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Are there any young Teamsters in this subreddit?

It's isolating in my local and I'm looking for forums for active young Teamsters trying to involve themselves in the union. I'm a shop steward
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[CRISIS] A Time for Tears, a Time for Cheers, and a Time for Fears

January 20th, 1937

In what may be the last peaceful political event in America, President Hoover has left office. With the SPA, AFUP, and NUP all failing to find a compromise or deal in Congress, the Office of the President went through its succession. The offices of the Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury were vacated following President Hoover leaving office, with the next in line being Secretary of War. It was through this that the mild-mannered Henry L. Stimson came to office. Not much ceremony went into the inauguration, with President Stimson simply greeting President Hoover outside of the White House. Before leaving to have lunch with NUP-affiliated Congressmen, the President overlooked the situation he has inherited.
President Stimson inherited a grim situation. Even before the elections, many had feared that the exact scenario playing out currently would happen, and Stimson had been warned by Hoover and the NUP that he might inherit the Presidency temporarily. But even right after the election, he had seen the situation deteriorate. The US Military had wiretapped opposition leaders without approval from Stimson, which had resulted in William Dudley "Big Bill" Haywood calling for nationwide strikes, which succeeded in ensuring the USA’s industrial heartland stopped working. The AFUP and SPA became even more entrenched after the NUP attempted to sway electors to vote for Wallace, but America’s polarization was already at a fever pitch. Even though Stimson thought he’d be saved when Rayburn was effectively guaranteed to win the Senate, the NUP was betrayed by the machinations of four NUP senators who declined to vote for Wallace.
President Stimson’s mind was on the matters of his country, and also on the likelihood of an attempt on his light as he attended the Congressional Luncheon (boycotted by both the AFUP and SPA). However, the President had been wrong to think a crack team would be up for gunning the President down, as midway thru the Luncheon he was informed a team of unknown would-be assassins showed up to his empty house and were intercepted by Capitol Police as well as the Secret Service. None of them survived, so it will be forever unknown if the SPA or AFUP caused the event. Though the President was lucky, other prominent Americans weren’t.
In the aftermath of the President’s attempted assassination, many non-extremist Americans received packages, in official governmental livery, they were to be delivered directly to those addressed to them. Among the first to receive them was great businessman John D. Rockefeller, who benignly opened the unassuming package. Five seconds after opening it and inspecting the letter, simply saying “see you in hell, bastard,” Mr. Rockefeller, and his office, were destroyed by a massive explosion. His many heirs were devastated, but none more than grandson Nelson D. Rockefeller, who blamed America’s continuing leftist extremism for this horrible occurrence. Pledging to make things right, he left for New England, to meet with the governors.
He wasn’t the only one who suffered, however, as Brigadier General George C. Marshall also was killed after opening a similar package, along with several field-grade officers. News of these two deaths, as well as a bulletin to not open any governmental packages, quickly spread throughout the nation. For Patrick J. Hurley and John E. Hoover, this came too late, as both assumed it came from President Stimson. Hurley got off relatively lightly, with only third degree burns and permanent deafness in the right ear. Hoover, however, lost four fingers, hearing in his left ear (and most in his right), and has received third degree burns around his entire body. Effectively incapacitated, he will be unable to function properly until at least 1938.
Walter Folger Brown, the Postmaster General himself, suffered perhaps an even worse fate. His wife, Katharin Brown-Hafer, had always been supportive of his career, and when he assumed his office under the President, she assisted in dealing with the large amount of mail he got. Today, however, she opened the wrong box, after confusingly reading the “see you in hell” letter, she was instantly incinerated in a massive explosion that blew the gas line of the house. Walter Brown himself was out at the Congressional Luncheon when he heard the news. Unable to speak, the Postmaster General simply sat, hoping to God that there was some sort of mistake, that his wife of 34 years wasn’t truly gone, but it was not to be, and he would never recover from the death.
Secretary Ogden L. Mill, Lt. Colonel Carl Spaatz, and Senator Elbert D. Thomas had similar pains, as their wives, children, or otherwise loved ones died in explosions from the packages. Similarly, bombs addressed to Secretary Charles F. Adams III, Senator James J. Davis, Brigadier General Henry Arnold, and General Marlin Craig exploded in the mailboxes or enroute to their destinations, killing innocent neighbors and delivery men. In addition with the death of Marshall, the maiming of Hurley and Hoover, and the numerous misfires that resulted in over 100 innocent deaths, the resulting media firestorm took off across all presses, partisan or not. While many accusations were made, it was eventually found, on the 22nd, that an SPA-aligned governmental official got the boxes for an SPA-sponsored cell in Detroit, which promptly resulted in a massive loss of opinion for the SPA around the country. The postal unions even censured the SPA, though declined to end their affiliation. This has definitely hurt the SPA’s popularity and has drawn sympathy towards the NUP, with the AFUP gaining smaller pickups due to its anti-Syndicalist nature. Compounded with the plot to blow up the FBI HQ (which has been called into question as a possible false flag), the AFUP and NUP-aligned presses ensured the SPA was even more hated by their party members. Still, the SPA strikes go on, and the SPA is still loyally supported in its heartland.
It was with this dramatic opening that President Stimson inherited the office. No one knows what the future holds for the United States, but few are optimistic. As Stimson tried to govern, the AFUP and SPA, even the US Military, plotted against him. He knew not when the insurrection would come, but come it shall. As the tides of destiny break against the increasingly crumbling wall of American democracy, the fate and soul of a nation stand in the crosswinds. No one knows what is to come.

January 30th, 1937

The week after President Stimson’s inauguration were even worse, though while Huey Long has yet to make his move, the SPA’s leader William Dudley "Big Bill" Haywood was inaugurated as President of the United States in Chicago, with a rebel Congress being assembled to officiate the transfer of power. The Red Guard marched throughout the streets of Chicago, enforcing SPA rule throughout the state, as the few non-SPA officials were helpless to prevent the rebellion. As a result, President Stimson had no choice but to nationalize the Illinois National Guard, who promptly assembled in Rockford Armory (despite reports of massive desertion, the unit still could put down a riot). However, the Red Guard already controlled effectively the entire county of Cook County, and had mixed control in central Illinois. The Governor of Illinois, a firm SPA politician, declared the order illegal, and demanded the National Guard respect the rule of President Haywood; the order had mixed effects, since most deserters had either gone South to the AFUP stronghold, abandoned their service, or, as the vast majority chose, had already joined up with the Red Guards. The remaining men were dismayed to find the Armory stripped bare, with barely enough Springfields and bullets to equip the already threadbare National Guard, with anything heavier than a mortar being long gone. With this, they had little chance of fighting, and instead decided to form up in Wisconsin, which was more firmly under the NUP.
Throughout Washington, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Maine, and Massachusetts, as well as parts of California and Maryland, the Red Guard and National Guard were having similar bouts, though with more parity. The larger, industrial cities were contested, but the smaller towns were largely controlled by either the pro-SPA militia or pro-NUP/military militia. The AFUP in these states, seeing the writing on the walls, additionally had the Minutemen provisionally take control of supportive areas, though they de jure still respect President Stimson’s authority. No active fighting between militias has yet been reported, but that will not be the case for long.
The states where the SPA has control of the government, such as Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, have paralyzed federal responses, with the governors of Maine and Minnesota similarly, though not as effectively, hampering their efforts. The National Guard units in most of these states report only half or, in the heartland of the SPA, only a quarter of the men reporting in for service. The local armories were similarly looted, with the National Guard in these states effectively being well trained light militia due to the limited supplies. In all instances, the National Guard have refused to directly engage the Red Guard, but have taken control of some pro-Federal territories.
The three major Federal strongholds in the contested area are St. Louis, New York City, and Philadelphia. Expecting resistance in NYC, the Federal government had sent the 1st Infantry Division to quell resistance and enforce martial law, though they faced severe logistical problems as garbagemen, utility workers, and many teamsters had gone on strike, thus paralyzing the entire city and its inhabitants. Additionally, after the arrival of the 1st Infantry, the police union striked, deciding that they were not receiving adequate pay or benefits for the new risks they’d have to assume. In New Jersey, the Federal government prevented the SPA from taking Camden or northern New Jersey, which had a knock-on effect in Philadelphia, allowing the Federal government to impose martial law in the city (though it faces similar issues to NYC). Despite these, the less militant striking workers have refused to break their strikes, and will require force to be broken up. The situation in the cities will be untenable if the striking workers are not back to work or replaced within the next month. St. Louis also stayed under the Federal government as a mix of anti-syndicalists, Federal militia, and actual Federal troops secured the city proper, but failed to prevent the SPA from taking over the surrounding area east of the Mississippi River. The state of Missouri itself is still under Federal control, with only a few SPA or AFUP militias operating in the area. The Red Guard across the river, however, established themselves in East St. Louis, and hold provisional elections that result in an SPA-dominated shadow state government being established.
Despite some early successes, the Red Guard in the West was not successful in taking much territory, with the Federal government maintaining wide control over the region. Denver saw some tense moments, but resulted in the Red Guard retreating to the small towns surrounding the city. Elsewhere in the state, the Red Guard have seen some minor success, but Colorado largely remains under the Federal government. In California, Oregon, and Washington, the Red Guard was formed, but remained in hiding, waiting for a weakness in Federal control there. Should the SPA order it, they could serve as a distraction or potentially even take some areas of the West, especially if the Federal government does not allocate additional resources.
Due to the SPA’s earlier package bombs being discovered, and having caused much devastation, the moderates across the USA were shocked and appalled by such an open, flagrant disregard for human life. Many moderates or fence sitters have joined either the AFUP or NUP’s militia, with the moderate Farmer-Labor Party being especially torn. While hardliners and politicians stuck with the SPA, the grassroots FLP saw major desertions to the Federal government, with the Federal-aligned militia seeing a moderate swell in recruitment. The AFUP similarly saw some support come its way, but in much smaller numbers. Those already supporting the AFUP or NUP were also more firmly entrenched in their support after the reveal, but those in the SPA also became more radically in favor of violent revolution, assisting the SPA’s control.
In the more traditionally NUP areas, the National Guard had no issue disbanding the Red Guard and various AFUP militia, with many in the AFUP temporarily even helping to rid their states of syndicalists. Everywhere except for the previously mentioned areas, as well as the AFUP strongholds in the South, as well as Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Nevada (which are similarly contested, though in less tense terms) swiftly fall to Federal control. The states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, long thought to be SPA fellow travelers, stay with the Federal government for now as many of the rank-and-file Farmer-Labor supporters flip NUP and prevent a takeover of the states. Except for the Illinois National Guard, however, the National Guard units have refused to cross state lines, and are focused on securing their own states for the time being. Many Guardsmen don’t want to leave their neighborhoods, as they see their first priority to be the protection of their own neighborhoods and homes against radicalism. Should they be forced over state lines without any further extremist provocation, they almost certainly will not be effective fighting forces.
In the AFUP territories, Texas was a notable flare up, as the Federal government had removed nearly all weapons from the Armories located in the state, they had similar levels of equipment to the Guardsmen in Illinois. Despite many more men reporting in than in Illinois, they were on the same footing due to a lack of weapons, with many men being forced to carry shotguns or weapons from home. The AFUP’s militias meanwhile took over many areas in Northern and Seastern Texas, while West Texas and South Texas remained loyalist. Both sides are still mobilizing due to the vast size of Texas, but they are in a tense situation. The only upside for the Federal government was that Houston was firmly taken, with the US Army moving in to occupy the city under martial law, though the pro-AFUP population were not very welcoming of the Federal government. The oil of Texas remains contested, and both sides are staring each other down in an ever increasingly tense buildup.
From his bastion of support in the South, Huey Long sat defiantly in his office. Having not officially made any moves one way or the other, the Senator simply schemed, while the Minutemen and Silver Shirts took over the South for the AFUP. However, New Orleans and Atlanta, as well as some smaller bastions of African Americans and pro-Federal supporters hold out against Long. Huey Long’s AFUP does, however, have one major advantage in that the Federal government has focused nearly all of its efforts on the SPA, giving Long a wide berth of near uncontested control over the South and pro-AFUP western states. Despite being the least prepared, Long has, for now, the most effective control over his core states, largely due to both sides neglecting to fight him for the land. He may say “Every Man a King,” but Huey, as he did in the elections, may be the deciding kingmaker in this struggle for America.
With the radical actions of the SPA and Federal government, very few people are left in the middle. Almost every American has decided which faction they support, with many either decrying the establishment as a failed state led by oppressive, greedy, tyrannical, and autocratic thieves, declaring the SPA the spawn of satan, lead by atheists, cowards, terrorists, and thugs, and the AFUP as an inconsistent mishmash of white supremacists, christian zealots, SPA fellow travelers, and tyrants. In the aftermath of the inauguration of President Stimson and President Haywood, Huey Long’s AFUP released a short statement decrying both for “ripping apart the soul of America,” and promised to bring about “the redemption of American greatness and American morality.” Elsewhere, in New England, the reservations, the Black Belt, Hawai’i, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the West, as well as the organizations of the Church of Latter Day Saints and Nation of Islam, figures plot and scheme, having ideas for the future of their peoples. Only time will tell if they become prominent enough to carry out said ideas.
submitted by WilliamKallio to WeltkriegPowers

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