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Download now Company-wide License. WIFI Password Recovery is a fast and intuitive application whose purpose is to recover wireless network connection passwords. Ekahau Site Survey is an enterprise-level Wi-Fi planning, site survey and WLAN troubleshooting solution developed by Ekahau. For no functional, just cosmetic (even there with no real control of theme color schemes) "benefit". Hack WiFi password online: FREE methods of hackers try this website.

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32 Best WiFi surveys images read full report. Works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. FileSize: 22 MB Free keygenerator2018download is ready for download Facebook Pinterest Google + Twitter 20 Reddit 15 Bus. NetSpot for Windows is a super-useful Wi-Fi survey app that comes with two major Wi-Fi troubleshooting modes: Discover and Survey. You do not have to rely on long wires to get internet.

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Click link below for more Windows 7 end of support information. Game of Thrones Ascent Hack Tool No Survey No Pa. If you can agree to Extended Survey Program, click Agree. If you are thinking to get the password of other networks and connect your PC to that WiFi network, then Cain and Abel is the best WiFi hacker for you. Wifi Hack Bot V50 For Pc Free Download https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4267.

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Perfect Wifi Password Hacker - 100% Guaranteed System. Most routers are concerned because this flaw concerns 802.11 networks. The hacker is in direct communication with the WiFi terminal and he no longer needs to capture the bits that a user will receive to connect to a network. Keygen for Trackmania United Forever; Marvel Future Fight Hack Cheat Tool for iOS Android. Descargar Cubase 5 Espaol Full (Mega) - Windows 10, 8, 7, XP.

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K3-Team is one of the best cracking team, but sometimes we are working with other groups like RAZOR1911 or Skidrow, but today we working alone and we present our kid - Keygen for Far Cry 3. Now if you download this file, you don't must use any Crack or other stuff. So it was only natural for them to tackle the WiFi market. 9 Ways to Skip Surveys. Where is the serial number located?

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In here I will provide 5 free Wi-Fi password finder programs and a best free Wi-Fi Password Recovery alternative for you to break wifi password on windows 10//8/7/Vista/XP PC. Usually, we need a lot of tools to help analyze and solve the key problems on Wi-Fi performance. Wifi password hack download no survey wifi password hack download for android. WiFi Password Hacker APK 2020 No human verification Survey Free Download For Android/Windows 7 10. How To Hack WiFi Password online without a. Normal, WiFi hackers use sniffer and magic packet decoder to hack wifi passwords but.

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Wifi Hacker 2020 Free Download. Wifi hacker for windows 7 no survey. It is a free tool and comes with Linux and Windows platforms. Move up to CyberGhost VPN 7 Activation Key to enact a premium in 2020 plus a rendition, and open anything on the site. WiFi Wachtwurd Hacker 2020 Gjin Survey Free Download [updated Jan 2020] Wy bringe hiel spesjale hack helpmiddel foar dy, which called WiFi Password Hacker 2020 en wy beslute om diele mei dy. In this tutorial you will be able to understand that how to hack wifi password on android or pc.

I am 40 years old, make $162,000, live in Singapore and work in Biopharma

Section One: Assets and Debt.
Retirement Balance $110,000 in my CPF, the government mandatory retirement fund. I also have $580,000 in investments. (This is down at least 20% now.)
Equity $0 in home equity, as we haven’t purchased anything yet.
Savings account balance $120,000
Checking account balance $0
Credit card debt $1100 this month. I try to push my spending to the credit card every month to obtain higher savings account interest rates. I pay it off in full each month.
Student loan debt $0, thanks to parents and multiple scholarships.
My husband and I keep our finances separate, and we split expenses.
Section Two: Income
Monthly Take Home: $12,480
Employer Mandatory Contribution $1,200

Section Three: Expenses
Rent $2,200 - we split this in half. (2br, 2bath)
Savings contribution $0, I stopped contributing to savings and invest money remaining at the end of the month.
Investment contribution Everything that is not a spend or accrual goes here.
Donations I donate $50 each month to various charities. I also donate 6 hours of my time every month as a career mentor. This year, I have three mentees who are university students. Fortunately they are young (freshmen/sophomores) and will not be entering the job market this year.
Electric & water $65 - we split this in half
Wifi/Cable/Landline $30 - I pay this in full
MRT Card $60 - I load this up every month
Cellphone $20 - yay for GOMO!
Amazon Prime, $4 which I share with my BIL and SIL. I borrow their Netflix.
Google Drive $5
Gym membership $200 for a personal trainebootcamp class
Health insurance: $600 per month, for mine, but I pay annually. I’m not sure how much hubs pays for his.
Grocery: $60 We do a grocery run every two weeks for pantry staples. I added this in otherwise my spend looks abnormally low.
Day 1
8:00 am Jump out of bed. I am running late. Quickly shower, do my makeup, change. My morning routine: Celltrion hyaluronic essence, Lagom moisturiser, Laneige SPF50++, Iope Face something, Banila Eyebrow pencil, Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and blush, Becca highlighter in Moonstone. I’ll do my lips in transit. I also change my purse to match my clothes today.
8:23 am While drying my hair, I check the price of a Grab - crap, rush hour so it's $15. Check the bus app, bus is coming in 8 min. Bus it is. Let my hubs know I am leaving, and agree to make dinner this evening. I put on a surgical mask in the lift.
8:31 am Bus is on time! Tap in. Proceed to catch up on my emails (there are none), the news (coronavirus cases are rising) and decide to do a proper money diaries for Reddit.
8:51 am Tap out of the bus. It’s $1.13 for 33.5 km. I love Singapore. (Not including this in the daily tally, as I track the bus expense by MRT card load)
9:00 am Make my customary coffee in the office pantry. Two shots and a splash of milk. $0
12:30 pm Lunch and am hungry. I have Nasi Padang to go. Yummy. $4.50
2:50 pm Finished two meetings back to back. Make one espresso to get me through the next two meetings. Bump into a friend-colleague who quietly tells me that he got the role he was going for. I am super happy for him!
4:30 pm. Send two important but not urgent emails. Pack up and go home via MRT. Put my surgical mask back on before going on public transport. Why do we act like the virus doesn’t exist? Stay at home please, older people, and stop coughing in public transport or wear a mask!
5:50 pm. Prep dinner. My instant pot is very useful and has saved our relationship. I make rice and veg. $0.
6:30 pm. Hubs is working late this evening. I leave dinner on the table and take the bus to the GP’s.
7:30 pm There is no queue! I quickly tell the GP I have a skin infection and advise her what I might need. We both agree that I should minimize the time spent in her clinic. She prescribes my meds. It’s covered by insurance so I don’t pay at all. $0
8:00 pm. Drop by the grocery store to get Hubs diet soda. He loves it, and I enjoy giving him small treats. I buy some chips for myself too. It’s 11.30 but I use a cash voucher to pay. $0.30
8:15 pm Take the train home.
9:00 pm Some TV - I am re-watching House - then bed.
Day 2
8:00 am Wake up. We both decide to work from home today, because the COVID numbers are starting to make me uncomfortable. Shower, change, and prep my coffee for my first meeting at 9:30. $0
10:00 am 2nd cup. Still $0.
11:30 am Meeting's over. Hubs preps lunch and we have a vegetable omelet with rice and surimi crab stick. I wash. $0
4:30 pm I finish my last call for the day and make a quick run to the grocery store. Singapore has been pretty reasonable with the "lockdown" in that there is none, but I foresee myself going crazy in the next few days if I don't get in some sun.
5:00 pm Chips, bread and back bacon. Total comes to $21. I use a $20 cash voucher and pay only a dollar. Cram my stuff into a reusable bag and hurry home. $1
5:20 pm Watch an episode of House while waiting for the hubs to get off his last call.
6:05 pm Take the bus to dinner
6:20 pm I get a Vietnamese rice, pork and salad, he grabs a steamed pork dish with veg $8 for mine.
6:50 pm He's still hungry so off to McD's we go. Nuggets and a zero sugar coke. $2.70, he pays.
7:15 pm We take the bus to Botanic Gardens for my workout. I HIIT outdoors with this awesome group of women. It's $200 a month and I try to go 12x a month, so that it’s $16.67 per session.
7:50 pm. I arrive early, and it's only me. There is a sign posted on the wall - no gatherings with greater than 10 people. This is where my group normally works out, so good job Singapore 👌 But also my friends tell me this sign is everywhere, so there goes my feeling of Singapore specialness. LOL.
9:00 pm Bus home.
9:30 pm Shower, Online Window Shopping, Bed
Day 3
7:30 am Both our workplaces have mandated work from home yesterday onwards. I prep a cup of coffee and we go for a walk.
8:30 am Go to Starbucks to caffeinate. Restaurants are practicing social distancing so half the chairs are gone, and there are markings on the floor 1 m apart indicating where to stand whilst queueing. While drinking, a barista approaches a table of 3 to inform them that no groups greater than 2 is allowed inside this Starbucks. They comply and split into 2 groups at adjacent tables, and speak louder. $4.80
9:45 pm Our walk ends in a Kopitiam. I'm also in a call with my team so I sit down and finish this call. Hubs grabs a breakfast set and a noodle dish. I get a Yong Tau Foo - I get two servings each of water spinach, bitter gourd, okra and 1 green chilli. My breakfast costs me $4.
12:30 pm Meet a friend for lunch. I get some salmon & rice and my friend buys me an ice lemon tea. 9.90 SGD
2:30 pm Food coma. Need to caffeinate. Coffee & soy. Soy coffee? $0
3:00 pm Crashing. Apple + peanut butter from the fridge. $0
4:30 pm What was in that lunch and why am I so sleepy?! Kettle chips from my chip stash $0
6:00 pm Dinner is pasta in tomato sauce. I wash up and pack away the leftovers. I also refill the water bottles from the filter. $0
6:30 pm Bus to my exercise class, and back.
8:30 pm We layover at KFC for some free chicken and a zinger. KFC had a promotion pasted on chip bags, and of course I was all over that. Did that marketing promotion get me to change my chip purchase? Absolutely yes. 2 bags of chips means 1 free 2-piece chicken meal & a zinger. I take a piece and hubs gets the rest. $0
8:50 pm More bus home, a couple of episodes of House, and bed.
Day 4
8:00 am Wake up tired. Think I am overdoing the exercise. Still I accompany the hubs for a walk as he's trying to lose weight.
9:00 am Starbucks americano for me. This place is very quiet now. $4.80
11 am Lunch, this time Duck Noodles ($4). Hubs takes vegetarian cai png ($3) and we split an ice kacang ($2) after. My share of the meal is $5
2:30 pm Peanut butter slice, ingredients from the pantry. $0
7 pm Dinner: leftovers, and some pepsi from the pantry. $0
6:30 pm He goes for a walk while I do another exercise class
9:30 pm. Back home. I feel tired but virtuous. Hopefully, all this exercise pays off in twenty years. Shower. Bed.
Day 5
8:30 am. Urgh, feel like crap today. I apply for MC. Go back to bed.
10:00 am Up. Make a coffee and slice an apple from the fridge. $0.
11:00 Lunch. Properly hungry now. Yong tau foo ($4), red rubies ($2), kopi O kosong ($1.90), a peanut coffee swiss roll ($1.80). He gets a vegetarian cai png ($3). My share of the meal is $6.90
We go to a Starbucks and I get another coffee. $3.70
12:30 Pass by the HDB shop to get some chips and soda. $6
2 pm. I do chores - laundry, tidy up, put away clothes - while the Hubs uncharacteristically decides to do a quick grocery run. He gets us some tuna, pasta sauce, a bag of rice, and oatmeal. $15.
3:55 pm. I settle in front of the TV to await the news from the government. My group chats are noisy today, lots of chatter but nothing concrete.
4:00 pm. Dear PM announces Circuit Breaker Control measures. Wow, NTUC is going be packed this weekend. No wonder the hubs decided to make a run for it just now. I feel lucky that I was nerdy enough in school to get a job in an Essential Sector now.
7 pm. We take a walk in the park and discuss the new development.
9:30 pm. Back from the walk. I try Memories of the Alhambra on Netflix, because Hyun Bin in Crash Landing On You was nice looking.
11:00 pm Bed.
Day 6
8:00 am. Up and about. I kind of feel better, but not really. Still take a walk. This week we did 15k steps a day. My apple watch congratulates me on this astounding achievement.
11 am. Instead of going to a Kopitiam, we go to the optician’s. There is a Little Caesar’s nearby, so we get a pizza to share. $10. He wants a Kitkat McFlurry, so we go to the McD’s beside. The server asks if I’d like to fill up a customer survey, which I do and in return we get a free hot fudge sundae voucher and other free unhealthy food. I buy a black coffee and his Kitkat McFlurry. My total share of the bill is $9
12:30 pm. I purchase 2 boxes of contact lens. The optician throws in 10 trial contact lenses for me. $90
2 pm. Commute home. Nap.
5 pm. We snack on some bacon sandwiches using pantry & fridge ingredients. $0.
7 pm. Go to the park for a walk. I notice more people are visiting the park in groups of 2-3s. Interestingly, there is a group of 5 cyclists, nicely 1 m apart, on the road. This could be their last cycle before the Circuit Breaker Control Measure is implemented this Tuesday.
9 pm. Reach home. Bed.
Day 7
8:00 am. Up and I feel great! Hubs procastinates hence we leave the house at 10. I use the spare time to revisit my finances and do up my tax return. We don’t walk in the park, but I do need to go to the ATM, so we walk in the mall instead.
11 am. Lunch is Vietnamese ($8.70), and he gets a steamed pork patty with tofu ($6). We drop by McDs for another black coffee and a Kitkat McFlurry $3.80, my treat. My total lunch cost is $12.50
2:30 pm. Go to our Community Centre to collect our reusable masks - one black mask per household member.
3:00 pm. Back home. I do up the remaining laundry, including our brand new reusable masks.I also look at possible Coursera or Edx courses to do during this Circuit Breaker period. Shall I brush up on my Mandarin or do a Data Science Specialisation? Do a bit of Taobao online window shopping too, which is frankly the best part of my day.
5:30 pm. Start a new book, Rebecca Serle’s In Five Years (from the library). So good and just the right thing to get my mind off all this uncertainty.
6:30 pm. I make ramen from pantry staples for dinner and add an egg each. $0.
7:00 pm We go for another walk at Kent Ridge Park.
9:00 pm Back home. Two more episodes of Memories of the Alhambra, then, bed.
Weekly Summary
  • Food + Drink $80.40
  • Fun / Entertainment $0
  • Home + Health $90
  • Clothes + Beauty $0
  • Transport $0

This week was an odd one for me, on account of the many days worked from home, and the start of Circuit Breaker control measures. My weekly spend is normally heavier on transport (i.e. Grab even though I top up my MRT card monthly). I could probably spend more on entertainment/fun, although I usually save up to travel 4x a year which is not realistic any more. I'm very fortunate to be in Biopharma; my old classmates are now on the frontlines of healthcare, especially those who are Intensivists or in Respiratory Medicine.
I also wonder what life will look like after the dust settles. Business will definitely change, and while the Government has made provisions to support business (see: Solidarity Budget announced today), uncertainty remains.
submitted by bagsaremyweakness to MoneyDiariesACTIVE

UniFi Network Controller 6.0.4

Important notes

What’s New in 6.0?

  • Introduce Beta Dashboard for UDM.
  • Implement Real-Time statistics for UDM.
  • Preview new Beta Settings.
  • Redesign, simplify and move Site, Controller, Maintenance, Remote Access and Backup configuration to System Settings.
  • Hide and auto-configure Data Retention for Statistics.
  • Redesign and move Wi-Fi AI configuration to System Settings page.
  • Redesign and move RADIUS and Switch Port profiles to Advanced Features page.
  • Redesign and move Services to Advanced Gateway Settings to Advanced Features page.
  • Move User Groups to Client Groups on Advanced Features page.
  • Redesign and move Wireless Networks configuration to Wi-Fi page.
  • Replace WLAN Groups with new AP Groups feature.
  • Simplify WiFi creation - WPA2 Security protocol with Password is set by default.
  • Allow selecting WPA2 Enterprise Security Protocol if at least one Radius profile is enabled.
  • Change VLAN ID numeric input to Network dropdown.
  • Integrate Guest Control with Hotspot configuration on Wi-Fi page.
  • Redesign and move LAN Networks configuration to Networks page.
  • Add Auto Scale Network feature.
  • Move VLAN Only Networks to Network Isolation in Advanced Features.
  • Update Content Filtering categories and move to Network configuration.
  • Add new Device Isolation (creates guest network if turned on) and Internet Access (blocks WAN access if turned off) toggles.
  • Redesign and move WAN Networks configuration to Internet page.
  • Redesign and move DPI configuration to Security page.
  • Redesign and move Thread Management configuration to Security page.
  • Introduce AP Groups feature.
  • AP Groups simplifies the way to configure Wi-Fi and arrange APs in logical groups.
  • That feature is replacing WLAN Groups and WLAN Overrides. It’s a breaking change and some corner cases may not covered by migration.
  • Some WLAN Group configurations have been migrated to individual Wi-Fi Network configurations.
  • Preview Auto Scale Network feature.
  • That feature automatically adjusts subnet size and DHCP range with avoiding network collision.
  • Add ability to report incorrect Wi-Fi Experience.
  • Add Survey for Beta Dashboard and Beta Settings.
  • Hide subtype selector if device has only one subtype.
  • Include the Beta Clients page.
  • Custom dhcp options form in Beta Settings.
  • Modal for editing admin in beta settings.
  • Added a default value for dhcp relay in Beta Settings.
  • UniFi AI design updates.
  • Search improvements in Beta Settings.
  • Remove Spamhaus from IPS categories.
  • Minor AP group fixes.
  • Beta Settings - Network - ensure autoscale value isn't overwritten by default value.
  • Fix stopping controller process on signal.
  • Fix reading and deleting maps.
  • Fix additional user roles from Community.
  • Fix throughput not shown on some devices.
Known issues
  • New Settings are unstable.
(Recommended) - Create an up-to-date backup before upgrading your controller in the event any issues are encountered.
  • Existing UniFi Network controllers must be on one of the following versions in order to upgrade directly to this version:
6.0.4 and earlier 6.0.x versions.
5.14.18 and earlier 5.14.x versions.
5.13.33 and earlier 5.13.x versions.
5.12.72 and earlier 5.12.x versions.
5.11.52 and earlier 5.11.x versions.
5.10.27 and earlier 5.10.x versions.
5.9.33 and earlier 5.9.x versions.
5.8.30 and earlier 5.8.x versions.
5.7.28 and earlier 5.7.x versions.
5.6.42 and earlier 5.6.x versions.
Most earlier versions are also supported for direct upgrade, going back to 3.1.0.
  • Controller updates may cause your adopted devices to reprovision after controller upgrades.
  • An updated/current version of Java 8 must be installed on the system hosting the controller software. Java 9 and later are not yet supported.
  • As of UniFi Network controller 5.9, if using Cloud Access, the host system/device requires outbound 8883/tcp to be open/unrestricted. Find up-to-date port requirements here.
  • Minimum supported device firmware for UAP/USW is 4.0.9, and for USG it's 4.4.34.
  • If you have any 'service dns forwarding options' configuration defined in config.gateway.json, it will overwrite the provisioning of statically defined name servers, leaving you with no DNS. Either remove the 'service dns forwarding options' portion of config.gateway.json, or add additional 'options' lines defining name servers, such as 'server=', 'server=', etc.
Microsoft Windows specific
  • Users running 64-bit Windows should only have 64-bit Java installed. If you have 32-bit Java installed then we recommend uninstalling it.
macOS Specific
  • We stopped bundling Java as of UniFi Network 5.11.47. If you're installing that release or later please make sure you have manually installed a current release of Java 8 beforehand. Only the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required.
  • Oracle JRE 8 offers the simplest path as it will simply "just work" without requiring any changes. We may investigate alternative JVMs and update this message accordingly.
Debian/Ubuntu specific
  • For Debian/Ubuntu users installing via our repo, please update your APT source (see HERE).
  • We support MongoDB 3.6 since 5.13.10, older controllers only support up to MongoDB 3.4.
619b98fb5cfd58579699aedd9fddd11c *UniFi-installer.exe
9645465759c03b76f7b96a80fd717a47 *UniFi.pkg
1e9affb6b1e442725a3278bd955426c2 *UniFi.unix.zip
eb554051376fb61d9b72f44ca12d1c9e *unifi_sysvinit_all.deb
601df32736f41e40a80a3e472450a3e1 *unifi_sh_api
SHA256(UniFi-installer.exe)= f37e3252b6c5914169145ac0d2e4c40421d2b26e8c2f4698a979a870deabe84a SHA256(UniFi.pkg)= 4a51e9e80bed30cf892264c04613ec906aaea8a4b67fc27b8935d0d782974d96 SHA256(UniFi.unix.zip)= 75263946dd55abe1bf94f7d1341bff332f7923495639e37d144e17196ef22421 SHA256(unifi_sysvinit_all.deb)= c452afa2b298e83e073f73a1c215c4f523ce3900e732baaba5f92671809c0590 SHA256(unifi_sh_api)= 1791685039ea795970bcc7a61eec854058e3e6fc13c52770e31e20f3beb622eb
How to report issues
  • Make sure you grab a UniFi Network/OS support file right after your issue occurred. Do not share these publicly, a support engineer will request the support file if needed.
  • Share steps to reproduce
  • Share firmware and controller version(s) used.
  • Share a small recording of what you're experiencing ( with browser console opened ).
Download links:
UniFi Controller for Windows
UniFi Controller for macOS
UniFi Controller for Debian/Ubuntu and UniFi Cloud Key
UniFi Controller for unsupported Unix/Linux distros *** DIY / Completely unsupported ***
unifi_sh_api (shell library)

Community post can be found here https://community.ui.com/releases/UniFi-Network-Controller-6-0-4/56057601-966c-4777-bdfd-2dc667da1154
submitted by KeganO to Ubiquiti

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