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Band & Orchestra Program. Get Piano 10 - Microsoft Store https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4436. 5 Dumb Accidents That Made 'Star Wars' A Classic see this page. Find the Piano sound you are looking for in seconds. Madison Area Rock Band's Taking Over 2020 - Madison, NJ - These Madison native musicians have been making waves in today's music industry & are a 'must see' before the end of the year.

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911Tabs - tabs search engine // Over 4 million tabs in. Fabrics & yarn in all shapes and sizes. Mac Miller's 88-Keys & Sia Collaboration "That's Life" Is extra resources.


Includes transpose, capo hints, changing speed and much more. It was recorded from February through April 2020 with producer Brendan O'Brien, who had worked on every Pearl Jam album except their 1991 debut Ten and 2020's self. Kawasaki 37 Key Keyboard Musical Instrument - w/ Piano, Organ and. Explore releases from the Decon label. More songs, more languages, more modernization, and lots of fixes!

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This lets a pianist reach two octaves with one hand, impossible on a conventional piano. Download Free hip hop loops, trap beats, instrumental page. 808 Trapstep Vol 1 - Free Downloads read this post here. A small synthesizer with fewer spring-loaded keys is generally better for recreational use. Genesis is a music studio album recording by GENESIS (Symphonic Prog/Progressive Rock) released in 1983 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette.

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VST effect plug-ins, including 15 new VST3 plug-in effects. Locate elusive Hawaiian lap steel strings or browse our acoustic and electric guitar strings. Moreover, few puzzles are added into the game, making gameplay more various. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Finally, in the 1980s, the modern digital piano was introduced as we know it today!


View all comments 3; Next up. Clear Hide queue. Free Downloads (16) Sample Packs (14) Wave Files (14) Midi Files (3) VST Presets (5) Xfer Serum Presets (1) NI Massive Presets (3) U-he Zebra 2 Presets (1) Blog (16) FL Studio (1) Tutorial (4) Plugins (1) Ableton Live (3. 88 keys stay up instrumental. Worldwide Social Network. Are 88 keys really needed to play classical piano pieces https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4441.

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Stay Up -Peace and blessings Posted by Sasha at 9: 50 PM No comments: Friday, April 3, 2020 "Atari 2600" by Little Brother. Discover new music on MTV. Get creative using the 120 preset songs and 230 included play-along rhythms. Defective (cracked or badly its inner and outer perimeters. Got Instrumentals 41 Mixtape by Instrumentals Hosted by DJ.

[Let’s Build] d100 Shitty Boons

Think shittysuperpowers , for when your local deity is passive aggressive.
Edit: Wow, this got way more popular than I expected. We're almost finished!
  1. Boon of Object Opening: Everytime you touch an object that can be opened, it suddenly becomes sentient and you have to deceive or somehow convince it to open. Includes doors and chest etc. ( u/SadButThisMeansWar )
  2. Boon of Jam Preservation: When you drop your toast, it always lands jam side up ( u/arguablyhuman )
  3. Boon of Brothel Detection: You can sense the location of any brothel within 60' of you ( u/arguablyhuman )
  4. Boon of Clapping: You can clap with one hand ( u/arguablyhuman )
  5. Boon of Name Knowledge: When you meet someone new, you can correctly guess their name 5% of the time ( u/arguablyhuman )
  6. Boon of Separated Charisma: You gain advantage on all charisma checks against a weirdly specific, small subset of the population (e.g. left-handed firbolgs, half-orc sorcerors, or humans whose names begin with Q) ( u/arguablyhuman )
  7. Boon of Backwards Speed: You gain +5 speed when skipping or hopping to your destination, backwards. ( u/nutty_pigeon )
  8. Boon of Colorful Sight: You have darkvision for 5 feet but see in shades of pink and purple when using it. ( u/nutty_pigeon )
  9. Boon of Chore Completion: You have advantage on checks for household chores. ( u/nutty_pigeon )
  10. Boon of Dryness: Your clothes and gear dry out twice as fast, but feel uncomfortable for twice as long. ( u/nutty_pigeon )
  11. Boon of Flame Resistance: Your clothes and gear are flameproof, but they always smell of burning rubber. ( u/nutty_pigeon )
  12. Boon of Alligator Negotiation: Whenever negotiating with alligators, you can ignore disadvantage based on the color of your skin. ( u/Lessandero )
  13. Boon of Picking Flowers: +5 strength on flower picking checks. You are lifting through the legs, not the back, after all. ( u/Lessandero )
  14. Boon of Skeleton Concealment: Skeletons cannot smell you. ( u/Lessandero )
  15. Boon of Ear Changing: You can change the color of your left ear to green at will for the duration of 30 seconds once a fortnight. ( u/Lessandero )
  16. Boon of Toenail Growth: Your leftmost toenail grows 10x faster than the rest of them. ( u/Lessandero )
  17. Boon of Lollipop Detection: No matter how far away you are, you can always hear it when someone says the word 'lollipop'. You cannot detect who said it or where it is coming from though. ( u/Lessandero )
  18. Boon of Constant Strength: You can wield any weapon using Strength, even weapons with the finesse or thrown properties. ( u/RollinThundaga )
  19. Boon of Charismatic Attacks: You can wield sentient weapons using Charisma, instead of dexterity or strength. ( u/RollinThundaga )
  20. Boon of Grapple Recovery: You get advantage on contested grapple checks to strangle a creature within your size class, except for the first check. ( u/RollinThundaga )
  21. Boon of Proximity Breath Holding: You can hold your breath for as long as the most able person nearby, plus one round. ( u/RollinThundaga )
  22. Boon of Invisibility: If you critically succeed on a Stealth check, you turn invisible until you move, speak, or take an action. ( u/RollinThundaga )
  23. Boon of Corpse Assistance: You have advantage on Constitution saving throws when within 10 feet of a recent corpse of the same race as you. This effect does not take place if the corpse is obscured from sight. ( u/RollinThundaga )
  24. Boon of Agreeability: You have advantage on persuasion checks and disadvantage on insight checks. All creatures you interact with have the same. ( u/funkyb )
  25. Boon of Impressive Strength: You take a -1 penalty to all strength-based checks but bystanders are doubly impressed when you succeed on them. ( u/funkyb )
  26. Boon of the Bold Thief - Whenever you're within 5 feet of a creature for the first time up to 10 gold on their person is magically transported into your coin pouch. They are immediately aware of this. ( u/funkyb )
  27. Boon of Divine Interruption: You can channel the voice of a god and speak with it for a turn. But whenever you do they're always in the middle eating a sandwich or they just took a big gulp of milk. ( u/funkyb )
  28. Boon of the Polyglot: Once per day become fully fluent in a language you don't understand for an hour. The language is chosen at random, you don't pick the time it happens, you lose the ability to communicate in all other languages you know for the duration and you become incessantly chatty. ( u/funkyb )
  29. Boon of Arcane Boost: On a short rest regain one spell slot. Roll a d4 and regain a slot of that spell level, or the highest level you have if you roll a number above your highest known spell level. You immediately expend the slot on a random known spell of that level. ( u/funkyb )
  30. Boon of Burden: You can cast Tenser's Floating Disc without expending a spell slot but it can only hold 7 pounds. ( u/funkyb )
  31. Boon of Foresight of Bad Luck: Each time you sleep roll a d20. On a roll of 9 or less you have a prescient nightmare about something bad happening that day. The dungeon master gives you a glimpse of an upcoming encounter and can use your rolled number to replace any player roll of his or her choice once during the foretold encounter. ( u/funkyb )
  32. Boon of carnival games: You always crit thrown attacks against inanimate objects but only if a stuffed animal is earned afterwards. ( u/Kyberdude )
  33. Boon of granny driving: You’re able to fly, sail, drive, etc. any vehicle in the cosmos accurately without damaging it, but it only can only go 1/20th of a mile per hour. ( u/Kyberdude )
  34. Boon of awkward silence: Pick one hostile target. Both you and the target are silenced and unable to target one another due to extreme discomfort around each other for 1d6 rounds. ( u/Kyberdude )
  35. Boon of Tree Aggresion: Whenever you touch a tree, it becomes a treant which attacks creatures hostile to you for 1 minute. After that, the treant attacks you. ( u/Holy_Hand_Grenadier )
  36. Boon of Understanding Doors: You never confuse push doors and pull doors ever again. ( u/Wholesomeguy123 )
  37. Boon of Sarcasm: After every attack, you are compelled to scream, with heavy sarcasm, “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” You do get a +1 on your attack roll, which is nice, so you have that going for you. ( u/ThreeAndTwentyChars )
  38. Boon of Thirst Quench: After every drink you must exclaim "ahhh!" ( u/SoMuchEdgeImOnACliff )
  39. Boon of Poison Detection: You can immediately tell if you've been poisoned, because you immediately and reflexively say "I've just been poisoned!" in a loud voice. ( u/archDeaconstructor )
  40. Boon of Feline Attraction: Nearby cats and other felines are magnetically attracted to you, gaining movement speed in your direction the closer they are, until they uncontrollably fly through the air towards your location when within five feet. Nearby dogs and other canids are magnetically repulsed from you, losing movement speed in your direction the closer they are and having disadvantage on attacks made against you while within five feet. ( u/archDeaconstructor )
  41. Boon of Canine Attraction: As above, but flipped; felines are repulsed and canids are attracted. ( u/archDeaconstructor )
  42. Boon of Proximity Falling: If you are involuntarily knocked prone, everyone nearby also falls over and is knocked prone. When you get up, everyone nearby who is prone gets up as well. ( u/archDeaconstructor )
  43. Boon of Explanation: Even if you didn't know it beforehand, you can adequately explain the wave-particle duality of photons to any audience, provided that they can understand the tongue you are explaining it in. ( u/archDeaconstructor )
  44. Boon of Drink Immunity: You no longer suffer the negative consequences of imbibing too much alcohol. This is because you are now fully immune to being drunk. ( u/archDeaconstructor )
  45. Boon of Epic Demonic Defense: If you are ever attacked by more than one demon lord at once, you gain +1 to your armor class. ( u/DungeonMaster24 )
  46. Boon of the Free Tote Bag: You receive a free tote bag. ( u/BennistheBrown )
  47. Boon of Theatrics: You will always have optimal lighting, perfect posturing, theme music, and props for grand entrances, getting-knocked-down-and-getting-back-up-again moments in combat, etc... You will also have friends and family cheering for you on the sidelines for those "I have to keep going for my friends!" moments. When you walk into a rowdy bar, everyone within will be compelled to be silent and stare in awe as your shadow passes over them. All these extra things disappear when they are no longer necessary for the scene. ( u/Arbiter1171 )
  48. Boon of Rivalry: You have a rival. They will always be slightly more powerful than you, have a sad or dark past (if you have a dark past, theirs will be darker and sadder), and always will try to find ways to prove they are superior to you. If you don't chose your rival soon, the universe will choose one for you. You honestly have no idea why they are your rival, but you are compelled to accept their challenge every time they appear. Neither of you are capable of killing the other or reconciling your differences. ( u/Arbiter1171 )
  49. Boon of The Prophesy: You are the Chosen One. Everyone acknowledges that you are The Chosen One. Nobody knows what you are Chosen to do. Nobody cares what you are Chosen to do. They just say, "Oh wow, it's The Chosen One!" and move on with their day. Some might get a bright idea and think that they might be The Chosen One. Your parents died tragically (or at least, that's what your adoptive parents said), and your mentor died tragically, but continues to appear as a ghost and offer wise sayings. There is an incredibly vague and nonsensical prophesy about your birth, with a few vague references to mundane things you will accomplish because you have been Chosen. ( u/Arbiter1171 )
  50. Boon of The Signal: When you say, "Wait for my signal." everyone will instinctively know what that signal is. They will also conveniently be looking in the direction of your signal when it is given (if visual), or they will be within earshot (if auditory). They will not know what to do when the signal is given, unless you tell them beforehand. ( u/Arbiter1171 )
  51. Boon of Delicious Chocolates: your gold coins have been turned into tasty chocolate coins! ( u/hdcorb )
  52. Boon of Fragrance: oh, you smell nice! ( u/hdcorb )
  53. Boon of The Impervious Mouth: biting into hot, sauce-filled foods no longer causes the filling to burn your mouth. ( u/hdcorb )
  54. Boon of Regularity: your bowel movements are perfectly regular and pleasant. You could be the poster child for a yogurt ad. ( u/hdcorb )
  55. Boon of Fresh Laundry: your clothes smell and feel like they just came fresh out of the dryer. ( u/hdcorb )
  56. Boon of Rest: you are blessed with being able to sleep anywhere and through anything. Bumpy bed? No problem. Snoring adventuring partner? Ain't no thing. Bandits stealing your gear? Well, at least you got some shut eye. ( u/hdcorb )
  57. Boon of Mess Blessing: Whenever you retrieve an item from a backpack or other storage space you own, all items inside it are ejected to scatter across the ground. One random item amongst all of them has a +1d4 to it's effect, bonus, or duration (DM's discretion). A DC 15 investigation check reveals which item has been blessed in this way as you spend time sifting through the chaos. This effect lasts for 1 minute, unless any of the scattered items have been returned to it's original storage space then it ends early. ( u/Wicked-Mimic )
  58. Boon of Jelly Form: You can transform yourself into a you-shaped blob of fruit jelly. Including your muscles, nervous system, and brain. ( u/DwarfAardvark )
  59. Boon of Cholesterol Mastery: You can raise or lower your cholesterol level at will. ( u/DwarfAardvark )
  60. Boon of Storm: Your voice is always backed by the sound of thunder and hurricane winds. Always. And only when you're speaking. ( u/DwarfAardvark )
  61. Boon of the Empty Bottle: Every time someone in your proximity finishes a potion or a drink, an empty bottle appears in your pack. If you don't have a pack, it appears into your hand. ( u/Phasko )
  62. Boon of levitation: you gain the ability to levitate, with minor control of the direction you move on the x and z axis. You don't get to control when this happens. As the dm roll a D20 every round if you roll a 20 then then the player begins to levitate. ( u/fwimmygoat )
  63. Boon of the Gobbledok: can located cooked potato's within a mile. Has advantage on stealth for being seen but disadvantage for being heard. When you're hunting cooked potatoes you cannot keep silent, continually muttering "Chippies" as you search. ( u/MrMolom )
  64. Boon of Plant Growth: All wild plants in a 25 ft. radius grow 1/5th faster than normal. This does not effect domestic plants ( u/Boney137 )
  65. Boon of odd Kink Sync: NPCs and PCs who share your character's odd kink are detectable by PC with boon in a 100 square unit radius, but, upon sensing the persons they sense the boon back. The closer the person is, the more detectable the person with the boon is. No deception. No deniability. ( u/Th3R3493r )
  66. Boon of the Double-Edged High Five: Your high fives are always extra loud and powerful, and will always make you and the recipient's hands really sting. ( u/marshmallow_figs )
  67. Boon of Attraction Trading: You can swap sexual orientations with a willing target. ( u/marshmallow_figs )
  68. Boon of Punching: Every punch you throw is an automatic crit. Every punch you take is also an automatic crit. ( u/marshmallow_figs )
  69. Boon of Sick Flips: You now have the power to scare people with your sick backflips and stuff. You can substitute your Intimidation checks with Acrobatics checks. ( u/marshmallow_figs )
  70. Boon of the Flagpole: Whenever you challenge someone to a fight, a flagpole appears in an unoccupied space 5 feet away from you. ( u/marshmallow_figs )
  71. Boon of the Wall of Wonder: You are proficient with any instrument you borrow from someone at a party. ( u/marshmallow_figs )
  72. Boon of True Beauty: You can substitute a CHA check with an INT check when attempting to seduce someone. However, even on a success, they are now aware you're a fucking nerd, you nerd. ( u/marshmallow_figs )
  73. Boon of Deadly Silence: you have advantage on stealth checks made to conceal non magical flatulence. Additionally at any time you would roll damage dice for that flatulence (dm discretion) you may instead roll sneak attack damage as per the rogue class feature equal to half your class levels rounded down, you may use this feature only once per short or long rest. ( u/AssholeMcMiniFridge )
  74. Boon of Egg: You can generate an egg. You choose the size and variety of the egg, but it must fit into a 1ft cube. The egg counts as a magic weapon in terms of resistances/immunities. The egg cannot be broken by anyone but the owner. Once used, another egg cannot be summoned while another is on the same plane of existence or the owner finishes a long rest. ( u/Haveluna55 )
  75. Boon of the Maker's Hand: You have been blessed by the dwarven god of avarice and ambition. Whenever you craft something, roll a d20. On a roll of 18, 19, or 20 you have created an item of surpassing beauty - but something in this item is so wonderful that it compels 3d4 individuals to attempt to steal it. Rolls of 4 indicate powerful individuals like crime lords, monsters, or shady nobles have some stake in claiming your item. Rolls can otherwise represent local hucksters or random urchins who spot your item through a window, gangs, or rival crafters who envy your skill. ( u/Coalesced )
  76. Boon of Quick Blades: You have been blessed by a minor servant of the god of strife. You act first in any social interaction, but only if you choose to make a melee weapon attack against another creature. This includes diplomatic relations, subterfuge, performance, etc. ( u/Coalesced )
  77. Boon of Escalation: Another gift from the god of strife. Your next attack against an individual does an additional damage die against them; their next attack or damaging effect does an additional die to you. This effect stacks in a protracted exchange. ( u/Coalesced )
  78. Boon of Fury: The god of strife allows you to target a foe; that foe must pass a DC 16 Charisma saving throw or it is forced to target you or include you in its next action, and that action must include a damaging effect. This effect is an automatic critical, doing double damage to you and any additional critical effects they may have. This effect lasts until one of you is slain. ( u/Coalesced )
  79. Boon of the Cool Cucumber: You have advantage on CHA checks when you're wearing clothing that is unsuited for the current weather, for example loincloths in the winter, heavy parkas in the summer, and so forth. ( u/greylurk )
  80. Boon of the Cute Kitten: When you push your head against someone, they will absentmindedly scratch you behind your ears. As long as you act affectionately towards them while they are doing this, everyone within a 60 foot radius will ignore your presence, and forget that you are there. The effect requires your concentration, and ends if anyone makes an attack within the 60 foot radius. ( u/greylurk )
  81. Boon of the the Good Dog: Once a day when you play fetch with a dog, they will inexplicably bring back some minor item worth less than 10gp that will help during your daily tasks. For example, they might bring you a lost key to a dungeon door, or a map that reveals the location of a single secret door in a dungeon, or a clue to solve the mystery at hand. The exact nature of the item retrieved is up to the DM. ( u/greylurk )
  82. Boon of the stinky fruit: you can’t smell the pungent smell of durians but your breath smells of them for twice as long. ( u/FlyingEilmer )
  83. Boon of insomnia: you can’t sleep but during a long test are too tired to do anything and pass out anyways for the standard amount of time taken in a long rest for your character. ( u/FlyingEilmer )
  84. Boon of trope killing: you have advantage on attack rolls against bards who have tried to seduce a dragon or rogues with dead parents. ( u/FlyingEilmer )
  85. Boon of unknown technology: you know a lot about computers, even though they don’t exist and you don’t know what a computer is. ( u/FlyingEilmer )
  86. Boon of used car salesmanship: if you slap the top of something and say ‘this baby can’ and then a property of the item you are trying to sell you gain a +1 to charisma checks about trying to sell that item to that individual but they hate you a little bit. ( u/FlyingEilmer )
  87. Boon of balaclava vision: wearing a balaclava with no eyeholes doesn’t impede your vision but if it has eye holes you’re blinded for 1d4 hours. ( u/FlyingEilmer )
  88. Boon of freakish height: you’re 1d12 inches taller than you were but you are frequently asked if your parents are tall or if you’re going to stop growing or if the weather is good in the clouds. ( u/FlyingEilmer )
  89. Boons of the dyslexic god: you get a handful of non blown up balloons, and hear a voice saying "oops, wrong thing." Then roll on this table again. ( u/FlyingEilmer )
  90. Boon of the Liar: You gain +10 to all Deception/Persuasion checks, but if you fail the check, your nose visibly grows, and slowly transforms into a small tree branch. You smell faintly of pine. People love that smell, really. ( u/BreakfastSavage )
  91. Boon of Baked Goods Detection: Whenever you make a perception/smell check, if the scent is of baked goods, you get a +5 on trying to find the source. Only if you’re within 5 feet of the source. ( u/BreakfastSavage )
  92. Boon of Lavatory Location: always know the closest bathroom to you. ( u/kinghardlyanything )
  93. Boon of Healthy Eating: Once per day 1d4 multivitamin tablets will inexplicably appear in your pocket or, failing that, in your hand when you wake that morning. A faint voice on the wind can be heard chastising you for not eating better. ( u/WifiNotDataStaySafe )
  94. Boon of Stylish Facial Hair: At the start of each day, a new form of facial hair will appear on your face. Gives advantage on charisma checks involving barbers, as they are entranced by your magnificent whiskers. ( u/WifiNotDataStaySafe )
  95. Boon of Fake Friends: On a successful charisma roll, you instantly make friends with one NPC in your area, but they're the passive-aggressive, backstabby, fairweather type. ( u/readarchvillain )
  96. Boon of Flossing: Your dentist will always think you've been flossing, even when you haven't. ( u/readarchvillain )
  97. Boon of Baked Beans: You gain the ability to summon a small bowl of baked beans, but only during a fight. ( u/readarchvillain )
  98. Boon of Frequent Interruptions: Every time you’re about to say something important, someone interrupts you. However, whenever you’re about to do something embarrassing you are also interrupted before you can do it. The interruptions can range from an npc interrupting you verbally, to something like a monster attack. ( u/Yemoa )
  99. Eyes of the Dream Walker: if you spend your long rest watch some one dream you can enter the dream as a passive viewer you cannot exit until they awaken. ( u/FolkMinotaur )
  100. Ward of the Wild: branches and Thorns never tug on your clothes objects of nature will never harm your clothing or items you carry you're immune to thistles thorns and poison ivy. ( u/FolkMinotaur )
submitted by Sporkipine1 to d100

[Let's Build] D100 Nearly useless items retrieved by a pet

Looking for items in a fantasy-ish setting, but I'm not opposed to throwing in anachronisms.
You throw a stick, "Go get it, rover"!
But Rover comes back with...
Edit: list Complete! But feel free to keep going. This is kinda fun.
  1. A rock
  2. A live chipmunk that runs off as soon as it's let go.
  3. A femur. Probably from an animal.
  4. A circular brass coin with the words "To It" on both sides. Holding the coin compels the character to complete one task they have been putting off. (You got a round toit!)
  5. A permission slip for the character to go on the current adventure. It is signed by the player's parent.
  6. An arrow or crossbow bolt.
  7. A mushroom. If consumed you are healed for five hit points, but take four points of psychic damage.
  8. A vague sense of dread.
  9. A goblin. Scared. Confused. Just wants to go home.
  10. The TV remote.
  11. A coupon for one free drink at the tavern when you buy three bowls of soup.
  12. A single shot of rum.
  13. An old shoe, maybe with an old foot in it ( u/DeepSeaDarkness )
  14. A stick ( u/DeepSeaDarkness )
  15. A newspaper with tomorrow's date ( u/DeepSeaDarkness )
  16. A rusty key ( u/DeepSeaDarkness )
  17. A vial filled with a random potion from the d100 potions list ( u/DeepSeaDarkness )
  18. A trinket from the trinket list (phb) ( u/DeepSeaDarkness )
  19. A child's doll of an unknown species. ( u/tungy5 )
  20. Ice fishing pole (found in desert) ( u/tungy5 )
  21. Love letter. ( u/tungy5 )
  22. A teifling horn actually turned into a horn. ( u/tungy5 )
  23. Bear claw knife ( u/tungy5 )
  24. Painting that's priceless, but how would the party ever know that. ( u/tungy5 )
  25. Jar of pickled mind flayer tentacles. ( u/tungy5 )
  26. Charlatan's map. You may find the body of the adventurer who was looking for a treasure that was never there. ( u/tungy5 )
  27. Nothing, though he is covered in fox dung ( u/Moostcho )
  28. A sword! Oh, wait, it's just a plastic/wooden play sword with a good paint job. ( u/Captian_Wah )
  29. An intact and still warm Big Mac ( u/teqqqie )
  30. A shoe identical to one you are wearing. You now have 1.5 pairs of that shoe. ( u/teqqqie )
  31. A shard of glass. It's not as clear as normal glass. If bitten or otherwise placed in a character's mouth, it is revealed to be sugar glass. ( u/teqqqie )
  32. A jar of reddish-brown liquid with a crimson bison painted on the side. Consuming the full drink increases your walking speed by 1 foot for the next 10 minutes. When this effect ends, you take 1/10th a level of exhaustion and your walking speed is reduced by 1 foot for the following hour. ( u/teqqqie )
  33. A tiny pair of gloves, just large enough to fit over your thumbs. ( u/teqqqie )
  34. An awakened stick ( u/teqqqie )
  35. A paper containing a detailed description of the item that you told your pet to fetch. The description is specific enough to allow a perfect mental picture of the object, but it infuriatingly omits any information that might be useful, such as most of the information revealed by Identify or Locate Object. A short note is sloppily scrawled at the bottom apologizing for the item's meta-instability and resulting current unavailability in this reality. ( u/teqqqie )
  36. An attempt to create a clockwork toothbrush. While much more effective than a normal toothbrush, it is incredibly unwieldy, and the spring mechanism must be wound every 10 seconds to keep it active. A faint, muted melody plays from the toothbrush; if used to brush a creature's teeth, that creature clearly hears this song. ( u/teqqqie )
  37. One half of a holy symbol (u/RavenTheNarrator )
  38. a plush toy (u/RavenTheNarrator )
  39. a rotten potato (u/RavenTheNarrator )
  40. a very angry pixie (u/RavenTheNarrator )
  41. a firefly (u/RavenTheNarrator )
    1. a sock (u/RavenTheNarrator )
  42. a stick that is 3 times the length of the one you threw (u/Harry_Flame )
  43. a steering wheel (u/Harry_Flame )
  44. a brass instrument, roll (D4) 1:trumpet 2:tuba 3:saxophone 4:trombone (u/Harry_Flame )
  45. a stop sign (u/Harry_Flame )
  46. a set of nesting dolls, the outer one damaged from the dogs teeth (u/Harry_Flame )
  47. a notebook with some of Da Vinci’s designs such as the tank, glider, bicycle, and more (u/Harry_Flame )
  48. a bag of Doritos (u/Harry_Flame )
  49. a subway sandwich of your choosing (u/Harry_Flame )
  50. a very tiny violin (u/Harry_Flame )
  51. a very tiny skateboard the length of a finger (u/Harry_Flame )
  52. a ship in a bottle. The bottle is filled with water but always stays on the “bottom” no matter how it is turned. The ship appears to be run by a crew but none can be seen. The sails raises and lower and the oars and wheel move. The water becomes stormy every once in a while and it gets cloudy in the bottle. Gulls can be seen flying in it when it is sunny. Casting detect magic reveals it is magical and nothing more. (u/Harry_Flame )
  53. An Xbox controller with no batteries (u/Harry_Flame )
  54. the players handbook (u/Harry_Flame )
  55. an obsidian star attached to a necklace (u/Harry_Flame )
  56. a lute (u/Harry_Flame )
  57. a small statue of a Boston terrier with the name Iggy on the collar. It smells faintly of coffee and is dusted with sand that cannot be washed off or brushed away (u/Harry_Flame )
  58. a miniature road roller, very detailed and made of metal (u/Harry_Flame )
  59. An imp. Vanishes into smoke when the dog drops it (u/Digitiss )
  60. a fucking owlbear cub ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  61. strange meat with white dots in it(its human) ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  62. a coin that was minted 200000000000000 years ago ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  63. the tusk of a narwal ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  64. a fish, but there are no bodies of water nearby ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  65. drections on how to perpare an astral horror correctly ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  66. the diary of someone named "Anne Frank" ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  67. whale fat ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  68. guides you to a small crashed metal structure, has a tablet with the human anatomy on it for some reason ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  69. the arm of an orc
  70. a perfect representation of rover but small and made of brass ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  71. cheese ( u/killlllllllmeeeeee )
  72. A magical grimoire that only opens upon contact with the owners hand. Seems to be pack full o spells. Trying to “hack” the grimoire may cause it to slowly burn itself (this info is only revealed with a high arcane roll to recognize the spell or the Identify spell) ( u/chidarengan )
  73. A suit of dragonscale armor that was made with all types of metallic scales, granting resistance to all elemental damage... but it appears to have been made for a rat. ( u/ linkdorf )
  74. A mint for your breath. ( u/lythro27 )
  75. Fool’s gold. ( u/lythro27 )
  76. A tchotchke from a nearby trade show convention ( u/lythro27 )
  77. A rune stone with a rune from a made up language. ( u/lythro27 )
  78. A child’s lollipop. ( u/lythro27 )
  79. A travel brochure from somewhere you’ve already been. ( u/lythro27 )
  80. A left sock, no relation to the right sock. ( u/lythro27 )
  81. A right sock, no relation to the left sock. ( u/lythro27 )
  82. One of your crazy bard’s magnets. ( u/lythro27 )
  83. The “laugh” parts of a “live, laugh, love” home decoration. ( u/lythro27 )
  84. A pinkie toenail clipping. ( u/lythro27 )
  85. A um... *cough* well that's definitely not a stick! ( u/sanorace )
  86. A human thumb ( u/FigaroTheParrot )
  87. A candle who's wick is still warm (or lit) ( u/FigaroTheParrot )
  88. A baby animal of whatever species your pet is ( u/FigaroTheParrot )
  89. A potato, still hot and buttered, clearly from someone's dinner plate ( u/FigaroTheParrot )
  90. A quill, dripping with ink ( u/FigaroTheParrot )
  91. A 2ft iPhone charging cable. ( u/TheCountofMonkeyCrisco )
  92. A pen that contains a mild dose of poison, but the cap falls off for, like, no reason. ( u/TheCountofMonkeyCrisco )
  93. A fork with a bent tine. If the tine is straightened, the fork can be used for eating. ( u/TheCountofMonkeyCrisco )
  94. A gun rack. You don't like it? ( u/TheCountofMonkeyCrisco )
  95. A Holy Grail. If closely inspected, it turns out to be counterfeit. The bottom is stamped "Made in France". ( u/TheCountofMonkeyCrisco )
  96. A golf ball. ( u/TheCountofMonkeyCrisco )
  97. A rectangular black hard-sided case with handle. It is engraved with the word "Samsonite". ( u/TheCountofMonkeyCrisco )
  98. -A grick tentacle. It promptly falls over, completely paralyzed-wait how did it get back here? ( u/WSHIII )
  99. a lich’s phylactry. They’re going to want that back, I bet. ( u/WSHIII )
  100. a crawling claw, only partially re-deaded ( u/WSHIII )
  101. a portable hole. When scolded, the pet attempts to hide it in the nearest bag of holding. ( u/WSHIII )
  102. a smaller version of itself, which is in turn carrying an even smaller version of itself, which, in turn,.... ( u/WSHIII )
  103. a dead zeron- the larval form of a modron ( u/WSHIII )
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