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Le Mans - Circuit de la Sarthe v1.2 Short Description. When replacing carbon brushes, be sure to inspect your armature for burns, cracks, or other damage which can indicate larger motor problems. Miranda IM / Code / [r14691] /trunk/miranda/i18n/langpack.

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Elite Dangerous Newsletter #135

Elite Dangerous Newsletter #135
Contents This Week
  • Elite Dangerous on Sale Now: 33% off when you pick up Elite Dangerous: Horizons this weekend! The sale ends on Monday August 1st at 6PM BST so make sure you take advantage of this discount while you still can.
  • Horizons Highlights
  • Last Chance to Own a Cobra MKIV on Xbox One: if you want to get your hands on this exclusive ship you'll need to upgrade to Elite Dangerous: Horizons on the Xbox One, before July 30.
  • Elite Meet Gamescom Tickets and EGX Event venue
  • New Paint Job in Store Now: This design for the Vulture is called Flash and was chosen by the artists at Frontier as a winner in our community paint job competition. Visit the store now and pick it up for only £3.00.
  • EG Pilots Dangerous Games Victory Parade
  • HCS Voicepacks - Cleo: The latest HCS Voicepack is called Cleo, performed by Hattie Hayridge from the hit comedy show Red Dwarf. 'Cleo believes that she used to be a miniature computer before evolving into an AI. Cleo doesn't care about anybody or anything except George Clooney. She has over 1000 responses, some profane, so be warned, the pack contains explicit content, parental guidance is advised.'
  • Educating Ed - Probe Hunting with the Canonn: Next week's episode of Educating Ed sees the return of Canonn... the scientific research group dedicated to uncovering the many mysteries throughout the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Currently, Canonn are locked in a compelling research battle with the Unknown Probe, and the Intern wants to get his safety gloves dirty. So strap on your protective goggles and take a closer look at these mysterious items with some key members of Canonn. Join the Galactic Intern on the official Elite Dangerous YouTube channel on August 4 at 7PM BST. Who knows what could happen.
  • CMDR NEO-ers 24 Hour Charity Livestream - Next Friday (August 5th) CMDR NEO-ers- and his fellow Commanders are running a 24hr livestream starting at 7PM BST. All money raised is for specialeffect and you can watch and help the Commanders raise money over at www.twitch.tv/neoers or www.twitch.tv/nomaduk.
  • Galnet Focus
  • Community Goals Update
  • Comms Chatter
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All about www.binance.com info in ENGLISH as requested by many

Allow me to give you a rough guide on what is coming about binance. (im a chinese and translated all this info myself)
1) Binance is a new exchange platform focusing only on Coin to Coin exchange.
2) Binance exchange platform will be the world's first to target on multi-language exchange platform. ( Currently with English & Chinese as a start, Korean/Jap will be added soon. )
3) Binance CEO Zhao ChangPeng had recruited some of the best available dev team in his history of years in exchange platform to Binance.
4) Initially, Binance platform stated in their Whitepaper they were supposed to start their ICO token named (BNC) on 1st july 2017, as i stay tuned to their web, they had bring forward a few days early with Phase 1 starting on 27th June 2017 3.00pm GMT+8.
5) Binance exchange will start LIVE trading on the 15th of July 2017.
6) Binance ICO will only be available in the following pairing ( ETH/BNC + NEO/BNC ) BTC/BNC pairing will be on other website supporting Binance ICO like renren web.
7) Binance exchange platform would be the 2nd platform currently in the world to provide pairing like BTC/NEO which open up accessibility instead of usual CNY/NEO in china exchange.
8) Binance exchange platform would be the worlds fastest exchange platform with matching order speed up to 1.4 million/second which is far beyond any platform currently.
Last but not least and i want to highlight something to all NEO owners, Binance will somehow assist in the value of NEO in the coming 10days or so due to the opening up of accessibility for NEO. ( Another bumpy ride to come very soon ) Hold on NEOer's !
Info that are updated LIVE on the button ( Detailed ICO ) are all in Chinese. I hope that i can translate the info and provide everyone with better understanding.
1) A total of 100,000,000 BNC token will be available for the ICO.
2) A total of 60,000,000 BNC will be allocated for www.binance.com
3) A total of 20,000,000 + 20,000,000 will be allocated for www.RenRenIco.com + https://btc9.com/Ico web supporting their ICO.
PHASE1 Limited to first 3000 user who signed up on www.binance.com WITH email verified. First 3000 user with UserID number between (10010070 - 10015172) will be the first batch to join the ICO. ( there is no digit 4 inbetween this userID, dont ask me why, they state it like that. Check your email verification if you want to see your UserID number)
Allocation for trade ETH = 50,000,000BNC NEO = 5,000,000BNC ICOCOIN = 5,000,000BNC
Exchange rate for ETH user ( ETH:BNC = 1:2700 )
Phase 1 ETH exchange will start LIVE on 27th June 2017 3:00pm and ends at 28th June 2017 3:00pm +8GMT ( so basically you have 24hours to buy ONLY! )
Due to the registration verification delayed on certain UserID, they have allocated another 5,214,400 BNC on top of the 30,000,000 for phase 1.
Any remaining unsold will be brought over to Phase 2. Additional 14,785,600 BNC tokens will be added to Phase 2.
Phase 2 ETH exchange will start LIVE on 28th June 2017 6:00pm and ends at 29th June 2017 3:00pm +8GMT ( so basically you have 21hours to buy ONLY! )
Results for ETH exchange will be announced between 29th june 2017 3:00pm - 30th june 2017 10:00am
NEO Exchange rate ( NEO:BNC = 1:40 ) There is only 1 phase for NEO exchange 28th June 2017 6:00pm - 29th June 2017 3:00pm. Results for NEO will be out on 29th June 2017 3:00pm - 30th June 2017 10:00am.
Lastly some additional info for users having trouble on the www.binance.com captcha. ( Click on the arrow and swipe to the right, an image will appear, Read the chinese word in YELLOW just above the image and click the same exact WORD in the image ). I hope this is some useful info for those interested in this ICO and this binance will bring some value to NEO in this couple of days.
submitted by EliteSGlele to Antshares

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