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Become a part of the number one Cube World community and join Cube World Forum! Backing up characters is done in the same way as backing up anything else. Watch Sussex teenager complete fiendish Rubik's Cube https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4568. Global Offensive Cube World Dark And Light DayZ ECO Empyrion Garry. German Philipp Weyer took home the crown in the fastest hand event, which sees competitors using just one hand to solve a cube, registering times of between 11 and 13 seconds in the final. You can load the apk and run it. It will initialize. Note: Residents of the European Union, while traveling within the European Union, have access to the same titles that are available when streaming from their country of residence.

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Tokyo (Singleplayer map for World at War) Apr 3 2020 Released 2020 First Person Shooter This is a singleplayer map for the game "Call of Duty: World at War" My mapping "career", as it were, started back near the end of 2020 or early 2020. Unless buying the current steam version allows you to link it to your picroma and download the alpha. The Movies and TV Shows categories in the Fire TV menu change automatically to include Watch While Abroad rows. Days To Die ARK: Survival Evolved Arma3 Atlas Conan Exiles Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cube World DayZ ECO Empyrion Garry's Mod Hurtworld Hytale Life is Feudal Minecraft Miscreated Reign of Kings Rust Space Engineers Squad Starbound Team Fortress 2 Teamspeak Terraria Unturned Wurm Unlimited. Sigfox and Cube Infrastructure Managers Announce Major https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4567. An alpha version of the game was released in July 2020, but saw sparse updates and communication from von Funck, with many considering the game to be vaporware until he. Feel free to report bugs you found in the game here.

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1 Neuron: Action Bar Mods: World of Warcraft AddOns 100%
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Rubik's Cube cracked as EU court strips away its iconic

Korean SeungBeom Cho solved the 3D puzzle in his first round at the World Cube. Rubik's Cube World Record Smashed by MIT Reseachers Using her response. Their invites to me also never get delivered but they are able to play together in their games. Free delivery available on. Just double checked and I see you can still download the alpha on. I love Ark and I was super hyped for pixark but its basically been abandoned. If it is not valid, the game shuts down immediately after starting.

Cube World Paid Alpha to be Launched Soon

The Rubik name is protected and similar toys will not be able to use it. But Simba Toys, the German toymaker which launched the legal action, welcomed the decision, saying that it would give the. What are the drop rates in Cube World?: : Cube World about his. Cube World Free Download 2020 read what he said. World Languages; SAT; German; French; Medicine; Engineering; Law; JOIN NOW; LOG IN; previous; next; Mathematics, 31.07.2020 01: 00, bbyitskeke7160. Max Park from USA wins first digital Red Bull Rubik's Cube go right here. The other S2 i found, the Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4G SGH-I727 does not work. German Kitchens; British Kitchens; Colour Ranges; Brochures; The Process; Contact us; Our Kitchens.

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In many ways, Cube World is similar to Minecraft, but it has its own overworld map and elements which provides a pretty unique gaming experience. I have a glass cube and I have tried to use Pbomb, and Parray and I didn't like what I got. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. Benchmark your skill and see how your aim compares to the rest of the world. How To Play Cube World On Mac https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4557. [PC Multi] Tales of Zestiria – CPY + 13 DLC. Game doesn't launch: : Cube World General Discussions https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=4570.

Asteroid Day AMA – We’re engineers and scientists working on a mission that could, one day, help save humankind from asteroid extinction. Ask us anything!

Thanks everybody for the great, through-provoking questions, we had a lot of fun and you got us thinking! That's all we have time for right now, but this was such a nice way to interact with you interesting people! We will login tomorrow to answer anymore questions that come in. While we were doing this the International Astronomical Union released the name for the asteroid we are targeting: Dimorphos! https://www.esa.int/Safety_Security/Hera/Name_given_to_asteroid_target_of_ESA_s_planetary_defence_mission
Next week is [Asteroid Day](www.asteroidday.org) where we raise awareness about the rocks that regularly zoom past Earth. We are a bunch of European Space Agency (ESA) experts on asteroids here to answer any questions you may have, from dinosaur extinction to asteroid mining and even deflection!
We are:
Paolo Martino – I am ESA’s system engineer for Hera that will be launched in 2024 to study what happens when NASA's DART hits the Didymos Asteroid. We hope to prove humankind can actually deflect an asteroid. Originally from Italy, I spent more than ten years at ESA’s technical heart ESTEC working on several satellites. I have worked on the Hera mission since 2012. I can also answer any questions in Italian. (PM)
Marco Micheli – I am an Italian astronomer, my job is to observe asteroids that may be dangerous to our planet and calculate the risk they pose. I started doing this as an amateur astronomer when I was 16, and then, after a degree in physics and a PhD in Hawaii I was able to turn asteroid hunting into my daily job at ESA's Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre. Our observations, taken with some of the largest and most powerful telescopes in the world, allow us to measure the position and trajectory of potentially dangerous asteroids, and predict close passages and possible collisions with our planet. I can answer your questions in Italian too. (MM)
Heli Greus – I am ESA’s Hera product assurance and safety manager making sure that after NASA’s DART probe hits Didymos we launch the Hera probe to observe what happens next and map the resulting impact crater after the dust has settled. We will also launch two CubeSats to fly closer to the asteroid's surface. With all this information we can hopefully deflect asteroids that are a threat for humankind. I grew up in Finland but have been working at ESA’s technical heart in The Netherlands for 13 years. Feel free to ask questions in Suomi too! (HG)
Detlef Koschny – I am co-managing the Planetary Defence Office, part of ESA’s Space Safety programme that is working to protect our planet from asteroids, violent solar outbursts and the build-up of dangerous space debris. I have a passion for cosmic dust, meteors, fireballs, and other minor bodies in the solar system, in particular asteroids. I have worked on many planetary missions. Recently, I was involved in a study where we took videos of the surface of our European laboratory on the International Space Station to understand how many micro-meteoroids hit our module. Originally from Germany and now living in the Netherlands, I can answer questions in German and hopefully in Dutch, too. (DVK)
Aidan Cowley – Science Advisor for ESA and materials scientist working on human spaceflight and exploration, including in-situ resource utilisation to enable sustained exploration of other worlds (and asteroids!) by using resources available in space. For example we developed [3d-printing from lunar regolith to build a moon base (http://www.esa.int/Enabling_Support/Space_Engineering_Technology/Building_a_lunar_base_with_3D_printing). (AC)
submitted by ESA_Asteroid_Day to IAmA

Competitive Budget Deck Masterpost (October 2020)

All I know what to do anymore is summon Elpy, it's been so long. I don't know what yugioh is anymore. The other day, I summoned my monsters to set up Guardragon arrows. In goat format. Everything has become dragon to me. There are no other types, no other monsters besides for Fibrax. I have seen God, and I have seen the devil, but they are one and the same. I stared into the abyss and screamed, and it screamed back: "carrier target savage"
This post will give recommendations for decks that can generally do well while generally remaining in the $50 to $150 price range.
  • Estimated pricing includes a sample completed main deck and some or all of an extra deck, but no side.
  • Pricing is based mainly on singles and you can easily save a lot of money by buying cores for most of these lists all at once.
  • Decks were chosen usually based on having some degree of success in recent TCG formats. Thus, many of the frequently recommended budget decks like Deskbots and Graydle Kaiju will not be on here.
    • As we have had virtually no IRL events in the last few months, these deck choices and rankings are heavily based on online tournaments such as Konami's Remote Duel Invitationals, LCS, and other assorted online events.
    • Remember that these events are pretty small and high in variance. Don't immediately condemn a deck as being sub-par because it hasn't shown up in online events - there are around 20 decks on this post and not all of them are going to be able to compete with Dragon Link and Dogmatika.
    • Performance on DuelingBook's ranked ladder also slightly factors in to the placement of these decks, with data taken from Ygoscope.
  • Many decklists will include some middle-range power cards that might drive the price point up, such as Ash Blossom and Borrelsword Dragon. These can be cut for players on an extreme budget. For instance, a set of Ash is $30 currently, but Ash is included in many of these lists as a generic staple that players might already own.
  • Conversely, decklists are oftentimes easily upgraded by adding power cards such as Forbidden Droplet and Triple Tactics Talent.
Not all decklists are perfect and this post is not an F. Unless there is a particularly offensive deckbuilding error that you want to point out, please don't use this thread to nitpick at the sample decklists provided. Decklists were built prioritizing simplicity and effectiveness on a budget. At the same time, if you want to try one of these decks, don't treat them as if they're perfect, either - you should experiment and play cards that feel comfortable and/or optimal to you.
Do feel free to leave suggestions for budget players, whether it's a budget tech choice for one of the decks on this list or whether it's a different deck that you think can compete in the coming months.
[Last updated: 18 October, 2020]
Previous version: June 2020 Post
TODO: Update placements for Zoodiac, Monarch, and Prank lists because the NA market is a dumpster fire, add Virtual World

S Tier

The best bang for your buck. Decks in this category have the capacity to top premier events, though they're almost always supplemented with expensive power cards.

Dragon Link

Price: $100-150+ (depending on Extra Deck) Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Dragon Link is a Link-centric combo deck that has dominated competitive play since the September banlist. Though it's optimally played with Crystron Halqifibrax and Linkross, the deck is still very strong without these power cards, and is deadly even on a budget.
  • The provided budget version of this deck actually has a ton of extra deck flexibility due to not needing to play Synchro/Link cards related to the Halq/Kross package, meaning that you can play Knightmares, anti-Dogmatika cards, etc.
  • This deck has seen a great deal of variation online, playing a variety of different engines and tech cards. A few of these include Vylon Cube + Smoke Grenade, the Rose Dragons, several different Dragonmaid cards, and even an FTK variant involving Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu. However, few of these are viable for budget players, especially if you do not own a copy of Halqifibrax.
  • Optimally, this deck plays Dragunity Divine Lance + Dragunity Phalanx, as part of a combo involving Linkross to help establish a negate very early on and make this deck much more resilient. While we can cut this package since we don't play Halq/Kross, it also means that the budget version of this deck is more fragile by comparison.
  • As the strongest deck in the meta, Dragon Link is also the deck that everyone prepares for, so you should expect opposing decks to play tech cards designed specifically to beat this deck. Additionally, this deck is extremely likely to be hit on the next banlist, though there's no way to know for sure.


Price: $100+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Dinosaurs are an aggressive deck with consistent access to Evolzar Laggia/Dolkka and Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, a formidable boss monster with incredible OTK power and disruption.
  • Dinos are one of the only decks that can claim a major win at an official Konami event during the pandemic (with Dragon Link being another), as TeamSamuraiX1 won the first NA Remote Duel Invitational with the deck. It's also seen consistently strong performance in online events for the past several months, able to compete with extremely strong combo decks such as Adamancipator last format and Dragon Link.
    • Sam, like many other players this format, ran Pot of Extravagance, and played strong going-second cards like Dark Ruler No More and Mystic Mine. As the Extrav version doesn't rely much on the extra deck, it's capable of going second into decks that establish the Buster lock, such as Dragon Link. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno then makes it extremely easy to clear the opposing board.
    • Mystic Mine is particularly deadly in this deck as you can use it to force disrupts before killing them with Conductor. In the event Mine sticks to the board, you can then make an extremely powerful push with Oviraptor on a later turn and sometimes kill them outright with Conductor. Or just deck them out if they don't have a way to get rid of Mine.
  • The deck can also be played as a Synchro combo deck, making use of Crystron Halqifibrax + Linkross like many other combo decks this format. These cards aren't played in the sample list due to the high price of Fibrax, as well as other cards required in synchro Dino combos such as Jurrac Aeolo and Garden Rose Maiden.
    • The combo variant was piloted to notable success by Jack Verma at LCS 3, where he finished top 8 playing a Fibrax-centered list running cards like Cockadoodledoo.
  • Budget Dino must deal with the lack of Animadorned Archosaur, as well as the lack of essential combo cards like Halqifibrax and power cards played in other versions like Pot of Extravagance and Forbidden Droplet.
  • The provided list plays the Simorgh combo, bringing out the WIND barrier statue on turn 1 to steal games. Though a full extra deck is provided, very few cards are actually needed, as the deck typically plays Extravagance anyway.

A Tier

Strong decks, but limited either by a lack of access to powerful staples or by the natural ceiling of the deck. You could still top a regional with one of these decks on a good day.

Subterror (Numeron)

Price: $100+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Subterrors are a control deck with a focus on flipping monsters face-down and generating constant advantage with Subterror Guru.
  • Numeron cards aim to make Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL going first or simply OTK going second. S0 is an extremely powerful card that can prevent the opponent from playing the game entirely if it resolves.
  • Subterror tends to want to resolve Subterror Guru as often as possible, and you can still do so after Numeron Calling restricts your ability to summon. You can simply set Guru and then flip it face-up with The Hidden City, so both parts of the deck can work in tandem.
    • Red-Eyes Fusion + Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon are frequently played in other Subterror decks for the same reason (however, Dragoon is not budget-friendly).
  • Though Numeron cards were hyped up before their release, they have seen little success in competitive play. S0 is a card that's better in theory than it is in practice, and Numeron variants have in general shown that they're not nearly as scary as some of the other decks out there. Subterror's notable event top this format, a top 16 finish at LCS 6, did not involve any Numeron cards and used Dragoon instead.
  • Pure Guru control without Numeron cards or Dragoon is also a viable option. Subterror can be extremely oppressive if it's allowed to establish its resource loop, particularly when backed up with There Can Be Only One. An example budget list is provided in the previous budget post, linked at the top of this post.


Price: $50+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Link-based midrange deck with a lot of recursion and a special in-archetype technique, where 1 Link Monster is used as the entire Link material to summon another copy of that monster, granting bonus effects
  • The deck is somewhat halfway between control and combo, establishing respectable boards turn 1 with a fairly compact engine, allowing many handtraps to be played. Their real strength comes in turn 3 and beyond, where their arsenal of free summons from the GY, coupled with their stellar resource recycling, easily overwhelm the opponent.
  • The majority of the deck is dirt cheap and is mostly able to be built with commons from SOFU+SAST supplementing 3 copies of Structure Deck: Soulburner.
  • Accesscode Talker is a huge part of this deck's success online, able to steal games easily with the help of Update Jammer. Accesscode is not at all affordable on a budget, so the sample list plays Zeroboros instead. Owning one copy of Accesscode is an enormous improvement to this deck's strength.
  • Salamangreat has found little competitive success in bigger online tournaments this format, but still regularly performs well in smaller events, remote duel locals, and the like. It's also a fairly safe choice, as it's somewhat unlikely we see further Salamangreat hits on the next banlist.


Price: $50+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Combo Ritual deck that searches basically everything in its deck, accruing a ridiculous amount of advantage
  • Famously piloted to a 2nd place finish at LCS 5 by Lundrity, making it father than all of the Adamancipator players (the other deck from last format that abused Block Dragon). You can watch his deck profile here. Though the Block Dragon ban was a huge blow to this deck, it's still quite strong without it and can turn to Magician of Black Chaos MAX along with Megalith Bethor as its primary forms of disruption. None of the Megalith cards are expensive whatsoever, making this deck ludicrously cheap for how powerful it is.
  • The competitive version of this deck generally plays Fibrax combos, with 1 copy of Adamancipator Researcher teched into the main deck to get tuner access off of Gallant Granite. This opens up additional options, allowing you to go into cards like Hot Red Dragon King Calamity, but requires HalqKross and Researcher - which combined, cost more than the entire provided decklist.
  • High skill floor and weakness to Droll & Lock Bird could be a deterrent for some players.


Price: $100+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Formerly an incredibly dominant deck, current Zoodiac has established a small niche for itself in the current meta despite having only 1 Drident. Part of this is due to Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops, which can be easily brought out through several one- and two-card combos. Megaclops can be immensely troublesome for many decks to out, and is extremely effective at closing games.
  • Plays a compact engine combined with around 20 slots dedicated to handtraps, traps, and draw power. Makes extremely effective use of the recently unlimited Pot of Avarice, as you can simply stack Xyz monsters, link them off for Gravity Controller, and easily fulfill the activation requirement for Avarice. Recent variants sometimes incorporate the Dogmatika cards as well, though the price of cards like Nadir Servant makes this option impossible on a budget.
  • The deck hasn't seen a ton of success in this format, but neither have most other decks. One reason it's high up on the post is in anticipation of Negalogia AA-Zeus, an extremely powerful card in Phantom Rage that has propelled this deck to tier 1 status in the OCG. Note that OCG has a generally slower metagame than us, and that OCG Zoo also has Utopic Future Dragon.
  • Zoo's price has gone up lately due to hype around the deck, notably with Chakanine being around $15 each in NA right now. Some people are speculating a Chakanine reprint in Maximum Gold, which would make this deck a lot cheaper. At the moment, the sample list only plays 2 Chak for budget reasons - ideally, you'd run 3.

B Tier

Like the above category, but generally weaker, less consistent, and/or impacted harder by a lack of access to a certain card(s).


Price: $100+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Control + backrow deck with incredible recursion and the ability to come back from almost no resources
  • Altergeist has seen sparse success ever since FLOD, and are a respectable budget contender. They've have had a fairly modest showing online, notably getting top 32 at the third online Luxury Championship Series.
  • Budget players are most hurt by a lack of Pot of Extravagance, Infinite Impermanence, Evenly Matched, and Linkross. The first three of these cards have reprints, but none are quite cheap enough yet to be easily accessible on a budget.
  • Be on the lookout for whenever Altergeist Pookuery gets imported to the TCG, as the ability to make Hexstia on turn 1 and then trigger its search effect with Linkross is insane for the deck's consistency.
  • The extra deck is extremely flexible (as Altergeist are typically played with Extravagance, anyway) and several options are simply tech cards, such as Elder Entity N'tss.
  • Main deck trap choices are also extremely flexible. Torrential is quite powerful against Dragon Link, but this could easily be swapped out for many other cards depending on your budget, available card pool, and locals demographics.
  • Some players have opted to include Dogmatika cards in this deck, which is viable even on a modest budget. It's possible to simply play Dogmatika Punishment as a powerful trap capable of utilizing your extra deck, and even a single copy of Ecclesia (around $20 each right now) goes a long way for improving the power of this package.

Sky Striker

Price: $100-150+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Spell-heavy control deck that usually maintains only one monster on the field at a time, in the extra monster zone.
  • Striker isn't affected too badly by many of the commonly played handtraps like Nibiru and go-second tech cards like Dark Ruler No More. It no longer accrues infinite resources through resolving Engage multiple times, but instead is easily able to kill you with an Accesscode Talker push after whittling down your LP and resources for a turn or two. The standard combo involves laddering from Halqifibrax -> Selene -> Accesscode and then dismantling your opponent's board before swinging for game.
  • You may have noticed a problem: if you're on a budget, you can't use Accesscode. This is a pretty big blow to the deck's overall strength. The provided sample list uses the Utopia Double package instead to steal games, a combo that some players are still using in their Sky Striker decks. For example, Zoé Weber played Double in the second EU Remote Duel Invitational, just a few days before this post was written.
  • Focusing on going second and resolving Mystic Mine as much as possible is also still a viable way to play this deck (and is more affordable with the Mine reprint), but you may struggle against decks that play Smoke Grenade of the Thief, like Infernoble and sometimes Dragon Link.
  • Yet another way to play this deck involves (surprise) Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon and multiple copies of Red-Eyes Fusion. Instead of using cards like Widow Anchor and Afterburners to muscle through disruption and stick a Mystic Mine on the field, you use them to get to your Dragoon and either win the game immediately or put yourself in a position where your opponent can't play through the Dragoon disrupt.
  • Roze is the most expensive card in this list, and 2 is generally considered standard. If your budget is tight, you can definitely cut her down to 1.


Price: $100+ (higher w/ Dogmatika package) Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Control deck with an extremely power Link 1 monster, Traptrix Sera, that pumps out constant advantage.
  • Commonly played as an Extravagance deck, but also makes solid use of its Extra Deck. In particular, Parallel eXceed is really nice for this deck, letting it end on multiple Rank 4s turn 1.
  • The sample list takes an interesting approach and incorporates a very small Dogmatika engine. Though the full Dogma engine is very expensive (with Nadir Servant clocking in at around $70 per copy right now), Dogmatika Punishment itself is very cheap, and is one of the best generic traps in the game right now. The addition of just 1 copy of Ecclesia (around $20) provides a substantial power boost to this mini-engine, as dumping one copy of Titaniklad with Punishment and grabbing an Ecclesia for next turn is extremely powerful.
  • If you can't get Ecclesia, you could simply play just Punishment as a generic trap, but this would still require 1-2 copies of N'tss (around $5-6 each). Another option is to play pure Traptrix, incorporating more power traps/handtraps, and quite frequently the Utopia Double package as well.
  • Like every other backrow deck on this post, you have a great deal of flexibility regarding which trap cards you play. This applies particularly to the Trap Hole options, as cards like Bottomless and Time-Space Trap Hole are also both viable. In the sample list, Floodgate is played at 3 due to being extremely powerful, and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare was thrown in as it can negate cards like Verte Anaconda.

Burning Abyss

Price: $100+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Versatile control-based Graveyard toolbox deck that has been swinging in and out of meta relevance since its release way back in 2014.
  • Was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the September banlist, with Graff and Cir coming back to 2, Tour Guide coming to 3, and Rusty Bardiche being unbanned.
  • Generally played as a combo deck from 2018-2019, incorporating a multitude of options. This was considered the "standard" version of BA until Dinh-Kha Bui won a 130-player online German tournament in April with a much slower trap-heavy list.
    • The strategy is quite simple - set up Beatrice on turn 1 with backrow set, try to search a Tour Guide for turn 3, and push to win the game. The discard traps have good synergy with Farfa and Scarm in hand, and Fiend Griefing is powerful GY disruption that also dumps any BA, Rhino Warrior, Back Jack, or even Token Collector to stop Linkross combo decks.
  • The trap lineup can be customized to deal with different decks; cards like Torrential Tribute are strong vs. Dragons, while Ice Dragon's Prison is extremely powerful in several different matchups (but might be a little pricey for some).
  • This deck was frequently mixed with Phantom Knight cards back in 2016 (often called PK Fire), and the unbanning of Rusty Bardiche opens that up as a viable option once again. However, this variant is not shown due to cards like Fog Blade and Bardiche itself being a few bucks. PK Fire is also not substantially stronger compared to the regular trap variant.
  • Yet another possibility is a Synchro wombo combo deck involving (drumroll)... Halqifibrax, Linkross, and Dragoon. This is not covered here for obvious reasons.
  • The Mega-Tin reprint of I:P Masquerena is really nice, as a standard opening results in Masquerena + Beatrice off of Tour Guide alone. Players on a tight budget might not be able to pursue this option, as Masquerena and Knightmare Unicorn are both hovering at $10-13.


Price: $100+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Combo deck with several one and two card OTKs that can rip apart established boards. Plus, everything is based on dessert puns.
  • Madolche got some fantastic support in recent years that dramatically boosted the power of this deck. Petingcessoeur in SAST and Salon/Promenade in ETCO are all amazingly good support cards.
  • Saw varied levels of success in online tournaments over the last two formats, with some occasional breakout performances like Ryan Yu winning the Luxury BLM charity event with this list (pre-ETCO), as well as Dinh-Kha Bui getting top 4 at an HTS tournament with Madolche, winning a Madolche mirror in top 8 to get there.
  • Has a weird niche as a viable going second deck that can break the Buster lock with the help of Puddingcess. Typically, you will also require a powerful going-second card like Dark Ruler No More.
  • Reprints of key Madolche cards such as Anjelly in BLAR and Magileine in DUOV have made this deck reasonably affordable again after many of its cards spiked earlier this year. There are still some strange aftereffects, such as Hootcake still being around $12 in NA. The deck is very commonly played with Extravagance, which is not included on this budget list, but even Extrav has also gotten substantially cheaper.
  • The sample list runs Dimension Shifter, which is devastating against Dragon Link, Infernoble, Dinosaur, and Eldlich. While it makes your own combos awkward, you might consider the trade-off to be worth it. Shifter is, of course, easily substituted for another, more conventional handtrap.

C Tier

Decks in this category have the capability to be just as good as the ones above at times, but often tend to suffer from multiple problems including consistency and power.


Price: $80+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Aggressive Warrior-based combo deck that takes advantage of the Gouki monsters all searching other Gouki cards upon leaving the field. With the unbanning of Rusty Bardiche and the release of some solid generic Warrior support in ROTD, Gouki has seen a small resurgence online.
  • The general goal is to resolve Isolde and then summon Apollousa to protect you from handtraps, before using Gouki Rematch to then go into the Codebreakers. Codebreaker Virus Swordsman, Virus Berserker, and Zero Day can effectively vomit out 6 Link rating worth of monsters off of just the two Goukis revived with Rematch. Competitive versions of this deck usually play Verte Anaconda + Dragoon, Linkross, and sometimes even a small Synchro package to go into the Infernoble synchros. A great resource for current Gouki combos is this combo video from SirEmanon - note that it utilizes Dragoon.
  • Most of the warrior stuff is surprisingly cheap, but the reason Gouki is on this post instead of Infernoble is due to a heavy reliance on Halq + Linkross in competitive Infernoble strategies. The provided list plays a few Infernoble cards, but more as generic warrior extenders - Durendal is great for searching Fire Flint Lady as well as Oliver, which help to put extra bodies on board.
  • Budget players may find that a lack of Verte + Dragoon leads to the end boards being quite underwhelming, and less resilient in the face of disruption. A weakness to Droll & Lock Bird also doesn't help.


Price: $75-100 Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Floaty destruction-based archetype that generates advantage when its cards are destroyed, enabling its gimmick of using your opponent's monsters to Link Summon.
  • Can be built to go first or to go second, although the sample list prefers to go first since you probably want cards like Dark Ruler No More, Lightning Storm, and Evenly Matched for going second.
  • Mega-Tin reprints of Abomination's Prison as well as their Link 2 have helped make this deck a great deal more affordable. I:P Masquerena being more affordable is also a nice boost, though it's by no means essential in this deck.
  • Fairly modest online performance, doing alright at smaller events and more recently finishing top 8 at the second YuGiJoe online series as well as occasional Luxury events.
  • This deck's best weapon is its opponents being unprepared for it. Playing improperly into Dark Spirits or Unchained floats can very quickly be fatal. It also matches up decently into some Dogmatika variants, which rely on destruction-based removal from Dogmatika Punishment and Elder Entity N'tss.

Plunder Patroll

Price: $100+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Pirate archetype with ridiculous recursion and a unique tag-out and equip mechanic based on Attributes being used in the game
  • The pirates become equips for one of (currently) three Patrollships, extra deck monsters that can all discard Plunder Patroll cards in hand to fuel powerful effects. The ships become stronger when manned (equipped with) a Plunder card, with bonuses such as ignition effects becoming quick effects, or being able to replace the discarded card with a new one from the deck.
  • In terms of performance, Plunder has been doing decently at smaller tournaments (particularly PPG weeklies) but has failed to replicate those results in larger online tournaments such as LCS.
  • Toadally Awesome + Bahamut Shark is another option for players who are able to afford Toad, which is currently sitting at around $20 on TCGPlayer. This has been mixed in some builds with cards like Tenyi Spirit - Shthana.

Pendulum Magician

Price: 100+ (varies) Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Pendulum deck centered around Level 4 Spellcaster monsters that recently got a new breath of life with Double Iris Magician being unbanned.
  • Magicians are featured here instead of Endymion as they're newer and haven't been on this post for a while. Both of them have similar online results (which is to say, practically none) and Endymion has a greater weakness to Droll. For an example Endymion list, consider something like this.
  • The example list is a Magician-heavy list featuring Tuning Magician, abusing it in conjunction with cards like Selene and Halqifibrax to spam monsters to the board before your Pendulum Summon. Though I'm not sure who created this build, Trif Gaming has been a big proponent of it online, utilizing Linkross as well as several Synchros designed to draw cards.
    • A more budget-friendly version of this list cuts Fibrax and Tuning Magician entirely, and adds in other solid Pend cards like Endymions. The list shown runs a few moderately expensive cards like Fibrax, Apollousa, and a playset of the new Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon, but Pend easily accommodates a smaller budget. Plenty of budget Pendulum resources exist online, so those versions aren't covered here.
  • Tornado Dragon is utilized to great effect in this deck, oftentimes popping Double Iris on your own turn 1 and then popping Artifact Scythe on turn 2 to lock your opponent out of the extra deck. Incorporating the Dagda + Scythe engine gives this deck some much-needed resilience against board breakers like Dark Ruler No More, a classic weakness of build-a-board Pendulum.
  • Plenty of other viable options exist for Pend, including incorporating Guardragons, a Phantom Knight engine, playing Dracoslayer cards, adding a heavier focus on Odd-Eyes, etc.
  • Pretty much every Pend variant suffers against Droll right now, including Magician, Endymion, and others. There's not really a way to play around this due to the nature of Pendulum as a deck, so just don't worry about it :)


Price: $75+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Classic Fusion-based archetype from 2014, debuting in Duelist Alliance. Somewhat of a midrange combo deck that can slow the game down with El Shaddoll Winda or be very aggressive with El Shaddoll Construct
  • Winda is a troublesome floodgate that many decks struggle to out, especially combo decks. Shaddoll cards are currently played in several Dogmatika variants due to the sheer power of Winda and the utility of Shaddoll Schism, released in ROTD.
  • In the OCG, Dogmatika Shaddoll without any other engines is one of the top meta contenders, commonly playing even cards like Gale Dogra to use Apkallone and get to Schism as soon as possible.
  • Since the Dogmatika package is extremely expensive, the included decklist is more of a pure Shaddoll list. Schism is still an absolutely fantastic power boost for this deck, regardless of what version. Also possible is the inclusion of just a few copies of Dogmatika Punishment and maybe 1 Ecclesia (around $20), around with some utility extra deck cards.
  • The deck's biggest problem has always been its inability to consistently resolve a fusion spell on turn 1. Pure Shaddoll are somewhat prone to bricking on all monsters or all spell/traps, and not being able to afford the Dogma cards is also a blow to consistency.
  • Another hybrid build that existed before Dogmatika cards debuted was Invoked Shaddoll, which is still a powerful variant currently (though Dogma cards are always splashed in as well). Meltdown protects Schism, making it an extremely powerful combo that can out cards like Dragoon. However, Invocation is still $20 each, despite its multiple reprints.


Decks here will usually be decks that recently started seeing success (usually online) or upcoming decks that might become viable budget decks, oftentimes due to new support or even new reprints. Some might also be decks that could potentially be on the main body of the post, but need a little more time to prove themselves. These decks are also going to be covered in less detail.

Buster Blader

Price: Varies Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Control deck that abuses the interaction between Buster Dragon and the Buster Blader fusion monster to set up a very annoying lock similar to what Bagooska does. Prologue sending Memories and then Memories's GY effect will accomplish this lock if you have any Dragon in the GY, meaning that Buster Whelp sets it up by itself.
  • Has seen a surprising amount of online success, particularly in high-rated DB. Part of this is due to the prevalence of Dragon Link, which the BB Fusion is strong against on its own.
  • Buster Blader cards are typically played as an engine, almost always mixed with a heavy Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon package and frequently also mixed with Dogmatika or Eldlich cards. None of these options are budget-friendly, so the price is simply listed as "variable". The sample list takes the deck in a playable direction, using a small Rokket engine to supplement the Buster Blader cards and to help get Dragons in GY for Memories. However, generally, I would not recommend trying to play this deck without Dragoon.


Price: $150 Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Floaty combo/control deck with 4 maindeck Prank-Kids that all float into any other Prank-Kid when used for a Link or Fusion summon
  • Phantom Rage comes with Prank-Kids Meow-Meow, a Link 1 Prank-Kid monster that makes this deck incredibly consistent and turns any single Prank monster into full combo. This deck has been popping up a bit in the OCG, so it's worth keeping an eye on.


Price: $50+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Aggressive Fusion combo deck capable of making ridiculous boards going first and easily OTKing going second. Previously known as just an OTK deck, its ROTD support have made its going-first options quite terrifying, and this deck has picked up some steam online
  • Frightfur Whale being level 9 enables easy access to Calamities, which can singlehandedly win games. This deck's other possible win conditions include Apollousa / Toad / Dagda+Scythe / Dingirsu+Winda / Punching you for 12000 damage
  • Almost every Fluffal card besides Kraken is dirt cheap. Only the generic main/extra deck cards really cost anything substantial.


Price: $50+ Imgur | DuelingBook
  • Classic Tribute-based deck that was one of the best decks in early/mid 2016, and recently was brought back to full power after Pantheism came back to 3.
  • Monarch has some new toys to play with as well, including Seleglare the Luminous Lunar Dragon, Magicians' Souls, and the entire pool of Link monsters.
  • Notably pulled off a 2nd place finish at the EU Remote Duel Invitational last weekend, piloted by Lithium2300. You can watch his deck profile here.
  • Though Extra Deck Monarch is very strong, the Domain build is absolutely dirt cheap and doesn't require an extra deck. Monarchs in general have been performing quite poorly on DuelingBook and in online tournaments, but you're still able to easily steal games with cards like Domain and Vanity's Fiend, and the deck is perfectly fine for smaller events (as we saw from Lithium's performance).

Honorable Mentions

  • Orcust, Mermail Atlantean, Magical Musketeers, PaleoFrog, Crusadia Guardragon, ABC, D/D, Generaider - Decks that are fairly decent but have been left off of the post to make room for other decks that have seen more recent success or have fewer budget resources online.
  • Dragonmaid, Infernoid, Cyber Dragon, Invoked variants, HERO etc - Decks that are pretty good but are sorta in limbo due to some expensive individual cards, such as Kitchen Dragonmaid, Verte Anaconda/Cyber Dragon Nachster, Invocation, etc.
  • Cubics, Phantasm, Chain Burn, Evilswarm, Yosenju, Dinomist, and much, much more - Unfortunately, there is not enough room to cover every single decent, super-cheap deck.
I hope to keep this post updated for the foreseeable future. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Sorry this one took a little longer than usual to publish, I've been busy IRL and the format also needed some time to settle.
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