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submitted by 420potblog to 8BallPoolCheats

Ballbusting intelligence agency

This story isn’t mine, it’s u/TheBusted I just pasted it here because the format he chose was a little hard to read. Enjoy
They soon arrived at room B169, the interrogation room. Zoe had Taylor wait in the hall while she helped Jim get in position.
The room itself was cold and dark. There was a giant one-way mirror on one of the walls. There was also a large X-shaped contraption in the middle of the room with a series of restraints. Zoe helped Jim into position and strapped his arms and legs down so he could barely move. His legs were forced apart, leaving his beat-red and swollen balls to dangle between his legs, exposed and vulnerable. After he was in position, Zoe explained the rules.
“Today, you will be playing the role of a captured spy. Taylor will have 30 minutes to torture you however she likes to try to get information out of you. I’ll be watching and listening in the other room, so if you want things to stop, all you have to do is say the codeword. However, you’ll only receive your certification If you can survive 30 minutes without using the codeword. Make sense?” Jim nodded yes.
“Good. I’ll send Taylor in. You’ll have to wait a couple of minutes while I set up the camera, and then the timer will start.”
“Yes, the camera. We record every certification exam to make sure no cheating is going on. And I know what you’re thinking, and yes, us women love watching the videos of you squealing in pain. Try to put on a good show for us, ok?”
With that, Zoe left the room and Taylor walked in. Jim gasped the instant he laid eyes on her. For some reason, she had taken off her jeans and t-shirt and had stripped down to just a bright pink thong. Jim was mesmerized by her toned figure, trying to drink it all in as fast as he could. He didn’t know whether to focus on her muscular thighs, her hourglass waist, or her tiny pink nipples standing at attention at the tips of her perky DD breasts. He could barely stammer out a question before Taylor started talking.
“I just felt so bad for what I have to do to you. I know it really really hurts, so I just wanted to give you a little something to make you feel better. Besides, I saw the way you looked at me and how …” she glanced down at his fully erect penis “… excited … you are.”
Jim blushed deeply. “T-t-thanks. It’s OK. I know you’re just doing your job.”
“Well actually, I’ve always thought of myself as a kind, cute little woman but today I’ve realized just how much I like hurting you. It’s such a turn on watching you squirm in pain. I know you can’t do anything to stop it, I feel so powerful. I’m going to masturbate so much later tonight thinking about your balls aching for days while I feel perfectly fine. If you weren’t in these restraints, I’d let you feel how wet I am right now.”
Jim was shocked to hear just how much Taylor enjoyed destroying his manhood. He should have guessed. The “practice” they had just done was definitely overkill, after all. But he was emboldened by Taylor’s confession and decided to confess something of his own.
“I kind of like it too. I didn’t think I would, but you busting my balls has made me so horny.”
“Really? But doesn’t it hurt?”
“It definitely hurts. But there’s something … I don’t know … sexy about it? Don’t hold back. Please hurt my balls as badly as you like.”
“I’m so glad to hear it. Now I won’t feel bad about hitting you as hard as I can. And maybe after this exam we could keep … practicing … together? I’d love to try out the chair room.”
Before Jim could respond, Zoe’s voice echoed out from the intercom. “The camera’s all set up, so the 30 minutes begin whenever you’d like, Taylor. Remember, whichever one of you fails will have to repeat this test again tomorrow.”
While Jim’s plums were still quite swollen, in the time it had taken to set up for this interrogation, the searing agony had subsided to just a thudding ache. He knew that was about to change, though, as Taylor stood directly in front of him and placed her hands on his shoulders. They locked eyes, and she gave him a faint smile before ramming her knee into his crotch. The bony tip of her knee caught his right testicle juuust right, causing him to scream out in pain. Due to his restraints, he could do nothing to cover up or protect himself, so Taylor kneed him several more times in quick succession.
While still reeling from Taylor’s barrage of knees, Jim realized something: Zoe never told him the codeword. And it was too late now to ask. He had no choice but to let Taylor, the newfound ballbusting enthusiast, spend the next 30 minutes turning his manhood to mush. It was probably for the best. While he was learning to love Taylor’s sadistic nut crunching, he was weak-willed and probably would have been unable to stop himself from coding. This way, he couldn’t stop her even if he wanted to.
Taylor stood close to him, pressing her breasts up against his chest and letting his throbbing erection rub against her pussy. She reached down and grabbed his aching, tender bullocks in her hands before leaning in and whispering in his ear. “Like it or not, you are going to give me that codeword. Even if I have to burst each one of your pathetic little testicles with my bare fingers. Tell me, which would you rather be: an agent, or a man?”
Still mute from Taylor’s knees, Jim couldn’t respond even if he knew the codeword. He opened his mouth but no words came out. After a couple of moments of silence, she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, saying “that’s OK, we can do this the hard way.” She pressed down, burying her thumbs deep into Jim’s swollen nut meat. She stayed pressed up against him while he shivered and moaned in pain, enjoying feeling the devastation she was causing. The vibrations of his cock felt good against her already sopping wet pussy. As his groans grew louder and louder into full blown screams, she clamped down harder, sending Jim further into his pit of despair.
“I wonder what will crack first: you, or your nuts?”
She kept squeezing mercilessly, staring Jim straight in the eyes as she soaked up every bit of his agonizing, horrific pain. His balls grew flatter and flatter, to the point he was sure they would never work again. Just as he was about to lose consciousness, she let go. His breath returned in quick, short gasps as his gonads re-inflated to their original, swollen state.
“You WILL tell me the codeword.”
She buried her knee at the center of Jim’s existence once again, further crushing his squishy man meat.
“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me? It will make all of this stop. All of the pain. All of the hurt. Maybe then I could start doing something you’ll like a little bit more ...”
She took her right hand and slowly ran it up and down the length of Jim’s impressive shaft. After all he had been through, this small taste of pleasure felt amazing. Jim almost blew his pent up load all over Taylor’s body, but she stopped after just a few strokes to press up against him once again and whisper breathily in his ear.
“You want to suck on my nipples? Lick my tight little pussy? Tell me the code and I can take every single inch of you inside me. I can give you that release you so desperately crave. All it takes is one … single … word …”
Jim almost cried. He wanted to tell her the codeword so badly, if only he knew it. It was all he could do stammer out a pathetic “I can’t …”
Taylor pulled away with disgust and lodged her knee in Jim’s crotch once again. This time, she made sure to twist her knee against his nads, grinding them painfully against her bony kneecap.
Zoe watched with approval from the other room as Taylor cruelly teased Jim, giggling occasionally at the more brutal blows. She had intentionally not told Jim the codeword. She saw the way he looked at Taylor and knew that he would have no chance of keeping it a secret for the whole half hour. Taylor was too gifted an interrogator for him to have any chance. She could tell Taylor knew just how to use her femininity to entice men into giving her what she wanted. But the BIA needed male agents. And, well, Zoe was willing to do whatever it took to get them. If a couple of testicles got bruised in the process, that’s just too bad. It’s not like they weren’t going to get busted anyway.
Inside the interrogation room, Taylor continued the obliteration of Jim’s ball bag. She rammed knee after devastating knee directly into his most delicate organs, and he was powerless to stop it. His cries had been reduced to pathetic whimpers. His sense of excitement from the pain had long since gone. He wanted, more than anything, to make it stop. But he couldn’t. All he could do was suffer and take it.
After a few minutes, Taylor grew tired of kneeing him. She knelt down, inspecting his package up close and personal. His scrotum was a very deep shade of purple and quite hot to the touch. The testicles themselves were comically swollen. Jim’s left nut was at least three times its normal size, and he seized violently within his restraints at even the slightest bit of pressure.
She took his left ball in both hands and sunk her thumbs deep into the heart of his testicle. She could feel the organ giving way to her thumbs, with Jim’s desperate screaming confirming the effectiveness of her torture.
She showed no mercy. The louder Jim screamed, the more viciously she squeezed. She squeezed until pools of sweat formed on Jim’s chest. Until his violent straining against the restraints was reduced to just a pained shivering. Until all of the air had been forced out of Jim’s lungs and he could hardly breath. And then she squeezed harder.
Just when she felt his testicle was about to finally burst, she let go. His breath returned in quick, short gasps as it slowly re-inflated.
However, rather than give Jim a moment to recover, she moved on to the right one. Once again, she took his most precious organ in both of her hands and pressed her thumbs into it with all her might. Once again, Jim thrashed violently against the restraints. Once again, the room was filled with the sounds of Jim’s guttural wails.
This time, in addition to the pain, Jim felt something else. He felt the beginnings of an orgasm. Was Taylor really about to squeeze the cum right out of his balls?
Before he had a chance to find out, Taylor let go. His swollen gonads hung like 100 pound weights between his legs. Or at least it felt like it, anyway.
“So … about that code. Care to tell me now?”
Jim just shook his head, still recovering from having his berries ground to pieces between her fingers. Verbal communication was well beyond his physical abilities in his current state. It was all he could do to utter a barely audible squeak.
“Are you sure? If you don’t tell me, I will have no choice but to continue inflicting excruciating, intense, life-changing suffering upon your manhood.”
Jim shook his head once more.
“Very well. Have it your way.”
She stood up and walked behind him. He felt the tips of her toes graze the underside of his scrotum and figured she was lining up for a kick. His suspicions were confirmed when he felt the bridge of her foot slam into his underside like a brick dropped off a 4-story building. He cried out, but could do nothing to protect himself as her foot quickly snapped into his crotch a second and third time.
Her third kick caught his left marble just right and he swore he felt it actually burst in his sack. The pain was exquisite. But before he could worry too much about whether he now had three orbs in his bean bag, Taylor’s foot smacked into his undercarriage several more times, rapid fire. Each kick sounded like a gunshot as his plums flattened against her toes. His vision exploded into a series of bright lights. With no more energy to thrash wildly in agony, he sunk into the restraints, succumbing wholly to the searing pain in his nutsack. His only distractions were the growing nausea in his stomach and the ever-present humiliation of being reduced to a sobbing wreck by a beautiful first-year cadet.
She kicked him again, jolting him back up. A spasm of suffering shot through his body, not that he could do anything about it.
“I can keep going all day, Jim, how much more of this can you take?”
Hearing no answer, she kicked him again. A visceral howl left escaped his mouth. Jim was reaching depths of suffering he never thought possible. And Taylor was enjoying sending him there. She had never felt as powerful as she felt right now, inflicting unimaginable torment on Jim’s most prized possessions. Truthfully, she hoped he didn’t tell her the codeword, so she’d be able to bust his balls non-stop for the full time allotment.
But, she was growing tired of kicking him from behind. Besides, from behind she couldn’t really see his facial expressions, and those were her favorite part. She loved watching his face contort from the agony she was delivering.
She walked back in front of Jim and once again knelt down in front of him. She eyed his impressive cock, which was somehow still fully erect and leaking precum. However, her gaze quickly shifted to the two swollen testicles hanging between Jim’s legs. In one swift movement, she delivered a vicious uppercut. She smiled, feeling each of his cojones yield under the blunt force of her blow.
Jim’s capacity to feel pain had long since been overwhelmed. His testicles were so swollen, squishy, and tender that even small movements caused him unbearable agony. What’s more, they had swollen to take up almost all of the space in his sack. There was no more room to roam. Even without Taylor tormenting him, he would be in perpetual pain from the simple fact that his nuts were pushing up against each other.
So, Taylor’s uppercut was a direct hit. Each ball had no choice to absorb the direct force of her punch. The pain receptors packed into those delicate organs fired off even more desperate signals, each and every neuron crying out for just a moment of relief. Jim squealed like a pig, unable to protect himself.
Before Jim had finished squealing Taylor unleashed yet another flurry of punches.
Taylor soon grew tired on treating Jim’s enflamed scrotum as a punching bag. She stood up, taking what was left of his battered man meat in her hands and pressing her body up against his. Jim’s impressive erection was forced straight upward, trapped between their stomachs. He felt the soft flesh surrounding her pointy pink nipples press against his chest as her cool fingers wrapped once more around his manhood.
She leaned in close to whisper in his ear.
“This is your last chance, Jim. If you don’t tell me the codeword now, I am going to crush your balls nonstop until our time ends. I don’t care if they pop. I don’t care if you cum. It’s just going to be my fingers crushing your manhood. Anything to say to me now, Jim?”
Jim tried in earnest to beg for mercy. But the words just wouldn’t come. He could barely squeak out a “p-p-please” before Taylor strengthened her vice-like grip on his testicles.
The fiery agony Jim had grown so accustomed to today returned anew as Taylor clamped down. She began pulsing her grip harder and harder to really plunge a slice of horrific agony straight through Jim’s soul. But, along with each pulse came the beginnings of the orgasm he had started to feel earlier. Between Taylor’s sexy, nearly naked body pressed up against his, the eroticism of his current predicament, and the intense pressure on his balls, he could feel a gigantic pent-up load just waiting to shoot out. His cock had been hard for hours. Now, with Taylor’s teasing, he felt that he was just moments away from release.
Taylor, not realizing Jim’s frantic shaking was a sign of his impending ejaculation, increased the strength of her grip. This, of course, only pushed Jim closer to the edge as she literally squeezed the cum out of his testicles.
The orgasm started with one particularly vicious pulse of Taylor’s fingers. Jim tried to hold back, but it was no use. He felt a hot burst of cum travel through the length of his penis and shoot upward, smearing across both their stomachs. For the first time today, Jim’s moan included the tiniest amount amount of pleasure. Taylor, feeling the warm liquid dripping down her abdomen, looked down. She was surprised, but not alarmed.
“Don’t think I’m stopping just because you’re cumming! This is your last chance to tell me the codeword!”
This orgasm was hardly pleasurable. Especially not with Taylor’s fingers crushing the life out of his fragile testicles. There were none of the sensations from a hand, mouth, or pussy that Jim was accustomed to. The only sensation at all on his cock was the pressure of Taylor’s body pressed up against it. But six more loads of white-hot fluid shot from the tip of his throbbing member nonetheless. True to her word, Taylor kept squeezing until there was not one single drop of cum left in his fragile reproductive organs. Her squeezing became somehow even more painful after his balls were freshly emptied. Jim’s penis, painfully erect for the past several hours, finally fell flaccid.
A timer rang out. Zoe’s voice boomed over the intercom once again. “Stop! That’s 30 minutes.”
Taylor looked at Jim in disbelief. ‘Wow, you are one tough nut to crack.”
Jim just wheezed. He had long since lost the ability to think rationally, much less speak. He wept, doubtful that his now-emptied nuts would ever work again. He did notice, though, that he had felt hornier and more excited than he had ever felt before. Maybe he would like it here at the BIA.
Zoe opened the door and walked in. “Congratulations, Jim, you passed your torture certification. You’re going to be an Agent! How do you feel?”
Jim let out a soft groan, still unable to form words. Zoe laughed.
“That sounds about right. Here, let’s get you out of those restraints.” She spent a few moments unfastening the various belts and cuffs, letting Jim sink to the floor in a puddle of twitching limbs and broken balls.
“That’s ok, you can rest on the floor for a minute if you need to.” She eyed Taylor in the corner wiping cum off her stomach. “You do look pretty spent, Jim. But you should go home and ice up. I think a celebration is in order. You’ve earned it.”
She turned her attention to Taylor, who had started getting dressed. “Don’t worry too much about not passing your exam today. You’ve only been here three months. There’s still plenty of time for you to practice.”
Zoe turned to walk out of the room, but Taylor called out to her.
“Wait! I almost forgot. Just before the exam, Jim told me he actually LIKES having his balls busted.”
Jim turned bright red as his embarrassing newfound fetish was revealed to his instructor.
Zoe perked up immediately. “Is that true, Jim? Did you like it when Taylor tortured your testicles?”
He nodded sheepishly.
“That’s great! You’re going to be VERY popular around here. I kind of figured you liked it based on how you looked at Taylor. And you have to be pretty perverted to cum from ballbusting alone. We’ll have to use you as the training dummy for all the new female cadets.”
Taylor looked crestfallen. “I was actually hoping I could have him all to myself. I could use the practice.”
Zoe laughed. “Developing a little crush, are we? You can’t have him all to yourself, but don’t worry, you’ll have lots of opportunities to bust Jim’s balls. Would you like to schedule another practice session with him for tomorrow?” “That would be great! Thank you!”
Taylor, now completely dressed, walked out of the interrogation room with Zoe, leaving Jim to cradle his broken and empty balls on the floor. As they walked away, he could still sort of overhear their conversation.
“We have this great tool called the nad-blaster. What we’ll do is strap Jim into place blindfolded, and then …”
submitted by WooshMeAndUrWeird to BallbustingStories

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