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The Basics of Female Frame

There's lots of material out there for understanding frame from a man's perspective. But I have seen scant little on how women reciprocate the frame game. In fact, even in places like /RedPillWomen, they're given incredibly anti-red-pill, anti-biblical advice ... and RPCWomen is still relatively new. So, let's explore. Here are my founding axioms:
  • ONE: Submission and frame are not the same.
  • TWO: Women have their own frame no matter what.
  • THREE: Married women should live inside their husband's frame.
  • FOUR: All women should, subject to nuance, submit to (rather than live within the frame of) male Church leadership
  • FIVE: Women are not subject to submit or live within the frame of men in other contexts.
ONE: Submission and frame are not the same.
Lots of women are fine with both of these concepts in theory, but because they assume they're the same they miss the broader implications of frame. Some simplified definitions:
  • Submission is a combination of the attitudes and behaviors expressed by a woman in graceful response to someone's exercise of authority.
  • Frame is your "internal point of origin" or worldview that you project to the world around you.
1 Peter 3 is a great example of submissiveness. The compliance aspect is made clear by the fact that "submit yourselves to your own husband" is sandwiched between slaves submitting to their masters and Christ submitting to the authorities that crucified him. The attitude is more directly stated in the immediate context. The call to submission is followed by "when they see your respectful and pure conduct" and that a woman's beauty should be "of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious." These are how you respond to God-given authority.
Frame comes in all shapes and sizes. A woman can be non-submissive and yet have a strong, bold frame. 2 Samuel 6's story of David and Michal shows a clear example of this. David had his own worldview that God was to be glorified above all - and he expressed this through dancing in his underwear. Michal was embarrassed with the world view that her husband's dignity as king was more important than worshiping God. Here, her frame is evident in her rebuke of him, expressing the gap between David's frame and her own. This is why we can't confuse the two. Submissiveness is one aspect of a healthy frame for a woman. But a woman cannot claim to have a godly frame merely because she is submissive, or otherwise say that she is submissive merely because she lives in her husband's frame. Indeed, even people who share a common worldview can have a dysfunctional authority relationship.
TWO: Women have their own frame no matter what.
It's a common misconception in some conversations on the manosphere to assume that a woman must set aside her frame to cede to her husband's. That the perfect woman doesn't have a frame of her own. This simply isn't true - or even possible. Eve's conduct in the garden shows that even before the fall, women had the capacity for thought independent of her husband's leadership. Yes, that thought led to the first sin, but still predated that sin itself. When married, women do not abandon their worldview or point of origin. They are meant to adapt it. This is why many in the manosphere suggest that women are designed like clay, which adjusts to the mold it is placed in. The mold is a shape. But the clay, once placed inside, also has an external shape of its own that is maintained even when it is removed from the mold afterward, if it has set.
This is important for men to realize because it helps them overcome the anger-stage and realize that even if women are malleable to a strong leader, they are still independent, functional people with thoughts, feelings, and opinions that produce fruitful discussion and perspectives toward running the ship of which she is first officer. It is also important for women to recognize this - not to embolden them toward independence, but to have the self-confidence to function autonomously without the micro-management of a husband, and to know that women have great value to contribute to the relationship/marriage, even if it may not always be the exact kind of value she wants to contribute.
THREE: Married women should live inside their husband's frame.
Rather than proving the statement, I'll assume it's a given and instead discuss what this means in three significant contexts.
How can I live in my husband's frame and have my own frame at the same time?
The wife's frame is circumscribed within her husband's frame. Consider the fact that we have "freedom in Christ." Within God's framework for his missional, obedient, godly, and even hypothetically perfect followers there is room for doctors, plumbers, and financial advisors. There's room for introverts and extroverts. Animal-lovers and animal-eaters. Each different type of person has their own framework for understanding the world and operating within it - and each also, despite having disparate frames, also has the capacity to co-exist within God's framework for his followers. Each individual's frame is circumscribed by God's because it's big enough to encompass different attributes. Yet at the same time, if the person who is an introverted, animal-eating doctor decides that disciple-making isn't for him, he has suddenly left God's frame by resisting the adaptation of God's primary imperative for this earth into his own worldview.
In this, we can see that living within someone's frame isn't about adapting every single aspect of your personality and character to a rigid set of expectations. Rather, it is an adoption of the frame-holder's point of origin as one's own, and allowing your individual and unique attributes to be expressed in a manner consistent with that worldview. In this way, a man whose frame involves starting a charitable organization can be well-supported by an extroverted wife who interacts in the community to raise support for his cause, or by an introverted wife who helps manage his books, or other behind-the-scenes methods of assisting his mission. Yet a wife who says, "I don't care about your charitable purpose, so I'll just take care of the home," may be submissive without being in his frame at all.
What if my husband's frame sucks?
I've heard this question a number of times. The answer rests on why I distinguished between submissiveness and frame in the first place. A wife has a biblical obligation to submit to her husband, but not to live in his frame. Suppose Paul had a wife while he was killing Christians and she was saved before him. Should she have adopted his worldview that Christians are evil threats to the Jewish religion? Of course not. Should she have submitted to his leadership over her home? Yes - that he may be won over, as 1 Peter 3 says, by her submissiveness, purity, respect, gentleness, and quiet spirit.
But let me emphasize one thing: This will not produce a healthy interpersonal dynamic within the marriage; but some things are more important than having a healthy interpersonal dynamic. If a wife lives outside of her husband's frame, the relationship will suffer. But the point of marriage, as I've often said, is not to be happy or interact well with the other person - it's (per Malachi 2:15) to produce godly offspring. That is: make disciples. In this, a woman can be tactful in balancing between submission to her husband and living within Christ's frame if her husband's frame is not within Christ's frame.
What if "submitting to my husband" involves him asking me to sin?
Let's jump to extremes to illustrate a point. Husband asks wife to murder someone. Should she do it? No. The same Paul who wrote Ephesians 5 ("Wives submit to your husbands") also wrote Romans 13 ("submit to your governing authorities"). Does that mean he obeyed every rule, command, law, edict, etc. of Nero Caesar who was ordering Christians to be murdered when Paul wrote this? Obviously not! He wasn't telling all Christians to obey the command to put each other to death. Rather, when Paul was caught (Acts 16, for example), his response was not to escape and defy the judgment of his human authorities over him; it was to accept the legal consequences of his actions.
In the same way, if a husband asks a wife to sin, while she may have some argument to obey him (especially if it is a disputable issue, at which point she may - and perhaps should - defer to his leadership), if obedience would be clearly sinful, her act of submission is not in obedience to the order, but in accepting the consequences he lays out for her defiance - and embracing this with the same submission Christ gave to those who crucified him, or the same purity, reverence, gentleness, and quiet spirit that Peter references in 1 Peter 3.
If it helps, in my attorney-mind, think of it like parking illegally. The government doesn't say, "Thou shalt not park illegally." It says, "If you park illegally, you get a ticket." So, you can submit to your authority by not parking illegally and avoiding the ticket - or also by parking illegally and agreeing to pay the ticket. Extend that concept to submission within marriage and maybe it'll all make more sense.
What does it practically look like to live in my husband's frame?
On a behavioral level, it means adopting his worldview and supporting his purposes in all you do. If he's for the death penalty and you're against it, submission says you vote consistently with his expectations of you, but living within his frame means (on a behavioral level) trying to understand why he's for the death penalty, and giving him all benefit of the doubt in attempting to embrace his way of thinking.
But it runs deeper than behavior. Christ transforms his bride, purifying her and making him more like to himself. Consider the parallel with another concept I often teach:
  • True Christians do not live by God's expectations of them. They are transformed by God so that their own internal desires are naturally God's desires flowing out of them.
  • A true godly wife does not live by her husband's external expectations of her. She is transformed by her love, trust, and respect for his leadership so that her own internal desires are naturally identical to his desires flowing out of her.
This is what it means for a wife to live in her husband's frame.
Of course, as above, if a husband's frame sucks it's not practically going to happen. A woman's ability to live in her husband's frame is directly correlated to her attraction toward him. Like the mold and the clay, what happens if they're both magnetic and the clay is repelled by the mold instead of being drawn to it? You can try to force it in, but it will fall right back out long before it actually sets. You can't negotiate attraction. A man must take responsibility for being someone whose frame is strong and desirable enough to be a force of attraction rather than repulsion. Be attractive, don't be unattractive. Both matter (and yes, it's possible to be attractive and unattractive in varying ways simultaneously).
Equally significant: even though the man has the burden of developing attractive-leadership to draw his wife into his frame, this does not excuse her imperative to seek to live within his frame. Yes, it may be difficult. But this is also why I distinguish between "on a behavioral level" and when "it runs deeper."
FOUR: All women should, subject to nuance, submit to (rather than live within the frame of) male Church leadership
I'm not going to re-hash the passages on women trying to take roles of headship within the Church. I do what to emphasize a couple nuances in my wording here.
First, I reference "submission" here and not frame. Why? Because Acts 17 encourages us to challenge what is taught even from reliable sources. We are not meant to blindly follow those who preach just because they say so. In the end, if we find we agree, we adopt their frame through Scripture rather than through titular authority - and this produces an even better result. Yet submission to an authority within their own house is still a default, even if we maintain our own frame. Law 38 of the 48 Laws of Power is relevant here: "Think as you like but behave like others."
Of course, in the above I'm implying reference to involvement in a lower-case "church." Yet my original statement referenced Church with the capital C. When addressing submission to Church leadership, this is more absolute than the hollow, self-declared authority of so-called "pastors" who call their bodes local "churches." This is significant because some congregations demand submission on absurd things. In this, your "submission" to the local congregation in which you participate is a courtesy to the fact that you are a guest in their house and if you find value in participating in their house (as you should), you should play by their rules. It is virtually always possible to play by their rules and simultaneously pursue the purposes God gave The Church within their body.
From there, the question may be asked: "What does it mean to submit to The Church, proper, if not a local human authority?" The Church is the aggregate Kingdom of God as it exists on earth. There is no singular leader but Christ, who communicates his leadership to the Church through the Spirit, which is most prominently known through the canon of Scripture. So, that's where it starts. Submission to Scripture is primary, as Christ is the logos/Word of God made flesh and embodied through our living and active Scriptures, breathed by God, called the "sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God." But if we really want to get technical, your local Church (as opposed to local church) is those who God has placed in your life who you know to be trustworthy and reliable as members and leaders within God's Kingdom. That may be someone from your congregation - but it MAY also be your best friend or trusted advisor or co-worker, etc. who don't attend the same congregation as you. But this topic is too big to address here, so I'll leave it at that.
FIVE: Women are not subject to submit or live within the frame of men in other contexts.
My son used to hold the mistaken view: "Men are leaders and women are followers. So, my sisters have to do what I say." Not so, boy. This attitude is taken by many men in TRP, and is something I've even seen among some women - that men, generally, are the head of women, therefore women must submit to men on a societal level the same way as to a husband. This is, in my view, over-reaching.
Let me emphasize this: If you are an unmarried woman in a relationship, you do not owe a duty to submit to your boyfriend. For relational health, it may be wise to spend some time living within his frame in order to understand whether that's a healthy long-term residence for you. But be cautious against rote submission - especially if there is some form of pressure toward sinful conduct, such as premarital sex. Even if it is not sinful, if it crosses one of your boundaries, contemplate the pros and cons earnestly before resigning yourself to "he wanted me to, and I want to be submissive [in a wrong context], therefore I did it."
That said, even though you are not obligated to this, it doesn't mean it's a bad idea. It just means you exercise wisdom and discretion.
submitted by Red-Curious to RPCWomen

I spent the last couple months playing all of the Devil May Cry games. Here's my thoughts on each of them.

...Well, almost all of them. I didn't play Don'te edition (the DmC reboot), but I did play all of the mainline ones in order, and very extensively. Overall, it was a joy to go through this series and I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did, since I'm not very good at difficult action games like these. I'd love to hear what other people think of these games as well, whether you agree/disagree with my thoughts, and how'd you rank them.
Devil May Cry - 8/10
A common sentiment with this game is that it hasn't aged very well - to be honest, I disagree. There's a lot about DMC1 that still holds up well today, and I think the one big problem it has tends to overshadow all of the excellent things it does, that problem being the camera. Yes, the camera is a struggle. It leads to misinputs and frustrating angles especially when you're not used to it, and DMC1 really suffers from it.
But, I think everything else about this game is great. I think it stands out the most among the series because of how simple it is compared to the other games. Dante's moveset is more limited in this one, and the general flow of combat feels more calculated than the rest of the games. In most cases, enemy telegraphs are longer and very obvious, but attack variety within enemies is varied enough that you have to stay on your toes. I also think most of the boss fights are incredible - Griffon 2 and the rail-shooter section of Mundus left a bad taste in my mouth, but all of the other ones feel very unique. Nelo Angelo 3 is the pinnacle of this for me, he's one of my favourite bosses I think I've seen in a game.
DMC1 also has the best atmosphere. You can really see this game's roots as a Resident Evil with how ominous and creepy the castle feels. It probably wasn't meant to be scary, but at many points, it was, and I thought that was really cool. While the camera drags it down quite a bit, I appreciate this game a lot for what it did for the genre and it's possibly my favourite out of the series.
Devil May Cry 2 - 3/10
Eugh... DMC2 had some interesting ideas for the series. I think it had more reliable controls thanks to the dedicated dodge button and directional-input combos instead of pause combos. Dante also has a cool design, and it was the first game to introduce multiple playable characters which has become a series staple. I appreciate it for those things.
That's about all the good I have to say about it, though. Dante looks cool but he doesn't act like it - he's a shell of his other iterations since he barely has any dialogue. Combat feels very floaty and sluggish, especially aerial combat. You awkwardly hang in the air for brief moments when you attack or use guns, it feels like you're playing as a plastic bag in the middle of a hurricane. The level design is a series of big rectangular streets for every mission. The story is practically non-existent, the world is missing that ominous life that it had in DMC1. There's no unique weapons, they're all variations of your sword, and the enemies/bosses are just so simple, there's very little difficulty. I think it's worth playing just to get an appreciation for the rest of the games, but... I don't feel compelled to go back to this one at all.
Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - 8/10
DMC3 is often the favourite for many people, and it's easy to see why. This was the first time we were given an overwhelming number of combat options for Dante, and unlike it's predecessors, it made a greater attempt at having a story - and it's a decent one. I think this game has the best dynamic between Dante and Vergil, and all the characters serve their purpose well. It's just the right amount of story for a game like this. Some of the boss fights are also great, particularly Agni & Rudra, Beowulf, and all the Vergil fights. They reach the same DMC1 levels of demanding your attention and dancing around their attacks while carefully choosing openings for you to attack.
Playing as Dante is an absolute blast - five different melee weapons each with their own unique combos, special moves, attributes - it's a lot to dig in to. There's also the option of playing as Vergil, who has a more limited and focused moveset, more akin to the simplicity of the first game. I honestly think both of them are equally fun.
I gotta say, though, I do not like a lot of the enemies in this game. The worst ones to me are Enigmas, Dullahans, Soul Eaters, and Fallens. Each of them feel like momentum killers because they're either too obnoxious or require very specific ways to handle them, which limits how expressive you can be in combat. I also didn't love the level design - there's a fair bit of backtracking through areas that contain the aforementioned enemies, and long stretches of either running around or fighting the boring enemies before you reach an area with the fun ones. I like DMC3 a lot - its high points are superb, but its lows are pretty frustrating. Still an excellent game and a must-play on the PS2.
Devil May Cry 4 - 7/10
The combat in this game really really shines. It introduced Nero, who's become my personal favourite character to play as, and there's a lot of technical depth in Dante. The combo videos I've seen for DMC4 are nuts, and I praise it for how many options there are. You get to play as Nero, Dante, Lady, Trish, and Vergil - it's the all-star DMC cast, and I think that's really cool.
There's something that feels different about this one, though. The royalty/cult plot is a pretty far cry from the more demonic, gothic focus of the previous games, and the brilliant brother rivalry in 3 is nowhere to be seen. That's not a bad thing on its own, but ultimately, Nero's story is just less gripping than Dante's. I do like his character, he's still got a coolness factor to him and having a more emotional protagonist is a nice contrast to Dante's wacky-woohoo-pizza-man persona, but his whole thing with Kyrie just isn't the same as Dante and Vergil.
Having to repeat the levels in reverse as Dante was also a bit of a drag, since the level design itself isn't super interesting. It doesn't feel like the levels were designed for Dante, and it's much more fun playing him in the Bloody Palace rather than the missions. All that said, Dante is hilarious in this game. I laughed my ass off during the cutscene before he fights Agnus, and he has a cool design to boot. His wackiness feels turned up to 11 for this game, probably because the focus was more on Nero than him. DMC4 is worth playing through once just to unlock the Bloody Palace, that's where I found the most value in this one.
Devil May Cry 5 - 9/10
This one rivals DMC1 for my favourite DMC game, 5 might have a slight edge but I'm not sure. It looks incredible, the gameplay is fun, and I think it has the most well-paced levels with the best mix of combat and non-combat sections. Lots of the levels look very visually same-y, especially the ones in Qliphoth, but I was able to look past it for the most part. Nero's breakers are all really fun to use, and Dante's variety is back and better than ever. I'm not the biggest fan of V's playstyle, but I do appreciate having a more passive/defensive option compared to the other two. It's nice that he's there, even though Nero and Dante are so much fun that they kind of eclipse him.
My biggest criticism is probably the story. It's good, but not quite as enjoyable as 3 - there were some great hype moments, but I think only having 20 missions limited the screentime of the main characters too much. Nero and Dante got their fair share, but V's whole "I'm actually Vergil!" twist became very obvious early on, yet they never actually revealed Vergil until towards the end. If someone was playing DMC5 as their first DMC, I don't think they'd be able to appreciate Vergil very much since there wasn't any time to explain his backstory or give him deep development. Also minor nitpick, but I feel like they hammered on Nero's "that bastard called me dead weight!" a little too much.
Even so, DMC5 has great gameplay, great levels, a solid story, and amazing visuals + music. It's an excellent game and I'm happy that the series currently ends on a high note.
Sorry for the long winded post, but I overall really liked these games and had a lot to say about them. I am curious how other people would rate these games, from what I've gathered 3 and 5 are king for most people, and understandably so - but I think arguments can be made for all of them (sans 2).
submitted by SwiftWaffles to patientgamers

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