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Paragon Software Group Releases ExtFS for Mac OS X 9.3

"Paragon Extfs 9 Serial" by Donna Manning. Guitar Pro 7 Crack Mac Guitar Pro 7 Crack Only! However, to increase cross-platform support Apple has. It would be nice if Apple adds NTFS writting support to enable users share drives between Windows and Mac operating systems. Paragon ExtFS for Windows + MAC Crack.

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Securely download free software and free-trials of paid software. Paragon Extfs For Windows Keygen Activator. At the License screen, check I Agree and. Extfs Fuer Mac Os X 9 Keygenguru Acrobat Distiller 4.0 For Windows 8 Lucky Battle Chronicle Download Gta Iv Game Directory Pc Torrent Blacklist Episode 13 Delta Hmi Usb Driver Download A Guide To Everyday Economic Statistics Pdf Notes Dreambox 500s Flash Image File Download Nazareth Miss Misery Download Snagit 9 Download Deutsch Trials Evolution Xbox 360 Free Download The Zone Diet Barry Sears. Then its just a case of clicking on a button to apply the promotion code and you will automatically view the markdown given to.

Uninstall ExtFS for Mac 9.8.620 from your Mac

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows. Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 Family License (3 Macs in one household) Expert Advisor Impala Single License; Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 11 & HFS+ for Windows 10 & ExtFS for Mac OS X 9 (English) Elementals: The Magic Key(TM) for Mac; Disk Doctors Windows Data Recovery (Mac) Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 mit Protected Folder. Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 ($20) is a file system driver that allows Mac OS X Yosemite and later (incuding macOS Sierra) to read and write to hard drives, solid-state storage devices, and USB thumb. Mount Ext2/Ext3 Linux volumes in the Finder - Mac OS X Hints. ExtFS for Mac provides full read/write access to ExtFS formatted drives under OS X. Cracked Serial For Mac OS X Free.

Keygen paragon Extfs For Mac Os X 9 Software Discount Downloads

As a matter of fact, this problem is so serious that BSD developers use Mac OS X for daily usage and even when developing BSD. Lagu Lupakan Saja Diriku Versi Cewek Waptrick Bid Otomax Keygen Softwares Metin2 Hack Speed Eurostar Digital Receiver Model ES-9600 Hd Chines Usb Upgrade Software Baixar. So, if you want your Mac to be malware-proof – always back it up! Extfs Fuer Mac Os X 9 Keygen Generator Download https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4473. Mac Serial Number Info - Lookup your Apple Serial Number.

Extfs Fuer Mac Os X 9 Keygen Generator Free

Encrypted Disk - 3.0 - User Guide; Paragon ExtFS. Free Product Key Paragon Ntfs Mac Os X-Free. Extfs for mac os x 9 keygen great convenience to your work and life, SmartAssistant is indeed an indispensable assistant to you. I'm a OSX user so this answer is biased toward that and this is conjecture, I have not tried it. 1) connect your SD card to your Mac, 2) open "Disk Utility", 3) select the SD car in the left column, 4) click the non-boot partition (can't remember what it is called), and 4) mount it – dacracot Jan 8 '14 at 16: 36. Supported Operating Systems macOS High Sierra macOS Sierra Mac OS X El Capitan Mac OS X Yosemite Supported File Systems ext2 ext3 ext4 Write Access.

Extfs Fuer Mac Os X 9 Keygenguru Serial Key

I've been up 18 days, which is by no means a record, yet back in 10.13.2 my system would have logged me out 9 times during that time, in addition to any number of unexpected quits across a number of apps. I purchased Paragon Software's extFS for Mac version 9; software which enables macOS to read and write the ext filesystem commonly used in Linux. Extfs Fuer Mac Os X 9 Keygen Generator. Paragon Products - Deals, Coupons & Reviews find out. Extfs for mac os x 9 keygen.

MongoDB docker-entrypoint.sh permission denied

SOLVED: set umask to 022
I am new to docker and podman stuff. I want to run MongoDB in podman. So try to run it like this:-
❯ podman run -it --name mongo -p 27017:27017 --mount type=volume,src=mongodbdata,dst=/data/db mongo 
But I get error
error: exec: "/uslocal/bin/docker-entrypoint.sh": stat /uslocal/bin/docker-entrypoint.sh: permission denied 
What does this mean? I don't even I have file "/uslocal/bin/docker-entrypoint.sh" on host. I tested the above same command with alpine Linux image and it works
I don't have root access to this machine that why I'm using podman which is installed already by system admin
I tested it on my laptop on which I have root access with both docker and podman. replacing podman with docker in the above command works. I thought docker images are compatible with podman

Here is more info:-

❯ podman run --log-level=debug -it -p 27017:27017 mongo INFO[0000] podman filtering at log level debug DEBU[0000] Called run.PersistentPreRunE(podman run --log-level=debug -it -p 27017:27017 mongo) DEBU[0000] Ignoring libpod.conf EventsLogger setting "/home/smit/.config/containers/containers.conf". Use "journald" if you want to change this setting and remove libpod.conf files. WARN[0000] The cgroupv2 manager is set to systemd but there is no systemd user session available WARN[0000] For using systemd, you may need to login using an user session WARN[0000] Alternatively, you can enable lingering with: `loginctl enable-linger 1000` (possibly as root) WARN[0000] Falling back to --cgroup-manager=cgroupfs DEBU[0000] Using conmon: "/usbin/conmon" DEBU[0000] Initializing boltdb state at /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/libpod/bolt_state.db DEBU[0000] Using graph driver overlay DEBU[0000] Using graph root /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage DEBU[0000] Using run root /run/use1000/containers DEBU[0000] Using static dir /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/libpod DEBU[0000] Using tmp dir /run/use1000/libpod/tmp DEBU[0000] Using volume path /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/volumes DEBU[0000] Set libpod namespace to "" DEBU[0000] [graphdriver] trying provided driver "overlay" DEBU[0000] overlay: mount_program=/usbin/fuse-overlayfs DEBU[0000] backingFs=extfs, projectQuotaSupported=false, useNativeDiff=false, usingMetacopy=false DEBU[0000] Initializing event backend file DEBU[0000] using runtime "/usbin/runc" WARN[0000] Error initializing configured OCI runtime crun: no valid executable found for OCI runtime crun: invalid argument WARN[0000] Error initializing configured OCI runtime kata: no valid executable found for OCI runtime kata: invalid argument INFO[0000] Setting parallel job count to 25 DEBU[0000] Adding port mapping from 27017 to 27017 length 1 protocol "" DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[[email protected]/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage+/run/use1000/containers:overlay.mount_program=/usbin/fuse-overlayfs]docker.io/library/mongo:latest" DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[[email protected]/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage+/run/use1000/containers:overlay.mount_program=/usbin/fuse-overlayfs]docker.io/library/mongo:latest" DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[[email protected]/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage+/run/use1000/containers:overlay.mount_program=/usbin/fuse-overlayfs]@6d11486a97a77beaad31f63463a744dc3070ed4070bd15a695898a171f349441" DEBU[0000] exporting opaque data as blob "sha256:6d11486a97a77beaad31f63463a744dc3070ed4070bd15a695898a171f349441" DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[[email protected]/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage+/run/use1000/containers:overlay.mount_program=/usbin/fuse-overlayfs]docker.io/library/mongo:latest" DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[[email protected]/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage+/run/use1000/containers:overlay.mount_program=/usbin/fuse-overlayfs]@6d11486a97a77beaad31f63463a744dc3070ed4070bd15a695898a171f349441" DEBU[0000] exporting opaque data as blob "sha256:6d11486a97a77beaad31f63463a744dc3070ed4070bd15a695898a171f349441" DEBU[0000] Image has volume at "/data/configdb" DEBU[0000] Adding anonymous image volume at "/data/configdb" DEBU[0000] Image has volume at "/data/db" DEBU[0000] Adding anonymous image volume at "/data/db" DEBU[0000] No hostname set; container's hostname will default to runtime default DEBU[0000] Loading seccomp profile from "/etc/containers/seccomp.json" DEBU[0000] Allocated lock 47 for container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[[email protected]/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage+/run/use1000/containers:overlay.mount_program=/usbin/fuse-overlayfs]@6d11486a97a77beaad31f63463a744dc3070ed4070bd15a695898a171f349441" DEBU[0000] exporting opaque data as blob "sha256:6d11486a97a77beaad31f63463a744dc3070ed4070bd15a695898a171f349441" DEBU[0000] created container "00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6" DEBU[0000] container "00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6" has work directory "/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-containers/00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6/userdata" DEBU[0000] container "00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6" has run directory "/run/use1000/containers/overlay-containers/00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6/userdata" DEBU[0000] Creating new volume b3ca67f9abbe56e9c61a06691748946d4b5b88454fca058081eb4648c4b326b4 for container DEBU[0000] Validating options for local driver DEBU[0000] Creating new volume 6e7e1f8e348a6afb9c74572b4ea4cbaf60efee56e75267aa2e1e4058a4b09ef4 for container DEBU[0000] Validating options for local driver DEBU[0000] container "00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6" has CgroupParent "/libpod_parent/libpod-00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6" DEBU[0000] Handling terminal attach DEBU[0000] overlay: mount_data=lowerdir=/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/6W3C3BRJTOUQZKWQ7RBRHSM32O:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/TQAHZTPSF7467SRMJCLENCMBUG:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/DDVRRCSLXT77EAVO7Y4YSF6L2Z:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/YMJLBF5EKHWR7OUQKORAPRJG6Z:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/6LOHLSKBDQB7ERTO4RMO5AXT7D:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/XUOL3SXVQGBLFDHNFDCF47UAV2:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/DUIZKNM2YD3PBU74UDG5UG66YX:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/OWILGGQNAKZQJX6B75P2BZBRUH:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/EJ5HQ7G656LO2QJBHAV4R62OYR:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/QWI25EXSXNE56WUBHZWIBN4P6T:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/HZX6LWHWMDSAXH5YOFYCG2JGJV:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/QWOJ4RMIMZIZPEAXVIWRXZD3R3:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/l/BRQ6IW53F6SFH7BU65J5LUPOUS,upperdir=/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/14cdd8f10c1c69f50ce5960258a59b61784ec833ef685db5842c1b5ec3065538/diff,workdir=/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/14cdd8f10c1c69f50ce5960258a59b61784ec833ef685db5842c1b5ec3065538/work DEBU[0000] Made network namespace at /run/use1000/netns/cni-2670cd7d-fda0-861a-d0b6-fa25e6bd2746 for container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 DEBU[0000] mounted container "00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6" at "/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/14cdd8f10c1c69f50ce5960258a59b61784ec833ef685db5842c1b5ec3065538/merged" DEBU[0000] Copying up contents from container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 to volume b3ca67f9abbe56e9c61a06691748946d4b5b88454fca058081eb4648c4b326b4 DEBU[0000] slirp4netns command: /usbin/slirp4netns --disable-host-loopback --mtu 65520 --enable-sandbox --enable-seccomp -c -e 3 -r 4 --netns-type=path /run/use1000/netns/cni-2670cd7d-fda0-861a-d0b6-fa25e6bd2746 tap0 DEBU[0000] Creating dest directory: /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/volumes/b3ca67f9abbe56e9c61a06691748946d4b5b88454fca058081eb4648c4b326b4/_data DEBU[0000] Calling TarUntar(/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/14cdd8f10c1c69f50ce5960258a59b61784ec833ef685db5842c1b5ec3065538/merged/data/configdb, /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/volumes/b3ca67f9abbe56e9c61a06691748946d4b5b88454fca058081eb4648c4b326b4/_data) DEBU[0000] TarUntar(/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/14cdd8f10c1c69f50ce5960258a59b61784ec833ef685db5842c1b5ec3065538/merged/data/configdb /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/volumes/b3ca67f9abbe56e9c61a06691748946d4b5b88454fca058081eb4648c4b326b4/_data) DEBU[0000] Copying up contents from container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 to volume 6e7e1f8e348a6afb9c74572b4ea4cbaf60efee56e75267aa2e1e4058a4b09ef4 DEBU[0000] rootlessport: time="2020-07-21T23:17:10+05:30" level=info msg="starting parent driver" DEBU[0000] rootlessport: time="2020-07-21T23:17:10+05:30" level=info msg="opaque=map[builtin.readypipepath:/run/use1000/libpod/tmp/rootlessport770954933/.bp-ready.pipe builtin.socketpath:/run/use1000/libpod/tmp/rootlessport770954933/.bp.sock]" DEBU[0000] rootlessport: time="2020-07-21T23:17:10+05:30" level=info msg="starting child driver in child netns (\"/proc/self/exe\" [containers-rootlessport-child])" DEBU[0000] rootlessport: time="2020-07-21T23:17:10+05:30" level=info msg="waiting for initComplete" DEBU[0000] Creating dest directory: /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/volumes/6e7e1f8e348a6afb9c74572b4ea4cbaf60efee56e75267aa2e1e4058a4b09ef4/_data DEBU[0000] Calling TarUntar(/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/14cdd8f10c1c69f50ce5960258a59b61784ec833ef685db5842c1b5ec3065538/merged/data/db, /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/volumes/6e7e1f8e348a6afb9c74572b4ea4cbaf60efee56e75267aa2e1e4058a4b09ef4/_data) DEBU[0000] TarUntar(/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/14cdd8f10c1c69f50ce5960258a59b61784ec833ef685db5842c1b5ec3065538/merged/data/db /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/volumes/6e7e1f8e348a6afb9c74572b4ea4cbaf60efee56e75267aa2e1e4058a4b09ef4/_data) DEBU[0000] rootlessport: time="2020-07-21T23:17:10+05:30" level=info msg="initComplete is closed; parent and child established the communication channel" DEBU[0000] rootlessport: time="2020-07-21T23:17:10+05:30" level=info msg="exposing ports [{27017 27017 tcp }]" DEBU[0000] rootlessport: time="2020-07-21T23:17:10+05:30" level=info msg=ready DEBU[0000] rootlessport: time="2020-07-21T23:17:10+05:30" level=info msg="waiting for exitfd to be closed" DEBU[0000] rootlessport is ready DEBU[0000] Created root filesystem for container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 at /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/14cdd8f10c1c69f50ce5960258a59b61784ec833ef685db5842c1b5ec3065538/merged DEBU[0000] /etc/system-fips does not exist on host, not mounting FIPS mode secret DEBU[0000] reading hooks from /usshare/containers/oci/hooks.d DEBU[0000] Created OCI spec for container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 at /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-containers/00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6/userdata/config.json DEBU[0000] /usbin/conmon messages will be logged to syslog DEBU[0000] running conmon: /usbin/conmon args="[--api-version 1 -c 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 -u 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 -r /usbin/runc -b /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-containers/00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6/userdata -p /run/use1000/containers/overlay-containers/00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6/userdata/pidfile -n sharp_wright --exit-dir /run/use1000/libpod/tmp/exits --socket-dir-path /run/use1000/libpod/tmp/socket -l k8s-file:/home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-containers/00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6/userdata/ctr.log --log-level debug --syslog -t --conmon-pidfile /run/use1000/containers/overlay-containers/00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6/userdata/conmon.pid --exit-command /usbin/podman --exit-command-arg --root --exit-command-arg /home/smit/.local/share/containers/storage --exit-command-arg --runroot --exit-command-arg /run/use1000/containers --exit-command-arg --log-level --exit-command-arg debug --exit-command-arg --cgroup-manager --exit-command-arg cgroupfs --exit-command-arg --tmpdir --exit-command-arg /run/use1000/libpod/tmp --exit-command-arg --runtime --exit-command-arg runc --exit-command-arg --storage-driver --exit-command-arg overlay --exit-command-arg --storage-opt --exit-command-arg overlay.mount_program=/usbin/fuse-overlayfs --exit-command-arg --events-backend --exit-command-arg file --exit-command-arg --syslog --exit-command-arg true --exit-command-arg container --exit-command-arg cleanup --exit-command-arg 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6]" WARN[0000] Failed to add conmon to cgroupfs sandbox cgroup: error creating cgroup for cpuset: mkdir /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset/libpod_parent: permission denied DEBU[0001] Received: 50374 INFO[0001] Got Conmon PID as 50363 DEBU[0001] Created container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 in OCI runtime DEBU[0001] Attaching to container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 DEBU[0001] connecting to socket /run/use1000/libpod/tmp/socket/00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6/attach DEBU[0001] Starting container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 with command [docker-entrypoint.sh mongod] DEBU[0001] Received a resize event: {Width:237 Height:61} DEBU[0001] Started container 00bd55ff69f03e7b165e35540c6cb5af41e2f6a2eeafa508298fe141a68ca0a6 error: exec: "/uslocal/bin/docker-entrypoint.sh": stat /uslocal/bin/docker-entrypoint.sh: permission denied DEBU[0001] Enabling signal proxying DEBU[0001] Called run.PersistentPostRunE(podman run --log-level=debug -it -p 27017:27017 mongo) 

submitted by DoorsXP to podman

Docker swarm stack: Traefik with Whoami returns `404 page not found`

I've tried to use the basic example guide in Traefik docs web, but always get error when check the WhoAmi service:
I should see the output of the whoami service (curl -H Host:whoami.volkonik.xyz http://whoami.volkonik.xyz). Something similar to:

Hostname: d7f919e54651 IP: IP: GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: whoami.localhost User-Agent: curl/7.52.1 Accept: */* Accept-Encoding: gzip X-Forwarded-For: X-Forwarded-Host: whoami.localhost X-Forwarded-Port: 80 X-Forwarded-Proto: http X-Forwarded-Server: 7f0c797dbc51 X-Real-Ip: 
But I get:
404 page not found 
Regarding to my task I should use docker swarm with 3 managers use "docker stack" commands, not docker compose and deploy traefik with exposed whoami service.
Command that I use to deploy my stack: deploy -c overflow.yml overflow. My overflow.yml:
version: "3.3" services: traefik: image: "traefik:v2.2" command: #- "--log.level=DEBUG" - "--api.insecure=true" - "--providers.docker=true" - "--providers.docker.swarmMode=true" - "--providers.docker.exposedbydefault=false" - "--entrypoints.web.address=:80" ports: - "80:80" - "8080:8080" volumes: - "/varun/docker.sock:/varun/docker.sock:ro" whoami: image: "containous/whoami" labels: - "traefik.enable=true" - "traefik.http.routers.whoami.rule=Host(`whoami.volkonik.xyz`)" - "traefik.http.routers.whoami.entrypoints=web" 
Docker info:
Client: Debug Mode: false Server: Containers: 2 Running: 1 Paused: 0 Stopped: 1 Images: 5 Server Version: 19.03.12 Storage Driver: overlay2 Backing Filesystem: extfs Supports d_type: true Native Overlay Diff: true Logging Driver: json-file Cgroup Driver: cgroupfs Plugins: Volume: local Network: bridge host ipvlan macvlan null overlay Log: awslogs fluentd gcplogs gelf journald json-file local logentries splunk syslog Swarm: active NodeID: 5l5fmyv287ro7x07h5rhrzim5 Is Manager: true ClusterID: zoiwzedomj7lbyvqh69rn9m64 Managers: 3 Nodes: 3 Default Address Pool: SubnetSize: 24 Data Path Port: 4789 Orchestration: Task History Retention Limit: 5 Raft: Snapshot Interval: 10000 Number of Old Snapshots to Retain: 0 Heartbeat Tick: 1 Election Tick: 10 Dispatcher: Heartbeat Period: 5 seconds CA Configuration: Expiry Duration: 3 months Force Rotate: 0 Autolock Managers: false Root Rotation In Progress: false Node Address: Manager Addresses: Runtimes: runc Default Runtime: runc Init Binary: docker-init containerd version: 7ad184331fa3e55e52b890ea95e65ba581ae3429 runc version: dc9208a3303feef5b3839f4323d9beb36df0a9dd init version: fec3683 Security Options: apparmor seccomp Profile: default Kernel Version: 4.15.0-112-generic Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS OSType: linux Architecture: x86_64 CPUs: 1 Total Memory: 1.946GiB Name: nikolay-volkov-small-1 ID: YARQ:QDCY:35IG:SNZQ:MUNG:UZL2:WBUK:N7Q5:P4C6:6FTV:52NU:7DTF Docker Root Dir: /valib/docker Debug Mode: false Registry: https://index.docker.io/v1/ Labels: Experimental: false Insecure Registries: Live Restore Enabled: false WARNING: No swap limit support 
Docker network ls:
NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPE 7266d22942a1 bridge bridge local edfbf6592868 docker_gwbridge bridge local 72f35302100b host host local hx6aj67pa4bz ingress overlay swarm 038d3f36bede none null local rhksb2n1j235 overflow_default overlay swarm 
Docker stack ps overflow
ID NAME IMAGE NODE DESIRED STATE CURRENT STATE ERROR PORTS cnk96s94dj8c overflow_traefik.1 traefik:v2.2 nikolay-volkov-small-2 Running Running 16 minutes ago wjziltuypmfj overflow_whoami.1 containous/whoami:latest nikolay-volkov-small-1 Running Running 28 minutes ago`enter code here` 
docker network inspect overflow_default:
[ { "Name": "overflow_default", "Id": "rhksb2n1j235b3qkuvlgdrprp", "Created": "2020-08-15T14:21:20.194017073Z", "Scope": "swarm", "Driver": "overlay", "EnableIPv6": false, "IPAM": { "Driver": "default", "Options": null, "Config": [ { "Subnet": "", "Gateway": "" } ] }, "Internal": false, "Attachable": false, "Ingress": false, "ConfigFrom": { "Network": "" }, "ConfigOnly": false, "Containers": { "61afaac4fff8c2474d7166c4227c776860081630c04f7c3a3403ef29b716f94d": { "Name": "overflow_whoami.1.wjziltuypmfj7vg0zuxlj5kva", "EndpointID": "5ce2f8cfb37f2294210bbb538576d485c7c3cf066d836771da6a002e5fbbbafe", "MacAddress": "02:42:0a:00:02:03", "IPv4Address": "", "IPv6Address": "" }, "lb-overflow_default": { "Name": "overflow_default-endpoint", "EndpointID": "d6453d2d9362bf95f3f34a06a8241e85410d3f8cf3ee0a6894baaecbe7348cea", "MacAddress": "02:42:0a:00:02:04", "IPv4Address": "", "IPv6Address": "" } }, "Options": { "com.docker.network.driver.overlay.vxlanid_list": "4098" }, "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow" }, "Peers": [ { "Name": "995d8aecdcfe", "IP": "" }, { "Name": "853c9483a7b7", "IP": "" } ] } ] 
docker service inspect overflow_whoami:
[ { "ID": "tkbf0ucohva6eg76vzvfkhh6m", "Version": { "Index": 57011 }, "CreatedAt": "2020-08-15T14:21:20.020420896Z", "UpdatedAt": "2020-08-15T14:49:19.975265202Z", "Spec": { "Name": "overflow_whoami", "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.image": "containous/whoami", "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow" }, "TaskTemplate": { "ContainerSpec": { "Image": "containous/whoami:[email protected]:7d6a3c8f91470a23ef380320609ee6e69ac68d20bc804f3a1c6065fb56cfa34e", "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow", "traefik.enable": "true", "traefik.http.routers.whoami.entrypoints": "web", "traefik.http.routers.whoami.rule": "Host(`whoami.volkonik.xyz`)" }, "Privileges": { "CredentialSpec": null, "SELinuxContext": null }, "StopGracePeriod": 10000000000, "DNSConfig": {}, "Isolation": "default" }, "Resources": {}, "RestartPolicy": { "Condition": "any", "Delay": 5000000000, "MaxAttempts": 0 }, "Placement": { "Platforms": [ { "Architecture": "386", "OS": "linux" }, { "Architecture": "amd64", "OS": "linux" }, { "OS": "linux" }, { "OS": "linux" }, { "Architecture": "arm64", "OS": "linux" } ] }, "Networks": [ { "Target": "rhksb2n1j235b3qkuvlgdrprp", "Aliases": [ "whoami" ] } ], "ForceUpdate": 0, "Runtime": "container" }, "Mode": { "Replicated": { "Replicas": 1 } }, "UpdateConfig": { "Parallelism": 1, "FailureAction": "pause", "Monitor": 5000000000, "MaxFailureRatio": 0, "Order": "stop-first" }, "RollbackConfig": { "Parallelism": 1, "FailureAction": "pause", "Monitor": 5000000000, "MaxFailureRatio": 0, "Order": "stop-first" }, "EndpointSpec": { "Mode": "vip" } }, "PreviousSpec": { "Name": "overflow_whoami", "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.image": "containous/whoami", "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow" }, "TaskTemplate": { "ContainerSpec": { "Image": "containous/whoami:[email protected]:7d6a3c8f91470a23ef380320609ee6e69ac68d20bc804f3a1c6065fb56cfa34e", "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow", "traefik.enable": "true", "traefik.http.routers.whoami.entrypoints": "web", "traefik.http.routers.whoami.rule": "Host(`whoami.volkonik.xyz`)" }, "Privileges": { "CredentialSpec": null, "SELinuxContext": null }, "Isolation": "default" }, "Resources": {}, "Placement": { "Platforms": [ { "Architecture": "386", "OS": "linux" }, { "Architecture": "amd64", "OS": "linux" }, { "OS": "linux" }, { "OS": "linux" }, { "Architecture": "arm64", "OS": "linux" } ] }, "Networks": [ { "Target": "rhksb2n1j235b3qkuvlgdrprp", "Aliases": [ "whoami" ] } ], "ForceUpdate": 0, "Runtime": "container" }, "Mode": { "Replicated": { "Replicas": 1 } }, "EndpointSpec": { "Mode": "vip" } }, "Endpoint": { "Spec": { "Mode": "vip" }, "VirtualIPs": [ { "NetworkID": "rhksb2n1j235b3qkuvlgdrprp", "Addr": "" } ] } } ] 
docker service inspect overflow_traefik:
[ { "ID": "xzpl81oco98onhvqxxkhdnbxz", "Version": { "Index": 57010 }, "CreatedAt": "2020-08-15T14:21:21.644144642Z", "UpdatedAt": "2020-08-15T14:49:18.348979648Z", "Spec": { "Name": "overflow_traefik", "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.image": "traefik:v2.2", "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow" }, "TaskTemplate": { "ContainerSpec": { "Image": "traefik:[email protected]:f5af5a5ce17fc3e353b507e8acce65d7f28126408a8c92dc3cac246d023dc9e8", "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow" }, "Args": [ "--api.insecure=true", "--providers.docker=true", "--providers.docker.swarmMode=true", "--providers.docker.exposedbydefault=false", "--entrypoints.web.address=:80" ], "Privileges": { "CredentialSpec": null, "SELinuxContext": null }, "Mounts": [ { "Type": "bind", "Source": "/varun/docker.sock", "Target": "/varun/docker.sock", "ReadOnly": true } ], "StopGracePeriod": 10000000000, "DNSConfig": {}, "Isolation": "default" }, "Resources": {}, "RestartPolicy": { "Condition": "any", "Delay": 5000000000, "MaxAttempts": 0 }, "Placement": { "Platforms": [ { "Architecture": "amd64", "OS": "linux" }, { "OS": "linux" }, { "Architecture": "arm64", "OS": "linux" } ] }, "Networks": [ { "Target": "rhksb2n1j235b3qkuvlgdrprp", "Aliases": [ "traefik" ] } ], "ForceUpdate": 0, "Runtime": "container" }, "Mode": { "Replicated": { "Replicas": 1 } }, "UpdateConfig": { "Parallelism": 1, "FailureAction": "pause", "Monitor": 5000000000, "MaxFailureRatio": 0, "Order": "stop-first" }, "RollbackConfig": { "Parallelism": 1, "FailureAction": "pause", "Monitor": 5000000000, "MaxFailureRatio": 0, "Order": "stop-first" }, "EndpointSpec": { "Mode": "vip", "Ports": [ { "Protocol": "tcp", "TargetPort": 80, "PublishedPort": 80, "PublishMode": "ingress" }, { "Protocol": "tcp", "TargetPort": 8080, "PublishedPort": 8080, "PublishMode": "ingress" } ] } }, "PreviousSpec": { "Name": "overflow_traefik", "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.image": "traefik:v2.2", "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow" }, "TaskTemplate": { "ContainerSpec": { "Image": "traefik:[email protected]:f5af5a5ce17fc3e353b507e8acce65d7f28126408a8c92dc3cac246d023dc9e8", "Labels": { "com.docker.stack.namespace": "overflow" }, "Args": [ "--api.insecure=true", "--providers.docker=true", "--providers.docker.swarmMode=true", "--providers.docker.exposedbydefault=false", "--entrypoints.web.address=:80" ], "Privileges": { "CredentialSpec": null, "SELinuxContext": null }, "Mounts": [ { "Type": "bind", "Source": "/varun/docker.sock", "Target": "/varun/docker.sock", "ReadOnly": true } ], "Isolation": "default" }, "Resources": {}, "Placement": { "Platforms": [ { "Architecture": "amd64", "OS": "linux" }, { "OS": "linux" }, { "Architecture": "arm64", "OS": "linux" } ] }, "Networks": [ { "Target": "rhksb2n1j235b3qkuvlgdrprp", "Aliases": [ "traefik" ] } ], "ForceUpdate": 0, "Runtime": "container" }, "Mode": { "Replicated": { "Replicas": 1 } }, "EndpointSpec": { "Mode": "vip", "Ports": [ { "Protocol": "tcp", "TargetPort": 80, "PublishedPort": 80, "PublishMode": "ingress" }, { "Protocol": "tcp", "TargetPort": 8080, "PublishedPort": 8080, "PublishMode": "ingress" } ] } }, "Endpoint": { "Spec": { "Mode": "vip", "Ports": [ { "Protocol": "tcp", "TargetPort": 80, "PublishedPort": 80, "PublishMode": "ingress" }, { "Protocol": "tcp", "TargetPort": 8080, "PublishedPort": 8080, "PublishMode": "ingress" } ] }, "Ports": [ { "Protocol": "tcp", "TargetPort": 80, "PublishedPort": 80, "PublishMode": "ingress" }, { "Protocol": "tcp", "TargetPort": 8080, "PublishedPort": 8080, "PublishMode": "ingress" } ], "VirtualIPs": [ { "NetworkID": "hx6aj67pa4bz4nu70dyrdatq6", "Addr": "" }, { "NetworkID": "rhksb2n1j235b3qkuvlgdrprp", "Addr": "" } ] } } ] 
submitted by freesk8r to Traefik

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