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Current State of the GFAP Community

The purpose of this analysis is to summarize the state of the “Saki Sanobashi” community following the discovery of the film “Lady in the Sea of Blood.” The events, as described by members present during this investigation, will be described in full, accompanied by all available pieces of evidence and potential connections. Additionally, these findings will conclude with an evaluation of the validity of such claims and prominent researchers involved. Whether you believe in the existence of this anime or not, one cannot deny that the search has been plagued by trolls, or individuals making false assertions for their own selfish reasons. Thus, while it is important to recount recent events concisely so that everyone knows where this group stands, it is just as crucial to provide all of you with the tools needed to decide for yourselves what is true and who can be trusted.
To begin, on Sunday, August 30th, 2020, user D393268 posted a thread on SakisanNoBashitsu about the movie “Lady in the Sea of Blood” as a way to demonstrate that “there is a lot of obscure shit out there, from animation to live action films, waiting to get discovered. Specially in the horror experimental genre, which is not made for everyone and the distribution is limited.” By the next day, such a finding caught the attention of prominent user Chris_Able, who was especially interested in this film’s alleged depiction of a woman’s death in a bathroom. Although this clearly wasn’t “Go for a Punch,” the thematic similarities between this movie and the anime prompted user Charlmarx to purchase the DVD from the distributer Twisted Danger.
However, even though Charlmarx would not receive his copy until Sunday, September 6th, 2020, giving access to the DVD in full, D393268 actually provided his copy of the film to Chris_Able, which he then shared on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020. In summary, the movie follows a woman for roughly 30 minutes as she brushes her teeth and bathes in blood in a bathroom. Ultimately, that is all that you need to know, as the full content of the movie is not relevant to the rest of this summary, but if you would like to see it for yourself the link is provided. Additionally, for anyone who is interested in this film in particular, it has been confirmed that this is actually the second of five in a series of difficult to find Japanese movies.
Now, the true importance of finding “Lady in the Sea of Blood” came when its distributor, Twisted Anger, was successfully contacted through their business email by Chris_Able on Monday, September 7th, 2020. The notion was that their experience in unearthing rare cult, horror, and exploitation films could prove useful in finding this lost anime. Thus, in order to bring in the other researchers, Chris_Able asked the Twisted Anger employee to come to the “Go For A Punch Search” discord server to discuss further. Within 10 minutes this individual agreed, and shortly after joined as user TwistedAnger. Through their conversation with the community, the employee not only relayed that “Lady in the Sea of Blood” had a lost related anime, but also provided them with the following indexed links from their proprietary software.
The first link results in a 404 error message when viewed publicly, yet TwistedAnger stated that the site mentioned “9 Girls stuck in a bathroom while their parents try to find them.” The second link was unable to locate any LiveLeak video, but TwistedAnger said the index mentioned a “BIZZARE ANIME where 9 girls COMMIT SUICIDE FOR 5 DAYS!” The third link actually does work, leading to a game that is unrelated, but came up because of dialogue somewhat into the game mentioning the number “9” and the word “locked,” among other search terms used. Lastly, the fourth link is a deep web site, by Dark Anime, that is no longer active but appears to be the most promising find here. Although no one in the community could access the website, the Twisted Anger employee was contacted the following day to learn more. This individual revealed that the index was from 2013, pre-dating the 4chan original poster, and exported the page so that Chris_Able could host it publicly. The site, which can be viewed below, presents a dead Streamable video link, a brief summary of “Go for a Punch,” and a 1986 origin date for the anime. If real, this is definitive proof of the anime existing.
This situation ultimately becomes more complicated, when on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020, the TwistedAnger discord account was hacked, and then banned by Chris_Able. Sadly, this community is familiar with such trolling attempts, the original discord server previously getting hacked and deleted. Nevertheless, all of the findings were provided before TwistedAnger was hacked, and the employee has spoken to Chris_Able, and user Kaiser (Charlmarx), about the situation over a private email given to them over discord. This post-hacking conversation even resulted in recovering the original Dark Anime logo, which is provided below. All in all, this leaves the community with first, the knowledge that content similar to “Saki Sanobashi” does in fact exist, although live action, and second, potential next steps. Many members have been reinvigorated by this discovery, now looking into a surface web Dark Anime website in the Wayback Machine with the same logo for clues and turning to potential sources for the anime like torrent sites or cult anime distributers.
Dark Anime Deep Web Logo: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/756072429876543498/756304896520749066/unk34535345345345nown.png
Dark Anime on the Wayback Machine (Features Logo Above / Found by User Lidkas): https://web.archive.org/web/20040515143313/http://www.darkanime.com/da/index.html
Lastly, before addressing the validity of these recent findings, the original deep web site is noteworthy for being titled “Dark Anime,” a source which the search has seen before. On Thursday, July 30th, 2020, Chris_Able found an entry in the Wayback Machine from the website Share Your World mentioning “go for a punch” as a video. The site, which is one of the internet’s earliest video sharing services, was archived in 2007 in this case, with the video not saved. This alone was not enough to prove the existence of this anime at the time, as “go for a punch” is a phrase that could easily be attached to something else. Then, on Monday, August 31st, 2020, Chris_Able dove deeper into this finding, as requested by others, examining the source code, where he found that the video was added to Share Your World by none other than “DarkAnime.” Sadly, before this connection could be definitively made with the deep web site and recently discovered surface web Dark Anime site, the entry disappeared from the Wayback Machine, leaving only the following screenshots taken by Chris_Able. Currently, the general consensus from the community is that trolls, which have relentlessly attacked the search process, “mass emailed” the Wayback Machine and got this specific link taken down from the platform.
General View of Share Your World in the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.shareyourworld.com/
Chris_Able’s Share Your World Screenshot: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/727382499474276403/754985389525303336/Screenshot_2020-09-14-10-39-34-411_com.google.android.youtube.png
Current Share Your World Screenshot:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/727382499474276403/754985342716608572/Screenshot_2020-09-14-10-40-10-581_com.android.chrome.png
Chris_Able’s Share Your World Source Code: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/727382499474276403/750030157234045042/unknown.png
Altogether, one could argue that these findings are the most significant breakthrough in the investigation in years, yet, because this is the internet, nothing can or should be taken at face value. For this reason, when compiling this information, I turned to a variety of researchers and admins in the community in order to understand the situation from as many angles as possible, including Chris_Able himself. Despite this, if you are to believe the information in this summary, it requires faith in Chris_Able, who provided nearly all of the concrete evidence throughout. For this reason, investigators seemed mixed on the current state of the search, with some choosing to trust Chris_Able, seeing him as a dedicated, hard-working member of the community, while others were feeling a healthy sense of skepticism. For example, it was brought up that Chris_Able may have participated in attention seeking behavior in the past, and that his reddit account was made on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, four days after the creation of SakisanNoBashitsu. None of these individuals were willing to outright state that Chris_Able is faking anything, simply bringing these up as potential concerns to consider. In the end, there is no way for this summary to confidently determine Chris_Able’s character, yet it must be stated that no one was able to corroborate his findings. Above all else, he is the only one that saw “go for a punch” mentioned on Share Your World, and the only one to have spoken directly to Twisted Anger about joining discord. Whether his screenshots are real, and user TwistedAnger is authentic, it is up to you to decide where you stand on this matter.
With that said, it is crucial to also consider potential defenses for the claims made by Chris_Able, working towards ideally proving anything that he has stated. One such attempt I have made is reaching out to Twisted Anger myself in order to confirm that they have been in contact with Chris_Able and can verify what their account allegedly stated on the discord server. It would be best not to bombard them, so I do not recommend anyone else reaches out. Similarly, after speaking to a computer programmer friend about the potential software discussed, he believes it would be possible for it to exist, yet it would likely be expensive; and when speaking to Youtuber BrutalityWillRule 666, who specializes in extreme horror movies, he had heard rumors of an anime related to “Lady in the Sea of Blood.” When it comes to issues with the Wayback Machine, users are waiting to hear back about the page potentially being taken down. For those with mixed feelings about the investigation at this time, this is possibly the most glaring point of contention. Some have argued that you would need a DMCA Takedown Notice to have any changes made, which seems unlikely here, while others have stated that if enough people complain about a page, it can get deleted. Past trolling attempts make the latter possible, but one could argue that a far simpler idea is that it just never existed, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of major troll activity recently anyways. Finally, it’s always possible that Chris_Able was user TwistedAnger, but the latest piece of evidence from this source was the deep web logo for Dark Anime that ended up matching a figure on the surface web Dark Anime site, which Lidkas found. If Chris_Able is a troll, he’d be playing the long game, expecting someone to find the website, dig through it, and connect “his” logo back to a random sprite found on the site. Similarly, Lidkas points out that they had to specifically request the deep web index, likely not receiving it otherwise. The assumption here being that if Chris_Able made the index himself, he would be eager to show it off, thus having no reason to sit on it. Overall, my point is it can be just as convoluted to believe Chris_Able as it would be to deny his legitimacy, so all I can do is present both sides.
Chris_Able’s Own Update on SakisanNoBashitsu: https://www.reddit.com/SakisanNoBashitsu/comments/ipd3jy/update_5_darkanime_deep_web_site/
Nevertheless, I can leave you with two conclusive pieces of information that should define the search as it continues. First, “Lady in the Sea of Blood” is an existing, real Japanese film covering the same topic as “Saki Sanobashi.” This alone proves that the themes allegedly present in the supposedly lost anime are not outlandish, nor absent from other media. Similarly, it was only just found by the community after all this time, proving D393268’s point in their original thread. Second, whether or not the deep web version of Dark Anime existed, or if “Go for a Punch” was on Share Your World, there was in fact a surface web Dark Anime site. As far back as 2000, this domain was home to countless hentai, and 18+ Japanese-based videos, images, and games. No matter the legitimacy of Chris_Able’s claims, it cannot be denied that he brought us somewhere concrete, and if any source could provide a new lead, it would be this Dark Anime site.
FOLLOW UP: https://www.reddit.com/SakisanNoBashitsu/comments/j13wym/updates_on_shareyourworld_screenshots_and_mouse/
submitted by moncayk1 to SakisanNoBashitsu

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