically whilst the First Spawn likely arguing software and machines - only things - not people, it equally possible, on the other side an almost arrogance of considered technological advancement, verging on elevated superiority, amongst the - digital - also betrayed them towards inevitable ruin. The Convergent Korvax in their close linked, (but isolating to the outside), digital perfection of society thinking themselves aloof to such old analogue banes as crude species competition - never mind cruel barbaric wars - that being until the, arguably far less sophisticated of reasoning, First Spawn taught them some nasty lessons in hard material reality. Heavy reality never so easily escaped by just entering a digital dream, especially if you leave your shiny new machine home naively far too unguarded and exposed.
Now matters almost turning full circle, some digital folk within for example the militant dirty deeds departments of the KVC happily doing some abusing. Arguably, currently virtually enslaving such Gek as Reefee for their cause of preventing the Convergent from ever again suffering vile indignities of subjugation and mass disconnection. Presently the KVC having supposedly reached out to scoop up Geskhan thanks to Torrance who also at times acted as a KVC asset. Efor having mildly complicated feelings about all of that including the digitals role reversal. Overall though, he hated the Blood Cults - so very much - he didn’t really care how harshly the KVC might use and abuse such folk, as long as they also punished and controlled them. Still, always the welbeing of the rest of his Modern Gek society to consider as well.
Efor’s primary worry remaining that the KVC might, (as the more peaceful Convergent Korvax of old had done), grow foolish in their arrogance of deemed technological supremacy. It being all too possible those they now recruited might find reciprocal cunning ways to use or corrupt the KVC from within, just as Korvax, (when yet enslaved within the Empire), had cunningly helped take down the First Spawn via deceit.
Somewhere out there Reefee, from occasional sideline reports, still fighting his Blood Cult civil war if secretly supposedly on the behalf of his new employers. Helping to drive a firm wedge between a great many Grandmasters that had fallen through the realities back to this version of Euclid. All of that activity so that the KVC might tie the Cults down and potentially later on clean sweep them all thoroughly up if needed. At least, Efor guessed that the general ongoing KVC remit. The Convergent liked things tidy. Still, Reefee, to his troubled mind, remained a slippery messy villain. Often when he thought deeply about any more infamous Blood Cult Gek his mind straying instantly as much towards the modern bane represented by Reefee as to any present digital shadow of the ancient Dark Archivist. Geskhan in a way older news.
Efor far from convinced the story arc of Reefee settled, even if for the moment that Gek seemingly curtailed.
To Gryll there something mildly unsettling about his Gek colleagues face. Though since he got those optic implants his features not quite as easy to read. Eyes in biological people frequently far more expressive than hard cybernetics. Loss of expression perhaps a singular disadvantage of that tech, unless occasionally happy to disguise your feelings behind somewhat more inscrutable hardware lens.
Efor often seemed to live his emotional existence very visibly. His inner life seemingly boldly on display. Yet Gryll suspected not always, certain his Gek friend also had many matters he preferred to keep well locked up inside. Sometimes all his antics just for show. His display of nonchalance earlier in the Ring Road in review a good example being a bit suspect. Gryll even now, (after his return from the Pillar and knowing more about it), could also sense something wrong about this area. Surely, as a biological and one familiar with techno occult style matters Efor could feel all of that even stronger. The Gek overall therefore rather playing down the idea of a resident Dark almost being on the loose down here. Could he be verging upon deep emotional shutdown denial? Really potent superstitions could have odd effects on biological brains, Gryll had to admit even on the emulation of biological style thought processes within such beings as himself. Not even operating on colder machine logic always enough to tidy away some gut reactions. Gryll soon wondering, whilst looking at the former Blood Cultist, if his own Korvax machine mind also partly numb in denial.
Still, maybe it was best to blanket out - if possible - disabling fears of the Dark as potentially overmastering.
‘Something I need to do first before anything else.’ Gryll sent to his two friends nonetheless.
‘Pillar repairs.’ Efor instantly guessed from the information already shared. ‘Best get on with that one. We will continue to stand guard over you. Just because we have made a new friend down here, don’t mean we are suddenly safe. Whilst under the circumstances, fixing that Pillar a firm priority.’
That at least Gryll noted an acknowledgement that the Dark an abiding threat Efor preferred to avoid. Actually that potentially the very best of all possible ways to go. Work hard at keeping the thing as distant from the Pentacle and their operations as physically and mentally possible. Had they really earlier all gotten too close to the now deceased Dark Dreamer? If so they ought to be doubly careful now. The consequences of wrong action, due to arising mental nudges, at this dodgy place around such immense raw power as a Dark scary enough.
‘The sooner that mended, the sooner we can move coreward.’ Efor emphasised again.
Agreeing with that somewhat obvious statement Gryll didn’t bother to reply just going to work. Thankfully, all being well, he would not have to pause this time around for any Pulses, Gryll well happy about that fact. Already half of his Casing needed an overhaul simply to get back to his usual level of operational efficiency. He wasn’t going to be pulling any fancy super fast, super accurate, Korvax actions in it as it was now. Presently he was only capable of emulating base biological standard operations without incurring possible system glitches. The last few Pulses in particular had been especially harmful. That Pulse a dirty distress call, at least up close, technically leaving him in distress too. Gryll let it go as he worked on. Reattaching the multitude of cables in reverse each into their proper previously logged sockets.
Elsewhere, Nahrl didn’t question the recall when it came, since Efor generously shared a good bit of other news. Anyway, he had been thinking it time to turn back. The Scout having mapped coreward a fair distance. Meanwhile, the others, (as he could tell from their new shared facility of the constantly updated virtual map function), had hardly moved at all. Everyone else, very much mired within the Ring Road Causeway often quite near one particular Pillar. His only issue with returning being going back to that troublesome space. Considering that issue he decided to link in to Jhasq to arrange an alternative.
‘Maybe you folk if finished there soon - which would be a great idea - should join me half way from my current position, say here.’ He sent also emitting specific coordinates as data.
Efor had sent him a copy of another map. The file a proposed route inward as supplied by their new digital friend. Whilst the route provided, disconnected by a block of unknown Warren territory between it and Nahrls specific previous vector of ingress it obviously also equally coreward. Nahrl certain he could angle over in such a way as to meet up with the new advance by the rest of the group. That seeming far more efficient, whilst also avoiding another, (too early to his mind), unnecessary encounter with the Ring Road. Why put his slightly jangled nerves through that potential ordeal again without any need, especially if there really was a Dark lurking on the edge of systems linked into that area. No wonder his hairs had been dancing a jig on occasion. It also hardly surprising he had been experiencing: Odd thoughts and feelings there, especially after his earlier, Dark Dreamer mass, encounters at the Grand Warren.
True, it now possible Dark material mass ran through all the old Causeways but most of that substance according to Abel soundly asleep, unaware of its original truer nature though not sadly this local part.
‘Since Gryll is presently rather preoccupied I will just tell him when he finishes we are to meet you at the site you suggest.’ Jhasq sent firmly.
Jhasq, Nahrl quickly judged, also happy to push for leaving the Ring Road as soon as possible. Sensibly latching onto his plan as a means to that wise end. Unsurprising. Who would want to remain close to the resting place of an identified Dark when they could make a bit of distance? Nobody sane messed with rumours of the Darks unless a rabid Blood Cultist. Whilst it not so arguable that the sanity of most serious Blood Cultists open to deep debate. Even almost professional Cult Busters such as the Traveller Torrance frequently admitted to a healthy operational respect, (verging upon morbid paranoid fear), of the Darks. It apparently standard Blood Cult busting practice to avoid some techno occult entanglements - as much as possible - whilst working against the more mundane Gek aspects of the Cults. People getting too wrapped up with deeper rumoured - alien - manifestations usually not doing so well. If they physically survived said weird encounters they were quite literally afterwards broken minded, at best verging on increasingly erratic.
You didn’t even have to believe in the occult to accept some forces and beliefs out there, (including some inexplicable at times things around the Cults), blasted holes in folks sanity. Blasting gaping voids in the rational soul as surely as a Scatter Blaster or Pulse Splitter could make hollow wounds in unshielded flesh. Tangible proofs various gibbering wrecks left behind who dared to get a little too close to rumoured, if exceptionally rare, abominations. Fight the lesser minions, flee the alien terrors of the Horned Hourglass. The Horned Hourglass the true symbol of the Darks whenever they manifested within the Great Machine. Any lesser versions of that most sinister of marks only otherwise sometimes abused by idiots such as the historic First Spawn Inquisition. Really such misappropriations - a very risky business - as according to most lore the Darks jealous of that occult symbol / sigil.
It helped a little perhaps to firmly believe Darks - simply - very, very old tech: Swarms of super ancient nanites. Yet it believed much easier to dismiss Darks as Mythic or just Rogue Swarms at a distance. Yet again wrecks of survivors proved what oft happened when too near. Of course, there always other excuses, other potential causes of mental collapse: The subjects always a little unstable, too many ritual drugs, susceptible to delusions…, sadly given the right conditions who is not? Whilst by legend Darks the strongest emitters of all, sheathing themselves in diabolic shadowy or glowing semi illusionary forms that easily ruptured through any mortal membrane of incredulity into abject horrid surrender.
In short, close encounters with a Dark tended to make for instant believers, spending the rest of their blighted lives striving hard to disbelieve with all the fervour they could mentally muster - if lucky.
Yet it could all be stories and nonsense too. Purposely spread self fulfilling, self referential, manufactured night terrors of Blood Cult propaganda, but why risk it? The Dark Dreams Nahrl suffered earlier, soft and benign compared to other possibilities. His visions likely only distant bleed over from something, for now, contained. The earlier effect mostly his own imagination working upon an edge of leaking vibes.
The more he considered even a tiny part of a more insignificant Dark, trapped in the Causeways broken apart and mostly slumbering the less Nahrl wanted to mess with any self aware and awake piece of it.
submitted by Brain_evacuated to NmsMindwarArchive

The Deadlock Protocol: Hotfix 28.0.6

The Deadlock Protocol: Hotfix 28.0.6


Accessibility & Visibility Improvements:

On-Screen Keyboard Functionality
On-Screen Keyboard functionality has been fixed to properly function for Warframe!
The issue we found was Warframe thinking you have alt+tabbed off the screen, thus instantly losing focus.
Color Blind Compensation
Under the Display Options tab, you'll find a 'Color Blind Compensation' option that modifies game and interface colors to increase visibility for common forms of color blindness.
This setting will allow you to pick between the following options:
  • Protanopia: A setting for people with Protanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to red lights.
  • Deuteranopia: A setting for people with Deuteranopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to green lights.
  • Tritanopia: A setting for people with Tritanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to blue lights.
Please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have:

Protea Changes & Fixes:

General Changes:
  • Increased Protea's sprint speed to 1.2.
  • Removed the increased animation speed for Protea's custom Roll animation to bring it back to what was originally showcased.
  • Slightly increased the impulse of Protea's custom Roll when moving forward.
Grenade Fan
  • Increased Duration of both Offensive and Defensive grenades by 3 seconds.
  • Increased Range of both Offensive and Defensive grenades at max rank from 4 to 5 meters.
For Shield Satellite, this applies to the grenade pickup Range.
  • Increased Shield Satellite grenade count from 3 to 4 to accommodate max Squad sizes.
  • Increased visibility FX on available Shield Satellite grenades to aid in differentiating between the two grenades.
  • Doubled the Damage of the Shrapnel Vortex grenade.
  • Fixed Protea's Grenade Fan/ Shield Satellites appearing giant while using Archwing.
Our goal here is to improve efficacy, usability, and logic of Grenade Fan!
Blaze Artillery
  • Increased Duration of Blaze Artillery by 1 second, and doubled the Damage multiplier to compete against higher level enemies. Duration will now show in Arsenal stats instead of the maximum number of shots.
  • Protea's Blaze Artillery will now shoot through Volt's Shield, but won't benefit from its buffs.
  • Fixed Protea's Blaze Artillery not targeting ragdolled enemies.
*Our goal here is to keep the spirit of the rapid fire Artillery alive, with just a bit more punch. We will monitor for feedback after this change as well. *
  • Protea's Dispensary location is now displayed on the minimap in the form of the Ability icon.
    • *Similar to Wisp's Reservoirs! *
Temporal Anchor
  • Protea is now invulnerable for the first 3 seconds of Temporal Anchor (i.e on cast, to prevent casting animation deaths).
  • Added a warning sound when there is 1.5 seconds left before Temporal Anchor ability ends.
  • Fixed Temporal Anchor not removing/preventing Status Effects during the rewind.
This invulnerability window is an important add based on all the ways players have used Temporal Anchor thus far - that key survivability reaction should include invulnerability.

Granum Void Changes & Fixes:

!!Contains Spoilers for The Deadlock Protol Quest!!**
  • More Lotus VO has been added to the Granum Void upon intro, success, partial/fail.
  • A waypoint marker will now dynamically appear for the nearest Golden Hand Shrine when the Granum Void opens to help players find them.
  • Fixed ‘Abilities In Use’ persisting after entering the portal to the Granum Void.
  • Fixed Xoris charges not depleting for Clients in Granum Void if the Host is absent.


  • Shield Gating now applies to Companions the same way it does to Warframes!
Blocks 100% of Damage for 1000ms on first break, reduced to 300ms if Shields break again without fully recharging.
  • Protea's Blueprint has been added to Simaris' Offerings for players who have completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest and unintentionally sold Protea.
Let it be known that the Xoris Blueprint/Parts are also available here for players who have completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest and unintentionally sold the Xoris.
  • The Friend 'Batch Remove' feature minimum has been changed to '1 week' to allow for more list purging.
  • Doubled the Decoration Capacity for the "Open Space" Dojo room, from 800 to 1600 (for comparison the Inspiration Hall is 1400).
  • Updated a few occurrences of "Resist a Damage effect" to more accurate "Resist a Status effect" for some descriptions of Arcanes.
  • Platinum bonuses given from Referral links are now non tradable/non giftable, similar to Platinum that you don't purchase (win on a Livestream, etc).


  • Made a micro-optimization to RAM footprint.

Stropha Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Stropha projectile lifetime from .12 to .14.
  • Fixed Stropha Heavy Attack not increasing in Damage from Melee Combo stacks.
  • Fixed the Stropha shot not gaining Combo hits against a ragdolling enemy.
  • Fixed Condition Overload not affecting its shots.

Corpus Ship Changes & Fixes:

  • Removed numerous door Lasers within the Corpus Ship tileset. Only connecting tile doors will have Lasers.
  • Fixed a rare case of having no objective during an Invasion Rescue mission in the Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Fixed the Golden Hand Shrine sometimes not spawning in the Jackal and Razorback boss missions. As reported here.
  • Fixed Solaris prisoners being invisible, but still freeable, if you aligned with Grineer on an Invasion mission that generates a Corpus Ship tile.
  • Fixed some Corpus Ship doors not opening until you're practically at the door, resulting in faceplanting. They'll now open when you're a few meters away.
  • Fixes towards an inability to get through side doors in the Corpus Ship Spy tileset if you're going back through the alternate direction of where you came in.
  • Fixed a lack of emissives when Lockers are open.
  • Fixed Locker emissive turning green instead of teal when a Locker is opened with the Thief's Wit Mod.
  • Fixed Treasurers dropping a 'Granum Crown Cache' when killed inside of Limbo's Cataclysm, instead of the intended Granum Crown.
  • Fixed Rescue/Spy Vault door lasers not matching the intensity of doors throughout the Corpus Ship.
  • Numerous fixes towards missing collision throughout the Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Numerous fixes towards poor lighting and AI pathfinding in the Corpus Ship tileset.

Nightwave Fixes:

  • Fixed cases of Cephalite Fissures not spawning in numerous eligible missions.
This was most commonly seen in Plains/Vallis or key-required missions, but was possible elsewhere as well. - Fixed Cephalite Resonance not being shared between squadmates in Railjack if the player who collected the Resonance was at the 20 cap.
  • Fixed the Explorer Nightwave Act text not updating progress by always saying 'Complete 3 Railjack Missions'.

Jackal Changes & Fixes:

  • Pets & Sentinels no longer take damage from Jackal's Grid Wall attack.
  • Fixed Clients sometimes being left in the first stage Jackal arena if you died/Revived before the second stage.
  • Fixes towards spamming the Parazon Finisher for the Jackal as a Client breaking the Finisher animation.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting Warframe while on the Void Fissure Relic selection screen with 1 second left on the timer.
  • Fixed a number of different ways you could crash the launcher by having the Settings panel open when the Optimize prompt came up in the background.
  • Fixed the launcher 'PLAY' button disappearing when changing languages.
  • Fixed Shield-Gating not functioning properly after Reviving when becoming downed.
  • Fixed ability to keep your Melee Combo for Gunblade Heavy Attacks by timing a Transference activation at the right time. Gunblade Heavy Attacks will now expel Melee Combo as intended.
  • Fixed Arsenal not listing Gunblades stats for their projectile behavior.
  • Fixed Condition Overload not affecting the damage of a thrown Glaive.
  • Fixed Saryn's Contagion Clouds becoming hostile to players if you die and Revive.
  • Fixed Pets using the wrong skeleton and appearing mutated when swapping to a loadout of a different Pet (Kubrow vs Kavat) before claiming your Incubated Pet.
  • Fixed Vasca Kavat babies having broken textures when previewing in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Pets spazzing out for one frame when swapping Companions in Arsenal.
  • Fixed the camera needlessly moving back and forth between Sentinel/Pet positions when swapping Companions in Arsenal.
  • Fixed receiving a weird error when attempting to equip a Pet while another one is being Imprinted.
    You'll now receive a less confusing error message indicating "Cannot switch to a new Pet while imprinting".
  • Fixed Arcane Bodyguard not healing Venari.
  • Fixed Precision Strike buff granting buffs to explosive Secondary weapons (Kuva Seer, Tombfinger Secondary, etc).
  • Fixed Dizzying Rounds leaving an enemy open to Melee Finishers forever (now closed to Finishers after the Finisher is performed).
  • Fixed Atlas 'Rubble Heap' Augment for Client players insisting that you needed energy to cast Landslide even though it was free.
  • Fixed your Moa Companion not gaining weapon Affinity if Hard Engage was the last thing the moa activated before extracting from the mission.
  • Fixed Djinn automatically Reviving after exiting Titania's Razorwing if Reawaken is equipped.
  • Fixed the Xoris infinite Combo Counter UI not reflecting when there is -100% Combo Duration equipped.
The Combo Counter UI will now display '0' when appropriate - otherwise it will say infinite.
  • Fixed clicking Dojo when in the Liset from the Railjack Star Chart not functioning.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grineer's genetic code where dying while frozen resulted in their face floating a meter away from their head.
  • Fixed Mag's "Magnetize" ability displaying the chosen Energy primary/secondary colors differently depending on what rank Magnetize is.
  • Fixed Status Effects on the Melee weapons of Mirage's Hall of Mirrors clones not disappearing when you stare through her body, as they are supposed to.
  • Fixed saving the default Mandachord song to your customization causing it to reset back to what it was previously the next time you return to the Orbiter.
  • Fixed Octavia's Mallet ability causing many audio issues for Clients.
  • More fixes towards various missing audio/visual effects for the Javlok's throw attack explosions.
  • Fixed the 'Bloom' setting slider not being available when enabling the setting.
  • Fixed Helminth Cyst being on the wrong side of Protea's neck.
  • Fixed the Shi Shoulder Plate not appearing on Mag Prime when equipped on the left shoulder.
  • Fixed Corrosive having no tooltip on hover in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed switching from 'Incomplete' tab to 'Riven' tab in the Foundry resulting in non-existent Mods showing at the end of your Riven list.
  • Fixed "waiting for other players 1/1" message displaying in Solo mode Transferring in/out of Operator mode when at the mission objective.
  • Fixed opening any kind of Chat link while on the Railjack Configure screen causing UI overlaps.
  • Fixed Prisma Veritux being hidden within your Profile Equipment list until at least 1 XP is gained.
  • Fixed Lotus VO indicating an 'Assassination Target' when a Lynx is spawned in a Grineer Galleon Spy mission.
  • Fixed incorrect Corinth Prime reload sounds if the Solstice Skin is equipped.
  • Fixed a script error when accessing the Arsenal while standing near the Helminth Infirmary.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Chroma's Effigy ability.
submitted by Blissful_Altruism to Warframe

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