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FIFA Daily News – 2020-08-04 – STATOPERATOR https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=441. His team reacted aggressively to falling. FIFA's disciplinary committee will take no action against Colombia's Juan Zuniga for the challenge. Its graphics are very awesome look like a natural. Fifa 18 Serial Key Crack. ULTRAFIFA - Neymar Jr (FIFA 20 - 08 july 2020) recommended site. Generate numbers of all kinds!

Rumour Has It: Neymar wants new PSG deal, Pogba an

Save 10% on FIFA Points, and game purchases (on Origin) when you become an Origin Access member. Neymar will come to South America for World Cup qualifying matches despite a groin injury he picked up in a Champions League match for Paris Saint-Germain. Londo Oct 08: Lionel Messi and Neymar return to national team duty this week to launch World Cup qualifying campaigns that the South American superstars hope will lead to glory in Qatar in 2020. Neymar fifa 08 crack. FIFA 08 Jul 2020 FIFA 20: PSG player. FIFA 11 Top Players - Ratings on Ultimate Team. FIFA 16 has many new improvements and additions to this great soccer game, FIFA 16 is the first game in the series to allow you to put your favorite player alongside Lionel Messi on the cover of the game in Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Poland and the United Kingdom.

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Neymar will be travelling to South America for 2020 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches despite a groin injury. Click On Below Button Link To FIFA 08 Download Free Full PC Game. FIFA Daily News – 2020-08-07 – STATOPERATOR great post to read. News; Matches; Teams. Fifa 19 Spanish Commentary https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=450. Visit our website if you want to know more about our online fifa 18 hack tool. Fifa 18 Hack can be used to get free fifa 18 coins, free fifa points.

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Download latest pes patch and pes 2020 patch updates for Pro Evolution Soccer game, pes2017 patches, boots, faces, kits, 2020 pesedits packs for PC and PS4. Same cb partnership, mbappe and neymar, mendy in the left, one of semedo/wanbisaka on the right, moura on the wing. Need for speed payback serial key generator https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=439. Enter your search term GO Twitter; Instagram; Facebook; YouTube; Store Buy tickets Accessibility. SAO PAULO: Lionel Messi and Neymar return to national team duty this week to launch World Cup qualifying campaigns that the South American superstars hope will lead to glory in Qatar in 2020. Neymar sends message to Bayern Munich after tearful. FIFA 18 - Career mode Cheat Table - FearLess Cheat Engine.

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Lionel Messi, Neymar aim for FIFA World Cup qualifying

Tagline: 'Where Champions.

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Neymar: The fourth-best player in 2020-20 or a master of. Full Version With Patch. Neymar, Gianluigi Buffon and Leonardo Bonucci are the new names in the FIFPro World 11, joining the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Goal takes a look at the biggest transfer news and rumours from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and around the world. FIFA 18 Crack+Serial Key with Torrent [Win+Mac]Free Download 2108! The game only included national teams, and real player names were not used. FIFA 18 12 september 2020 - 05/02/1992 (25 years) - OVR 92 - POTENTIAL 93.

ea support is just hilariously bad

hi, i would like to remain anonymous since ea are known for banning people for no reason, i don't even want to think about what happens when you expose them =)) so here's my latest chat(one of many, because their game is full of bugs/glitches/exploits) with their support team.
Long story short, (PC players would instantly know what's going on)
I've entered a draft, won the first one in 5 mins or so, got into the second one after getting 2 hackers DCing, the third one was a hacker as well(46 chem, random players...) kick-off, got DCed, and i got the L... here's the chat(also sorry for my way of talking to them at some point, i'am just sick of them being robots instead of doing their job):
his name would be - random ea guy or REG
and mine - ABC
(random (16/05/2020, 14:09:59): Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is REG, may I start with your first name please?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:10:07): ABC
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:10:23): i was playing FUT Draft 5 mins ago
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:10:25): on pc
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:10:31): there are cheaters
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:10:38): you guys are doing nothing to stop them
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:10:46): i've entered the game
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:10:49): after kick off
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:10:57): he DCed
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:11:04): and i've got the L
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:11:09): you can check
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:11:13): at 0 - 0
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:11:17): it shows as lost
REG (16/05/2020, 14:11:23): Hi ABC! I hope you're doing well today. Thank you for explaining the issue to me. I see you are facing an issue regarding losing your Draft token after there was possibly disconnection in the match. Am I understanding the issue correctly?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:11:32): im sick of being ripped off by this game
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:11:42): yes
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:11:54): it was not a disconnection
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:11:59): there are cheaters
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:12:10): without chemestry on their teams
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:12:17): and straight after the kickoff
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:12:20): they DC
REG (16/05/2020, 14:12:24): I do understand your frustration ABC here. I can completely understand how expensive a Draft token can be and how disappointing it can be to be losing a Draft token like that. I will surely help you with this issue by providing all relevant information and available resolutions.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:12:29): and sometimes we get a lose
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:12:45): you can check my account right now
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:12:49): i know you can do this
REG (16/05/2020, 14:12:55): So let's begin with locating your account so that we can check the matches for might have might have happened and assist you with the relevant information. May I please ask you a few questions so that we can locate your account?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:13:14): you can see i didnt redeem anything because i wanted you to see it shows 0 - 0 as a lost game
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:13:28): UK
REG (16/05/2020, 14:13:39): May I please know the email address that your account was created with so that I can locate your account for more information?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:14:00): i think it was created with ABC[@yahoo.com](mailto:[email protected])
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:14:07): but now it's ABC[@gmail.com](mailto:[email protected])
REG (16/05/2020, 14:14:22): Thank you. Would your username be ABC?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:14:42): yes
REG (16/05/2020, 14:15:58): I see. I did review the match and indeed the match did not finish. However I must inform you that the only scenario in which we'll be getting a loss for a disconnected match is if there was a disconnection from our end. If your opponent disconnects, it would've been a win for you. In this case, what we can surely help with is troubleshooting any connectivity issues so that such issues don't occur in the future. Would that be alright.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:16:21): oh my god
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:16:27): you guys
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:16:32): there are cheaters
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:16:38): that's what they do
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:16:47): check my opponent team
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:16:51): their chemistry
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:16:59): random players
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:17:13): there's no problem with my connection
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:17:22): everytime i speak to you guys
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:17:27): you dont want to udnerstand
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:17:32): and you dont want to help at all
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:17:36): everytime
REG (16/05/2020, 14:17:51): I am not sure how you could be so sure they they cheated. Also even if they did something to disconnect, the servers will be giving them the loss. There is no scenario in which an opponent get disconnected and we get a loss. I really wish this was something we could assist with, however the servers do calibrate the match results correctly.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:17:55): you see the game finished 0 - 0
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:17:59): and i get the lose
REG (16/05/2020, 14:18:01): Yes I do see that.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:10): and yout tell me there is a problem
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:14): with my connection
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:22): why was i still in the game then
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:23): ?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:32): and i am still online ?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:33): why ?
REG (16/05/2020, 14:18:38): However 0-0 does not mean that you did not disconnect. The loss will only be given if there is a disconnection from the servers. If you believe the disconnection was from servers, you can surely use the draft replacement tool to get a replacement.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:39): you either listen
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:43): to you players
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:48): and customers or you don't
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:50): on PC
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:52): there are cheaters
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:18:59): and that's what they do
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:19:20): they have some app that gives them this ability to disconnect from the game min 1
REG (16/05/2020, 14:19:25): ABC, you are not listening to us. There are no scenarios in which the opponent disconnects and you get a loss. If you don't want to troubleshoot such issues, I can only request you to try the Draft replacement tool. You can find the replacement tool at the following link -

ABC (16/05/2020, 14:19:25): and give them the win
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:19:38): oh my god
REG (16/05/2020, 14:19:47): ABC, there is no scenario, in which your opponent disconnects and you get a loss.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:19:51): why are you not listening to someone who actually palys the game ?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:19:59): why ?!
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:20:11): you dont want to admit there are cheats ?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:20:14): and hacks
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:20:24): thats what you are trying to tell me
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:20:37): you act like the game is clean and has no issues
REG (16/05/2020, 14:20:40): ABC any sort of hackers or cheaters are banned. However what you are saying that somehow your opponent disconnects and you get the loss for that, that is not possible./
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:20:42): but you better listen
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:20:51): omg
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:20:54): it just happened
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:20:58): and it's not the first tiem
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:01): why dont you get it
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:02): ?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:09): they are using a hack for it
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:22): not just the game
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:31): why is it so hard for you to understnad
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:38): since im here reporting it to you
REG (16/05/2020, 14:21:39): ABC how could you possibly know that your opponent is hacking? Also it seems like this is happening a lot with you, and the best resolution is troubleshooting such connectivity issues.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:47): let me tell you
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:57): you say you know the game right
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:21:58): ?
REG (16/05/2020, 14:22:27): ABC, please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with today. I have provided you with the available resolutions and I have informed you that in no scenario would you get a loss if the disconnection was not from your end.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:22:28): if you check my account you can see i've been playing this franchise a lot
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:22:33): yes
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:22:35): you can
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:22:36): listen
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:22:40): you said you know the game
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:22:47): if you pay 15k coins
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:22:51): or 300 fifa points
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:23:00): would you pick random players
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:23:10): without chemistry and links to eachother ?
REG (16/05/2020, 14:24:40): That does not prove anything ABC. They just picked the players they wanted maybe? I personally have never given Chemistry much wait. There are a lot of people who do the same. The point I am giving is that you will not be disconnected in any case where your opponent disconnects. You said this happens a lot, however you are not willing to undergo any troubleshooting to fix the issue. In such a case, please use the Draft token tool if you feel like this was a server disconnection, however we won't be able to assist with replacing the Draft.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:25:02): oh my god
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:25:09): you just dont want to admit there are hackers
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:25:11): wow
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:25:13): that's
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:25:20): just beyond anything i've ever seen
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:25:25): you clearly dont play the game
REG (16/05/2020, 14:25:27): I do wish you the best with packing some cool players in your game, I am sure we have our eyes on TOTSSF Lewandowski and Werner. AT the moment is there anything else I can help you with?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:25:51): ye give me a lewandowski or a werner
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:26:01): how about that
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:26:10): of course you cant do it
REG (16/05/2020, 14:26:10): I am sure we will be packing them in the game! :)
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:26:14): ye
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:26:15): sure
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:26:32): i've been playing this game for too long to fall for this bs
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:26:49): never received anythign good from packs or WL rewards
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:27:03): so it would help if you would stop with the marketing
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:27:12): and start doing what the support team should do
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:27:16): SUPPORT
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:28:06): tell me something
REG (16/05/2020, 14:28:08): You are not accepting the resolution we are providing wich is troubleshooting the issue. If you feel like they were hacking, please report them in the game. Also I do see that you have some cool players like Benzema and ter Stegen and Ramos, that's pretty cool indeed. :)
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:28:15): i see you cant do anything about
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:28:45): at this point i wont be surprise by anything in this game
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:28:46): i mean
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:29:17): i've played a game without the goals being there
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:29:21): just their shadows
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:29:38): ye
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:29:40): bought
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:29:42): players
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:29:49): with 1000 hours playtime
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:29:56): not received as rewards
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:30:19): let me finish my idea
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:30:43): i don't know what are your instructions from your supervisors or whoever is above you
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:31:20): but what do they want ? if they make you guys ignore EVERYTHING that sounds like a problem with this game
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:31:32): but if i report a problem with buying fifapoints
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:31:38): i could even speak with the CEO ?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:32:54): let me know, im being a rude guy who bought the game every year and has opinions
REG (16/05/2020, 14:33:02): ABC r you are not accepting the resolution provided. We are just assuming that the other player used hacks, and that your internet connection is good. We do see on our end the score of 0-0, and that the match was not finished. I do see your previous cases as well. We can assist fully where there is scope of assistance.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:33:23): nope
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:33:25): you can't
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:33:31): what you do
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:33:44): is taking your customers away from the problem
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:33:48): making them post tickets
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:33:52): that never get solved
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:34:09): and that appear as closed/resolved on their own in 1/2 days
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:34:20): i've been dealing with you guys for so long
REG (16/05/2020, 14:34:35): In this case, this is a connectivity issue. I do understand Draft matches are expensive and it's disappointing losing the token like that, however in such cases, every player will contact for getting the Draft replacement token. We already have an in-game working system for this, as well as a tool that will grant you replacment tokens.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:34:37): this type of chats are like kids playground for me
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:34:59): more important than replacing tokens
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:35:10): is to listen to someone who actually plays the game
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:35:21): and knows what's going on
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:35:35): not make them follow some prescript actions
REG (16/05/2020, 14:36:27): ABC, we do assist where we can. For example, you recently contacted us as your club was deleted. That is something we did help with, because we could. The next issue was that your 'something happened' during SBCs, and your players were missing. Here it was found that the players were submitted, but you were not accepting the resolution there as well.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:36:46): yes
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:36:52): because the game crashed
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:36:58): and apparently
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:37:04): they were submitted
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:37:11): again
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:37:13): not my fault
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:37:18): game is just bad coded
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:37:25): but you guys will never accept this
REG (16/05/2020, 14:37:31): Sure ABC. I just wanted to point on that we can assist where we can. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with, as it does not seem like you are going to be accepting any resolutions in our case as well.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:37:40): you just want to make as much money as you can through packs
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:37:43): while you can
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:37:55): because there's law on it's way against packs
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:38:07): see what's going on in belgium
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:38:16): where you guys can't have packs anymore
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:38:18): :D
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:38:26): no money from belgium
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:38:28): m i right ?
REG (16/05/2020, 14:39:42): Yes we do have certain rules for Belgium, yes. Also once players are submitted into SBCs, pack probabilities play a role here as well. If you would've received Neymar from the SBC, sure you would not have contacted us. However once the SBC is submitted, there is no way we can revert it. In this case, players can just contact us and ask for the players back till they do pack Neymar.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:12): sure
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:19): that's exactly what i've done
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:23): since i didnt evne know
REG (16/05/2020, 14:40:29): There is a reason why SBC submissions are final. Same with Drafts, if your opponent disconnects, you will not be getting the loss. Would there be anything other queries or issues you might have that i can help with?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:30): what i received
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:40): wow
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:45): you just keep telling me
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:48): after he DCed
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:55): that it's not possible
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:40:57): amazing
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:41:15): i think you are going to reddit with this one
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:41:16): so
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:41:21): say hi to reddit
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:42:02): cmon
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:42:03): dont be shy
REG (16/05/2020, 14:43:22): ABC, please let me know if there is anything else i can help with today as I have provided the available resolutions I had on your issue and I might have to end this chat since this conversation is going no where.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:44:27): well your option would've been to listen to me, report the problem and the guy who i've played against of cheating, and return the draft entry to my account
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:44:32): same team
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:44:42): 2nd game into the draft
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:44:51): that's the solution
REG (16/05/2020, 14:44:56): I won't be reverting any drafts I am sorry.
REG (16/05/2020, 14:45:04): There is a tool available for that.
REG (16/05/2020, 14:45:06): Please use it.
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:45:12): but you want to act as my internet provider support tema
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:45:15): where
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:45:15): ?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:45:21): where's that tool
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:45:22): ?
REG (16/05/2020, 14:45:54): I have already informed you that your opponent disconnecting will not result in you getting the loss.

You can find the Draft replacement tool at the following link, for matches that were ended due to server disconnections -

REG (16/05/2020, 14:45:57): Anything else i can help with today?
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:46:34): no
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:46:37): that's all
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:46:40): thanks for nothing
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:46:48): i hope someday you will need help
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:46:53): and instead of that
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:47:04): someone will tel ask you if you want to buy a car
ABC (16/05/2020, 14:47:07): :D
REG (16/05/2020, 14:47:16): It was my pleasure to be of any assistance and thank you for being so patient through this chat! For any queries with EA games, you can always contact us or please check our knowledge base at help.ea.com for self-help options and Answers.ea.com for in-game queries.

Thank you for contacting EA Help. Take care, ABC.
submitted by lirik13b to fifa20

TOTY Social Leak Thread

As every year, here is the TOTY leak thread.
First confirmed via social is Manuel Neuer: https://twitter.com/fcbayern/status/818090266771030016
I'll keep you up to date as every year
1st edit: as every year, only players receiving an award will be there
2nd edit: according to Marca:
  • Marcelo (DF)
  • Ramos (DF)
  • Modric (MF)
  • Kroos (MF)
  • Messi (FW)
  • Griezmann (FW)
  • Ronaldo (FW)
have a spot http://www.marca.com/en/football/real-madrid/2017/01/08/58715aa5268e3e8a548b460d.html
That would leave us with one midfielder and two defenders
Giving the fact that Jerome Boateng is not traveling with Manuel Neuer we might say that T. Silva is a sure in
I'll keep you up to date - I've set alerts for all the players that are nominated and their clubs and also for all European sports channels
3rd edit: I'll add a Futbin squad later when I'm back at home - no it's time for some dinner
4th edit: - Futhead Squad: http://www.futhead.com/17/squads/3765106/ (i´ll keep this up to date)
5th edit: - The Shortlist
Goalkeepers: Manuel Neuer, Claudio Bravo, Gigi Buffon, David De Gea, Keylor Navas
Defenders: Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, David Alaba, Jordi Alba, Serge Aurier, Hector Bellerin, Jerome Boateng, Leonardo Bonucci, Daniel Carvajal, Giorgio Chiellini, Dani Alves, David Luiz, Diego Godin, Mats Hummels, Philipp Lahm, Javier Mascherano, Pepe, Gerard Pique, Raphael Varane
Midfielders: Xabi Alonso, Sergio Busquets, Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Andres Iniesta, N'Golo Kante, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Mesut Ozil, Dimitri Payet, Paul Pogba, Ivan Rakitic, David Silva, Marco Verratti, Arturo Vidal
Strikers: Sergio Aguero, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, Antoine Griezmann, Gonzalo Higuain, Zlatan God Ibrahimovic, Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi, Thomas Müller, Neymar, Alexis Sanchez, Luis Suarez, Jamie Vardy
Honorable Mention: Musa
additional: I did not strike out the Bayern defenders yet as I´m waiting for a reply from a journalist I know. He said it might be that Boateng wasn´t allowed to travel because of his former injury - which means every training session is important for him
6th edit: - HAPPY TOTY MORNING EVERYONE! I´ve an update for those hoping for a J. Boateng TOTY. He is injured and not in Doha with the team. There are two planes from Munich landing this day in Zurich, let´s see if we get an update here.
7th edit: - Eva Longorias card found in Fut Database - http://imgur.com/a/aLLw5 ;)
8th edit: - thanks to rafa9876 according to goal.com Pogba, Buffon and Neymar are not in the TOTY http://www.goal.com/en/news/745/fifa/2017/01/09/31274532/revealed-pogba-neymar-buffon-out-of-fifa-fifpro-world-11
9th edit: - nothing new - will he be the midfield boss again? http://imgur.com/NC5Frhi
10th edit: - Where is Dani Alves going? ... https://www.instagram.com/p/BPCM_BNARnh/
11th edit: - for those who are interested in it - this is my private prediction: http://www.futhead.com/17/squads/3763177/
12th edit: - calm down guys - there is no official news about Suarez, Pique and Neymar. All of them only say "In case they would be awarded" - I´m pretty sure that Suarez and Neymar will NOT be in the Fifpro XI.
13th edit: - Just a small explanation from my side, why the News about Neymar, Suarez etc. don't make any sense. Neymar and Suarez both being awarded for the FIFPro XI would mean that either Messi or Ronaldo are not part in it - I mean ... come on guys ... Last year that spanish journalist tried to tell us out of a "100% legit source" that James is part of the team - i immediately told you guys that this is fake source
14th edit: - We are left with 2 defenders, as Ramos and Marcelo are set. It all looks to be two out of: Dani Alves, Jerome Boateng and Gerard Pique. I would expect Dani Alves to in, that leaves us with a battle between Pique and Boateng - but as always, I can be wrong as well
15th edit: - I changed the link to the futhead squad - i forgot to login yesterday ... :/
16th edit: - Dani Alves posts pictures on snapchat showing him with some of the legends that took part on the Legend Game this morning - count him in!
17th edit: - Sergio Ramos confirmed: https://twitter.com/SergioRamos/status/818445970920902657
18th edit: - I´m awaiting a call from Sam Sports Management, who is the management of Jerome Boateng. This call should clear the question Pique / Boateng up
19th edit: - I just got a call from Sam Sports Management, who will call me again in a few minutes. But this leads me to think that Shakira, i mean, Gerard Pique snapped a spot. Honestly, I don´t know how he did it but, when ever, where ever, Pique is in together with the lovely Lionel...
20th edit: - the moment you realize that you´ll be again the guy that everybody is questioning about ... https://twitter.com/fifacom_de/status/818459898434437120
21st edit: - I think we are done: Neuer, Dani Alves, Pique, Ramos, Marcelo, Iniesta, Modric, Kroos, Messi, Ronaldo, Griezmann - the only controversial thing is the question why so many reports tell that Suarez would have been traveling to Zurich. History shows that the final three are always set for the team. That´s why i personally would stick with Griezmann being part of the team.
22nd edit: - because of further requests, here is the link the official announcement that no Barcelona players will be there: https://www.fcbarcelona.com/football/first-team/news/2016-2017/fc-barcelona-switch-focus-back-to-the-copa-del-rey
23rd edit: - it's Suarez!
24th edit: - we had 10/11 with one where we sad he could be! This is the first time one of the final three is not in the team!
See you next year guys!
If there are furthermore updates I´ll keep you up to date. Otherwise I wish you all the best of the pack luck!
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