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Introduction to function Keys (FN) and hotkeys on IdeaPad. Mouse recorder free download https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4571. Download RuneScape Client. Tackle action and intrigue in a vast, hand crafted world with thousands of other adventurers. OSbuddy used to be the only great third party client out there, until Runelite came to existence. Mouse keys runescape able client. The 'Rules of RuneScape' are in place to keep RuneScape safe and - above all - enjoyable.

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Technical Help – Support. These plugins are verified by RuneLite Developers to ensure they comply with Jagex's 3rd party client rules and are not malicious in some other way. Here you will find a list of discussions in the League of Legends Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits forum at the League of Legends category. This makes those mentioned mouse binds smart to choose as to spare travel time of your right hand as it never has to. Contact us at XSplit support for guides, troubleshooting and live 24/7 help center for XSplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster. If not, then oh well. Runescape Multibox Tool - Unbannable with proof.

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If your client gets stuck at any point the most common fix is to delete your OSBuddy folder.

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Mouse Keys help you control your mouse pointer with the number keys on the numeric keyboard instead of the mouse. I am looking for 1-2 people to take. Mouse keys setup in Mac OS X To turn on Mouse Keys, click the System Preferences icon on the Dock, and then click the Universal Access icon. It's easy to develop your own scripts, or you can choose to use many of the community-made scripts. Mini Mouse Macro if different to other mouse macro's out there because it can actively record your mouse movements, clicks and keys. Runescape Gold, Runescape Money, Runescape items Selling. It works cross-platform with the desktop client, allowing players to play using the same Additionally, players who logged in to Old School RuneScape Mobile once will be able to Players can also tap the button to disable the use of two fingers to zoom.

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If you are interested, please see this forum thread for more. I have suggestion to add possibility to bind mouse keys. Osrs Raids Gear Setup. Features - RuneLite - Open Source Old School RuneScape Client click here. The Free MMORPG - RuneScape - Online Fantasy RPG. Buy games & game keys with Green Man Gaming - get the best prices, awesome bundles & exclusive game deals daily! You can use the numeric keypad to press and hold the active mouse button and to release it. This is helpful if you want to drag an item.

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We are back again today with week 2 of the Badlion Client 3.0 Beta! Hand-held Remote Controls. Build Custom Oldschool Runescape Accounts Ended. Why is mouse keys not working? WP Mouse keys are a feature of many operating systems that allows the numeric when playing RuneScape because the "5" key can be used as a mouse-click, such as the ability to click in a specific place on the screen with a key press or. Common Connection Solutions! I was thinking about using an autoclicker or something, but how is that even detectable if you set a like 1 second inter.

[Guide] How to sign-up/get/install Monster Hunter Online (originally posted on /r/MonsterHunter)


Section 1 – Introduction (and a few questions) Section A – Handy Links Section 2 – Downloading the game Section 3 – Registering a QQ Account Section 4 – Installation Section 5 – Startup Section 6 – (Optional) Install and set-up Tencent Gaming Platform Section X – Conclusion Section Y – Changelog

Section 1 – Introduction

This is a guide I’ve made in order to help people register for and get the game Monster Hunter Online. I’ve tried my best to explain as much as possible and to make it easy to follow. It should be fool proof. This may look long and complicated, but it really isn’t. In some ways it might seem difficult and I’ve seen that existing guides don’t consider the many issues that folks might come across. Especially considering a lot of the installation and menus are in Mandarin and that there is no Western version of the game. I know a lot of people want to try this out, so this is for them. The game is approaching open beta (December 17th), which is why I decided to make this now, it’s better to have the game files ready to go (only a small update required) and it saves a lot of hassle later for anybody who wants to play the game ASAP. There is a closed beta, but good luck getting a beta key. One might as well wait for the open beta. Open beta is now live.
What is MHO? Monster Hunter Online is an MMO based on the Monster Hunter games with a free-to-play business model, which is exclusive to China. It is only available on PC. Thusly, it has the best graphics of any Monster Hunter game so far, it can be played in full HD.
Exclusive to China, how can I play this game? Fret not, there are no restrictions to access this game, this guide will help you get the game. There is no IP block and I saw some comments by Japanese folk who were upset that this game isn’t even available in Japan. Complete with complaints that this is the full HD game and that the 3DS screen is too small/terrible graphics/uncomfortable to play. A vocal minority unfortunately, Capcom doesn’t even care about the group of Japanese folks who also want HD Monster Hunter on console/PC in HD. At least they can play MHX right now though, better than nothing right?
Is it coming to the West and when? The official word is: “There are currently no plans to bring MHO to Western markets.” All this means is simply, no. MHO won’t be coming to the West. Don’t expect it, but you can feel free to be pleasantly surprised if I’m wrong and it does. I’ll be celebrating with you. But otherwise, no. It won’t have a Western version. The good news is you can still play the game. You’ll just have to put up with Chinese text (Mandarin)
When can I play this game, I heard it’s in beta? Indeed it is in beta. You can only play in closed beta with a key, but the open beta starts on the 17th December, just over a week from now (8th December). Which is why I’m making this guide, to help folks get ready to play during open beta Game is now open beta!
I don’t know Chinese, but would like to play this game. What do I do? You can still try out the game. There are helpful folks like me who will try their best to explain some of the features and of course, I’d recommend getting google translate on your phone so you can translate by just taking a snap of your screen. Sure it’s pretty bad, but it’s better than nothing. I don’t know a thing about Chinese either and I’ve made this guide. I don’t plan on learning Chinese either and it’s a different language to Japanese if you’re familiar with that instead
Do I need a good PC for this/what are the system requirements? Here is a link for the system requirements for the alpha. I would personally recommend at least an Intel i3/AMD Phenom ii x4 980 processor, 8GB of system RAM and a GTX 760/R9 280 as minimum, the game would probably work on lower end hardware. The best thing to do is to run the benchmark, you can find it in my post here. My results are in there too. If you want to play it maxed at 1080p60, then a modern i5 and a GTX970 are recommended
Free to play, sounds like micro-transactions? The game does have that sort of thing, but for more clarity, I recommend reading this post. Doesn’t sound so bad, but it is free to play. If one doesn’t like it, one can simply uninstall it
Will there be an English patch like with MHP3rd/MHX? I don’t think so. This is an online game, so it would be tough to patch it in English. Especially as the game gets updated often UPDATE: There is now a fan-made English patch in the works and Tencent themselves have approved it. However, don't expect a completed patch to arrive anytime too soon. Open beta has started today and I remember there being 20k lines of Chinese that need translation
Getting this seems like too much hard work. Why should I bother? If you don’t want to bother, that’s fine. Play whatever you like. But if you think it’s too hard, then I’m here to prove you wrong. Follow my guide and you should be able to get it all set up easy peasy. You’ll be ready for the open beta in no time! (or some time, depending on how slow the game downloads :s)
Can I follow this guide in any order? Something can’t be done without the pre-requisites. You can’t install the game without having the files first. However you can make the account at any time, before you need to log in. I recommend doing it while the game is downloading, since you’ll have a lot of time. Which is why I’ve listed it after downloading
Where are the images? As you may know, reddit posts cannot directly contain images. Instead we have to link them. Each step will have an associated image link showing you what to do. Here’s an additional link to the whole page of images
Will there be a video version of this guide? I’m sorry but I don’t have the equipment or knowhow to make a video guide. IMO a good guide needs narration and I don’t have a microphone, nor the environment to record in. With that said, if anyone wants to make a video version of this guide, I’d appreciate it, so let me know and I’ll link it from here
There’s already guides on how to do this. Why should I use this guide? Feel free to use whichever guide you want. I’ve made my guide while taking into consideration the many issues faced by people trying to do this and have tailored it to resolve the ones I know of. Here’s a link to an existing/alternate guide. The person also has other guides for MHO, so even if you use my guide, it might not be so bad to check it out
How did your installation go? I bet it was flawless right? You'd be surprised. I had issues at the registration step, which honestly make no sense. My regular browser wouldn't even load the intrnational QQ page and my phone just kept on bringing up the SMS validation instead. So I just slept on it and tried it a day later and it just worked. May be the same for you
Following the guide at x step, it won't connect/says the server is overloaded, what do I do? I almost forgot that this is an online game, so the connection won't be perfect. At times they may take the servers down for some reason or another. I recommend coming back and trying later.
I have x problem, help me! Follow this guide properly and you shouldn’t have any issues. Among the common issues that this guide bypasses are: needing to use SMS verification to set up the QQ account, being stopped after logging into the game with a box asking for details and installing extra unwanted programs. That last one especially, I’ve yet to see addressed in other guides. Otherwise, please link a screenshot of your problem and explain it thoroughly. I’ll try my best to help but I can’t make any guarantees
What is a TGP? TGP stands for Tencent Gaming Platform. It is entirely optional whether you want to use it or not. It's essentially like Steam, but for Tencent's Chinese MMOs. Apparently the game has fewer problems with this
Do I need to have the system locale set to Chinese in order to run the game or the TGP? I'd recommend trying to run it with your normal settings. If it doesn't work, then change your system locale to Chinese as shown in the guide below and it should work
Are we limited to a single charactesingle server? How does it work? You can access any server, but of course I'd recommend playing on servers with a largely English speaking community, who'd be able to help you out. You can make as many characters as you want. But characters are bound to a specific server and if you want to move a character, I believe it may cost a large amount of money (in-game) or some micro-transaction. Feel free to make a character on each server if you want
What server should I play on? As is shown in the guide, the first selection is region and the second selection is the server. A lot of folks were playing on East 3/South , but there were issues and we got locked out, likely due to high population. We are playing on New South, Server 2, which is the second button for region and the second for server. If you get locked out of that server (due to high pop), you have my sincerest apologies
Reserved for more questions
If there are any issues with the guide itself, please let me know and I’ll try my best to accommodate

Section A – Handy Links

[MHO] How to help you to translate Chinese (Bluestacks) by momocorpo - https://www.reddit.com/MonsterHuntecomments/3w6iei/mho_how_to_help_you_to_translate_chinese/
Google Translate App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.translate&hl=en
MHO Discord (it's like teamspeak, can chat by typing) - https://discordapp.com/channels/122526505606709257/12252650560670925
MHO Discord FAQ (contains handy info) - https://discordapp.com/channels/122526505606709257/126578658423865344
Note: Some folks have mentioned the discord links aren't working for them. I've tested them myself and they work for me. If you have a link that is different and works for you, please let me know. Copy and pasting the URL for the discord gives me the above links
Other links in guide & more to come!

Section 2 – Downloading the game

I recommend downloading the game is the first thing you do, only because it can take time.
1. Download the installer [Image] - Go to this link (http://mho.qq.com/download.shtml) and download the installer for the game
2. (Optional) Download Direct X and Microsoft Visual C++ if you don’t already have them [Image] - If you are using a Windows PC on Windows 7 or later, you should automatically have the latest version of DX already. It’s best to go to the Official Microsoft website to get the latest version of Visual C++
3. Run installer [Image] - Once you have the installer, run it and this should appear. Choose where you want to download the files for the installer. Do note this doesn’t install the game, it just needs to store the installation files somewhere. You can delete them after you’ve installed the game. Then click the button to start the download
4. Download [Image] - Then begins the big wait, you don’t need to do anything, just leave it alone. You can do section 3 during this time. The download can be paused if need be. Don’t click the boost button, it’s not available to us in the West without some nonsense. Who ever heard of giving download boosts? Only on fileshare sites, this is an official game downloader! The download does take a long time, note the timer is laid out as hour:minute:seconds. Even if you have a good connection, it still goes slowly as it needs to download from Chinese servers. I have a normal speed of 38megabit/s which would show as over 4MB/s. The speed maxed out at under 500kbps at peak (very slow) and took me 7 hours to download the full 5.5GB. Give yourself plenty of time to download
5. (Optional) Cap speed, completely stop or cancel the download [Image] - If for whatever reason you need to stop or cancel the download, use the taskbar icon to open up this menu for exiting. If it’s not there, then click the arrow (might be different in later versions of Windows) You can save your files to resume download later, which is handy if you need to turn off your computer for whatever reason. You can also use this to cap the speed of the download if you need to
6. Finish download [Image] - Now that it’s finished, don’t install it since you’ll run into issues if you do. You need to do something else first. You can quit without any worries since the files are already on your hard drive. The next step is in the installation section

Section 3 – Registering a QQ account

You can actually do this at any time before you are required to sign in. Using my method you should avoid some issues
1. Fill in registration [Image] - I’ve had issues doing this on Mozilla Firefox, so I recommend using Internet Explorer or Edge to resolve this. Try it on your normal browser first though, there’s a chance it will work for you (this includes Mozilla Firefox users). You need to register at the site (http://reg.imqq.com/). Use your legit email as you will need to access it to verify the registration. If you are younger than 18 I recommend putting in a fake DOB, just in case. It might not be an issue, but it’s better to do it in case it could be. I’ve no idea if it makes a difference, since I just used my actual DOB, so I didn’t have to worry about the 18 thing. Remember this DOB if you are faking it. You can be accurate about your location, but really it doesn’t matter much. Make sure the agreement box is ticked and proceed. Cookie if you can guess the password in the image
Note: Some people have been mentioning that they've been having connection issues using (http://reg.imqq.com/). Metaljac found a way that solved this for them (link to their post), essentially it requires going to the regular Chinese sign-up site for a QQ account (http://zc.qq.com/en/index.html?from=pt). The side tab shows 2 account types as in the image in the next step, I assume you want to make sure it has selected QQ account on the side. This method will result in it asking for SMS verification, which didn't work for me, but might work for you (and it did work for Metaljac). Make sure you change the region, since it defaults to Chinese numbers. Here's another post by Yoshieatsworld who found a way to solve the problem
2a. Solved Issue: SMS Verification AKA You messed up/are unlucky [Image] - This should not appear. It may also say 'suspicious activities from your IP'. Worry not, there’s a workaround. Retry the registration with Internet Explorer or Edge. It worked for me. Why is this bad? Because the SMS system is broken. I tried it first and my phone didn’t receive any SMS. It doesn’t actually send you any verification code most of the time. Use email verification to bypass this issue. Some people have reported success via SMS, but since it doesn’t work for most people so I recommend to just not bother with it. If it does work for you, then you will need to change region to apply the correct country code for your phone. Some people are having issues getting the thing to load at all. I had issues myself at this stage. The only solution I found for that was luck/waiting. I tried it later and it worked as it should. Some folks have said that using a VPN helped them get it working, thanks to Polantaris for commenting on this
Note: If you continue to get the SMS, or have given it a go with no success, I'm not sure what to do. For me it just randomly worked (sent me to the email registration) after I left it alone for a day. I also got the 'suspicious activities from your IP' beforehand. This might have been tdue to attempting to use the SMS a lot. I recommend leaving it alone and coming back in a few days and trying different browsers/PCs to try and get the email verification on imqq.com. I'm sorry if this doesn't help
2b. Success [Image] - This is what you should see after hitting the confirm button. This means it has worked. Go to your email and click the verification link
2c. The email [Image] - Just an image of what the email looks like. The screen you get upon successful verification will show you your QQ number and you can copy it down at this point. However the QQ number appears again later, so you’ll still have that opportunity in a bit
3a. Age verification/ID [Image] - Go to (http://jkyx.qq.com/) and just click the button. This resolves an issue with a pop-up asking for details to verify age/identity when trying to play the game. This site might be slow to load, even on good internet connections
3b. Solved Issue: Pop-up in game [Image] or [Image] - Yeah, you don’t want this since it stops you from playing the game. Please note that this will not occur for you, nor will you be logging into the game just yet. You probably haven’t even installed it. Doing these steps should mean you never have to see this screen
Note: It appears the message may have moved in the later versions of the game to the sign in screen. MaDCruncH posted here that the message may show up on the initial log in screen. Ensure you do the next few steps
Update: Next few steps are outdated due to an update for ID verification, read the update note below
3c. Log into your account [Image] - Easy, just put in your email and password you registered with
3d. One of these… [Image] - Yeah… you know what to do. There’s a button to ‘refresh’ the image
4a. Click the blue text [Image] - This page will pop up the first time you log in (and any other time if you don’t follow through these steps). Click the link to register an ID or something. I don’t know what it says. It’s Mandarin ;)
4b. Fake some details [Image] - Remember I told you that this game doesn’t have IP block. Well this is their laughable attempt to keep out non-Chinese folks. Just lie and put in some fake details, cos the hilarious thing is that it works. The only exception is that date. Put in the date of birth you registered with, it should be one that suggests you are at least 18. Just in case
Note: Some people are saying the ID section has changed and that it requires something different. Please post a screenshot of the webpage if this has been the case for you. If so, then I currently do not have a solution. Perhaps the devs are aware of this ID faking. Also make sure you put in a date of birth before 1997, to ensure an age of 18+. Just in case you get blocked for 'being too young.' Might seem like nonsense, but this has happened before in Western MMOs (reminds me of the time when Runescape had an age restriction for setting up an account)


This section has changed and now requires a different form of ID, I cannot update the guide with it since I've already signed up with the method I've shown here. A quote from dimsum4sale who found the solution: "hey the resident id thing has changed and it looks like you actually need a chinese resident id. i found a site that lets you generate the id based off of the province and dob. http://www.tool7001.com/ idk what to put for the name, i just copied a chinese name and put it on there." Long story short, go to that website and generate an ID to use in that section
4c. Success and your QQ number [Image] - You’ll get this screen if it’s worked. Remember I said, there would be other opportunities to copy down your QQ number? Well the number I blocked out in black bars (twice) was the QQ number all along! (the lowest black bar is the username). You will need this number to log into the game. Make sure you know what it is. If you lose your QQ number, just log back into this site to find it again

Section 4 – Installation

You will first need to do something before this step. Solved Issue Also follow the instructions closely if you want to avoid installing extra crap. Before you scream you have viruses, it’s just software made by companies partnered with the game. But they are unnecessary bloat, so I will help you avoid them. This continues on from the download section
Note: Alternative for step 7 and some step that might require you to change your locale to Chinese, a solution is given here by rikaii. Let me know if you try this and it works. I might add it in to the guide in full when I get the time
7a. Open control panel [Image] - Don’t worry, the change you are about to make is reversible and is actually required to run the installer and the game. Open up control panel and select ‘Region and Language’
7b. Solved Issue: Change System Locale [Image] - Go to the administrative tab in the window that pops up. Click on the ‘Change system locale’ button. Select ‘Chinese (Simplified, PRC)’ from the dropdown list. The name of this option may vary if you are using later versions of Windows, this guide was made on Windows 7. It can also be ‘Chinese (Simplified, China)’ for example. Remember where you did this setting. Just so that you can revert it when you need to. This doesn’t actually change your system language to Mandarin or anything like that. Just a few programs will change language (my Steelseries software for my mouse changed to Chinese for example) and crucially, this is required to install and run the game. It can be changed back to normal at any time
7c. System restart [Image] - Changing that setting requires the PC to restart. So do it unless you plan to do so later
8. Open the installer once more [Image] - Open the same .exe program you used to download the game earlier. It should pop up with the same screen you closed it with. Now you are good to click the install button
9. Installer hype! [Image] - Proceed with caution. Here you will dodge the sneaky ninja add-on programs that will try and get onto your hard drive. The epic background music can be turned off, but why would you want to do that?
10. Terms and conditions [Image] - Contrary to what you might think, the tick box is not a box to accept the terms and conditions and is actually one of those sneaky unwanted programs. Take it down by unticking the box before continuing
11. Choose install location [Image] - The default location is C drive, but anyone with a modern PC these days likely has their C drive as their dedicated OS drive on an SSD. Use the option to change the install location. Note the filesize and remember the location. The coast is also clear of those pesky softwares, for now…
12. Installation file size [Image] - This time the installer is telling you what it is installing. You can hover over each thing, the greyed out options are the game and software it needs to run. You may already have the extra software if you play a lot of PC games. But! One of these options doesn’t pop up on the side. Uncheck that sucker and feel good for avoiding another of these annoying things. Then proceed with installation
13. Install and look at cool artwork [Image] - Just wait and let it do its thing. In the meanwhile, you can gawk at images showing off the cool stuff in the game. Or just do something else
14. Finish installation [Image] - Click next
15. Exit [Image] - Yay it’s finished, now to just click okay… HOLD IT! It’s not over just yet. Except for the first tick box, the remaining text boxes prompt to install those pesky additional softwares. The last option is the TGP, however this is optional and a later section of the guide will tell you how to get that if you want. It's not needed at this stage. With exception if you are on Windows 8 or 10, leave the first box checked to launch the game. At this point I recommend you go to check your installed programs, sort by date of installation and see that the only new program installed should have been MHO and maybe some of its dependencies. I saw no extra unwanted programs in mine by this method of installation
16a. (Optional) Solved Issue: Recommended settings for Windows 8/10 [Image] - Launching MHO prompts a security box, so it’s pretty much ‘run as administrator’ ready. However, folks on later versions of the Windows OS may run into some issues. Remember where you selected the game to install? The first set of Hanzi (Chinese characters, pretty much the same as Japanese Kanji) reads Tencent Games and the only folder that should be inside is the Hanzi reading MHO. Open it up and find the launcher. Right click, go to ‘Properties’
16b. (Optional) Solved Issue: Recommended settings for Windows 8/10 [Image] - Go to the ‘Compatibility’ tab and select ‘Windows 7’ from the drop-down list and tick the box. You may want to check the ‘run as administrator’ box if you really want to, but it’s not necessary. Save the changes by clicking ‘Accept’ and then ‘OK’
Note: If you have done step 16, then you can skip to step 18b for solving the next issue, if you haven't closed the folder
17. (Recommended) Solved Issue Locale Requirement [Image] -If you try and launch the game on your normal system locale, you may get this error in gibberish. It won't pop up when the system locale is Chinese, but it does change the language of some programs. So the following steps are a solution to the problem, brought to my attention thanks to rikaii for their comment here (you can read it if you wish). Essentially just changing the names of the directories that the game runs from to English (roman alphabet characters) is enough to sove this problem. Imgur guide for this mini section is here
18a. (Recommended) Open the file location [Image] -The easiest way to get to the folder is to right click the shortcut you probably use to launch the game, and select open file location. This will take you straight to the location of the client where the game is installed. Otherwise just do it the old-fashioned longer way
18b. (Recommended) Getting to the folder [Image] -Go to the folder containing the first set of Hanzi characters, this is the same place you selected to install the game in, usually named something like 'program files.' You don't want to click on the folder itself, but the one above so you can select the folder
19. (Recommended) Renaming the first folder [Image] -Unless you are completely new to Windows, then you should know how to rename a folder, but I'll show it in the picture anyway. The folder reads 'Tencent Games' in Hanzi characters, while you can rename it to anything you like (as long as it's written in roman alphabet or any of the characters your keyboard allows), it's probably best to rename it to 'Tencent Games' since that's what it would be called if it was all in English. After renaming it, open the folder
20. (Recommended) Renaming the second folder [Image] -You should only have one folder in here, unless you play other Tencent games (in which case read on to figure out which folder). Rename this folder too. The characters may look familiar to us (even if we can't read them), especially with that one English word 'Online' as a give away. The Hanzi characters read 'Monster Hunter' so the English version of the folder would be named 'Monster Hunter Online.' As before, you can rename it to anything you like, but it's recommended to give it the proper name. Enter the folder after renaming it
21. (Recommended) Sorting out the shortcut [Image] -Without this step, the shortcut will not open up the game as it won't be able to find the game at the path specified. While you can manually edit the file location in the existing shortcut, that takes a bit of work and we're lazy. So delete it and in the 'Monster Hunter Online' folder you've just renamed, you'll find a folder named 'TCLS.' Enter it and you'll be back to where the client is found. To easily create a new shortcut, you can just right click the client and 'send to desktop.' Alternatively, if you don't want your shortcut in the desktop, you can 'copy' the client and 'paste shortcut' anywhere on your computer. Hey presto, you are done. Only one thing left now...
22. (Optional) Works without changing locale [Image] -Here I'm just showing you that the game will launch with the regular system locale (mine is English). At this point you may move onto the next section to figure out what to do on this screen. Since I made this section of the guide a few days after the next sections, you may notice some extra light blue text and a button under the sign in on the image (not present in the image in the next section), which you may get yourself. I'm not entirely sure what the button does, it may be a TGP thing. Thus I'd recommend not touching it, since it doesn't do anything we need at this moment

Section 5 – Startup

Honestly, this isn’t really needed. You’ve pretty much got there and installed the game. But just to help you that little bit more, I’ll explain how the log in screen and server browser works. It’s pointless as I write this for most folks, since the open beta is still several days away. But it helps to know these things. Open beta has started.
1. The log in screen [Image] - Retrieve your QQ number you jotted down while you accessed your account to sort out the ID/age restriction. If you have forgotten, log in to (http://jkyx.qq.com/) and you’ll find it above your username on the left or right at the top next to the letters QQ. Then enter your password. Tick the bottom box with the double brackets to accept agreement and tick the box next to 4 kanji in order to enable your QQ number to be remembered. There might be other boxes. At this point I do not recommend ticking or touching anything, There is a fast log in button, I’m not exactly sure how it’s a fast log-in but I just log in the regular way. It probably just auto-selects the server or something, making the next step pointless
2. Play game screen [Image] - If you have already selected your server, then just click play. Otherwise click on server select to choose your server
3. Server Select [Image] - Choose your server, I recommend seeing the Discord FAQ in the link section to see what server everybody is playing on. After that, you are in the game. I might do a guide on character creation, but that's as far you'll be taken by this guide
Note: Servers won't always be in the same position in the server select, since they are often adding, removing and moving around servers. I recommend you choose the server based on the actual Chinese text, or you may find you're aren't playing on the server you wanted to play on. This is especially important for the system locale fix, since retaining original system locale the server names pop up as gibberish. See the next step below this note
4. Solved Issue Gibberish Error [Image] - This is what the server select looks like if you don't have system locale set to Chinese (after renaming the game folders). The game itself might not have issues, and you won't need to see this screen if you are just playing on one server, but it's a heads up for fokd who want to be able to read what the servers say. The solution is to change system locale to Chinese

Section 6 – (Optional) Install and set-up Tencent Gaming Platform

This is an extra option that has been bought to my attention in this post. It's not needed, but apparently its quicker than logging in the normal way. To me the TGP is essentially the Steam/Uplay/Origin for Tencent's MMOs. It's up to you whether you want to use this. The standalone imgur guide for this section is here. If you have renamed the game folders to English in the recommended installation step, you might have issues here. Let me know if you do
1. Download the installer [Image] - Go to (http://tgp.qq.com/), the homepage for this software and download the installer. Make sure your system locale is set to Chinese before you try and install TGP or you may receive an error when trying to install. See above on how to do so, if you have forgotten
2a. Open the installer [Image] - Make sure you tick the box to accept agreement. If you don't like the place it's chosen to install in, you can customise the installation by clicking the button on the bottom right. You will return to this page afterwards. Click the big install button to start the process
2b. (Optional) Custom install settings [Image] - Here you can choose where to install the software. You can opt to add a desktop shortcut if you want. I recommend leavinng the second box checked as the guide will continue with the initial set-up of the TGP software. Confirming this all will save and take you back to the previous screen. Just click the normal install button to continue
3. Installing [Image] - Just wait for it to finish. Images of things from various Tencent MMOs and games will pop up. Have a gander if you'd like
4. Finish and launch TGP [Image] - If you unticked the box on the custom install page, you'll have to launch the TGP manually. It will come to the same screen
5. Log in your QQ account [Image] - Be greeted by a cool Chinese man pointing at you, while you enter your QQ account details. You will be using your QQ number to sign in, the same way you sign into the regular MHO client, which does not have an auto-sign in option currently. You'll probably want both boxes ticked unless you have a reason not to
6a. Click next a few times [Image] - Unless you play other Tencent MMOs, MHO should be the only option here and the box should be ticked by default. Continue
6b. Click next a few times [Image] - Automatic updates. Isn't that as standard? Continue
6c. Click next a few times [Image] - Faster connections and faster loading times... well sounds a bit strange for them to say that. I honestly can't tell whether this is indeed faster. Continue
6d. Click next a few times [Image] - Nothing to do here. It's just showing us games that have official management programs. I've no idea what they do, but MHO doesn't seem to be on the list. Continue
7. Finish first time setup [Image] - Some extra info in Mandarin. Now click the button to finish this all and you'll never have to go through this process again (unless you uninstall it)
8. TGP Menu UI [Image] - This is the menu you'll be seeing if you decide to use TGP to launch the game. Click on the button under the adorable felyne to launch MHO. Essentially this skips the start-up and log in screen and takes you straight to server select
9. (Optional) TGP Settings [Image] - These are the settings. Customise these as you please. Unless you'll be playing MHO often, then you can untick the box to run TGP at startup. I recommend changing the 'After launching a game' option to minimise the menu to system tray. Change the download and installation paths to whatever you want. Unless you have a good reason not to, I recommend changing the 'Keep installer?' setting to delete the installer after installation. You probably don't want an installer lying around your hard drive after having used it. Confirm to save settings and you are good to go

Section X – Conclusion

Cor it took me all day to write this and a good part of yesterday collecting and editing the images. I had troubles with imgur and can’t seem to find the full list of images, so this will have to do. I’ll edit it in in the morning, since it’s just past midnight right now. I hope this guide has helped you get the game to prepare foplay the open beta. I might make further guides in the future if I have the time and if people want it. As I mentioned at the start, there’s no video version, so feel free to contact me if you make one and I’ll give you a shout-out. Be sure to comment if you have any issues or if I made an error and I’ll try my best to help. Whether this game is any good or not, it’s free to play so we can at least try it out during the beta. Feel free to discuss MHO below and help others out, bring that great hunting community to MHO, whether it's worthy of being called a MH game or not. Good luck and enjoy the hunt!

Section Y – Changelog

08/12/2015 - Uploaded first version 09/12/2015 - Added TGP section and changelog. Improved formatting 10/12/2015 - Added Handy links section. Added a few things 11/12/2015 - Added solution for system locale requirement to launch the game in the installation section. Added potential solution for registration connection issues. Edited a few related sections 16/12/2015 - Added extra info and another user solution for the sign-up 17/12/2015 - Added questions, started update for open beta Updated sign-in section 19/12/2015 - Added note to server select and ID section 22/12/2015 - Added solution/update for ID verification step 23/12/2015 - Added VPN (user solution) info for SMS step and note for Discord links
submitted by mahius19 to MHOnline


Compiled below is a list of everything that has been polled and failed. The list goes in order from Oldest to Newest, with a title indicating which poll it was, as well as how many total votes it received.

Content Poll #1 - Number of Votes: 101407
Q2: 'Unidentified herbs' are changed to become 'grimy '
Q7: A few 'Free' worlds are made available, so PKers can fight with F2P limits. Membership still required (this item passed a later poll)
Content Poll #2 - Number of Votes: 75694
Q4: Holding down the mouse wheel button will allow you to rotate the camera, like the arrow keys do (this item passed a later poll)
Q6: If a world is full, players will be placed into a queue, rather than trying to repeatedly log in
Q8: Players will be permitted to return to Ape Atoll without claiming the Defense XP from Monkey Madness, allowing pures to complete the monkey chapter of Recipe for Disaster
Rare Item Poll #2 - Number of Votes: 34758
Everything failed. Link to view all questions here
Content Poll #3 - Number of Votes: 46647
Q8: Re-arrange the F-Key shortcuts to better match the behavior of main Runescape.
Rare Item Poll #3 - Number of Votes: 33623
Everything failed. Link to view all questions here
Content Poll #5 - Number of Votes: 23014
Q4: Assuming the new minigame (NMZ) is created, its rewards should include sets of lvl 50 melee mage or ranged armor.
Q5: Same as above, but lvl 65 gear.
Q6: Assuming the new minigame is created, its rewards should include teleport scrolls to take you to any Runecrafting Altar
Q7: Assuming…. Rewards should include teleport scrolls to take you to any POH portal
Q12: The amount of rare items spawning on each world should be increased to two.
Content Poll #7 - Number of Votes: 17424
Q10: Entrana monks will forbid players from taking gnomeballs to Entrana
Q11: Default price of Abyssal Whips will be increased so they are protected over Dragon Battleaxes on death. Alchemy spells will no longer work on the whip
Q12: Similar to Q11, increasing default price of Glories to protect over Rune Platebodies on death and immune to alchemy
Q13: Similar to Q11, increasing default price of DKS Rings so they protect over Skillcapes and Temple Knight Hauberks on death. Disables alchemy on the rings.
Content Poll #9 - Number of Votes: 28080
Q6: After you’ve killed another player in a single-way combat zone in the Wilderness, you will be protected from attacks for 10 seconds, and you cannot log out during this time. Only applies to player who got loot, not anyone else who helped.
Q11: If the GWD is released, Spiritual Warriors, Rangers, and Mages should be assigned as Slayer targets very frequently for the first month after launch, then reduced to a normal rate
Q13: If GWD is released, the Armadyl godsword’s special attack will use 60% of your Special Energy
Q14: If GWD is released, Spirital Mages will drop a shard of Dragon material that is used to upgrade Rune Boots into Dragon Boots, rather than dropping Dragon Boots directly
Q15: If GWD is released, a new degradable item called Amulet of the Damned would be dropped by the Zamorak boss, with stats equivalent to a Glory. If worn alongside a full Barrows set, this amulet would absorb a fraction of combat damage from any hitsplat over 15 hitpoints.
Q17: If GWD is released, an Armadyl crossbow would be dropped by the Saradomin boss. (This item passed a later poll)
Content Poll #10 - Number of Votes: 16002
Q3: The new magic weapon has a special attack that halves the melee damage you take for 1 minute. While that is in effect, should it also halve the melee damage you deal?
Q5: The following rings could be imbued using NMZ points, giving them higher combat stats: Onyx, dragonstone and diamond.
Q6: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell an ingredient that upgrades an anti-fire potion to a super anti-fire potion, requiring level 89 Herblore. The super anti-fire potion would block all dragonfire damage, and would also reduce the effects of the KBD's other attacks. Level 93 would be needed to add caviar. The potion and ingredient would be tradeable.
Q7: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell an ingredient that upgrades a super energy potion to an energy renewal potion, requiring level 92 Herblore. The energy renewal potion would restore all your run energy, and keep it topped up for 30 seconds. Level 96 would be needed to add caviar. The potion and ingredient would be tradeable.
Q8: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell an ingredient that upgrades a prayer potion to a super prayer potion, requiring level 94 Herblore. The super prayer potion would increase your Prayer by 4 points more than the existing prayer potion does, and could boost your Prayer stat above its base level to do this. Level 98 would be needed to add caviar. The potion and ingredient would be tradeable.
Q11: If you are wearing a quest cape at the moment when you complete an Endurance dream, the cape could become trimmed light blue, giving it a +2 prayer bonus and increasing its defence stats from +9 to +11.
Q12: If you are wearing a quest cape at the moment when you complete a hard Endurance dream, the cape could become trimmed, giving it a +2 prayer bonus and a +1 attack bonus, and increasing its defence stats from +9 to +11. For this cape, you would have a choice of trim colours.
Q15: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell a cosmetic cow mask. The mask would be untradeable.
Q16: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell Mort Myre fungus to players who have completed the Nature Spirit quest.
Q17: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell unicorn horn dust.
Q18: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell desert goat horn dust.
Q19: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell Wine of Zamorak.
Q20: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell swamp tar.
Q21: Nightmare Zone's reward shop could sell limpwurt roots.
Content Poll #11 - Number of Votes: 12733
Q4: An extra button will be added to the options menu, allowing you to change the 'Attack' option in PvP to a left-click 'Fight' option
Q11: On PvP worlds, if they are launched, players will be able to attack a target player who is in combat against an NPC in a single-way zone
Q12: On PvP worlds, if they are launched, players will get 10 secs of immunity from other players' attacks after teleporting. During this time, they will likewise be prevented from attacking other players.
Q13: On PvP worlds, if they are launched, the 'Protect Item' prayer will be disabled
Content Poll #13 - Number of Votes: 20421
Q2: Should we introduce a co-operative slayer system so you can slay with friends?
Q14: Should we introduce a time trial slayer mode which will reward players with additional slayer points if they complete their task within an allotted time period?
Q24: Should God Wars pets be added as ultra-rare drops to the God Wars bosses?
Content Poll #14 - Number of Votes: 16869
Q3: If you vote for the minigame reward shop to be included, do you want it to sell the bonecrusher which works in the same way as the dungeoneering reward in RS3?
Q4: If you vote for the minigame reward shop to be included, do you want it to sell a rune pouch which will store multiple runes in but only take up one inventory space?
Q5: If you vote for the minigame reward shop to be included, do you want it to sell books that teach you the Augory and Rigour prayers?
Q6: If you vote for the minigame reward shop to be included, do you want it to sell all three levels of clue scrolls?
Q10: Should we allow players to buy bandages which work outside of Castle Wars in the same way as they do in Castle Wars?
Q11: If you kill five or more players without dying in Castle Wars, would you like to be buffed which will increase the damage you deal and make you more difficult to kill?
Q12: Should we add some siege weapons to Castle Wars to help break down the doors of the keep?
Q13: Should we allow players to obtain free elemental, mind, chaos and death runes within Castle Wars to cast magic at a reduced XP rate?
Q16: Should we reduce the smithing requirement to access the Blast Furnace to 30?
Q19: Should we add fighter legs with the same stats as the fighter skirt but with a +1 strength modifier to the Barbarian Assault reward shop?
Q20: Should the fighter skirt have a +1 strength modifier added?
Q21: Should we remove splitbark armour defensive requirements?
Q22: Should we allow players to get to Trouble Brewing without completing Cabin Fever and drop them into a lobby area so they can't access the rest of the island?
Q23: Should we remove the level 40 Cooking requirement from Trouble Brewing?
Content Poll #15 - Number of Votes: 22617
Q2: Should we stop players from teleporting out of the KBD lair?
Q5: Once we have solved the issue of luring players into the Wilderness using the trade windows, should we remove the Wilderness Ditch?
Q10: Should Revenants be added to the Wilderness in the Graveyard of Shadows?
Q11: If revenants are added should the Graveyard of Shadows become a multi-combat zone?
Q12: Should we allow players to be able to attack other players in a single way combat area even if either are currently in combat with an NPC?
Q13: Should we remove 10 worlds from the world list to boost activity on the other worlds?
Q14: Should tradeable items become visible immediately to all players if their owner chooses to drop them on the ground in the Wilderness?
Q21: Should we increase the cool-down time on the minigame teleports to 1 hour?
Content Poll #16 - Number of Votes: 22884
Q4: Should the Trident of the Seas be able to attack players in all PvP areas, including the Wilderness, PvP worlds, the Duel Arena, Castle Wars and the TzHaar Fight Pit?
Q8: Should your Special Attack energy restore 5x faster for a minute after you've died?
Q12: When you pay a gardener to chop down a tree for you, should you receive tree roots as if you'd dug up the tree yourself?
Q17: Godswords currently have an accurate combat style of Crush. Should we change this to Slash?
Q19: Should composite bows be changed to have the same attack speed as a shortbow, with the magic composite bow's special attack becoming the same as the magic shortbow?
Q26: Being able to train magic effectively in Nightmare Zone without the need to use player created runes is having a severe effect on the runecrafting skill. To allow you to keep getting the current XP and maintain the value of the runecrafting skill should you only get magic XP in Nightmare Zone if you use your own runes?
Q27: Should we introduce an activity timer which will log you out of the game whether or not you are in combat if you have not interacted with the client for 5 minutes?
Q28: Should the combat XP you get in Nightmare Zone scale up so you get 100% of the XP if you and your party (if you are in one) have unlocked all of the bosses available in the Nightmare Zone?
Content Poll #17 - Number of Votes: 11373
Q6: If a player picks up an item that spawns in Nightmare Zone, should it be destroyed if it is dropped again? This will affect runes, pickaxes, anti-dragon breath shields, etc.
Wilderness Feedback Poll - Number of Votes: 13484
Q5: Should we add ancient warrior armour sets (not the weapons) similar to the armour sets of Morrigan, Statius and Zuriel to the drop lists of the three Wilderness bosses?
Q9: Should dark crabs heal 24 instead of 22?
Q12: Should we increase the limit for the Ecumenical keys to 5?
Q14: Should we allow players to add to their Kill/Death count in PvP worlds in the vicinity of the respawn points?
Update Priorities & Slayer Drops Poll - Number of Votes: 17716
Q5: Should the Abyssal Tentacle have an attack style for training strength?
Content Poll #18 - Number of Votes: 18001
Q2: When you manually drop a stack of chinchompas in the Wilderness, should they fall to the ground like they do if you die with them?
Q8: Should we add a +20 ranged defence bonus to Bandos boots?
Q9: Should we change the crystal shield's negative ranged bonus from -10 to -5?
Q11: When a player is hit with ice barrage, should the spell animation be different based on whether that player is already frozen?
Q15: Should we add the ability for you to see your face close up so you can take a screenshot of your character to share your best Old School moments with your friends?
Q16: Should we reduce the cost of a medium clue scroll from Trouble Brewing to 300 pieces of eight? This will mean it will take about an hour to get one.
submitted by Umdlye to test

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