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Reviewing one of the most frustratingly iconic episodes of the series: "The Girl Who Is Special" C4 E 11.

Reviewing one of the most frustratingly iconic episodes of the series:
One day I will finish my "Who Should Have Won ANTM" series. Today, however, is not that day.
ANTM has a history of rather infuriating final 4 episodes:
- Cycle 2: April gets eliminated after a winner worthy run pretty unceremoniously.
- Cycle 11: Marjorie is given a very BS “shrinking violet” narrative after she was told to stop being fidgety and once she stops doing so she’s deemed “boring” and eliminated over Sam for god knows why.
- Cycle 21: Lenox is critiqued the entire season for not being sexy enough, given a “jump the shark” 1/10, told she “doesn’t deserve a photo” and penalized with only four frames the following week for not being sexy enough with a man (as a lesbian). Then when she finally delivers a shot that is finally appropriately sexy and very up Guess’ alley, she’s deemed TOO SEXY because it’s the only way they could find a random enough reason to eliminate her despite consistently having the best photos of the season and easily the best portfolio. Oh, don’t forget that this photo not eligible to be voted for by the public (which Lenox CONSISTENTLY had high votes with). Maybe if she had a manaconda…
- and then worst of all Cycle 8: Dionne, Renee & Jaslene pretty much bully Natasha at judging and attack her home life, her character and even question the validity of her marriage and child’s existence. To the point where the judges are flabbergasted and (correctly) speculate their attack’s were objective and stemmed from jealousy. All while, Natasha takes the high road and wishes them all luck, gets attacked by Jaslene for being insinuated by the JUDGES (not Natasha) that she could be jealous of her. Then of course, Dionne rudely & iconically refuses to hug Natasha (or even move) when she’s eliminated.

A fifth to add to this list is Cycle 4, which had two bad aspects in one episode: the treatment of Keenyah during the Bertini incident and the crackheaded BS narrative hoopjumping that lead to one of the most backward callouts in the show’s history, one of the most insane bottom twos ever, and a moderately bullshit elimination.
So the episode starts out with the Dancing Challenge where the girls have to perform to a local African community. It’s a pretty stiff competition and I honestly felt the tension that it really was hard for the judges to decide when it came to deciding a win—it was Naima. It was clearly Naima. It was obviously gonna be the person with years of ballet training. Next.
Naima wins and gets 100 frames, strategically chooses Keenyah to get the next most frames since she takes the worst pictures (c’mon Big Brother), Keenyah chooses Brittany for 10 extra frames, and Brittany has to lean over and tell Kahlen she gets nothing.
Cut to Crylen crying about it in the corner in the next scene, naturally.


Then, while in South Africa, the girls get a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Nelson Mandela’s jail cell and even open it and walk inside. An inspiring story that lead from apartheid to presidency and democratic independence, is touching for anyone. Keenyah as the only Black person left in the competition (/s) feels especially moved by the experience, so much so, that she feels she deserves to hold the key that opened his cell.
…but instead it was given to… Naima. \gasp** Who according to Keenyah, isn’t REALLY Black. She just doesn’t see that in her. So as the only Black one it should CLEARLY go to her: the girl who didn’t know if he was alive or dead. Side note, this is literally the basis behind the Mandela effect, which I didn’t learn about until 2012 and Keenyah was the first thing that popped into my head.
For Keenyah to almost gatekeep Naima’s blackness was very… not the tea. Brittany had a good grasp on the situation that Keenyah shouldn’t have felt almost entitled to have that opportunity, when Naima had at least earned it from winning the challenge (or she might’ve just been closest to the door who knows).


So we all know Bertini ends up flirting with Keenyah before the shoot and wants to get her number (she doesn’t have one since they don’t have cellphones) so he offers to give her his number BUT he has to let her take a picture of her on his phone. I’m sure he would’ve had a great time beating his meat to all 4 of those pixels on his 2004 Motorola flip phone that night but Keenyah declines.
At the shoot, Bertini starts moaning and grabbing Keenyah’s thighs and hips during the shoot. Keenyah stops the shoot and vocalizes her discomfort, but is slightly chastised by Jay and the photographer for remaining “unprofessional”. Tbf, it wasn’t Yu Tsai levels of patronizing. It was a passive “we need to finish the shoot get it together”. Jay did call out some of the groping by saying “the guys” (Bertini’s creepy ass) don’t need to actually grab her booty. I guess he gets some brownie points.
I was actually extremely disappointed to see Naima, someone who proved herself to be such a moral and mature person all season, not empathize with Keenyah. Instead, she made it sound as though Keenyah was making an excuse in case her picture wasn’t great and said in a confessional that she didn’t think it was “fair for Keenyah to blame someone outside of herself for her shoot going wrong”. This is easily Naima’s worst moment on the show for me and I completely forgot she said this. It may have been 2005… but that’s not really an excuse.


At dinner with the boys, Keenyah made it clear that Bertini crossed the line and jokingly said the line was “pretty darn thick” after he asked “was it a thin line”. A little disappointing moment from Brittany, who said she thought he was fine at the shoot. This ends up bleeding Keenyah’s selfishness coming out when she goes to dinner with no money and doesn’t want to pay the bill. When Brittany combats her on that, it leads to Keenyah pointing out tension there and then it goes into the iconic bus fight about Nelson Mandela. Naima sits stoically, as Naima does, judging the exchange.
Cut to Crylen crying in the bus, naturally.
I sort of see this whole thing in a weird 80/20 thing with Brittany vs. Keenyah. I think Keenyah’s experiences as a Black woman in Africa are valid, especially after hearing Mandela’s story if it was her first time being educated. That’s end of where I defend her there. Her confessional where she “[didn’t] see Naima as black” was really ignorant, as someone who’s mixed, I think it’s belitting Naima’s blackness which is totally out of line and not Keenyah’s to gatekeep (cellkeep? Idk). Brittany did sort of drag it on tbh and Keenyah did eventually try to understand the gravity of where she fucked up. It definetly annoyed Naima by the end of the night, who felt the experience of visiting the cell itself was much more than the argument’s pettiness.
Cut to Crylen crying outside by herself, naturally.
Kahlen was always somewhere crying chile lmao


So gimmicky dancing judging test that could easily be form fitted to whatever preplanned narrrative they wanted to concoct. Stan the guy playing the drums. Stan Janice for getting up "WERK ITTTTT". Stan Nigel for white dad twerking on Naima. Go Janice Janice! MANDELA MANDELA!
Shes the mother I never had. She is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend everybody deserves. Idk a better person...
Keenyah brings up the fact that Bertini was making her uncomfortable, grinding on her, etc. and she’s told by Nigel that there has to be a way that she can handle it. Tyra, says that Keenyah should use her “feminine wiles” (???) to playfully tell him to “back up” so he doesn’t create tension. Girl, what the hell.
This is one of the worst judged episodes of the entire series and the call out order was completely backward. Brittany, who clearly did sort of struggle a bit on set, produced an incredible, confidently posed shot. For a shoot that required movement, she showed it and was clearly interactive. Janice & Nigel praised it immediately. Her only critique was that when she was asked to give energy, she was wild… but at the same time… which is it Tyra.
She's showcasing her body (she's selling body wash), she's the commanding part oof the shot, your eyes go to her, she's made herself look giant, she looks stunningly graceful/confident.... but OOPS that personality has DISAPPEARED IN JUDGING!
Does it only matter that you get the 1 shot (which Brittany clearly did) or does it matter that you have a 50-70 out of 70 usable shots? Does it pay to go over the top and get the one shot you need or be contained and controlled and “professional”? Should you lose the wildness that she came into the competition with to remain “professional” or is that personality fading and it makes her boring because “that wasn’t the Brittany that got her here”? I think Toccara & Marjorie could answer the last question. Nole even says during deliberation that her photo was … get ready… flawless. Explain to me how someone goes home on a shot that is deemed unquestionably… “flawless”.
Keenyah produces a photo that doesn’t show her body, is slanted (critiqued by them immediately), has little neck and is cute, but average. She isn’t even showing a lot of skin, for a shot that’s literally an ad for body wash. Mandela, the guest judge, says he doesn’t see the Bertini incident affecting her in her photo, which I completely agree on that.
This is what Tyra meant by \"feminine wiles\" in my mind: if he doesn't get the clue, choke the shit out of him until he does.
Kahlen easily produces the most awkward shot of the bunch. She, according to Nigel, looks scared (yes). She’s critiqued on the fact that her movement in the panel challenge was bad (both of them, yes). Janice says “African birds have more rhythm” (absolutely, yes). Tyra even remarks “yeah… Kahlen you had some bad [shots]” and Nole tells her that she’s not enjoying her environment. Tyra THEN tells Kahlen that she NEEDED the extra frames she didn’t win… “badly”. This girl wasn’t even in the bottom two, spoiler alert.
She looks like a Karen that's just spotted me, a minimum wage worker at a shoe store and is about to complain to the manager why these heels I got her feel like a size 4 when she SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR A FUCKING SIZE 6
Naima, who danced pretty damn well in that random gimmick judging challenge and had great poise, was then randomly out of nowhere given that BS convenient “you’re holding back” critique that they like to throw out when they need to give someone some blemishes in their storyline or just flat out send them home. People… she JUST WON A DANCING CHALLENGE THIS SAME WEEK, HELLO.
Naima is told that her shot was killer, your eyes go straight to her, she commands the photo. She manages to make herself look 6 feet tall and taller than all the men around her, despite having her legs almost bent as if shes falling into a split. When Tyra shows her “bad photo” Janice literally… are ya’ll ready… Janice literally says “that’s not bad”. Of the four of them, she’s the only one that gets no critique on her photos whatsoever. Tyra says “YOU DIDN’T NEED A HUNDRED SHOTS”. WHY TF WAS SHE IN THE BOTTOM TW- chile let me control myself. Nigel says if this were a casting, he wouldn’t book Naima based on her very random ass gimmick dancing challenge and would’ve “missed” her incredible photo (what… wouldn’t she be hired based on her photos… which is the goal here… he’s a “world renown photographer”!?).
She looks like her inner monologue is \"let this man's hand go two more inches north, he'll find it square up his ass\"


During deliberation the most insane narrative building I’ve ever seen happens where they call Kahlen “versatile” and “eclectic”. Which I mean sure I guess dancing like an ostrich, giraffe AND springbok in one week, which sure, that’s three different animals. I’d categorize that as versatile or eclectic. They completely ignore her being stiff/terrified in a photo and doing the worst in the dancing challenge earlier in the week.
This is what you see in the dictionary next to 'eclectic'.
Keenyah was given points for doing great in the gimmick dancing challenge (and she deserves that), but she isn’t critiqued for her photo whatsoever in deliberation which is completely unfair to Naima & Brittany.
Brittany’s shot is called “flawless” and it is. But then Nigel gives this same BS narrative like Naima that Brittany’s “holding back” and he wants “the Old Brittany back” (the only critique she’s received here). Janice, the sane one on the panel, says that Brittany has more personality than anyone in South Africa (exaggeratedly correct). Brittany had so much personality in her dancing challenge earlier that week, and won the crowd over, to the point that if Naima wasn’t there, Brittany was easily second best. But was Brittany going to lose a dancing challenge to a trained ballet dancer?
South African Community Center Audience: fuck no.
Naima is noted by Janice that she consistently takes gorgeous photos but the guest judge says that her attitude in judging doesn’t match her photo. Idk about you, but several big time models have somewhat demure personalities and aren’t bouncing off the walls. Personality is not a necessity as a model. You can have a stunning look and be set with a successful career. A personality does not a top model make. Naima was always demure… the entire season. It suddenly becomes an issue at final four and now they suddenly “don’t know her” (someone you only see for ten minutes or so per round). Now ya’ll know where Michelle Visage gets that shit from. Drag Race is literally an ANTM structure copy with drag queens.
One thing bout Bertini he's gonna get some spotlight.
Processing gif b8vmhzojj4q51...


Keenyah gets FCO simply because she danced well in the judging test. That’s it. Completely it. Brittany & Naima did better than her in the Dancing Challenge earlier in the week. Brittany & Naima did better than her in the photoshoot by a mile… and she gets FCO bc she dances well in a 5 foot wide space in a crowd of 4 people and looks pretty. Chile… throw this whole cycle away. None of that is sensical for me and even though she was critiqued yet again for her weight, at least I can rest easy that Naima’s gonna get called second for that insane phot—

Tyra: Kahlen.

*bomb sound effect*

I’m sorry Kahlen fans but that shit don’t make not one lick of sense. Kahlen is somehow inexplicably out of the bottom for… narrative reasons? At least Keenyah DID do well in the judging test (1/3 parts of the week). Kahlen was the worst in all 3 aspects that week. She was the worst in the Dancing Challenge earlier in the week where she won no frames which, according to Tyra, she needed…. “badly”. She was the worst in the Judging test. And she had by far the worst photo. I love Kahlen and she truly was stiff competition for Naima this cycle, but my god she objectively should’ve at least been in the bottom.
Cut to Crylen stepping to the side of the room with Keenyah with tears in her eyes, knowing that she just lucked out of not being in the bottom.
Processing gif uav9z0xqi4q51...
So in a crackhead move, the two girls who did the best in the Dancing challenge earlier in the week and had the two best photos of the week that were both regarded as “powerful” and “flawless”… are in the bottom two because they were “shrinking” and didn’t dance strong enough in the judging test… WHICH NEITHER OF THEM EVEN DID THE WORST AT, THAT WAS KAHLEN.
Naima looks about as fed up with this shit as I am.
This was a two way move: make Naima’s storyline vulnerable and give her the very first blemish she’s ever had in the entire competition so the finale can seem more neck and neck & send Brittany home with a BS excuse that she’s “lost her spark” despite the fact that she’s consistently knocked it out of the park with photos. Humor me here-
Pause. We're not done with this yet. This picture looks terrifyingly Stanley Kubrick-esque. Like I feel like I'm being stalked and the music's about to start getting intense. Like Cate Blanchett in Australia on a sheet of acid.
Humor me here. Do you think any big designer is going to give any two/fifths of a fuck how well you can dance for a casting? Or do you think he’s gonna be more interested in your portfolio & your walk? Hint: it’s why having a big personality doesn’t make you a model, and why many victims of Tyra’s “no personality” critique went on to have the best careers of the franchise.
Brittany goes home for this, and undeservedly so. She produced an incredible shot this week and she arguably produced the Photo of the Cycle the week previously in her Kloofing shot… that she also was in the bottom two for. Infuriating. In all fairness, the bottom two should’ve been Keenyah & Kahlen. In all fairness to Kahlen, it wouldn’t have been right to send Kahlen home for her first truly bad week (which impressively happened this late, showing how strong she truly was photographically) and so objectively Keenyah would’ve been my eliminee, as she had some pretty assed up shots prior to this week that Kahlen just never had.
Now, oof... because of course this would’ve aged terribly in the age of #MeToo where Keenyah would’ve been eliminated during a week where her being made uncomfortable at work by a male model who was feeling her up was deemed “unprofessional” and the blame was mostly put on her for not being more “in control”. Essentially, boiled down to “its your fault for not ignoring it, not Bertini for groping you”, basically, considering the fact that he didn’t stop after she made it clear she was uncomfortable. Also as someone who is half Black... probably not the best optics to have the only darkskinned Black girl to go to Africa eliminated before the finale.
poor brit... she left a legendary footprint on the series at least
This judging fueled the fire to crack “Naima the Fabrege Egg”, as Nole eloquently put it, and makes her completely break down next episode in the Final 3 over her trouble past, partying and drug use. Now that Naima has completely been forced to revisit her past insecurities, now the judges fiNaLly sEe tHe rEaL nAiMa!!!! nOw wE kNoW wHo nAiMa Is!!1!
yes naima sweetie i know its ridiculous but you end up winning anyways
Now Naima could definitely be artificial at times and a bit put on (see: her cringey winner reaction) but I felt for her during this bc it’s quite similar to what happened to Jenah in the final three (difference being Jenah was never going to win C9 over mushrooms & spewing rainbows).
Processing gif h1c46934j4q51...
…and that my friends is how Naima’s winning photo was bullshitt-ly turned into bottom two photo, and Brittany was robbed of a CoverGirl commercial.
submitted by missfleet2019 to ANTM

The pursuit of perfection is killing your creativity

TL;DR: Why avoiding fear leads to failure and how to stop it.
Lewis Carroll’s most famous work is Alice In Wonderland. But the bold and talented Mr Carroll had many other works that inspired fervent debate among fans and critics alike.
None more so than his nonsensical poem, “The Hunting of the Snark.” It’s a story of the anguish a group of men experienced searching for something that didn’t exist.
While the Snark didn’t exist. They didn’t know that. Their obsession and desire to find it most certainly did — and thus the dark despair and shameful misery of failure, was very real.

It’s the perfection trap.

Perfection is an illusion. It doesn’t exist.
There's no such thing as perfection, you're never finished with a film. You run out of time.
Peter Jackson
Seeking something that doesn’t exist is futile. As we’re blissfully ignorant feelings of failure and shame echo deep within us.
Can you feel a failure for not reaching a level that doesn’t exist? Yep, of course, you can.
Because you believe perfection exists.
We all live in realities based on our beliefs.
Perfectionists have unrealistic goals and expectations. They are self-defeating. It’s really a fear of failure.
And it is an epidemic crippling artists and creatives.
‘Working hard, being committed, diligent, and so on – these are all desirable features. But for a perfectionist, those are really a symptom, or a side product, of what perfectionism is. Perfectionism isn’t about high standards. It’s about unrealistic standards.
Perfectionism isn’t a behaviour. It’s a way of thinking about yourself,’ says York St John University’s Professor Andrew Hill who has completed over 60 studies into perfectionism.
Imagine a dial from one to ten. One being shit and ten being excellence. Perfection is eleven. Even if you achieve the maximum of ten, you feel a failure because you haven’t reached the unobtainable and illusionary eleven. And, thus, perfection will steal all your joy and passion. It may kill your creativity entirely.
Even creative geniuses suffer from it.
Claude Monet was a perfectionist. ‘My life has been nothing but a failure,’ he once said.
He often destroyed paintings in a perfectionist rage including 15 -30 of them on the day of a major exhibition. Monet’s paintings sell for tens of millions of dollars.

The paradox of perfectionism

Perfectionism is complex. It is grossly misunderstood in society. Many consider it to be a virtue. A sign of excellence but they are wrong. Its very essence is born from not feeling good enough.
According to two of the leading perfectionist researchers, Paul Hewitt, PhD and psychologist Gordon Flett.
Perfectionists are not driven by the pursuit of perfection; they're driven by the avoidance of failure. Perfectionists aren't really trying to be perfect, they are avoiding not being good enough.
I’m in recovery myself. I used to brag about being a perfectionist like it was a badge of honour.
I know now it was all fear. As a manager, I was terrified of failing, carrying the burden and responsibility of artist’s careers was a heavy load.
It’s a truth I hid from for many years.
We all feel fear. Putting our work out there is scary. Exposing our creativity to criticism. Having the guts to show up.
But, there’s something deliciously exhilarating about dancing dangerously with fear. If you channel fear it becomes your superpower.
Perfectionism is an excuse not to release material or try something new. It’s an excuse not to take risks and grow.
And on the face of it: a noble one. It’s a convincing lie we tell ourselves. Once we have achieved perfection we will be happy with it.
Perfection doesn’t exist and we shall never be happy. And, often, our work goes unreleased. Too fearful to even try.
Even if you do release, you don’t promote it as hard as you could. You don’t truly believe in it so you avoid giving people the opportunity to reject it.

You try and avoid the shame of failure by not trying hard.

In professional tennis, they call it ‘tanking.’
Professional tennis players deliberately stop trying to win for their fear of not being good enough. They believe it will hurt less to lose if they don’t try hard.
Artists and producers tank their work all the time.

For perfectionists, performance is welded to our self-worth. When we don’t succeed, we don’t just feel disappointed. We feel shame.

Perfectionism is a coping mechanism to stop us from feeling shame. If we’re perfect, we never fail, and if we never fail, there’s no shame.
Which is perfect. Except it’s not.
Trouble is failure is inevitable in music. If you fear failing, you won’t take risks.
Without risk, without doing something different, your music is lost in the sea of mediocrity.
Creativity without risk is vanilla. It is bland.
It’s not failing that is the issue, it’s your attempts to avoid failure that is the problem. You are diluting your creativity. You’re not growing and developing but receding.
You think you’re striving for excellence but really you’re limiting yourself. Your creative world is getting smaller and smaller —out of fear.
That is your perfectionism. Complex huh?
A self-sabotaging mindset that seeks out and destroys you for natural imperfections, rather than praising you for your progress.
Or for the creative risks you have taken.
The twisted irony is your failure is being created by your own fear of failure. It’s your unrealistic goals and expectations of perfectionism that makes you fail. It is your fear of failure and not your perceived lack of talent.

The difference between perfection and excellence

The search for excellence is peak creative performance. It is often mistaken as perfectionism and while it looks similar it is actually a very different mindset.
Excellence is what you need to shoot for.
We can only do our best. Our best may not be good enough —yet. But we can expand the parameters of our best.
We do this with practice and dedicating ourselves to improving our craft. We do this by committing to progress.
It’s a glass half full thinking.
Prince was famously considered to be a perfectionist. He was notorious for his obsessive rehearsing and attention to detail. But they were wrong, Prince demanded excellence and not perfection.
In 2007, Prince and his band the New Power Generation were booked to do the Super Bowl halftime show in Miami.
Prince had a 12 minute set. He along with his band rehearsed obsessively for weeks in advance. They had the set and arrangements nailed. Yet, moments before they walked on to the stage, Prince changed everything.
He dropped the horn section. 3 players who had spent weeks in rehearsal with the band. Prince dropped their parts, changed the arrangements and entered the stage to play a new set to a live audience of 75,000 and a TV audience of 144 million.
Those were not the actions of a perfectionist. Perfectionism is about fear. It’s about control. Those were the actions of an artist so well rehearsed that he has the confidence to change everything so he could achieve excellence.

A perfectionist is rigid and refuses to change anything regardless of the circumstances as they are terrified of failing. It is a fixed mindset.

An artist that seeks excellence will change anything if they believe it will improve the track or performance. It is a growth mindset.

A perfectionist is a pessimist and a seeker of excellence is an optimist. A pessimist avoids criticism, an optimist welcomes it so they can learn from it and grow.
Prince’s Super Bowl halftime show is widely regarded as the best ever. He was delighted with it.
The search for excellence comes from focusing on progress. It’s dedicating ourselves to mastering our craft. It’s focusing on the process. It’s growing and developing.
Perfectionism is obsessing about outcomes. It’s about not feeling good enough and investing your self-worth into results. It’s about getting smaller and receding.
It’s when your fear of failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Strive for excellence and pass on perfectionism. Focus on progress and ignore the outcomes.
Creativity compounds with practice.
Failure: is not a weakness. It is inevitable. It is essential to growing as an artist. Every time you fail, you are getting better. Re-frame your relationship with failure. It does not define you. Take creative risks. Do something different. Failure is critically important to your development.
Control: What we try and control, controls us. What we suppress, becomes our suppressor. You can’t control or suppress fear, that only makes it stronger. Perfectionism is really suppressed fear. You must accept and embrace it. It is the key to your creativity.
Self-worth: Stop investing your self worth in the success or failure of your music. It’s just a song. It does not define your talent. It is merely part of your development. No one is perfect. It’s all an illusion.
Redefine your goals: be more realistic. You will not be a culture defining artist or producer in a couple of years. Have big goals but break them down into bitesize chunks. Get comfy with being shit, aspire to be good and then shoot for great. Focus all your efforts on progress. Get marginally better week after week.
And finally….
Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it.
Salvador Dali
Thanks for reading. Peace Out
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