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GungHo Collab - My rating and opinion on each card!

Welcome back gang! Just thought I'd give my own take on each of the Gung-Ho collab rolls. There's so many cards in this collab, and each one is so unique, that I bet it can be hard for many players to figure out what's good or not.
I've given a rating and brief explanation as to some thoughts about the cards. I do keep an eye on what's coming out in the future, but I remind everyone that what's popular in Japan may not be popular here, due to access to different cards. So I base my opinions by what's going on here in the NA servers.
Like always I make changes based on community feedback. If anything is glaringly wrong I will make changes to prevent misinformation. If it's my opinion that you feel is wrong, leave a comment and we can discuss it below. No one ever fully agrees with a rating list so go easy on me, I don't get paid for this!
How I rated cards *not in any particular order* -
  • Comparison to similar, commonly used cards
  • Comparison to similar, hard to obtain cards
  • Uniqueness
  • Futureproof
  • Use in the current Meta
  • Ability to substitute for key subs on Meta teams
  • Ability to help create new teams
Guardian Goddess Minerva -
  • Minerva L/R - 9/10 - Fantastic rainbow lead with an easy to trigger leader skill. As a sub she can be a nice assist option while having the option to remove ATK debuffs. A team with 8 extra seconds of time extend awakening gets 2.6x burst every 3 turns, which is not nothing.
  • Minerva L/D - 8/10 - I'm a fan of these leads that offer huge passive shields. The damage isn't tied to the shield which is a big plus. Effectively a 3/18/2 row lead when accounting for shield. As a sub she's pretty boring.
  • Minerva Assist - 8/10 - The 2nd assist able God killer in the game. The active is pretty bad so leave this one unskilled.
Gamayla -
  • Gamayla B/L - 6/10 - Not a fan of L match leads. As a sub it has some use as a VDP solution with delay and tape resist, but otherwise it's a pretty mediocre card.
  • Gamayla B/D - 9/10 - 10combo + 7combo + VDP on a card is rare and powerful. 34x potential damage with TPA is also very powerful. 22x TPA damage even when you have the VDP latent. The damage potential is so high that it's hard to rate them any lower.
  • Gamayla Assist - 9/10 - If you need tape resist it's nice to use one that comes with helpful awakenings and a very useful 2 turn delay. The fastest 2 turn delay assist in the game at 9 turns. Great to use for 2 effective SB. Reminds me of Lust and Blood Talisman equips, but delay is often the most valuable for it's helpfulness later in dungeons.
Knight Kisaragi -
  • Kisaragi L/G - 8/10 - Combo orbs are starting to become popular and it pairs nicely with the newly buffed 10x personal damage at 10 combo. Combo orbs awakenings are rare and almost never come attached to a card that can deal personal damage. The active skill can kill problem high defense spawns in AA4 like Aten and the Tamadras.
  • Kisaragi L/D - 9/10 - The primary issue with this card has always been the lack of SB and monster type. With the most recent buff the problem with SB has been fixed. The ONLY 99 turn light skyfall active in the game. I think it will take a while for people to dust this card off, but they should be able to find many more teams that this card fits on now with the extra SB+ awakening.
  • Kisaragi Assist - 8/10 - I've fallen in love with combo orbs lately. An assist able combo orb + SB + 40% poison resist + laser + bicolor change seems very good to me. Competition with Pride Egg lowers the rating.
Loki, Wily God of Destruction -
  • Loki B/L - 8/10 - Reminds me of Touya. Paired with himself you will have 25% overall HP while taking only 6.25% damage from attacks... however if you can't trigger the leader skill you will die. Unlike Touya, the damage multiplier is tied to the shield, so stalling is impossible. It's possible to abuse the low HP by stacking Auto-RCV latents to become immortal, but that would require a minimum of 6 water orbs a turn or death. As a sub he seems generic. The team HP is nice, but choosing between 7combo/+2SB/Super blind; is not. The active is also similar to all the other 'Burst+movement time' actives we've been seeing lately.
  • Loki B/D - 9/10 - Capable of clearing all content including Shura 2. I changed my opinion on this card due to more research. I'm still not sold on Loki being popular past the next few months, but time will tell. Until then, any lead that can handle such tough content gets a 9 from me.
  • Loki Assist - 8/10 - The killers have the potential to be amazing in the future, as of now they're lack luster.
Aoi Shikigami -
  • Aoi D/R - 8.5/10 - The killers are all nice for Shura. Your subs don't need to always deal damage, they just need to deal damage when it matters. Against the Devil floor Aoi can deal 40x-137x damage to the devils depending on killers. With 3x Machine killer you can deal 61x-136x damage to machine depending on health. The active, while not amazing, at least ensures a kill board while triggering the >80%HP awakenings.
  • Aoi D/D - 9/10 - Buffed with an extra >HP awakening. Personal damage is now x16 against everything, x48 against Dragons and Gods, x162 with latents. The active does everything you want from making tons of dark orbs, lowering personal life to 1, and no skyfall for farming. *I already have 2, I'm hoping for 1 more to form a system for my Lu Bu TA2 team.
  • Aoi Assist - 7/10 - I've had this thing for years. It's always been good, not great. Good for cards like Aten for unbindable + damage boost. The active can be useful for TA2 farming.
Luluna -
  • Luluna - 8.5/10 - She's since been buffed and as a lead she looks like she can be very good, especially when paired with herself or Nero. The damage multiplier is bad, but it's made up for with 3 additional combos when matching 6 wood. Paired with Nero you will have a 2.25/263/2.25/25% team that starts at 6 combo whenever making a row. This allows the use of 10 combo subs like Rajang, Sloth, and Chibi Skuld, all while stacking rows for heavy damage. Her active skill is decent and a low enough CD to use multiple times through longer content. As a sub she's pretty decent but pretty generic. Could be used as a way for wood teams to bypass VDP+combo shield.
  • Luluna Dark - 8.5/10 - As a lead she has a unique ability to remove awoken binds whenever healing for whatever it's worth. Could be very useful in future dungeons. As a sub she's a stellar damage solution, that comes with a cleric active, that ALSO comes with a 3x burst. Her only drawback is the single skill boost, but you can't have 3 7combo and 4 killer without sacrificing other awakenings.
  • Luluna Assist - 8/10 - There's a very real lack of assists with wood rows. This one comes with 80% hazard resist. The active is very similar to Zela's hat. It's best use is to get past VDP + combo floors.
Lost Gear -
  • Lost Gear - 2/10 - All the "Match L" leaders are garbage IMO. As a sub it has some weird potential to form an "almost" 30% heal per turn loop.
  • Lost Gear chibi - 4/10 - The leader skill is ideal for swapping in after starting with a 7x6 or exp/rank lead. However Lost Gear's leader skill requires the lame L match. As a sub it can be used as a damage solution with cloud or resist or players with undeveloped monster boxes.
Bradamante -
  • Bradamante - 9/10 - Like Gamayla, 10combo + 7combo + VDP is rare and powerful. Brada also comes with super blind resist which is arguably the most important right now due to Shura floor 4. The 5 turn active is powerful and can be used to take advantage of jammer skyfall and hazard debuffs. The rest of the awakenings are solid.
  • Bradamante Chibi - 9.0/10 - I'm going to break this card, just you all wait. This is the first time we've had a leaderswap active attached to a card that can be a powerful leader. Entering any dungeon with a 7x6/exp/rank lead will allow Chibi Brada to swap places on turn 1, effectively becoming a 7x6/exp/rank lead, but with 2/18/2/25% leader stats. Works very well as a sub for Base Bradamante.
Dazzling Beast Goddess, Tsukuyomi -
  • Yomi B/G - 10/10 if you own a Norza, 9/10 if you don't. Even after all this time Yomi/Norza is still an excellent team capable of handling all content. Yomi/Norza is only at it's best when you can loop 2 Norza, so owning your own Norza is a huge plus. She's also fine sub with good awakenings. The heart L awakenings are rare and can help overcome certain gravities.
  • Yomi B/D - 8.5/10 - There's a lot of potential here. A 3 turn row maker or low CD base. Most people only have 1 Yomi and due to the popularity of Yorza, the Dark Yomi hasn't seen the light. With combo orbs becoming more popular and Yorza becoming less popular, I can see Dark Yomi becoming an excellent option for future teams.
  • Yomi Assist - 9/10 - I can't rate an assist able machine killer with useful awakenings and active any lower, at least not until Shura 2 becomes popular.
Healing Archangel Raphael -
  • Raphael G/L - 6/10 - Lots of VDP damage but that's about it. Can't even use Balance killers to help against Shura Floor.20 Plum. >80% awakenings often aren't helpful if you face a floor for more than 1 turn. The active is lame.
  • Raphael G/D - 8/10 - 10x personal damage while passively boosting team damage. The active is pretty useful considering it's a tri-color board that includes hearts. 2xSB is just at the cusp of what I find acceptable for transform teams.
  • Raphael Assist - 8/10 - FUA on an assist is still very rare. The active can be used on any color team. Increasing a single cards damage by 50% is also significant. I like equips like these as they open up team building options for typically unused teams due to lack of FUA.
Reginleif -
  • Reginleif D/B - 10/10 - The type, the sub attributes, 5SB, low CD active, and cleric active. This card fits so well on so many teams. If you watch a random Japanese video using a dark team, odds are you'll see Reginleif. The 15% skyfall for 3 turns every 6 turns is also very powerful. Any orb has a 16.6% chance of falling. That means for 3 turns, every 6 turns, a third of all orbs will drop as dark.
  • Reginleif D/D - 8.5/10 - TPA teams will find use for this as they come with 3SB, a useful active, and an active short enough to assist a delay or haste adding to the effective SB. I have them pre-emptively increased in rating due to the upcoming release of MA Raijin.
  • Reginleif Assist - 9/10 - Hard to rate any killer assist lower, especially one of the popular ones like Dragon, Machine, God and Demon. The cleric active can be used by any team, however the skyfall is probably detrimental to non-dark teams. The final 2 floors of AA4 and the final floor of TA2 are all Dragon type.
Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune -
  • Lakshmi L - 10/10 - After using Rajang for a while I learned the power of cards with 2x 10combo. She can also use any killer giving her 84x personal damage vs any of the chosen monster types. All of the awakenings are nice. The active provides a 30% shield for 75% of your turns. That active also allows teams with only 25% shields to finally handle all gravities, including Green Menoa. The almost full coverage of enhanced fire orbs is icing on the cake.
  • Lakshmi D - 9/10 - As a lead she's not great, but as a sub she looks very good. Great personal damage with the ability to reach 27x with an L match. ATK stat is so high that she does roughly the same 7 combo damage as Amatsu who has 4x 7combo, while obviously doing much more with an L match.
  • Lakshmi Assist 8/10 - Some teams need help with gravities. The multiple turns is extremely useful against Green Menoa.
Great Witch of the Dark Flowers, Reeche -
  • Reeche - 8/10 - Buffs to her leader skill make her a perfectly fine rainbow lead. The additional skill charge awaken lowers her effective active CD from 10 to 7.5
  • Reeche Assist - 9/10 - The value of this assist goes down if you currently hold another 2 turn damage+color absorb active. These 2 turn "Reeche actives" are invaluable in Shura realm. 2 turns of color+damage absorb is usually required for the Final Menoa. 30 turn CD is very long compared to other 2 turn Reeche actives nowadays but it's better than nothing.
Twin Stars of Purgatory, Belial -
  • Belial - 2/10 - Meh
  • Belial Chibi - 8/10 - 30x personal damage with 90x damage against Gods. Reasonable 2 skill boosts. A fantastic 5 turn tri-color board changer with hearts. The active also cancels out any ATK debuffs. The lack of TPA teams in the meta prevents this card from being an all-star.
God of Commerce, Mercury -
  • Mercury - 2/10 - Meh
  • Mercury Chibi - 7/10 - It's not a very good leader. As a sub it has merit as a low CD orb maker. The killers are actually useful considering the most annoying Menoa for a wood team are Attacker and Defender types.
Shust -
  • Shust - 6/10 - Has many potential uses as a farming sub/lead, but not much else. I don't often see a lot of water <%50HP teams. Typically I would prefer to stick with building dark teams for <%50HP teams because the subs are often useful outside of farming.
  • Shust Chibi - 8/10 - Reminds me a lot of Chuan, but with up to 4SB. Excellent utility sub. 4 turn row maker with the upside of removing ATK debuffs. Can be a powerful farming lead depending on player skill.
Goddess of Purity, Artemis -
  • Artemis - 2/10 - I don't see the point in her awawkenings and the active is unexciting.
  • Artemis Chibi - 3/10 Bad heart cross leaderskill (9 seconds???). Lame latents. Unexciting active skill.
Kaguya, Princess of Tsukuyomi -
  • Kaguya - 4/10 - If you absolutely are hurting for SDR she's fine. Her multi-purpose active is good for canceling out many debuffs.
  • Kaguya Assist - 6/10 - The active helps solve many late game debuffs. The inherited unbindability can be useful in non-Shura dungeons.
Goddess of the Past, Urd -
  • Urd D - 3/10 - Even on <50%HP teams she seems underwhelming. Could maybe see use on a low life TA2 team for all the devil + healer floors.
  • Urd Chibi - 10/10 - Fantastic farming lead. 3 fire orbs every turn is very powerful, especially when you can do it twice. Updated my rating on this one thanks all.
Goddess of the Present, Verdandi -
  • Verdandi Revo - 4/10 - Niche sub that can be used to kill Gods. Currently not a lot of Gods in our end game diet.
  • Verdandi Chibi - 10/10 - A 4SB sub that can hold an equip to grant another 3-4 turns of effective SB. Massive VDP damage. Can reach up to 94x God damage. Can be used in lieu of a 2nd Norza (I don't recommend this due to zero healing every other turn). The active and FUA are very helpful for leads like Velkhana.
Goddess of the Future, Skuld -
  • Skuld G/L - 5/10 - If you are hurting for SBR at least this sub offers damage. However it's incredibly rare to field a team that would need so much SBR.
  • Skuld Chibi - 10/10 - 10combo + 7combo + VDP is rare and powerful. Has 8 slots for awakenings and can use ANY latents. The active skill is fantastic by itself or as a low CD assist base. 3 skill boosts naturally with the ability to get up to 5. There's even an option for full poison resist.
5\ Chibis -* All 3 of the 5* Chibis are excellent leaders for new players.
  • Helen Chibi - 9/10 - 5500 effective personal healing with an excellent active skill on a short CD. Highest healing green card in the game.
  • Konohanasakuya Chibi - 9/10 - Arguably better than Inahime for Gileon Shura realm teams. 72x machine damage without using a killer. The very low 3 turn CD can allow for the use of another colodamage absorb assist to ensure killing Green Menoa without stalling.
  • Tenfufa (chibi) - 7.5/10 - 91x Balance killer with a fantasticly short CD that is great to use or assist over. The uses are niche but she's arguably the best Balance killer in the game and they can carry any assist. I expect to see her used as an indespensible sub for many ranking/farming teams.
submitted by KTO-Potato to PuzzleAndDragons

How would you feel if Shiki didn’t fight Poseidon Nero at all?

Minor Spoilers for chapter 118 regarding Shura.
Last chapter we got introduced to Nero’s son Shura who’s a satan gravity weirder like shiki and may possibly be stronger then him. Now obviously shiki is gonna fight him in future however, there may be a possibility that he won’t fight his father Poseidon Nero after. Like maybe shiki’s final big fight in this saga won’t be against Nero but shura. And Nero could fight Ziggy instead?
Which I would be perfectly fine with because I’ve been wanting a Nero and ziggy confrontation for awhile and I still think Ziggy will take his empire away from him after this saga ends. Plus not only would we see where Ziggy officially stands strength wise amongst the Oracion Seis Galactica/Installer. But also it would be kinda ironic in a way. Both grandfather and grandson taking on father and son and coming out on top.
Now I’m not saying this will happen but I don’t think it’s impossible. Mashima has done this before in the phantom lord arc of fairy tail. Where Natsu fought Gajeel while Makarov fought the main villain Jose. So we could get something like that in this saga. Tell me what you think.
submitted by JK-Network123 to EdensZero

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