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Cybernetic Parts and Upgrades

Cybernetic Augmentations:
Parts and upgrades that can be installed on a cyborg (human / fantasy or sci-fi race)
Most of these could also be installed on an android, a robot, a mecha, or powered armor
Body Parts: (full cybernetic replacement or addition)
1. Skull - skull is reconstructed around the brain
2. Torso - chest and abdomen, possibly shoulders and hips
3. Arm(s) - shoulder to hand
4. Fore Arms(s) - elbow to hand
5. Hand(s) - hand and part of forearm
6. Leg(s) - hip to foot
7. Lower Leg - knee to foot
8. Foot / Feet - foot and part of lower leg
9. Tail (lightweight) - tail and part of spine. Improved balance and prehensile. (cat, dog, monkey)
10. Tail (heavy) - tail and part of spine. Bludgeon and swimming tool. (alligator, dolphin, shark)
11. Tentacle
12. Wings - wings and back muscles. May allow gliding; likely too heavy to fly, unless original creature could fly
Sensory / Communication / Information Related Augmentations:
1. 360° Vision - cyborg has tiny cameras all around its body allowing it to see in all directions simultaneously
2. Altimeter - height above ground
3. Auto Mapping System - generates a 3d map of any terrain the cyborg can see or detect with sensors. Uses orienteering software to determine the cyborgs current position on the map. Cyborg can set waypoints on the map. Map can store up to 100 square miles (10 x 10 block) of terrain.
4. Bomb Detector - Special chemical sensor designed to detect explosive compounds
5. Bullet Tracker - Detects and tracks fast moving objects; display path of bullets
6. Calculator
7. Clock - alarm clock / clock / calendar / stop watch / timer
8. Communication System - wireless phone / radio / sat phone
9. Communication Encryption System - Encrypt and decrypt communications
10. Compass (GPS / Gyro / Magnetic) - Determines what direction you are facing
11. Computer - onboard computer that can run various programs or applications. Mods: processing power / memory / programs / isolated or integrated with cybernetic systems
12. Computer Cable + retractable cord - Universal jack with a retractable cord. Plug into any computer or electronic system that has a universal port. Send and receive data / power small devices
13. Computer Cable + (non-standard) plug - computer cord designed to access a specific type of (non-standard, alien, foreign, obsolete, prototype) computer or electronic device
14. Database - Gives cyborg encyclopedic knowledge of a subject. Possible subjects: (city / companies / creatures / criminals / medical / military / police / races / vehicles / weapons / worlds)
15. Depth Gauge - Determines the depth underwater
16. Electromagnetic Sensor - Detects electric lines and electronic equipment
17. External Display Screen - Small screen about the size of a cell phone. It can display (anything on the cyborg’s HUD / anything the cyborg has recorded / cyborg’s medical biometrics / text messages), so others can see it.
18. Eye Camera (wireless) - Eye camera functions even if removed; wireless data transfer
19. Eye Retina Recorder - Record, store, and display eye retina patterns
20. Facial Recognition System - automatically scans faces and compares to (criminal database / personal database)
21. Flash Compensators - resistance to being blinded by bright light
22. Forward Observer System - receive targeting data from drones, cameras at a known location, or other forward observer systems. Allows the cyborg to accurately target something, that they have no direct line of sight on. Cyborg can make accurate indirect (artillery, bounced or lobbed grenade, high arc bow shots, missile) attacks on the target. If the cyborgs weapons can penetrate intervening barriers, the cyborg can accurately shoot through walls or other intervening barriers to hit the target
23. GPS Navigation System - Global positioning system; map + location + desired location + directions. Requires map download of current (country / world) & access to local GPS satellites
24. Ground Penetrating Radar - Radar emitter in the cyborg’s feet. Can detect object or voids in the ground to a depth of 3ft to 100ft depending on density and radar (absorbing, refracting) qualities of the ground or intervening material
25. Gyro Stabilizer - Improved balance
26. Hearing Enhancement - ability to hear (infrasound / ultrasound) frequencies
27. Laser Communication System - send and receive communications via laser beam (to / from) any device equipped with a laser communications system. Requires direct line of sight. Very difficult to block or intercept
28. Laser Vibration Sensor - projects a laser onto a surface which reads vibrations passing through surface. Can be used to covertly overhear distant conversations by projecting the laser onto a surface near those who are talking
29. Lie Detector - Checks voice stress, body temp, behavior; detect when someone lies
30. Low Light Vision - see in very dim lighting as if it was daylight. While low-light is active, bright lights cause blindness unless also using flash compensators or sensory filters
31. Media Reader - cyborg can access, read & write to a type of electronic media (memory stick / removable hard drive / memory crystals / etc) whatever the current technology has available
32. Media Reader (non-standard) - cyborg can access, read & write to a type of non-standard storage media (alien, foreign, high security, prototype)
33. Media Reader (obsolete / outdated) - cyborg can access, read & write to a type of outdated storage media (magnetic reel tape / cassette tape / 5 ½ floppy disk / 3 ¼ disk / CDs / SD card, ROM cartridge, etc)
34. Metal Detector
35. Neural Pain Filter - Cyborg will know when it’s being damage but will be unaffected by the pain
36. Projector - Project images or video onto a surface. Often placed in the eye for looks, but could be installed anywhere
37. Projector (holographic) - Project a 3d image or video in the air. Often placed in the eye for looks, but could be installed anywhere
38. Proximity Alarm - triggers an alarm inside the cyborgs head when any (creature above “x” size, drone, robot, vehicle, known threat) comes within “x” distance of the cyborg. System can use any of the cyborg’s senses for detection and can wake the cyborg from deep sleep
39. Radar - Cyborg can send out radar pulses to detect objects up to “x” miles away. Cyborg can also detect other active radar systems within its range
40. Radiation Sensor (Dosimeter) - Detects radiation. Gives alert if (dangerously high level / lethal level / current prolonged exposure is reaching dangerous levels)
41. Range Finder - Uses small laser to measure distance to target
42. Recorder (full sensory) - cyborg can record and playback anything is senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, extra cybernetic senses)
43. Recorder (sound) - cyborg can record and playback anything it hears
44. Recorder (visual) - cyborg can record and playback anything it sees
45. Remote Control System - remotely operate any device (android / drone / mecha / turret / vehicle) you have the security codes to or a device that you have hacked. Requires that the device have wireless access or the cyborg to be connected by a control line
46. Sensory Filter (sound) - filter out unwanted sound frequencies & sound sources until you are left with the sound source you are trying to hear / bonus hearing perception + resistance vs. deafen
47. Sensory Filter (vision) - filter out unwanted light frequencies & dim light sources until you are left with the source you are trying to see / bonus vision perception + resistance vs. blinding
48. Signal Repeater / Booster - cyborg can receive signals an rebroadcast them. Radios and wireless communication devices get increased range when near the cyborg
49. Signal Jammer - Jam radio, wireless, and cell phone signals, within “x” radius / may also jam active sensors such as radar
50. Social Enhancer - sensors read the targets biometrics data (blood pressure, heart rate, voice stress) and involuntary responses (blushing, eye twitching, nervous tells). It then compares all the data against a social database of known behavioral patterns. Bonus to (perceive the targets emotional state, tell if the subject is lying) / Bonus to sway the target for or against an proposed (action, idea, plan). Bonus to intimidate the target. The system also learns from the target subject. Improved bonuses after prolonged exposure to the target
51. Sonar - see using sound waves
52. Sound Dampeners - resistance to being deafened by loud noises
53. Spider Eye - Removable eye has small legs, allowing it to crawl around. It has a wireless transmitter allowing it to send information back
54. Tentacle Sensor - Sensor on the end of a thin flexible tentacle. view through holes, cracks, and small spaces / look around corners without exposing yourself
55. Translator - Translates “x” number of written, spoken, and gestured languages
56. Universal Remote - Control remote devices; ex: TV or garage door; copy signal & broadcast
57. Vision Enhancement - ability to see (infrared / ultraviolet) wavelengths of light
58. Vision Enhancement - microscopic
59. Vision Enhancement - telescopic
60. Voice Recognition System - automatically scans voices and compares to (criminal database / personal database)
61. Wire Tap - Allows cyborg to tap into a communications land line. Cyborg can covertly listen in to communications being transmitted through the line
Body Augmentations:
1. Blood Filtration - Filters harmful chemicals & pathogens out of the blood stream
2. Camera Blind System - tiny laser pointer turrets, that automatically target and track any cameras that the cyborg can perceive. When activated the system temporarily blinds any camera(s) pointed at the cyborg
3. Cat Fall Reflex - fall more than “x” feet; computer triggers cat fall; always land on feet
4. Chameleon Skin - Change color like a chameleon; cyborg can choose to (blend in with the background / stand out from the background / alter skin color)
5. Cloaking System - Cyborg can project an energy field that makes it invisible to most sensors / At higher tech the cyborg can project an energy field that make it invisible to visible light
6. Cosmetic Change - permanent change to the cyborg’s appearance (cybernetic look / realistic lifelike look / different nationality / different sentient species look / alien look / furry look / super model look / intimidating look / innocuous look).
7. Disguise System - cyborg can alter: (height, apparent weight, apparent build, facial structure, breast size, skin tone, freckles, wrinkles, hair length, hair color, eye color); proficiency in disguise / bonus to disguise
8. DNA Spoofer - Small pocket of different DNA blood in finger tips & arm veins; genetic chimera saliva glands produce different DNA in mouth.
9. Emergency Distress Beacon
10. Enhanced Neural Transmitters - give the cyborg faster reaction times
11. Evasion System - small jets located at various points on the body and a sensor suit connected to a micro-computer allow the cyborg to dodge and evade incredibly fast. Bonus to dodge, evasion, and dive for cover
12. Extra Set of Cybernetic Arms
13. External Cyborg Control System - Allows someone else with the correct passcode to (control / influence) the cyborg. (activate limiter / activate return command / inflict pain / remote access senses / remote control / remote shutdown / self-destruct / sleep mode / tracking device / etc)
14. Fake Death System - Slows heart beat, gives the appearance of organic part death, may even leak out fake blood where injured.
15. Flight System - jet pack / jet boots / anti-grav system
16. Float System - Inflate external air bladders; brings the cyborg to surface & keeps it afloat
17. Forged Part ID's - Fake ID numbers or codes on cybernetic parts; “I’m not the cyborg your looking for”
18. Gas Filtration System - filters in the nose and lungs. Filters out allergens, dust, pollen, smoke, many air borne pathogens & harmful gaseous chemicals
19. Gill System - allows cyborg to breath underwater
20. Glider System - glider wings unfold from back / flying squirrel membranes stretch out from the cyborgs sides
21. Heating & Cooling System - The cyborg can function normally in a temperature range of (-30°F to 150°F / -34.4°C to 65.5°C), while suffering no ill effects. x4 time increase between intervals of temperature based damage over time effects
  • Mod: Extreme Heating - no ill effects in temperatures at or above (-250°F / -156.7°C). requires at least 1 level of cybernetic armor or full cybernetic body
  • Mod: Extreme Cooling - no ill effect in temperatures at or below (250°F / 121.1°C). requires at least 1 level of cybernetic armor or full cybernetic body
22. IV drug system - Built in system for delivering drugs to cyborg's organic parts; ex: (adrenaline / antidote / antifreeze / anti-radiation / general antibiotics / pain killers / stimulants)
23. Kip Up System - Small jets in back; throw cyborg back onto feet from a prone position / go from prone to standing without costing an action
24. Light(s) - light (visual spectrum / infrared / ultraviolet) can be placed anywhere on body
25. Live Wire Tap - Clamp onto a live power cable or electric (fence, rail, weapon) and draw power from it; without frying
26. Medical Injector - same as injector (weapons). Hypo injector or hypodermic needle designed to inject drugs into a patient. Ammo: drug (type) / nanite (type)
27. Medical Nanites (antibiotic) - microscopic machines that seek out and attack harmful micro-organisms and viruses
28 Medical Nanites (antitoxin) - microscopic machines that seek out toxins. (capture & contain / neutralize / remove from body)
29 Medical Nanites (healer) - microscopic machines that repair tissue damage of the host
30. Med-Scanner (internal) - Monitors biological systems; diagnose problems with cyborg's organic parts. Gives efficiency bonus to (IV system, medical nanites)
31. Nanite Cleaning System - nanites clean any dirt, grime, or blood off the cyborg. Cyborg also dries 50% faster. Reduce duration of any damage over time chemicals sprayed onto the cyborg.
32. Parachute - Parachute built into back or back pack
33. Plastic Printer - Chems mix together & heated to form plastic; layer by layer they form into a 3d object (tool, weapon)
34. Power Cable + retractable cord – power cable with “x” feet of retractable power cord. Ability to power or recharge external devices / Ability to power or recharge the cyborg’s systems from an external power source / Might also be used to jump start a vehicle
35. Power Cell / Battery Charger - External port; Holds and recharges external power cells or batteries / may also draw power from power cell to power or recharge cybernetic systems
36. Re-Breather System - Filters air in lungs; separates O2 from CO2; hold breath for “x” hours
37. Redundant Systems - 50% chance that critical hit to a vital (organ, system) only counts as a normal hit
38. Reinforced Skeleton
39. Safety Limit Override (biological) - Cyborg can increase the strength and speed of its organic muscles at the risk of damaging itself. Risk of hp damage / risk of crippled limb (torn muscles or broken bones), until healed
40. Safety Limit Override (cybernetic) - Cyborg can increase the power of one of its cybernetic sytems (strength, speed, energy weapon damage, force field HP or regeneration, communications range) at the risk of damaging itself. Risk of HP damage / Risk of burning out system being used, until repaired
41. Sensor Spoofer System - system detects active sensors such as radar and sends back a signal that causes the sensor to miscalculate the exact (nature, location) of the cyborg.
  • Location - Active sensors calculate the cyborg’s position 3d6 ft in a random direction from its true position. Penalty for sensor based (artillery, turrets, & guided munitions)
  • Nature - Active sensors incorrectly ID the cyborg (animal, different cyborg, different person, friendly, normal human, vehicle). Cyborg can appear to be anything other than what it truely is.
42. Skill System - Micro-computer that runs skill programs allowing the cyborg to perform skills the cyborg hasn’t learned. Rating: Max level of skill the Skill System can run / Rating: Max number of skills the Skill System can run at one time
  • Chip Slots - Skill system has “x” number of external skill chip slots.
  • Internal Memory - Skill system can hold “x” amount of data for skill programs in internal memory
43. Solar Recharge - photoelectric cells in the skin or armor slowly recharge the cyborg’s power cells over time, when exposed to light (30% to 46% efficiency). Can act as a weak emergency power source if the cyborg’s power cells are damaged or removed
44. Speed Enhancement (biological) - upgrades to the nerve fibers and muscle fiber
45. Speed Enhancement (cybernetic) - high speed cybernetics / high speed communication between cybernetics and brain. Level: (civilian / law enforcement or security / military)
46. Stealth Materials - Cybernetics are made from materials that absorb energy from certain types of sensors, making the cyborg more difficult to detect with active sensors
47. Stealthy Movement System - quiet cybernetics, sound absorbing pads built into soles of feet. Sensor array tells you how much noise your emitting, if shadows are sufficient to hide you from normal vision, if a particular surface will make noise when you put weight on it. Micro-computer adjust the cyborgs gait (walking, running, sprinting), tumbling, and jumping (jumping, landing) so that it is nearly silent
48. Storage Compartments - place to store things
  • Mods: size / hermetically sealed / refrigerated / signal blocking
49. Storage Compartments (concealed) - concealed compartments with sensor spoofing tech that conceals compartment & contents from most sensors
50. Strength Enhancement (biological) - upgrades to the muscle fibers and skeletal structure
51. Strength Enhancement (cybernetic) - Level: (civilian / law enforcement or security / military) +100 to 500 lbs / + 500 to 1000 lbs / + 1000 lbs to 20,000 lbs. Note anything past 1000 lbs is unmistakable as cybernetic body and limbs
52. Tattoo System - Skin can display, add, remove, or move a set of preprogrammed tattoos. Upgrade: Bioluminescent tattoos
53. Thermoelectric Generator - If the cyborg is exposed to hot and cold at the same time it can produce electricity (5% to 8% efficiency). This system can slowly recharge the cyborg’s power cells over time
54. Underwater Jets - Water jets; propel cyborg through water
55. Underwater Operations Mod - Nictitating membranes cover the eyes, nose can seal shut like a seal, webbing stretches between fingers, webbing stretches between toes, submarine style ballast tanks
56. Voice Augmentation - (commanding, intimidating, singing) voice
57. Voice Synthesizer - cyborg can disguise it’s voice / cyborg can copy & mimic other people’s voices
58. Walker Pack - a set of robotic (spider legs / tentacles) attaches to the back of the cyborg. The limbs fold up when not in use. When in use, they can be used for movement, manipulating objects, or combat (credit: Marvel - Dr Octopus)
59. Water Recycling System - recycles waste water. A mostly organic cyborg reduces its water consumption by 50% / 90% if combined with a heating & cooling system / 99% if full body cyborg
60. White Noise Generator - increases difficulty of someone trying to eavesdrop on anyone within “x” radius of the cyborg
Limb Augmentations:
1. Cable Trolley Hand - panel opens in the palm to reveal small motorized wheels, panels in the fingers open to reveal a slick non-stick surface. With one hand the cyborg can grab onto any (cable, rope, rail) that they can fit their hand around and the wheels will propel the cyborg along the line. The trolley can also reel in any line that weighs less than the cyborg (more is cyborg is anchored). The trolley can also do a controlled lowering of any line the cyborg is holding.
2. Drone Hand - Hand can detach and be operated remotely. It contains basic visual and auditory sensors. It may also contain hand or finger based weapons
3. Drone Tail or Tentacle (snake) - Limb can detach and be operated remotely. It moves in the manner of a snake. It contains basic visual and auditory sensors. It may also contain weapons
4. Enhanced Joint Rotation - Ability to turn joint 180º or 360º; finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck
5. Fast Draw Reflex - cyber-limb can draw a weapon from its holster faster than most people can see
6. Finger Camera - Mini-camera built into finger tip. Covertly look at things, look around corners without exposing yourself. Bonus to pick pockets
7. Finger Lighter - cigarette lighter built into one of the fingers
8. Fire Extinguisher - able to put out small fires
9. Fishing Line and Reel - line, hook, & motorized reel built in an (arm, tentacle, or tail). May also have an extendable / retractable rod
10. Jump Assist - (hydraulic spring / short burst jump jets) in legs; increase jump distance
11. Key (electronic) - an electronic key / Key for specific lock(s), device(s), vehicle(s), or computer program(s). May have a connector that plugs into a port or may be wireless. May be combine with a mechanical key for additional security
12. Key (mechanical) - a physical key extends or retracts out of a finger. Key for specific lock(s), device(s), or vehicle(s). May be combined with an electronic key for additional security
13. Laser Pointer - typically installed in a finger or the eye
14. Light(s) - light (visual spectrum / infrared / ultraviolet) built into back hand, finger tip, palm, tail tip, tentacle tip, or wrist
15. Limb Stabilizer - limb remains steady despite cyborg’s other movement. If it is physically possible for the limb to remain on target it will do so. Reduce penalties to aim (cameras, guns, laser pointers, etc) while moving, even at a full run / Reduce penalties when doing delicate work in a moving or unstable environment
16. Magnetic Grip - Electromagnets in hands, feet, and knees. Cling to and climb metal surfaces
17. Med-Scanner (external) - Med-Scanner equipment in hands. Used on other people
18. Micro Manipulators - Small articulated robotic arms; used for delicate work
19. Nanite Trackers - cyborg can leave nanites on any surface that they touch. The nanites will broadcast a tracking signal that is detectable within “x” range. The nanites can also be set to quiet mode, where they wont broadcast until they receive a specific signal. Power is good for “y” hours of active broadcasting
20. Omni-Limb(s) - Easily detachable limb that can be easily replace with any other omni-limb(s), even one with different capabilities
21. Palm Print Recorder - Records palm and finger prints when you shake hands; alter your finger prints to match
22. Prehensile Feet - Cyborg’s feet are more like that of a gorilla. Cyborg can manipulate objects with his or her feet as if they were hands.
23. Restraint Cutters - small retractable disc cutters, built into the wrist and ankles
24. Roller Blades (motorized) - Powered roller blades; much faster running on smooth surfaces
  • Mod: Roller Blades (rail guides) - Extra drop down wheels cling to sides of rail; ride one rail of train track
25. Running Legs - Legs purpose built for running. A spring system transfers more energy on each stride. High speed hip & knee actuators allow the cyborg to move its legs faster. Note these legs make no attempt at looking like real biological limbs. Allows running speeds up to 40+ mph
26. Speed Enhancement (single cybernetic limb) - Level: (civilian / law enforcement or security / military)
27. Strength Enhancement (single cybernetic limb) - Level: (civilian / law enforcement or security / military)
28. Task Optimized Limbs - gain bonus when performing specific tasks or using specific skills
29. Telescoping Arm or Leg - Extend arm or leg “x” feet beyond normal
30. Tentacle Hair - long braids or ponytail is actually a mechanical prehensile tentacle
31. Toe Camera - camera on the foot or shoe of the cyborg. View the world from floor level, see things you might have otherwise missed.
32. Utility Arm - Arm with set of smaller arms, tools, & power tools. Tool sets:
  • cooking - bottle opener, can opener, cooking torch, cork screw, knife, grater, micro manipulators, mixer, nut/shell cracker, peeler, spatula, thermometer
  • electronics - crimping tool, light, liquid insulator applicator, magnifier, micro manipulators, screw driver, soldering tool, wire cutter, wire stripper
  • medical - antiseptic spray, defibrillator, endoscope, hypo-gun + drugs, light, magnifier, micro manipulators, sample collection vials, scalpel, stethoscope, stitching tool
  • thief - drill, endoscope, fiber optic laser rerouter, glass cutter, light, lock picking tool, magnifier, micro manipulators, stethoscope, wire cutters
Weapons, Offensive, & Defensive Systems:
1. Ammo Factory - Cyborg can create “x” number of rounds for guns per day; automatically reloads internal weapons; If used for an external weapon, the ammo is stored in a concealed compartment and the gun or clip has to be reloaded manually
2. Arm Cannon - arm that terminates in a large (energy, projectile) gun instead of a hand. Essentially the arm is just an aiming mechanism for a very large gun
3. Armor - Armored exoskeleton, detachable armor plates / fiber weave, impact reactive hardening gel, nanite-weave, subdermal plates. Armor Level: (civilian / law enforcement or security / military)
  • Mods: corrosive resistant / electric resistant / fire resistant / laser reflective / radiation resistant
4. Armor (concealed) - Fiber weave, impact reactive hardening gel, nanite-weave, subdermal plates. Armor Level: (civilian / law enforcement or security / military)
  • Mods: corrosive resistant / electric resistant / fire resistant / radiation resistant
5. Blades - sword, scythe, or claw like blade(s). Typically installed on the forearms, but could be installed in other locations.
  • Mods: (chain saw blade / drug or toxin / electrified / heated / mono-molecular edge / retractable / vibro-blade)
6. Blade (energy) - (force blade, light blade, plasma blade, etc). Typically installed on the forearms, but could be installed in other locations
7. Blinding Flash - Light that flashes or strobes incredibly bright; Blinds opponents
8. Bolt Cutter Teeth - Bite through hardened steel bars
9. Breath Weapon (Gas) - Cyborg can breath out (drug / toxic) gas
10. Claws - claws on fingers or toes.
  • Mods: (drug or toxin / electrified / heated / mono-molecular edge / retractable / vibro-blade)
11. Clip Reloader - external clip plugs into a port. Ammo stored inside the cyborg is loaded into the clip. Works with one size (caliber) ammo / Works with multiple ammo sizes
12. Cloaking Field Disruptor - projects an energy field that disrupts cloaking fields within “x” ft of the cyborg
13. Cutter / Welder (arc / laser / oxi-fuel / plasma)
14. Detachable Body Part Bomb - eye, finger joint, hand, arm, toe, etc. larger the part the bigger the bang. Type: (EMP / explosive / flash bang / fragmentation / incendiary)
15. EMP Shielding - Cyberware is resistant to electromagnetic pulses; reduce effect of EMP
16. Energy Clip Charger - External port; Holds and recharges external energy clips / may also draw power from energy clip to power or recharge cybernetic systems
17. Explosive Armor Plates - Shaped charges in armor; destroys armor; fragmentation bomb
18. Finger Garrote - Finger or finger joint comes off; retractable garrote inside.
  • Mods: (electrified, heated, mono-filament wire)
19. Force Field - energy barrier that surround the cyborg like a second skin
  • Mods: ability to extend field to cover area “x” ft radius / higher damage capacity / faster recharge rate
20. Force Field Disruptor - projects an energy field that disrupts force fields within “x” ft of the cyborg
21. Force Shield - creates an energy barrier in the shape of a shield attached to the (palm, backhand, forearm)
22. Folding Shield - Armor plates on arm fold out into a small shield
23. Forearm Folding Crossbow - crossbow mounted to the forearm. Folds up when not in use.
24. Grapple Hand - Launches a drone hand attached to line and reel; hand acts as grappling hook
25. Grappling Hook Launcher
  • Mods: harpoon grapple / magnetic grapple / winch capacity / winch speed / cable cutter
26. Grenade Launcher / Mortar - fire grenades or mortar shells
  • Mods: internal magazine capacity / can use external clips
  • Ammo Types: aerial camera / aerial drone / air burst explosive / chaff dispersal / EMP / energy shield disrupter / explosive / flare + parachute / flash bang / fragmentation / gas + drug effect / holographic decoy / incendiary / limpet (proximity, radio detonation) mine / nanite dispersal / shaped charge / smoke / spider drone / tear gas
27. Gun (Air Gun) - gun that uses compressed air to fire a projectile. Typically installed in forearm or shoulder turret but small versions could be installed anywhere
  • Mods: external mount / external mount (turret) / internal, only barrel exposed / internal, concealed until activated / internal magazine capacity / can use external clips
  • Ammo Types: dart + drug / dart + nanite / paint ball + chemical / non-lethal (bean bag or rubber ball) / sensor blocking chaff / spikes
28. Gun (Chemical Sprayer) - gun that shoots a chemical spray. Typically installed in forearm or shoulder turret but small versions could be installed anywhere
  • Mods: external mount / external mount (turret) / internal, only barrel exposed / internal, concealed until activated / internal magazine capacity / can use external canisters or clips / ammo type / ammo selector.
  • Ammo Types: acid gas / acid sticky goo / drug gas / drug sticky goo / entangling sticky goo / fire / fire sticky goo / fire extinguishing foam / nanites / paint / pepper spray / smoke / etc
29. Gun (Energy) - gun that shoots (ion beam / laser / maser / neural stunner / particle beam / plasma / non-visible laser / tachyon beam) Typically installed in forearm or shoulder turret but small versions could be installed anywhere
  • Mods: external mount / external mount (turret) / internal, only barrel exposed / internal, concealed until activated / internal magazine / recharge time / can use external clips
30. Gun (Projectile) - gun (small caliber / large caliber / shotgun / needler / magnetic rail gun / gravitic rail gun) Typically installed in forearm or shoulder turret but small versions could be installed anywhere
  • Mods: external mount / external mount (turret) / internal, only barrel exposed / internal, concealed until activated / internal magazine capacity / can use external clips / ammo types / ammo selector / silencer / flash suppressor
  • Ammo Types: standard / armor piercing / energy shield disrupter / flares / frangible / incendiary / non-lethal (bean bag or rubber) / non-lethal (taser) / scatter shot / subsonic / tracer / tracking beacon
31. Hacking System - micro computer with code breaking, counter-cryptography, and hacking features. Auto hack weak systems, bonus to hack more difficult systems. Requires access to a terminal, or connection via (cable, network, wireless). Contains programs for quick: data (download, erase, upload) / install backdoor / security (alarm override, camera loop, door override, lockout, shutdown, turret override) / system (crash, shutdown)
32. Hand Taser - taser built into the palm or knuckles
33. Holographic Decoy Emitter - Small device designed to adhere to nearly any surface. Can be placed or thrown. Projects 3d image and audio designed to attract an opponents attention
34. Hydraulic Ram Fist - hydraulics in the cybernetic arm allow the cyborg to punch much harder. Possibly extending the arm up to 6 inches at the moment of impact
35. Injector - hypo-injector or retractable needle, built into the (fingertips, palm, elbow, big toe, tail end, tentacle end, tongue).
  • Mods: drug selector / internal magazine capacity / can use external ampules or clips
  • Ammo: drug (type) / nanite (type) / signal release drug capsule (type) / tracking chip
36. Knuckle Spikes - Small blades or spikes on knuckles.
  • Mods: (drug or toxin / electrified / heated / mono-molecular edge / retractable / vibro-blade)
37. Leg Weapon Holster - leg panels open to reveal a holster (Robo Cop style). Can hold a large pistol, knife, energy blade, etc
38. Micro-Drone(s) - insect size drone(s) that detach from the cyborg. Crawling drones / Flying drones.
  • Drone Weapons: ECM System / grinder blades / injectors / micro-chem sprayer / micro-energy weapons / self destruct (grenade type) / sensor decoys / targeting beacon
39. Micro-Missle Launcher
  • Ammo Types: anti-missile / armor piercing explosive / chaff dispersal / EMP / energy shield disrupter / explosive / fragmentation / gas + drug effect / incendiary / nanite dispersal / shaped charge / smoke / tear gas
  • Guidance System: straight fire / active sensor seeking / heat seeker / laser guided
40. Micro-Torpedo Launcher
41. Monowire Web - spinneret for mono-filament wire built into the (finger tip, tail tip, tentacle tip). Creates a small sticky glob as an anchor point and creates monowire between two points as a trap
42. Nanites (defensive) - microscopic robots that protect cyborg from (hostile / unauthorized) nanites
43. Nanites (hacking) - microscopic robots that invade computers & electronic devices. They attempt to bypass the normal control systems and give the cyborg direct wireless control of the device.
44. Nanites (offensive) - microscopic robots that invade an opponent. Types: (disassemble / attack biological / attack electronics / attack nervous system). Can be delivered by touch, melee weapon, thrown weapon, or projectile weapon
45. Omni-External Weapon Clamp - holds an external weapon, powers said weapon, gives cyborg targeting data and ammo count of weapon. Allows the cyborg to fire the weapon hands free. Can attach any weapon that is designed for omni-clamps. Usually located on the forearms or shoulder
46. Palm Secretion (drugs) - Tiny pores in fingers & palm secrete a drug. Mods: drug type, drug selector
47. Palm Secretion (nanites) - Tiny pores in fingers & palm release nanites.
  • Nanite Ammo: defensive / hacking / medical / offensive / tracking
48. Psionic Amplifier - activate latent psionic abilities / increase effect and range of psionic abilities. *if game or story contains psionics
49. Psionic Disruption Field - disrupts psionic abilities within “x” ft of the cyborg. Increase difficulty of using psionics / weaken effect and range of psionic abilities. *if game or story contains psionics
50. Psionic Shielding - Shields the cyborg’s mind from telepathy and mental attacks. *if game or story contains psionics
51. Porcupine Spikes - Small retractable needles / spikes extend out; covers most of body.
  • Mods: (drug or toxin / launchable)
52. Recoil Compensators - specialized hydraulics in arm compensate for weapon recoil
53. Sensor Lock-on Jammer - automatically detects sensor lock-ons from automated weapons and guided weapons and jams the signal.
54. Sleeve Weapon - hold-out pistol or knife held in a concealed compartment in the arm. When activated the weapon springs into the cyborgs hand. Once ejected it acts like a normal weapon.
55. Smoke Screen
56. Sonic Emitter - Infrasound: induce feeling of uneasiness, dread. May cause panic attack / Loud: deafening, disorienting, painful / Resonance Frequency: cause some objects to shatter
57. Thrust from flight or jump system - heat, wind, and knock back from jet pack or jet boots
58. Weapon Smart Link - Link for external smart weapons; aim, track ammo, friend or foe ID, etc
59. Whip - a whip extends or retracts out of the (finger, forearm).
  • Mods: (electrified, heated, mono-filament wire)
60. Whip (energy) - a whip made of energy extends or retracts out of the forearm
submitted by World_of_Ideas to d100

First Contact - TOTAL WAR - 214 (Ralvex)

[first] [prev] [Last Night Terror] [SOMEONE PLEASE WAKE ME UP!] [next]
He'd been forced to fall back to his primary point. BOLO Cutter could only spare so much artillery support and the Precursors had begun devoting air mobile units to the attack, putting further stress on the few air defense systems he had left. His mortars were exhausted, the nano-forge supplied ammo-hoppers glowing a faint red as the entire system overheated. The two 155mm snub nosed artillery pieces were down, one from overheating the other from a lucky hit by a Precursor penetrating HEX round. The integrity field holding the cliff together was starting to overheat and the northbound battle-screen had completely failed.
Which meant that Ralvex was up to his metaphorical ass in metaphorical alligators.
"Prep the charges, 525," Ralvex ordered, kicking away a snake he had decapitated with a single shot from his overheating and beeping autocannon. "Timmy, Stampy, fall back to point Charlie."
--fall back time?--
"No choice," Ralvex said, squeezing the grip-trigger again. The autocannon chugged, the timing taken all the way down to 120 rounds a minute. The weapon roared, hammering at the approaching Precursor machines.
On the little window in the upper right of his vision the Hesstlin reporter was sobbing in relief. The Precursor forces that had been invading her building and killing everyone inside, floor by floor, had left a little over an hour ago and she was now reporting that they were streaming out of the city by the thousands.
All heading south.
Ralvex began backing up, Stampy scuttling over next to him and then hurrying up the sloped highway. Stampy's 80mm hellbore was beeping loudly, smoke wafting up from the half-shot out barrel. Tiny Tim rolled up, beeping a happy little tune, his guns overheated and quiet.
Ravlex began stepping backwards, watching as the Precursor machines threw themselves against the battle-screens, being thrown back shattered and ruined, only for more to climb over the corpses to attack the battle-screen again.
It's like they've never seen one before, Ralvex thought to himself, keeping his fire on the collapsed northbound battlescreen.
At the right point he flexed his knees and jumped, throwing himself up into the air and backwards. He bobbled in mid-air then landed on top of the trailer. The side was blown open by Precursor high-velocity rounds, several appliances were nothing more than twisted metal and pipes.
The Precursors rushed through the gap.
The entire inside of the position exploded, the creation engines, already red hot, exploding as the slush splashed out and caught fire. Pieces of armor and robotics sailed skyward as Ralvex jumped backwards again, landing where several cars were parked across the two highway lanes. The highway tightened there, the median vanishing and going from three lanes to two.
As soon as he hit the ground, 525 activated the battle-screens, opened the protective cover, and jumped off, using the jump assist thrusters in his armor to sail over to Stampy.
--swapping barrel--
"I gotcha," Ralvex said.
**TIMMY HELP** the little wheeled robot said.
Ralvex checked the telltales. The little wheeled gunnery assist's weapons were cooled off.
More Precursors were rushing up the highway.
"I have the high ground, Anakin," Ralvex whispered to himself an ancient morale boosting meme he didn't really understand the context of but had heard the Terran Marines said.
It made him feel better as he tabbed up another piece of gum.
The spider mines hiding on the sheer walls of the draw jumped off the stone, their adaptive camouflage coverings blurring as they flew off the rock and onto the armor of the lead Precursors.
They detonated with an eye watering bluish-white flash, their whole bodies inverted into a shape charge forged penatrator that blew clear through whichever Precursor they attached to.
The Big Momma's were exhausted, dug in deep and cooling off while they deslushed and built more thermal cores.
A hovercraft came in low and fast, gun firing, tearing into the cliff face to the right of Ralvex even as Ralvex raised the aiming point of his autocannon and squeezed the grip.
His first two rounds hit the front of the hovercraft and it exploded, the third round detonating on a chunk of armor that had already been blown out the back of the vehicle.
"Cutter to Ralvex, do you read?" came the terse signal.
"Ralvex here," he replied, chewing the gum and raking the Precursors below him. The steep grade gave him a high enough elevation that he was able to hammer the 20mm APHEX shells into the top of the rear deck of the Precursors.
--almost done-- 525 signalled.
Stampy beeped with concern.
"Can provide limited artillery and rocket support. File VSR (Verbal Situation Report) or TSR (Text Situation Report) or VRGSR (Virtual Reality/Graphical Situation Report) for fire plan. Over," the big BOLO said.
"VSR: Give me another round of FASCAM and submunitions between me and the city, drop air defense autonomous systems to my east and west, drop autonomous indirect fire support devices to my south. I need a resupply pack for a Mark II Roboboi and a Mark III Direct Fire Gunnery Assistant, both Telkan Marine versions," Ralvex said. He was panting with the heat buildup. "Pack of Heavy Scout Armor thermal cores if you can shake and bake a pack. Over."
"That is within my capabilities," the BOLO said. "Be advised, drone reconnaissance shows you are about to come under heavy enemy attack. I will provide assistance. Over."
"Are there any Telkan or Terran units close to me?" Ralvex asked. He let go of the firing handle and slapped the core eject on the side of his autocannon. The glowing and flashing thermal core popped free, bounced off the cliff wall, and rolled down the pavement. "Over."
"Negative. Not with enough of a presence to cut through the interference, over."
"All right. I'm still alive. I'm going to keep fighting. Can't let them get to the town. Over."
"I have broken the enemy communication algorythm, Private. The enemy is convinced that you are a reinforced infantry division and seek to destroy your unit to prevent you from launching a counter-attack to liberate the city of 12.25 million remaining citizens," Cutter said.
Ralvex waved the barrel back and forth for a second to cool it and resumed firing. His smartgun harness was showing wear on the right upper arm strut, but that was to be expected now that he was over 30K rounds through the gun and on his last virgin barrel. He'd have to switch to the first one soon and hope the cooling hadn't warped it.
"High praise, I guess?" Ralvex laughed.
"Have you been trained in Terran Autonomous Field Warfare Systems?" Cutter asked.
"No. What's that?" Ralvex asked. "Shit shit shit."
Three hovercraft came in fast. He traversed the weapon, hitting one and blowing it out of the sky over his old position. The second one came apart in mid-air and spun down to hit the side of the man-made canyon, and the other heeled over to the side, crashing on the mesa's flat top to his east.
"A method of seizing control of the battlefield with only a single Terran operator. There is one near you, but it has suffered damage. I can deploy a recovery vehicle to bring it to you," Cutter said.
"If it'll help me out, I'll take it. I need more barrels for a standard Telkan 20mm Carmex XM-4811e1 autocannon and another Telkan Heavy Scout Armor XM-393e2 smart harness," Ralvex said.
"Manufacturing now. Hold the line, Marine," Cutter said.
"No choice. Can't let them past me," Ralvex said, panting inside his armor. He raked the autocannon across the top of the back decks of more Precursor machines, blowing them apart. They were having to climb over the wreckage of their own dead now to get line of sight on him.
"Understood. Cutter, out," the big heavy metal answered.
"Ralvex, out," the Telkan replied, panting.
**STAMPY HELP!** the little warboi beeped.
"Give 'em a shot in the wreckage berm, Stampy!" Ralvex yelled. "525, I'm overheating. Timmy, go to point defense!"
**TIMMY HELP** the little warboi beeped, separating its tandem guns and deploying two laser wands.
--gotta blow dust off heatsinks-- 525 said. --thirty seconds--
"Do what you gotta do," Ralvex said. "Give it to 'em, Stampy!"
Stampy fired his 80mm hellbore, lighting up the night as the compressed and directed nuclear explosion hit the middle of the piled up scrap metal. The round's backwash rolled over Ralvex, who set his feet and leaned into it, trusting the graviton generators in his boots to hold him in position as the 25kt blast hit the pile of scrap metal and blew a fan-shaped chunk out of the wreckage.
And the Precursors beyond.
And the six lane freeway.
And five hundred meters of desert, that was instantly turned to glass superheated bubbling liquid glass.
Ralvex used the few seconds of reprieve to move to Stampy, grab a spare barrel, and swap the barrels out on his autocannon. He grabbed a strip of thermal cores and slapped them into the weapon, then ran the weapon through the self-test as he turned back.
More of the Precursors were charging.
Bright streaks dropped out of the sky on a high arc, slamming into the ground. His armor labeled them as air defense and point defense autonomous systems and started synching them into his armor's battle tactical net.
--two cracked heat sinks-- 525 said. --replacing. gonna get hot--
"Give us some music while we work," Ralvex said. He felt the heat suddenly increase and took a long drink off of his water-tube. The water was flat, tepid, recycled from his sweat and urine as well as what moisture it could pull out of the air. Since it was the desert, that wasn't much.
The music was hard, pounding, and the Precursors that could hear it kept trying to analyze it, trying to figure out what the unit they were facing was trying to communicate. There was a 15% chance it was tactical battlecode and nearly 40% chance it was a form of sonic warfare that the Precursor machines were immune to as the heavy bass vibrated the metal of the units that got close before they were cut down by autocannon fire.
Two of the larger machines, which had stayed back and surrounded themselves with smaller machines, noticed that there had been a brief lull in the firing, then the enemy had started firing from a second position. Additionally, firepower dedicated to anti-artillery and counterbattery as well as air defense had started firing from previously unknown positions.
Is this an ambush? one asked the other.
No matter. The enemy is in strength and must be eliminated before it can arrange a counter-attack. The enemy is tenacious and difficult to fight. The population center must be secured so that the biological can be harvested.
Both gave the orders to press the attack.
Ralvex was having to compensate for barrel wear, the rounds no longer pinpoint accurate, but it was either that or not being able to use his heavy weapon.
He wasn't quite ready to fall back on his battle rifle.
--sink 1 replaced-- 525's words appeared on the inside of Ralvex's faceplate.
"Just keep me in the fight," Ralvex said between clenched teeth, cranking the cyclic rate back up to 500 rounds a minute and clamping down on the trigger.
If you are in a target rich environment that is the only time you should bring your cyclic rate above three hundred fifty rounds a minute. And before you ask, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt when that time comes, the words of his Terran instructor came back to him as he raked the autocannon fire back and forth across the swarming oncoming Precursor machines.
**STAMPY HELP** came the warning.
ATOMIC ATOMIC ATOMIC flashed on his visor.
This time an angry fist of boiling fire rose up a mile from the old fortifications as Stampy ramped his fire output to 2.5 kt. Before the fire could even fade Stampy fired again and another first rose into the sky, pushing back the dark heavy clouds.
**STAMPY HELP!** the bot squealed and fired again.
The ground trembled under Ralvex's feet as he pulled the gun up, firing at a large hovercraft that looked like it was heavy with munitions. The shells raked down the wing which suddenly came apart.
"OH SHIT, CLAMSHELL!" Ralvex yelled.
Stampy and Timmy hunkered down an a hexagonal pattern made of light covered them in a half-orb.
The craft nosed down just as the air defense stations opened up on it, raking down the fuselage and hammering at the other wing. The entire thing broke up, raining chunks of battle-steel armor, internal structures, and payload down onto the ground around Ralvex.
Payload that included high explosives.
Ralvex turned and jumped, hitting the wall and bouncing off, jumping again, flipping and twisting in mid-air, and landing in the standard pose, bringing his autocannon close to shield it. 525 barely got inside the protective housing before the jump and was locked in when first one went off. He locked his joints and inflated the pressure sleeve to max pressure, pumping it full with most of his remaining kinetic gel.
The world tore apart in rolling explosions that hurtled chunks of Precursor vehicle everywhere, the concussive wave slammed into Ralvex, who kept his neck straight, trusting his helmet to protect his head. The grav-spike howled as the blast waves pummeled him. His armor heated up and something slammed into him hard enough to take his breath away. A car slammed into him, flipped over his head, and vanished behind him.
The blast wave passed and he looked back down the highway. The mesa was 1,200 feet high, he was at the 800 foot mark, almost 500 meters of road down in front of him.
At the 400 foot mark the integrity fields had failed, the blasts scooping free large chunks of stone and throwing them into the sky. The blast had been channeled behind him and ahead of him, destroying more Precursor vehicles.
He checked his monitors and cursed.
His autocannon was reading failure. He stood up and checked it over. The housing was cracked and electronics could be seen inside. As he stood up he saw steaming kinetic gel leaking out of his joints. He'd taken a lot of hits. His right shoulder was yellow, his left leg amber on his HUD.
"Sound off."
"Regroup," he ordered. "525, you OK?"
--almost bent antenna-- 525 sent back with a smiley face that rolled its eyes like it was crazy.
Ralvex lowered the cannon and triggered a burst. Nothing. The firing grip just clicked.
"Autocannon's busted. See what you can do," Ralvex said, letting the harness pull it up into the rest position. He pulled around his rifle, loaded it, and checked the settings. At a full charge at the rate of fire he was using, he'd damage the barrel by morning.
But it was that or nothing.
His map updated. At the top of the ridge was his resupply and reload, delivered by Cutter.
It was just 600 meters behind him.
The only problem was the Precursor vehicles were already advancing up the bombed out highway. He knelt down, aimed, and fired. The mag-ac battle rifles sparked as they slammed into the battlesteel armor of the advancing vehicles. One shot hit one of the centipede legs at the front of the vehicle, snapping it free, and the rest shifted position to cover the jaws.
Lasers began snapping around him.
Tiny Tim rolled up out of the crater it was in, orienting the tandem 20mm rapid fire autocannons and opening fire. Its barrels were almost shot out so the thick lines of 4-1 APHEX to tracer wobbled slightly as the little force multiplier raked the oncoming Precursors.
Stampy jumped up out of the crater and ran for Ralvex.
**STAMPY HURT** the little drone squealed as it ran for Ralvex. Ralvex could see that the barrel of the hellbore was bent.
"Well, shit," Ralvex said. He reached down, grabbing grenades off his belt and throwing them out. Microprism, thermal masking smoke, chaff, ferrous-smoke. The two warbois rolled through it, stopping next to Ralvex, who hosed a long burst through the clouds of concealment. Ralvex grabbed battle-screen projectors and threw them on the ground, linking them together as fast as possible.
The battle-screen came up as hv-rounds started bouncing off the rocks around Ralvex. The screen started sparking and flaring as rounds hit it even as the lasers and particle beams were shattered by the microprism mist.
--autocannon dead-- 525 said. --fix stampy--
He jumped from Ralvex's shoulder and glided to Stampy, looking the barrel over.
His radio clicked a few times.
"You still alive, Marine?" a voice asked. His armor ID'd it as HTR-3 from earlier.
"Still alive," Ralvex said, gritting his teeth.
"You've got a payload here. Bunch of crates. Looks like a couple spare autocannons like the one you were packing. What do we do with them?" the Law Enforcement Officer asked.
"Just leave it," Ralvex said. "It's getting hot down here and I"m down to my battle rifle."
"What happened to your cannon?" he asked.
"It's gone. Get into the shelters," Ralvex snapped. "You can't help me."
The commo clicked and the Hasstlin was gone.
Tiny Tim was laying down the firepower, firing rockets as fast as it could. Ralvex undid the lockouts so that Tiny Tim could wet-print and kept watch. Any small drones in range of the rifle he snapped shot at, knocking them out of the sky.
His armor pinged and he looked back. The vehicle from earlier was hurtling toward him, none of the lights on. He could see there were two HTR in the front seats. He turned back to firing.
--gonna saw the barrel-- 525 said.
"We're not supposed to do that," Ralvex said.
--that or nothing-- 525 said, popping the torch and starting to cut.
Stampy and Tiny Tim fired their mortars dry in a rippling burst.
The LawSec car screeched to a stop and one door opened, the HRT officer crouched down behind the door, waving his arm.
"We brought one of the guns!" he yelled.
Ralvex wanted to yell at the civilian to clear the area, to get out of there before the Precursors started homing in on the EM emissions of the car or the heat signature of the ceramic engine.
The HTR crab walked back, opening the back door, and pulled the heavy autocannon out, grunting.
Ralvex kept shooting at the drones, snapping them out of the air. One of the point defense guns had gone silent.
Ralvex turned and ran over to the HTR, lifting the heavy autocannon out of the LawSec officer's hands. His armor immediately began to synch up with the weapon. It was a BOLO rapid-print nano-forge weapon but it was within specs.
"You guys need to get to the shelters. I don't know how much longer I can hold them off," Ralvex said. He took a long drink of water and tabbed up some gum.
Behind him Tiny Tim beeped and went to alternate firing, outrunning his nano-forge's ability to keep up with ammo consumption.
--done-- 525 said.
"NO! Hold fire, Stampy!" Ralvex said. He turned back to the LawSec. I'm about to go atomic again. Get to the shelters," he snapped.
The officer nodded, his eyes wide as the firepower from below picked up intensity and the battlescreen started snarling and crackling. He rushed back to his car as Ralvex connected his ammo pack to the autocannon and let it synch up.
"Officer," Ralvex yelled.
The officer paused.
"Thanks," Ralvex said. "Now get to shelter."
The unarmored car sped off as Ralvex cocked the autocannon and turned back to the man-made draw.
"Fire at will, Stampy," he ordered, squeezing the firing handle.
And the battle raged on.
Units still widely scattered. Still rallying. 22% MIA but considered still in action.
Regroup when possible.
Task Force is currently forcing Precursor ships back from the planet.
Second force, designated Tango Two, have arrived at the Resonance Zone via jumpspace.
Current opponents do not match weapons, tactics, or ship types of previously encountered Percursor.
Designated Type-4.

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submitted by Ralts_Bloodthorne to HFY

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