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The long-running FIFA saga created by EA Sports, the sports game division of Electronic Arts, continues to be in good health today. FIFA 09 Soccer system requirements. Minecraft Dungeons is an action-adventure video game set in the world of Minecraft. On On the pitch, critical gameplay fundamentals have been enhanced to ensure that FIFA Soccer 10. It's incredible to think it's been 15 years since the FIFA sports game dynasty began. FIFA Manager 11 Oct 16 2020 Released 2020 Soccer FIFA MANAGER 11 is the 10th edition of the franchise. FIFA 20 is the first iteration in a few years to feature an all new mode, on top of the usual gameplay tweaks.

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FIFA Soccer 09 Review

FIFA 09 Better than PES – Hands-On @ Gameplayer

Download FIFA 10 Game Highly Compressed For PC This is the best soccer football game in the world where you can play with your favorite players like messi, ronaldo, ronaldinho, ronney and gerrard etc. It is being developed by EA Canada, and will be published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports label. Developed by EA Sports who have their own place in introducing Sports Video Games. This affects gameplay too, with character attributes really influencing. In addition, FIFA 09 got a GameSpot rating of 8.5 out of 10. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of FIFA 09 each received a "Double Platinum" sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software. Before you start the game, use your firewall to block all exe files in the game's install directory from going online. Fifa09 tips and tricks for PC.

Free Fifa 09 PC Demo Download

This game is a little bit better than the previous version. FIFA 16 CRACKED Size: 13 GB torrent - game torrent free. FIFA 09 is the installment of Electronic Arts' FIFA series of football. EA Sports 09 line tops 500 million online games played Updated Apr 22. Free Game Features - Compete against friends worldwide - 33 fully licensed leagues, over 600 clubs and 47 international teams - Play offline in Seasons mode - Real Ball Physics, Teammate intelligence, True Player Motion and other improvements. FIFA 19 Crack a new heights to gaming passion. The authors of FIFA 20 calls it VOLTA Football.

FIFA 20 Download Full Version For Free - All FIFA Versions

To take your gameplay to the next level, then you must upgrade the device with recommended system specifications. Start Playing After Installation. FIFA Soccer 09 Guide and Walkthrough - Giant Bomb. FIFA Manager 09 Full PC Game Overview. Explore dynamic world with loads of gameplay possibilities. Get the working fifa 09 download pc game link only from here without any kind of survey. FIFA 18 is a sports game that simulates association football.

Countdown of the top 10 best FIFA games ever released

FIFA 16 PC Download Free with Game Crack. There are few players in the PC version those are cloned from. FIFA 21 - Champions Edition Xbox One (EU) Special Price $82.49 RRP $110.79. Free Commentaries for FIFA 09. An additional English commentary pack featuring Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley previously. The game is yet another installment of classic football simulation series, dating back to the late nineties of the last century. Join the discussion or compare with others! The FIFA 20 title update 7 is live now on PS4 and Xbox One, confusingly listed as the FIFA 20 1.09 update on PS4, at least.

FIFA 20 - Try the FIFA 20 Demo - EA Help: Official Support

This technological upgrade enables a whole host of amazing FIFA 17 features, such as a truly immersive FIFA 17 story mode, heightened realism thanks to the upgraded FIFA 17 graphics and much, much more.

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Key generator fIFA 09 System Requirements

Leading Edge Visual Quality - FIFA Soccer 09 on PC now delivers the jump in quality demanded by PC gamers around the world. The first game series add female players. FIFA Soccer 09 Official Movie 2. Check out the PC version of Fifa Soccer 09. Oct 20, 2020 2: 27pm. Game Country Network Name Date; Fifa 13: Hungary: lecsofasz: 13/10/2020: Fifa 13: Thailand: HuaYak: 04/07/2020: Fifa 13: India: Fifa 13 Qurantine: 24/05/2020: Fifa 13: Ghana: MTNGHANA: 10/05/2020: Fifa 13: Argentina: ACAAA CHABONCITO: 07/05/2020: Fifa 13: Poland: Koss: 02/05/2020: Fifa 13: India: Chalo fifa khelein: 02/05/2020: Fifa 13: India: A. FIFA 16 PC Game Download for PC - Free PC Games Download https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=461. It's incredible to think it's been 1. FIFA sports game dynasty began. FIFA 20 New Gameplay Features - EA SPORTS Official Site.

FIFA 09 Gameplay (PC HD) - Mod Skin

Notify me about new: Guides. Details such as new physical collision system, shielding, quick free kicks, and disguised throw-ins deliver a complete soccer experience. While playing, you can hear the crowd cheer and chant as you run up and down the field. FIFA 16 Download Crack, Install, Features and PC Requirement. We have a tendency to categorised it within the sports games. All the Newest Games Torrents you can get them entirely free. Below is the collection of our in-depth guides for.

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Low This article has been rated as Low-importance on the. FIFA 21 PC. Special Price $42.59 RRP $73.09. FIFA 09 for Windows - FIFA 09. Crack fifa 09 pc gameplay. This is a fun football video game made by developers who love football thus such vivid experience of football is successfully delivered for avid football lovers. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of FIFA. FIFA World Cup South Africa EA SPORTS 2020 FIFA World Cup South Africa will feature all the emotion and passion of the fiercest national rivalrie.

WEPES Subreddit Questionnaire Results

Hi All,
Here are the result of our subreddit questionnaire. We received 526 replies, thank you all very much for taking the time to fill out the form! Questionnaire was open Monday september 23rd to friday october 4th 12:00 CET.

First something about you

First we asked you for your age. We can see there are users from every age group, but the most of you are between 28 and 34 years old. This is somewhat expected as this corresponds to Reddit's userbase.
Age Group # %
<18 20 3,80
19-22 56 10,65
23-27 115 21,86
28-34 179 34,03
35-40 115 21,86
41-49 35 6,65
50-64 5 0,95
Won't tell 1 0,19

Then we asked you how long you have been playing PES. One third of you plays PES since the ISS series, which was released almost 20 years ago! Another big group is on the other end of the PES-timeline: the players for which eFootball PES2020 is the first PES (13,1%).
Playing Since # %
eFootball PES 2020 first PES 69 13,12
PES 2019 38 7,22
PES 2018 37 7,03
3-5 Years 44 8,37
5-9 Years 39 7,41
10-14 Years 61 11,60
15-18 Years 61 11,60
ISS Series 174 33,08
Don't Know 3 0,57

We see a clear victory in choice for console: PS4 with 66,9%. Another big group are the PC users (26,8%). Maybe if Microsoft allows the use of option files we can see a shift towards XBOX?
What console? # %
PS4 352 66,9
XBOX 32 6,1
PC 141 26,8
Other 1 0,2

We also wanted to know which game mode you play the most. We can clearly see a big gap between the 2 biggest game modes: MyClub (43,9%) and Master League (41,3%) and all other game modes. For Konami this will mean a struggle between focussing on Online vs Offline experience.
What game mode do you play the most? # %
Become a Legend 11 2,09
League Competition 2 0,38
Master League 217 41,25
Matchday 1 0,19
MyClub 231 43,92
Online Co-op 15 2,85
Online divisions 18 3,42
Random Selection Match 3 0,57
Versus COM 7 1,33
Versus Friends 16 3,04
Other 3 0,57
Won't tell 2 0,38
But if we ask you for what other game modes you play, we see some other modes being played! Remember multiple options were available for this question. Again we see Master League and MyClub as played modes, but also Become a Legend, Matchday, Online divisions, Online Co-op, Versus COM and Versus Friends is being played a lot. League competitions are played the least, probably because you can also play a competition in master league itself. Another low scorer is Random Selection match, which I think is a great mode to play with friends, so go ahead and try it!
What other game modes do you play? # %
Become a Legend 129 24,5
League Competition 34 6,5
Master League 211 40,1
Matchday 144 27,4
MyClub 167 31,7
Online Co-op 94 17,9
Online divisions 102 19,4
Random Selection Match 53 10,1
Versus COM 109 20,7
Versus Friends 151 28,7
Other 20 3,8
No other game modes 48 9,1
Won't tell 2 0,4

Do you still play an older version of PES? # %
Yes 56 10,6
No 467 88,8
Won't tell 3 0,6
The answers from the next question; if yes, which older version do you currently play. Varied from PES 2019 (40,9%) to PES 2013 (7,6%) and PES 6 (13,6%), even some old ISS and ISS2 are launched regularly by some of you!

Which options of pass assistance would you like to be in the game?
Pass assistance # %
Just manual 24 4,6
Manual and PA1 210 39,9
Fine as it is now 239 45,4
Don't know 53 10,1

Finally, the last question to get to know you better was 'What other games besides PES do you play?'. Here we saw a wide variety in games. Games like NBA2k, Rocket League, FIFA, GTA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Football Manager and Red dead redemption 2.

About eFootball PES2020

We wanted to know if you are happy with the current game and it seems like half of you are, while a quarter is not. Another quarter answered 'maybe', which shows the current status of the game. Most of the times its good, but there is some work to do to fix the small annoyances.
Happy with PES2020? # %
Yes 244 46,4
No 126 24
Maybe 125 23,8
Other 10 1,9
Won't tell 1 0,2
Don't play eFootball PES2020 20 3,8

We also wanted to know if you are able to play the new game mode 'Matchday'. This is organized in a static timeslot everyday. Its a split decision between Yes and No, so it's clear Konami should change something about the timeslots so that everyone who wants to play Matchday, is able to play it.
Can you play the new mode Matchday, taking into account the timeframe? # %
Yes 142 27
No 150 28,5
Don't know 77 14,6
Not interested in Matchday 135 25,7
Don't play eFootball PES2020 22 4,2

Do you use an Option File for eFootball PES2020?
Option File? # %
Yes 384 73
No, but I will use one later 68 12,9
No 54 10,3
Don't play eFootball PES2020 20 3,8

What should Konami change about the current game?

About the subreddit WEPES

This is ofcourse the section we are the most interested in. We already knew there are a lot of new subscribers to the subreddit, and that's what we also see in the replies:
How long have you been subscribed? # %
1 month 134 25,5
3 months 49 9,3
6 months 30 5,7
1 year 89 16,9
2 year 101 19,2
3 year 49 9,3
4 year 2 0,4
>5 year 5 1,0
Don't know 55 10,5
Won't tell 12 2,3

Most of you come here to get informed. You want news about the game from konami, about myclub events and about the community. But also option files and videos of gameplay and goals are what you are looking for. Only 12,5% visit for pictures of packed players.
What do you visit the subreddit for? # %
News about the game (Konami announcements) 436 82,9
News about the game (Myclub Events) 282 53,6
News about the community 284 54
Option Files 217 41,3
Videos of gameplay / goals 214 40,7
Pictures of packed players 66 12,5
To rant about the game 145 27,6
Memes 164 31,2
Other 104 19,8

We wanted to know how you interact with the subreddit and we see that half of you interact by commenting on posts and 58% by upvoting/downvoting threads. We are very happy with the amount of people who actively interact with the subreddit. You create the posts, keep discussions going and you decide which content comes on top of the subreddit by upvoting and downvoting threads.
How do you interact in the subreddit? # %
I create new posts 134 25,5
I comment on other people's posts 267 50,8
I upvote/downvote threads 308 58,6
I don't actively interact 161 30,6
Other 11 2,1

Sub ratings:
Most of you are happy with the subreddit, and thats what we see in the ratings. The quality of comments and posts on the subreddit can be higher. But in general I think we have a great community here.
Topic Average Rating
How would you rate the sub's appearance? (color scheme etc) 7,43
How would you rate the sub's moderating rules? 7,56
How would you rate the quality of posts on the subreddit? 6,36
How would you rate the quality of comments on the subreddit? 6,54
How would you rate the quality of information about PES on the subreddit? 7,37
How would you rate the topics around the release of eFootball PES2020 on the subreddit? 7,21
How would you rate the subreddit in general? 7,41

We were wondering if we needed to be more strict on duplicate posts. For example rants about the game, repeating questions about option files etc. Most of you answered Yes, so we will be a bit more strict and try to avoid duplicate posts. However, in case you see a duplicate post you are always allowed to downvote it, so it won't appear high on the subreddit.
Would you like us to be more strict? # %
Yes 181 34,4
No 143 27,2
Maybe 91 17,3
No opinion 111 21,1

And the last question, do you have any suggestions for the subreddit. We have received a lot of suggestions and I will discuss some below:
  • Most of you (including me) don't like negative, ranting posts and therefore you suggested to put them all together in a megathread. We will start this Saturday with a megathread for ranting and complaints, which will be repeating every weekend. We will try to remove all separate ranting threads without constructive feedback so if you ever feel like ranting, go to that thread in the weekends.
  • There are some complaints about Pack opening posts, and we also saw that not a lot of you come here to look at these pictures. We will continue (like last year) with a dedicated MyClub event thread on Monday (the day the new event starts) where you can share which players you got from the featured (club) players lists. On Thursday (POTW release) you can posts and discuss your new players in the topic with the picture of the players of the week.
  • Wednesday will be Question Thread day, where you can ask all your questions. Questions about the game, questions about formations and tactics, all questions allowed. If you search for these topics you might find your answer already.
  • Master League is a mode a lot of you play, but which isnt covered a lot in this subreddit. We are looking for suggestions for a weekly Master League thread, see the comments below to posts your ideas.
  • Engagement with Konami. Some of you suggested we organize AMAs or other Konami connections. We are looking into this but we can't promise anything.
  • Flairs. We have new user flairs (try them!) and appreciate the use of post flairs so people can sort their posts.
  • FAQs. We have a permanent link to a MyClub guide in the subreddit's menu bar. Other questions can be asked in the weekly question thread.
  • Competitions: Kit creation competitions, Co-op competitions, subreddit competitions etc. This is something we might do, thanks for your suggestions. However, feel free to organize a tournament with other subreddit users. We might help with a sticky 'co-op find teammates' topic if there are co-op events in the game.
  • If you have any other suggestions feel free to leave them behind.
submitted by Grimolas to WEPES

Removed comments/submissions for /u/marios_geo2

Hi marios_geo2, you're not shadowbanned, but 66 of your most recent 119 comments/submissions were removed (either automatically or by human moderators).


gd9u8lq in Stadia on 22 Nov 20 (1pts):
Hey, I have similar problems. I connected the Google wifi to the ziggo modem (I don't know the model) Netherlands, right?
I have a 250mbit line but sometimes when too many devices are connected to...
gd9q4ot in Stadia on 22 Nov 20 (1pts):
I personally beleive that Google has a great opportunity with the family plan. If they could increase reasonably the costn(say stadia pro family) , to say 4 people from the same household can play...
gd9oeaf in Stadia on 22 Nov 20 (1pts):
It's good to hear, but we need a bit more solid news /dates /titles.
gd8x207 in Stadia on 22 Nov 20 (1pts):
I just heard from official source (can't say which). Half life 3, exclusive for stadia
gczcjw5 in Stadia on 20 Nov 20 (1pts):
I want to believe 😁. I didn't get a next gen console, but if stadia fills the gap, I will stay with stadia for good.
I have mixed bag, happy that almost all next gen games are in stadia, sad that...
gcx653a in PS5 on 20 Nov 20 (1pts):
I think it definitely has to do with supply demand, but the same time it makes the item more desirable.
Think of it this way. If every one is talking about it and you can't get one, then you feel...
gcop43p in Stadia on 18 Nov 20 (1pts):
It's too soon for gen 2. Stadia is still pretty good. It's lacking a bit behind in terms of popular games such as fifa or cod.
Bring those to us and then we can see about the gen 2
gcomvua in Stadia on 18 Nov 20 (1pts):
Cod coming to Stadia. That would be the best news for me
gcnoezs in Stadia on 17 Nov 20 (1pts):
People, don't get excited. If (big if) there is gen 2,it will take too long to release. I prefer Google focus on bringing more games, especially cod 😁
gcnbyyc in Stadia on 17 Nov 20 (1pts):
Free game is always appreciated. Thanks op
gcljzql in Stadia on 17 Nov 20 (1pts):
I don't play one game, second time.
Yet Monkey island 1, I have played it 1000 times, from the good old pc, to tablets and smartphones with scummvm. I would even play it on my smart-refrigerator,...
gcdicgp in Stadia on 15 Nov 20 (1pts):
Shadow pc is a streaming platform. You don't have to buy a pc.
gbqhe5l in Stadia on 09 Nov 20 (1pts):
Adjust for inflation 😋
gbmhq3z in Stadia on 08 Nov 20 (1pts):
You forgot to mention the massive pc on the right. But nice to see that nintendo is not even in the picture.
gbm0ibq in Stadia on 08 Nov 20 (1pts):
Oh yes, mass effect and deus ex. So good games that worth to be in the platform.
Last of us, a truly excellent game, will never make it.
gblyz9s in Stadia on 08 Nov 20 (1pts):
I so want to play this game, that I am willing to rebuy my old ps4. Bring it to stadia
gb5t3im in Stadia on 04 Nov 20 (1pts):
No, just no. Computers are here to make your life easier, not to control you how much time left you have.
You as a grown up, must organize your own time. A bit of advise, don't mix work and game.
gb5e8g8 in Stadia on 04 Nov 20 (1pts):
I ralate. The less things on my living room, the better.
I would really love though, when the chromecast will be part of new tv's.
gaz9bng in Stadia on 03 Nov 20 (1pts):
Hey guys, did any one tried to use the keyboard version of the rasbery pi?
Does stadia work? I am thinking to use it connected to a monitor and keyboard with mouse. No controllers.
Is also wifi...
gaq37j8 in Stadia on 31 Oct 20 (1pts):
People, it's simple plain marketing. Imagine stadia is in the poll and ends up with less than 2% vote.
I think Google doesn't allow them to be there
gajo7zb in Stadia on 29 Oct 20 (1pts):
It's a growing list. But it misses cod 😭
gacrqlo in Stadia on 28 Oct 20 (1pts):
One ubisoft AAA game costs 69.99. This buys you almost three months of subscription. I believe you should think in those terms, to see what's best for you economically.
ga58s0k in Stadia on 26 Oct 20 (1pts):
You see this wrong. There are thousands of music artists, that discovered years after the release of that specific album you hear every moment by djs, making it even more popular.
Yet, dj pay...
g9k441m in Stadia on 21 Oct 20 (1pts):
Not that it's very useful, but a nice addition. Didn't knew it
g943b06 in Stadia on 17 Oct 20 (1pts):
It's pretty good and scary. The girl ghosts that say come and play with me, give me the creeps
g8y6dic in Stadia on 15 Oct 20 (1pts):
Is it just fantasy...
g8q8430 in Stadia on 13 Oct 20 (1pts):
Oh man. I would love cod. Even though it's not happening, I still refuse to get next gen consoles. Stadia is working good for me
g8pywz9 in Stadia on 13 Oct 20 (1pts):
Yes, I believe they will have announced it first day
g8pxkbi in Stadia on 13 Oct 20 (1pts):
You know you can play more than one game, right?
g8pvr5o in Stadia on 13 Oct 20 (1pts):
It's been a while since I was excited for video games. 3 days of announcements is quite impressive, I predict day 1 games and more countries
day 2 uplay+ and ea access
3rd day we get 120...
g8ix0f4 in Stadia on 11 Oct 20 (1pts):
Hmm. Are you sure about that? I am most certainly interested. Netherlands is where I live, Greece where I visit regularly.
g8iuu4u in Stadia on 11 Oct 20 (1pts):
Both. Always the right answer is both
g8el2y4 in Stadia on 11 Oct 20 (1pts):
Did you try to reduce game difficulty? I did and enjoyed it much more
g8dho98 in Stadia on 10 Oct 20 (1pts):
Gylt and destiny 2
g8dfagk in Stadia on 10 Oct 20 (1pts):
Basically you can use this graph and see if you like x game (same as other users) then what other game users like also.
g84k5ki in Stadia on 08 Oct 20 (1pts):
I have seen far cry new dawn and rainbow six rating. But not far cry 5, I hope you are right cause I loved that game. New dawn, not so much
g84ixm0 in Stadia on 08 Oct 20 (1pts):
I am also hyped, but puzzled if I should buy. I really except uplay+ any moment now, so why buy full price?
g84fzfq in Stadia on 08 Oct 20 (1pts):
Also, what do you mean by switch layout? Besides the position of the sticks, are the buttons abxy are like stadia or like switch?
g848aga in Stadia on 08 Oct 20 (1pts):
Does it has its own battery? When it's connected to the phone, can you charge the phone using some sort of extra USB on the controller?
BTW, thanks for sharing your findings.
g80g646 in Stadia on 07 Oct 20 (1pts):
Oh no. If only there was a way to download the games again.
g7vdd31 in Stadia on 06 Oct 20 (1pts):
Too bad it's early access. I will wait for full release, unless they give us now a discount
g7rlcvx in Stadia on 05 Oct 20 (1pts):
To whoever is interested, I connected tbe sony wh-1000xm3 through usb-c to the controller, and it's not working. AFAIK, the usb-c on these headphones, is ONLY for charging.
g7j0snn in Stadia on 03 Oct 20 (1pts):
Plus * far cry new dawn
  • into the breach
g7iue9v in Stadia on 03 Oct 20 (1pts):
Celeste is a masterpiece. Really fun game, nice gameplay, a bit difficult though.
Everyone should give it a try
g7idv1g in Stadia on 03 Oct 20 (1pts):
Bill has nothing to play though.
g75agtw in Stadia on 30 Sep 20 (1pts):
I hate to be that guy, but who cares about another port? Especially something so old.
Come on Google, bring us games that will increase the user base (independent if we like or not). Bring cod, gta...
g6y52ba in Stadia on 28 Sep 20 (1pts):
Let's face it. The holy trinity is cod fortnite and gtav. Bring those to increase the user base.
g6tp80n in Stadia on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
In ubisoft we trust. But seriously, they have to announce the uplay+ soon. I don't see the point of buying something full price, only to find it in the subscription model few weeks later.
g6pgt7v in Stadia on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
5g is around the corner. So internet speed is not an issue anymore.
g6kgphu in Stadia on 25 Sep 20 (1pts):
Hdr is off for the game to be enjoyable
g6ien59 in Stadia on 25 Sep 20 (1pts):
It tool some time, before spotify took over the cd business. If you still remember what a cd is
g6i4eyn in Stadia on 25 Sep 20 (1pts):
I don't understand why so many negative votes. People prefer to buy full price 1 game, instead of having access to 100s. For the same price.
Why? So you can have your precious plastic box?
g6eetf1 in Stadia on 24 Sep 20 (1pts):
Curious, you bought two expansions for probably 50 euros. 5 months of pro subscription. Is it worth it?
g6e3ubc in Stadia on 24 Sep 20 (1pts):
I am kind on the same boat
I initially bought stadia for destiny 2. I love this game. Now I am puzzled if I should get the expansion beyond light. Truth is that there are not too many people...
g66uv7c in Stadia on 22 Sep 20 (1pts):
Chill out, stadia is here for the (very) long run. Hopefully they will give us something this year or early 2021 to keep us happy, but at this point I seriously doubt.
g61wokr in PS5 on 21 Sep 20 (1pts):
Get yourself a stadia 😜
g61vbkc in Stadia on 21 Sep 20 (1pts):
Between xbox and stadia, the choice is clear. No significant games exist on Xbox, to justify purchase. Stadia, slowly, is getting quite a lot AAA games and the cost is pretty much non...
g61uad1 in Stadia on 21 Sep 20 (1pts):
It's horrible difficult. You plug in the power coord, then you plug in the hdmi cable. And then, oh yeah. That's it. Too complicated
submitted by MarkdownShadowBot to CommentRemovalChecker

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