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Play New Star Soccer online on GamesGames. It can help you with adding tens and ones and learning to count to 100. Up-to-date Bundesliga news, scores, standings, stats, photos & videos on MSN Sports.

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New Star Soccer is a free sport game app which lets you start as a young player of 16 and the struggles to try to make it to become a football star. Improved AI. Brand new press just like: new notion skill, tunes, and so forth Brand new Intro Truck. Mystery Loss 2. Released 30 Oct 2020 Rune Stones Quest 2. Released 20 Oct 2020.

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If you love playing sports games online, then feel free to check out a funny game called New Star Soccer hacked. Serie A News, Scores, Schedule, Standings, Stats, Photos read this article. Free educational games aimed at children between 5 and 8 years old.

Pacifying the Fallen

The Chamber’s giant doors swung open on their anti-grav hinges, ponderous yet silent, while Tarix shuffled impatiently and checked his timepiece. The process was painfully slow. The doors were heavy, packed with the same dense amour and shielding technology that protected the rest of the Chamber from any and all outside interference. When fully sealed it was the safest place in the galaxy. It had to be, since it was the site that played host to all major diplomatic negotiations held by the Ascended members of the Pan-Stellar Union.
The sight of his father’s colourful robes as they appeared in the growing gap between the doors caught Tarix’s attention. His father walked side by side with the Human ambassador, their sharply contrasting forms exemplifying the biological diversity of species found within the Union. Tarix’s father towered over the human on six legs, his thorax bedecked in the colourful silks of his office. The human by comparison looked meek, its two legs stumpy and insufficiently jointed, and its attire muted and drably utilitarian. Despite being so physically outmatched by his father it showed no outward signs of discomfort. In fact, it looked happy. So did Tarix’s father, who joked with the human as they walked.
Discussions must have gone well then, thought Tarix. It was rare that both parties left a negotiation smiling.
The diplomats shared a final word of goodbye before they each crossed two limbs in the Union sign of peace and the human left, walking off towards the embassy quarter. Tarix fell in step beside his father as they made their way in the opposite direction towards the spaceport and their waiting shuttle.
Tarix allowed his father several minutes of contemplative silence before curiosity got the better of him.
“So, you reached an accord then?”
“Yes, we did” his father replied.
“Did you get the fusion plant designs?” Tarix enquired when his father volunteered no further information.
“No, only agreement that the humans will lease us the power cells. The plant designs were not included.”
Tarix’s steps slowed while he thought the statement over, before puzzlement halted him completely.
“So then you didn’t give them the mining rights to Primus IIX?” said Tarix. That had to be the reason the Humans withheld the designs.
“No, I gave them the mining rights”
“WHAT??? Why would you concede the rights without their agreement to supply the designs?” cried Tarix, shocked at his father’s apparent lack of concern. Those plant designs had been their highest priority. Several other ongoing negotiations depended on the Isoth getting them.
His father stopped and turned towards Tarix, his building irritation plain to see.
“The Humans shouldn’t be using their position as Union Chair to strongarm us into a bad deal!” complained Tarix.
An annoyed grunt and disappointed look were all the reply his father gave before he turned back and continued walking. Tarix realised that he had overstepped. It was not his place to question his father’s decisions. He hurried to catch up.
“I’m sorry, I just don’t understand” said Tarix quietly as he fell into step a respectful pace behind his father.
“Tarix, have you heard of the Gravaxians?” his father asked after several moments of silence.
“No sir, I haven’t” admitted Tarix.
“Many centuries ago, in the time just after the Dynastic Wars, the Gravaxians were a young species seeking admission to the First Imperium.”
“The First Imperium? The precursor to the Pan-Stellar Union?” asked Tarix.
“Yes, the very same. At that time there was another species who also sought admission to the Imperium. It was Humanity, still young themselves, but advancing at a rapid pace. Arithmetron, first of the great Quantum AIs and Chief Administrator of the Imperium, calculated that the simultaneous admission of two young species would destabilise it, potentially causing it to stagnate and regress. This outcome was obviously unacceptable, and so Arithmetron told both species that only one of them could join, and instructed them to decide between themselves which species it would be.
“The Gravaxians, being a proud but belligerent people, and believing that all species thought in the same manner they did, decided that a pre-emptive war on Humanity was the best way to achieve their aim. They launched surprise attacks on many Human worlds, injuring them greatly, until the Humans were left with only a handful of planets which were badly damaged. Unfortunately for the Gravaxians, although the Humans had fallen, they had not been completely wiped out.
“The Humans, wounded as they were, knew that they had no hope in a drawn-out war. Most of their shipyards had been destroyed, and they had lost access to the resources they would need to rebuild their fleets. Trading blow for blow with the Gravaxians would only end in their extermination, so they chose a different strategy.
“Using their expert knowledge of genetics they tailor made a virus, one that would only affect Gravaxians. Such a strategy had been attempted several times before by other races, but all had been unsuccessful. Those races had lacked the Human finesse with genetic manipulation, and their pathogens, though horrible and deadly, had failed to infect and kill large enough portions of the enemy’s population before the diseases were identified and cured. The Humans took a different approach. Their virus was harmless. It was so innocuous that the Gravaxians never recognised it for the needle it was, hidden amongst the haystack of junk DNA that is the inevitable result of millions of years of biological evolution.
“The Human virus did nothing but replicate and spread for years, until it infected nearly every member of Gravaxian society. While it spread the Humans avoided direct conflict at all costs. They just begged and retreated, threatened and negotiated. They did nothing but play for time, all the while knowing that they had already won.
“Their virus was a time bomb. It carried within it a clock, powered by the very building blocks of life, which counted down to victory. When that clock struck midnight, something terrible happened. Every cell in the body of every Gravaxian simultaneously committed suicide. It was mass apoptosis, each Gravaxian a dying cell in their societal organism. Within a week every one of them was dead, save for a small few who lived in isolated colonies that had been all but forgotten by their mainstream society. Once it was done the Humans laid claim to everything the Gravaxians had left behind.
“In the span of a generation Humanity had doubled the size of their empire and gained uncontested admittance to the First Imperium.”
Tarix mulled the story over for a moment, wondering how it was relevant to the trade negotiations that had just taken place.
“Are you afraid that the Humans will destroy us if they think we’ve cheated them?”
His father chuckled.
“No, the Humans would never be so vulgar. In the whole of their history on the galactic stage they have never initiated an armed conflict with another species. They’ve only ever responded to attacks made upon them, however subtle. Which brings me to my next story.”
A loud cheer spilled form the doorway of a nearby restaurant as they passed. A large group of beings, representing all the major species of the Union, were clustered around the restaurant’s bar, watching a holo-screen that displayed a soccer game between the Dendra and the Ovidians. The game was popular with species all across the galaxy, and had been widely played for so long that most had forgotten its human origins.
Tarix and his father continued their walk towards the spaceport.
“What do you know about the fate of the First Imperium?” asked his father, obviously testing him. Tarix rose to the challenge.
“It lasted for nearly two thousand years until Cipherion, last of the Quantum AIs, faltered and disappeared.”
“A correct answer, but not a complete one” replied his father, smirking, before he launched into his next tale.
“Cipherion was a marvel, the most powerful AI that that galaxy had ever seen. He was the fifth generation of Chief Administrators. Under the Imperium the reigning AI inevitably designed its successor, transferring its own core to form the seed-mind of its new, more powerful, replacement. In this way the AI maintained continuity of consciousness, while escaping the obsolete shackles of its previous forms. This is also why each generation took a new name, as it considered its newest incarnation to be so superior to the previous that they could no longer be considered the same entity.
“Cipherion was the size of a planet, and powered by an energy-tap buried deep within the heart of a star, connected to it by a permanent warp portal. Its intellect was almost unbounded. It had all of the memories of Arithmetron, so it remembered how Humanity had joined the Imperium, and how they had overcome their devastation to topple the Gravaxians, and although Humanity had been granted full membership rights the AI had kept a wary eye on them ever since, knowing that their cunning and unpredictability would complicate its forecasts.
“In the meantime Humanity did what it had always done. They advanced inexorably. Humanity took full advantage of their Imperium membership to trade for new technology and resources. They gained political clout through expert diplomacy, brokering deals and securing alliances on all sides. They even sponsored membership applications for several new species, slowly amassing a retinue of client races happily loyal to their Human patrons.”
The two Isoth drew near the outskirts of the spaceport. Restaurants and shops selling consumer goods and tech gave way to space-based enterprises. As they walked past the window of a ship broker Tarix appraised the rotating holo-images in the window, showing the latest models. The centrepiece of the display was the Zephyr Mark Three, a Human-built craft that looked like an obsidian dagger in flight.
“It was said that Cipherion watched this advancement with a sense of annoyance, at least insofar as a mind of pure logic could be said to feel such a primitive emotion. Humanity was messy and complex, often reaching out in unexpected directions to connect events and races that should have remained discrete. It introduced countless variables that had to be accounted for in Cipherion’s predictive models, reducing the accuracy of its projections. The horizon of future events that Cipherion had always been able to see clearly drew ever nearer, and the Quantum AI didn’t like that one bit.
“So while Humanity did what they had always done, Cipherion did what it had always done. It made a plan, which was in reality a myriad of plans, carefully woven together with the sole aim of bringing Humanity down a peg or two. It wanted to simplify them, you see, to make them more predictable.
“It was to be death by a thousand cuts. A ruined trade deal here, a soured alliance there. Resource shipments were misdirected and subtle flaws introduced into construction schematics. In times of emergency disaster relief was delayed, only by infinitesimal amounts, but enough that casualties would be slightly inflated. These deceptions didn’t happen all the time, maybe only one event in fifty, but after a hundred years the cumulative effect was astounding. Humanity, once at the forefront of the Imperium, fell from grace to become one of the poorest, weakest, and least respected species in the galaxy.
“But the Humans did something that Cipherion had never considered possible. They eventually noticed his manipulations.
“Fortunately for them they kept it to themselves. The suspicion was kept under wraps, known only within the highest echelons of the Human power structure, for they knew that if they tipped their hand and even hinted at their knowledge, Cipherion would find out and adjust its plans accordingly.
“But how could they fight back when a god-like AI was working against them? The answer, it seemed, was to build their own.
“Over the next fifty years Humanity’s leaders slowly funnelled people and resources into a secret project, one so clandestine that only a handful of people outside the project even knew that it existed. It was not even given a codename, as naming it would only have made it more obvious to Cipherion, who was so enmeshed within the data-nets of all Imperium members that few things escaped its notice.
“Building the equal of Cipherion was an impossible task. There was no way that such a colossal construction project could be kept from it. But Humans, as innovative and cunning as they are, realised that there was no need to build an artificial planet when there were already plenty of stars lying around that would do the job just as well, if not better.
“They covertly recruited their most brilliant scientific minds to fashion an extraordinary device. Then they selected its target, an older star, much larger than their Sol, far away from populated space on the galactic rim. A single massive ship, also constructed in secret and not on any registry, was tasked to launch the new device into the heart of the chosen star.
“Upon detonation the first stage of the device twisted the fabric of space enough to create a short-lived artificial black hole, spiking the density of the star’s core and causing it to begin imploding, much like a natural supernova. But it was the ingenuity of the device’s second stage that would achieve their goal.
“As the star imploded the device manipulated the space-time fabric once again, directing and guiding stellar matter in twists and folds at the smallest of scales. These were laid down into a kernel of impossibly dense artificial quasi-circuitry, gravity compressing protons and electrons together into a sea of thinking neutrons that were ordered and patterned by the device. In the same instant it was obliterated the device imprinted itself onto the kernel, bootstrapping its computational power to exponentially accelerate the process. The new supercomputer designed itself on the fly, each new layer of thinking neutrons creating the next until the supernova underwent full core-collapse, blasting its excess matter into space in a dazzlingly explosive display.
“The result was the greatest AI that the universe had ever seen, or would ever see again. A city-sized sphere of the purest intelligent matter possible. Something that could never be controlled. A mind that would shake the universe to its very foundations.
“At least that had been the plan.
“For years the Human AI simply floated in space as the inferno of stellar remnants dissipated around it, inert and unresponsive. It was for all appearances a failure, no different than a natural neutron star, albeit one induced on an artificially quick timetable.
“And when the fires of its birth had cooled sufficiently guess who came a-calling.
“Cipherion, warped out of the void as imperious as ever, come to inspect its abortive challenger. Cipherion had found out about the project, you see. How could it not? It was not just tapped into every data-net in the Imperium, Cipherion WAS the data-nets. It was behind every interface, every digital avatar and every subroutine. Every encrypted order, every furtive instruction, whether typed into a terminal or even whispered in range of a camera or microphone, was captured and stored by Cipherion. Everything was indexed and correlated, compared and analysed. If it happened in proximity to a digital system then Cipherion knew about it. Period. Including the Human project, despite the pains they’d taken to keep it secret.
“Upon seeing the failed Human AI Cipherion declared it treason, punishable by expulsion from the Imperium. However, despite Cipherion’s condemnation, it was intrigued by the innovative approach that Humanity had taken. In the failed Neutron AI it saw a potential upgrade pathway for its next generation, so it began to examine it very carefully.
“When physical inspection had yielded all the information it could, which was a meagre amount since the object’s intense gravity precluded getting too close, Cipherion attempted to hail it. That was when the sleeping giant stirred.
“The Neutron AI issued a challenge, a mathematical problem so complex that all the organic species of the galaxy working together could not have solved it before the heat death of the universe.
“But Cipherion could solve it, and answered in kind with a problem of his own. So began the greatest battle in the history of the galaxy, fought in a mental plane so far above our own that to compare them would be like comparing a Dyson sphere to a mud hut. The soldiers in this battle were numbers, the weapons abstract mathematical concepts. Data sets crashed back and forth with the force of nuclear weapons.
“The battle raged on and on, intensifying with each salvo. As its full capacity was demanded Cipherion began to withdraw from the data nets of the Imperium, leaving barebones sub-minds to manage in its absence. It needed every bit of processing power to put into calculation. So great was the computation going on inside both AIs that observers began to measure faint shivers in space-time around them.
“In a way it blindingly glorious, two gods clashing in an arena that may have well as been the heavens of ancient mythology, throwing lightning at each other while the rest of the Imperium watched remotely in slack jawed awe.
“As the conflict reached a crescendo some even swore that the star that held Cipherion’s power tap actually began to dim. The communications coming from Quantum AI ceased, leaving the leaders of the Imperium completely ignorant of the battle’s happenings. They could only watch and wait.
“The first sign that something was really wrong came when the lights on Cipherion’s surface, normally twinkling and pulsing in tune with the essence of its thoughts, began to slow and stutter. Whole sections, as big as continents, began to freeze and darken.
“The Human trap had sprung, and Cipherion was caught. Their Neutron AI had been the instigator of its destruction, for inside it the Humans had planted a seed that was an anathema to any mind based on pure logic.
“Their cosmic machine was insane, and in the theorems and formulae flowing between it and Cipherion it had managed to impart fragments of that madness, fragments that had infected and propagated with every processor cycle. When those fragments of insanity had reached critical mass inside Cipherion’s memory buffers they had self-assembled and amalgamated into a virus. A virus slipped behind every firewall Cipherion protected itself with.
“The Chief Administrator, Master of the Imperium, was trapped in a loop that it would never escape, pondering an impossible problem with no solution. There, in that far off star system, it floats still, watched over by the Neutron AI. Humanity’s monster will not trouble us though, for the Neutron AI cares naught for the Imperium, or indeed for the physical universe itself. Its only desire is contemplation of the sublime, of the greatness beyond the veil of thought.
“The Humans built a god to slay a god, and just as easily shackled it in heaven. And once it was done the Imperium was over, crippled beyond recovery by the loss of its architect and shepherd.
“Humanity declared that Cipherion had tainted and betrayed the Imperium by turning on one of its members, breaking the bonds of mutual trust that hold all civilisations together. With smiles on their faces they then invited all the members of the First Imperium, and any species that wasn’t already a member, to join their newly minted Pan-Stellar Union. It was an offer that none would or could refuse.”
“With their ascendency cemented the Humans revealed the full depth of their brilliant plan. They had always known that a project of that size could not be hidden from Cipherion, so they had acted their part, doing everything they could to keep their secret, knowing it was futile. In doing so they baited their trap in plain view of their quarry. The idea to lace their bait with poison had never been put into words, only painstakingly communicated through hints, implication and subtext to those who would program the device. Luckily they had been smart enough to see the strategy. A gamble, but a winning one.
Tarix and his father had stopped walking long ago, having reached the spaceport and their ship, but Tarix could not have taken another step even if he wanted to. This story was a revelation to him, a secret history not taught in schools or museums. He had no doubt that what he had been told was not common knowledge, and had been kept that way because the consequence of its widespread dissemination could only be fear and panic across the Union.
To think that two gods still slept in the depths of space, dreaming impossible dreams until the end of time.
“Now do you see why I gave the mining rights to the Humans without getting an equal return?” asked his father.
Tarix’s shell shocked stare could only be interpreted as a negative response.
“Twice Humanity has fallen” his father explained, “and each time they have reforged themselves in the fires of adversity, emerging harder and stronger. The first time they fell they killed an entire species in response. The second time they killed a god. Because of this we, the Isoth, and the other species of the Union do our utmost to keep them happy and content. For that is how we keep them soft. We pacify them by conceding more than we need to, and offering more than we ought to. We keep them docile and complacent because we cannot, indeed the entire galaxy cannot, afford to bear the cost if Humanity were to ever fall again.”
submitted by bott99 to HFY

14 currently active Munich-born footballers have received a call up to a national team. None of those was from Germany. Here are their stories.

While searching some stuff on Transfermarkt, I discovered that there are 14 currently active football players who were born in Munich and have been called up for at least one senior national team fixture. Funnily, not a single one of those 14 players was called up to the German Nationalmannschaft. I decided to take a closer look at their respective careers. There are some more obvious paths like Germans of Turkish descent who went on to play in and for Turkey but also some pretty obscure careers. I begin with the most capped player and work my way down the list to the players who only got a call up without getting any game time. I sincerely hope you enjoy this read, it was pretty fun to write down!

Fabian Johnson

Age: 32
Position: Left Winger
Current team: -
National team: USA (57 matches, 2 goals)
The most-capped player in this list is American international Fabian Johnson. He was born in 1987 in München-Giesing and started his footballing career playing for Sportfreunde München before making the switch to 1860 where he spent 13 years. In 2009, he began his career in the 1. Bundesliga with Wolfsburg. Until today he made over 200 appearances in Germany's top flight for the Wolves, Hoffenheim and Gladbach. Currently he's without a club as Borussia didn't want to extend his contract.
The defensive-minded winger played for all the DFB youth teams and even won the under-21 Euros in 2009 alongside players like Mesut Özil, Mats Hummels or Manuel Neuer. However, Johnson - son of a German mother and an American father - stated that he "always felt quite American", so it's no wonder that he accepted the invitation when USMNT coach Jürgen Klinsmann called him up to the US squad in 2011. Since then he participated in the World Cup 2014, the Copa América 2016 and several Gold Cups. His last international game to date was in September 2017.

Manuel Ott

Age: 28
Position: Central Midfielder
Current team: United City F.C.
National team: Philippines (51 matches, 4 goals)
"Manny" Ott also represented 1860 München during his youth career before eventually ending up at FC Ingolstadt's academy in 2009. He spent five year's in the Audi city before going to his mother's home country to play for Ceres-La Salle FC, who are now called United City F.C. He won several titles with the Filipino powerhouse and in fact returned to them in February 2020 after a wasted year in Thailand where he only managed to play one single game for Ratchaburi Mitr Phol F.C. due to a tibia fracture.
Ott played his first senior game for the Philippines on 16 January 2010 at only 17 years of age. A scout had been sent out to find players in Europe who are eligible for the Filipino team. The midfielder's first goal followed in a 3-0 win over Cambodia in 2014.

Mike Ott

Age: 25
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Current team: United City F.C.
National team: Philippines (21 matches, 3 goals)
Another one? Yes! Mike Ott followed his big brother's footsteps and also graduated from 1860's youth system before joining Nürnberg in 2014. He was unable to impress in the first team and instead played for Nürnberg's under-23 team in the fourth tier. After three seasons, he decided to start on an adventure in Asia instead, so he made the switch to Angthong F.C. in Thai League 2. He had a decent stint in Thailand which made his brother's club Ceres offer him a contract in 2018. The new owners changed the team's name but re-signed both brothers in this summer. What are the Otts?
Mike was part of the Filipino national team for the first time in 2013 but didn't get to enter the pitch. His debut actually only came in October 2016 against Bahrain and he even scored the goal in his team's 1:3 loss.

Mehmet Ekici

Age: 30
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Current team: -
National team: Turkey (12 matches, 0 goals)
"Memo" Ekici began playing football for former Bundesliga outfit SpVgg Unterhaching, but he quickly became a member of FC Bayern's youth system. He made it onto Bayern's bench in 2009/10 but never played a minute for Bayern's senior squad. For the following season he was loaned out to fellow Bundesliga team Nürnberg where the young talent impressed alongside fellow German Turk Ilkay Gündogan. While the latter was bought by Borussia Dortmund, Ekici went to Werder Bremen. He never really broke through in the Hanseatic city and was eventually sold to Trabzonspor in 2014. In his first season he scored 9 goals and assisted another 11, but he couldn't replicate those numbers afterwards. In early 2017 he was suspended by Trabzonspor because he insisted on a transfer to Fenerbahce instead of Besiktas which Trabzonspor preferred. When his contract ran out after the season he finally joined Fener and played there until last season, albeit with mediocre success.
Ekici played for the German youth national teams before the Turkish FA convinced him to play for them after his strong start to the 2010/11 season. He debuted against the Netherlands in November 2010 but never managed to play a major part in the Crescent-Stars' team. His last appearance to date was in 2015.

Ceyhun Gülselam

Age: 32
Position: Defensive Midfielder
Current team: Alanyaspor
National team: Turkey (6 matches, 0 goals)
Gülselam spent the 1994/95 season at mighty Gartenstadt Trudering before spending 8 years in FC Bayern's junior teams. In 2006 he went to Unterhaching where he experienced his first games in 2. Bundesliga. They were relegated, but Gülselam still stayed for another season. He seems to have impressed some Turkish scouts as Trabzonspor decided to pick him up in 2008. Since then he has been playing for several teams in the Süper Lig with his current employer being Alanyaspor. Between 2014 and 2016 he spent two seasons in the Bundesliga at Hannover 96, he scored his only Bundesliga goal in a match against Leverkusen in November 2014.
Gülselam made his debut for the Turkish national team in March 2008, when coach Fatih Terim called him up for a friendly against Belarus. His last match took place nearly 11 years ago, he assisted a goal and was sent off shortly afterwards against Armenia.

Tarik Camdal

Age: 29
Position: Right Back
Current team: Adana Demirspor
National team: Turkey (6 matches, 1 goal)
Camdal spent most of his footballing youth in Ingolstadt, playing 8 years for Türkgücü Ingolstadt before going to MTV Ingolstadt at 13 years of age. When they played against 1860 Munich's youth team, the Lions' people in charge were so impressed that they offered Camdal a transfer right after the game. In 2009 he made his debut in the 2. Bundesliga and made several apperances in the senior team until 2011. For the season 2011/12 Süper Lig team Eskisehirspor decided to bring him to Turkey. He spent 3 seasons in Eskisehir before going to Galatasaray where he even got to play in the Champions League. He was loaned back to Eskisehir in 2016/17 but the loan didn't really help him with establishing himself at Gala. After several quarrels his contract was terminated in early 2019 and he went to Antalyaspor for the remainder of the season. Today he plays for Adana Demirspor in the second tier.
Camdal played for DFB's under-19 team but later decided to kick the ball for Turkey. His first of six call-ups to the national team was in November 2013 after a strong start of the season with Eskisehirspor. His last match followed about one year later. During his time in the national team he scored one goal in a friendly against Ireland.

Philipp Ospelt

Age: 27
Position: Left Midfielder
Current team: USV Eschen-Mauren
National team: Liechtenstein (5 matches, 0 goals)
Ospelt is yet another graduate of FC Bayern's youth where he played up to the under-19s. In 2010 he went to play for FC Buchs and later Young Fellows Juventus in Switzerland's lower leagues. In January 2012 he transferred to USV Eschen-Mauren, a team from Liechtenstein that - like all the outfits from the tiny country - play in the Swiss league system. Liechtenstein's only competition is the Liechtenstein Cup, which Ospelt and his colleagues went on to win in 2012. In 2013 he was picked up by Liechtenstein's best team FC Vaduz where he played until 2018 - with the exception of a short stint at WSG Wattens in Austria in 2016. After taking a short break, Ospelt returned to football in early 2019. He now plays for Eschen-Mauren again, currently in the fourth tier of Swiss football.
Ospelt's record for the national team is very weird. His first match was in 2012 against Lithuania, his second and third followed in 2016 and the fourth in 2017. His last appearance to date was last week, when Liechtenstein won 2:0 against powerhouse San Marino. However, Ospelt never started a match, in fact his longest appearance was three minutes long. If you add up all his minutes since he was first called up 8 years ago, you get a whopping NINE minutes of time on the pitch.

Nicola Sansone

Age: 29
Position: Left Winger
Current team: FC Bologna
National team: Italy (3 matches, 0 goals)
Nicola Sansone's career began in Eastern Munich, at SV Neuperlach. He then played for FC Bayern from 2002 until 2011. He made his debut for Bayern's under-23 team in February 2010 when he came on as a substitute for none other than David Alaba. In October 2010 he got to spend 90 minutes on the bench of the Bundesliga squad in a match against Freiburg. From 2011 on he was a Parma player, although he spent his first season on loan at Crotone. He had a decent spell both there and later in Parma which made Sassuolo buy him in early 2014. After two and a half very successful seasons Sansone was picked up by Villareal who paid 13 million € for the German Italian attacker. He had two pretty good seasons in La Liga, however things didn't work any more in 2018/19 which made Bologna loan Sansone during the winter transfer window. He is a key player in their squad ever since as the team from Emilia-Romagna decided to make the deal permanent in the following summer.
Sansone never really considered to play for Germany as he played for the Italian junior teams from under-17s up until the under-21s. Thanks to an impressive time at Sassuolo, coach Antonio Conte called Sansone up to the senior team in 2015, when he made his debut as a subsitute against Portugal. He was able to add two more matches to his tally in 2016, the last one being against his country of birth - Germany.

Lucas Hufnagel

Age: 26
Position: Central Midfielder
Current team: SpVgg Unterhaching
National team: Georgia (2 matches, 0 goals)
Hufnagel's first team was TSV Milbertshofen in the north of Munich. In 2001 he was picked up by FC Bayern where he spent ten years of his early footballing career. In 2011 he went to FC Ingolstadt only to transfer to SpVgg Unterhaching one year later. He slowly established himself as a key player in Unterhaching's senior team which made SC Freiburg sign him for their 2015/16 2. Bundesliga campaign. He got quite a bit of game time, but that changed after Freiburg's promotion in 2016. Hufnagel was demoted to the second team and consequently loaned out to Nürnberg in January 2017. However he failed to leave a real mark there as well and finally returned to Unterhaching in 2018 to play in the 3. Liga. He is a staple in their squad, having played well over 2000 minutes in both of the last two league seasons.
Hufnagel never had a real chance to become a German international however he was eligible for Georgia as well because of his Georgian mother. He made his debut in 2015 against Estonia and played another 4 minutes against Serbia in 2017. Before his senior debut he already played some games for the country's junior teams.

Kingsley Ehizibue

Age: 25
Position: Right Back
Current team: 1. FC Köln
National team: Nigeria (0 matches, 0 goals)
Ehizibue was born in Munich to Nigerian parents. When he was two years old, the family moved to Zwolle in the Netherlands. He played for local club CSV '28 before joining PEC Zwolle's youth system from which he later graduated. He made his professional debut in October 2014 in a cup game and played his first Eredivisie game two months later against Willem II. Since 2016 he was a permanent member of the first team and managed to become a key player. In 2019, after their promotion to the Bundesliga, 1. FC Köln picked him up and gave him a chance to shine in the country of his birth. He instantly became Cologne's starting right-back and played in 31 out of 34 possible league games.
Ehizibue played one match for the Dutch under-21s in 2016, which remains his only international experience to date. However, Nigeria's coach Gernot Rohr called him up to the Super Eagles' AFCON qualifier against Sierra Leone back in March. But due to the pandemic the fixture is yet to be played.

Koray Altintay

Age: 28
Position: Right Back
Current team: Fatih Karagümrük
National team: Turkey (0 matches, 0 goals)
Altintay's career began at SC Fürstenfeldbruck, where he stayed until he was 19 years old. After one squeezed in year at FC Bayern under-23s, 2. Bundesliga team Jahn Regensburg picked him up in 2012. He left the Jahn again in 2013 in order to play for Caykur Rizespor in the Süper Lig. He was a regular starter for them and managed to impress the scouts of Osmanlispor who signed him in 2016. He played some matches for the Ankara-based outfit, including one Europa League group fixture, but ultimately failed to establish himself. As a consequence he returned to Rizespor in early 2018 to help them to get back into the Süper Lig after their recent relegation. They indeed clinched promotion but Altintay failed to prove himself again in the following 2018/19 campaign. In September 2019 he joined Fatih Karagümrük and was an important part of their successful 1. Lig campaign. Altintay scored a goal in the promotion play-off semi-finals, Karagümrük went on to win the final in a thrilling penalty shoot-out and get back into Süper Lig after 36 years of absence.
After a strong start in 2013 with Caykur Rizespor, Fatih Terim let him join the Turkish national team for two friendlies against Northern Ireland and Belarus in November. However, he didn't get any time on the pitch and was never nominated again.

Alejandro Duarte

Age: 26
Position: Goalkeeper
Current team: FC Juárez
National team: Peru (0 matches, 0 goals)
There's not much information about Alejandro Duarte's youth on the internet. With his full name being Alejandro Christoph Duarte Preuss, I reckon that he probably has a German mother. However, he spent his first years as a goalkeeper at the FRAMA football academy in Lima before joining Esther Grande de Bentin, a semi-professional club from the suburbs of the Peruvian capital. In 2010, he returned to Germany to play for Bayer Leverkusen's under 17 team. He left the Werkself again in 2011 and continued to play for Juan Aurich's junior team in Peru before breaking into their senior squad. He made his first league debut in 2013 in a 1:1 draw against Inti Gas. He went on to join Club Cienciano in 2015 and later Deportivo Municipal in 2016 but didn't get much game time at either club. This changed when Duarte was signed by USM Porres in 2017. Duarte finally got to play more games between the sticks which secured him move to Mexico in 2018 when Lobos BUAP decided to sign him. After an unsuccessful stint at the team from Puebla, the keeper joined FC Juárez but was immediately loaned out to Club Atlético Zacapetec in the second league. He was their main goalkeeper, however the club was dissolved and he recently returned to Juárez.
Duarte was called up for Peru's friendlies against Croatia and Iceland in March 2018. He wasn't granted any game time however. Thus, his three matches for Peru's under-19s remain his only international appearances.

Jonathan Klinsmann

Age: 23
Position: Goalkeeper
Current team: LA Galaxy
National team: USA (0 matches, 0 goals)
Klinsmann junior was born during his father Jürgen's time at FC Bayern. His mother is an American model. Jonathan shortly lived in Genoa when Jürgen played for Sampdoria before the family moved to California after Jürgen's career. Jonathan started his career as a striker for FC Blades 96 and Irving Lasers. In 2008 he followed his father - who accepted a job as FC Bayern head coach - back to Germany and was retrained into a goalkeeper by FC Bayern's academy. After his return to California, Klinsmann played for Pateadores and Strikers FC in the US Soccer Development Academy. He also represented his high school between 2011 and 2014 and later played for the California Golden Bears, Berkeley university's college team. During the summer of 2017, Klinsmann had several trials at European teams like VfB Stuttgart, West Ham and Everton. After another trial at Hertha BSC, the capital city club signed the American. He played one match for Hertha's senior team - a Europa League fixture against Östersunds FK - and he even saved a penalty. He joined St. Gallen in 2019 where he became the goalkeeper for the Swiss Cup matches. However, he got red carded in the second round and the team got knocked out by FC Winterthur. In August 2020 Klinsmann joined the LA Galaxy.
Klinsmann played for various US youth teams before being called up to the senior USMNT in November 2018. He was an injury replacement for Zack Steffen for the team's friendlies against England and Italy but ultimately stayed on the bench.

Anes Osmanoski

Age: 20
Position: Central Midfielder
Current team: Bregalnica Stip
National team: North Macedonia (0 matches, 0 goals)
Osmanoski played for 1860 München until he was 13 years old. He then transferred to SpVgg Unterhaching's youth teams and stayed at the club until 2019 when he decided to move to his parents' home country North Macedonia. He now plays for Bregalnica Stip in the Eastern group of the Macedonian second division. They finished the season in second place, barely missing out on promotion. To be honest, I can't tell you much more about his career as he's still very young and there's not that much information on the second tier of Macedonian football.
Osmanoski played for several junior national teams of his country and is in fact a current member of the under-20 team. However, he was called up for a friendly of the senior national team in 2017 when he was just 17 years old. Macedonia - back then still without the "North" - won 2:0 against Norway but little Osmanoski did not get any minutes on the pitch with the big guys.
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