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Specialized weapons, tactics, team work and team loadout composition

Team play is a big aspect of any game but in COD somehow this concept goes over the head of majority of people. And even lots of youtubers are guilty of the same, they will teach you how to aim, how to move, what attachments to put, what weapon works best for you as individual but only few will give you good team work advises. Not to mention the concept of "meta" weapons that takes next to 0 consideration for team work.

Specialized weapons

Shotguns in particular have been misunderstood for years. They are not meta weapons, never were and never will be. Meta weapons excel in majority situations, those would be ARs, Rifles and SMGs, people use them a lot because they are versatile and useful in most situations. With shotgun on opposite you suck in majority situations but in return it gives you immense advantage at "in your face range". A weapon being less versatile DOES NOT MEAN it is less viable and that goes right over the head of a lot of people. I cringe when I see youtubers making meta reviews and put Origin shotgun in C/D/F tiers. It is very misleading and portrays wrong narrative.
Give whole team AR+SMG, they will still do good in majority situations. Give whole team AR+shotgun and they will suck. However, give shotgun to single guy on your team and the whole team will benefit from extra utility and versatility. Every time you push/defend building or engage at tight spaces, this one guy will have the potential to wipe whole squad on his own, you can always count on him to secure your position and protect you from pushers, this advantage and utility for the whole team is too good to ignore.
Currently R9 with Dragon's Breath is by far the best in skilled hands. But Origin can be just as good for average player.

Crossbow is another specialized weapon. Unlike shotgun it is very high skill ceiling weapon and is very unforgivable. But that doesn't mean it deserves to go to trash tier. It is truly an S tier in the right hands.
Things that crossbow can do that no other weapon can:
  1. Consistent oneshot kill anywhere on the body at any range. No weapon can do that. It is especially strong at mid range, where with skill you can achieve consistency.
  2. Abusing cover kills. This is the most effective weapon at abusing cover and you can do it effectively at any range(except sniper ranges). Peek, shoot, retreat, simple maneuver with little risk that can give you extreme reward. You can do the same with sniper but you can't do it effectively at close to mid range, and you have to hit headshots. With shotgun you can do the same only at very close ranges and it is rarely oneshot.
  3. Insta kill. You are behind cover, enemy is behind cover, neither can secure kill and downed person can be revived infinitely. Crossbow can break such stalemate, arrow landed on armor-less person is an instant death, no chance to revive.
  4. Power position counter. This stems from insta killing. Rooftop team is very hard to deal with, they can bravely peek and shoot you and revive each other with next to no risk. Crossbow solves this problem, downed guy stays down.
  5. Anti-riot shield. Explosion goes right through riot shield. This is the best counter to riot shield after the thermite. The day shield becomes meta, crossbow will become meta as well.
  6. Anti-vehicle. You not only can destroy vehicles and helicopters, arrows go right past Trophy System. It's a legitimate trophy meta counter.
Bottom line if you like unorthodox play style, crossbow allocated to single guy on the team can bring tonns of value and versatility. My friend happened to be expert with it and at one point used it regularly, the weapon truly shined in his hands.

Riot Shield
This is another criminally underrated tool. There is even shaming factor in using it. Having one guy on the team can unlock tonnes of tactical potential. It is so frustrating, when you traverse map and get lasered out of nowhere. The shield guy can do scouting job for you and he will have much better chance to survive. Shield guy can run across streets, peek corners, push buildings, bait shots, reposition while being shot/aimed at, protect teammates and get away with a lot of things with next to no punishment. High Alert perk works exceptionally well with it, it significantly amplifies both your scouting and survival ability. Give one teammate dedicated role of scout, whole team will be in a better position to make right decisions and tactical potential is immense.

Snipe SMG
Choose either based on environment. You may already have shotgun/shield/crossbow guy, or you may not need any of them at all due to environmental circumstances(or half teammates being dead). Having 1-2 snipers on the team is always good. SMG guy can complement R9-0 user very well. R9 has insane burst damage, a few shots from SMG is all you need to make sure that enemy goes down as instantly as possible.

Tactical utilities

It's not uncommon for whole team to run heartbeat, this is a huge waste of potential.
Stun is incredibly good, it renders enemies completely useless, one good stun can allow you to take out whole squad with little risk. Works best in tight spaces or whenever enemy is in covered area, it's your n1 pushing utility.
Smoke grenades are really good in open spaces. Thermals are out of meta for some time now. You can use smoke to close distance or to safely revive your teammates. It is one of the best survivability tools.
Have dedicated support player on your team who chooses stun or smoke depending on environment, he will use restock instead of ghost. Most people just go for overkill on first loadout, second weapon will only make single player more versatile. But stun/smoke with restock is so much better than second weapon, your whole squad suddenly becomes much stronger and more versatile. You can make arguments for overkill and ghost all you like but that single guy with restock will give much better overall value to your team. His teammates can keep using ghost(unless one guy is a shield scout with high alert), one support player is more than enough.
Even though I highly recommend Restock for one teammate, you will have circumstances where it is not necessary. You may find munitions boxes or have surplus of money to get munitions box, each team member may have 1-2 stuns already and combined with munitions box you should be ready for most situations.
Trophy system
Everyone knows how good it is for putting on a car and holding buildings. What barely anyone knows is that it can be used offensively. You can throw it forward just before pushing, any utility enemy might throw will be completely nullified.
Also, often you can't hard commit to push and need to retreat back where you came for, trophy system can turn that position safe and allow you to regroup for the next push.
While stun is no doubt the best utility, if you already have at least 2 teammates running stuns, you can opt for snapshot. Before you push a building, you can throw that bad boy and it will reveal all enemies and their position, which will help you coming to the right decision. Snapshot is basically a more reliable heartbeat because it doesn't get countered by ghost. Only battle hardened counters it but barely anyone uses it.
Generally weaker than Stun but there are situations where it is stronger. For example, enemy team might be pre-aiming an entrance, stunning them may not help cos they can still land enough shots as a team. Flash can blind completely, so pre-aiming is a lot less effective. Enemy can still run freely but in tight spaces it doesn't matter cos in most cases they hit an obstacle or are easy targets.

Team roles

If you play with friends/regular teammates, team composition needs to be agreed on. Agree which teammate will run shotgun, crossbow or shield. Even SMGs and Sniper rifles need to be agreed on, as they are semi-specialized weapons too.
I mostly play with one friend. And this is our most frequent loadout combo:
Me: AMAX, R9-0, heartbeat, C4, tracking perk.
Friend: M13/RAM, snipeshield/crossbow, stuns, proxy/thermite, amped.
My speciality is cqc and mid/long range. Both my weapons fit that role perfectly. I equip heartbeat because it is important for me to find enemies and gauge distances in order to make best decisions with shotgun. And tracking allows me to both find and chaise enemies as I am the one going first to clear buildings and tight spaces.
My friend runs M13 due to preference but it fits into our composition perfectly, I will struggle at 120-150 range, he will still laser people with his AR. I am a hot headed jump peaker, while he is a methodical lurker. My friend is a versatile one, he will adapt to environment and choose between sniper or shield, while I am stuck with my noob loadout most of the time. Stuns are much more important to him because he can't deal with enemies at close range like me. Stuns can make him cqc expert in his own way, especially when he has a shield.
With such composition we benefit a lot from each other and are ready for nearly all situations.

Our common strats

  1. Stun push. Friend throws stun. I push ahead to clear the place with shotgun. Also, having shield makes throwing stuns a lot easier in most situations. Simple, right? This basic tactic alone landed us tonns of success.
  2. Peeking together. I jump peek. Friend ads walk peeks at the same time. I draw agro and due to peakers advantage, movement and AMAX high TTK have a good chance to take down at least 1 enemy. He gets all the freedom to safely and methodically take out all opponents in sight. After that he follows up with a stun to clear the rest.
  3. Peaking with shield. Friend walk peeks with shield out. I walk peek right after and shoot people down from behind him. He acts as a portable cover, it can be very hard for enemy to aim at me cos of how I am obstructed by teammate. Stun push can follow. Having shield gives you straight advantage in pushing enemies and makes it easier to throw stuns. There is a reason why it is banned in CS GO.
  4. Jump recon. If radar doesn't confirm any enemies I will normally do a jump peek and immediately sprint away. This will confirm that there is no one. Sometimes I will use it even if I know someone is on the other end to confirm number of enemies. Jiggle peak is another alternative, when I try to be sneaky.
  5. Suppressing fire push. After initial exchange enemy may start hiding to survive or to reload. My friend will start suppressing fire. If they are noobs, they will re-peak and die, otherwise they will wait until his bullets run out. I will push at the same time, gun shots will conceal footsteps. Enemies unaware will get eviscerated by my shotgun. Suppressive fire can also allow me to flank without being heard.
  6. Trophy system push. I throw Trophy system towards an entrance or a place with enemies on the other side. Immediately after we peak using 2/3 strat. Works especially good against bazooka campers. Any c4s or grenades that may fly our way will be completely nullified. Even mines that may be at the entrance will get neutralized.
  7. Sniper spotter. I bait enemy sniper and ping his location. Friend safely peaks and takes down the sniper. Also, if sniper rifle has FMJ, thanks to my pinging he gets wallhack + wallbang.
  8. Crossbow peak. My friend will simply slow peak with crossbow, he may suffer a bit of damage but in vast majority of cases he will down someone. Then on gaining advantage we push together. Not really a team oriented initiation but it highlights utility unique to crossbow for clearing building and peaking out of cover in general.

Bamboozle strats

While I am at it, will share a few common tricks I use that are especially beneficial for shotgun users.
  1. Enemy chases you and you retreat into a building. Close the door behind, the moment enemy is about to enter, bash through the door out and catch him mid sprint. Same concept when you turn corner and wide jump out as enemy is about to come out, they are either sprinting or trying to throw c4/nade. Avoid doing it, if there are multiple enemies, however, unless you are confident you can take multiple people.
  2. Use c4 smoke as means to close distance. Enemy may be 15-20 meters away - too far for shotgun, c4 creates smoke that can give you enough time to close in to favourable range. Throw c4 above ladder, as you near the top, explode it to conceal your climbing animation. Update: c4s got nerfed and are like an erectile disfunction now, so this tactic probably has a lot less relevance.
  3. Take advantage of enemy heartbeat. Instead of predictably sitting in one place, constantly reposition from one side entrance to another, there is a good chance enemy will push looking in wrong direction. I understand desire to conceal footsteps but if enemy already knows your location and you don't have ghost, don't be predictable.
  4. Lurker invite. If you know there is an enemy very close, shoot a few rounds into nowhere from your AR. Enemy will think that you are distracted and push. Use it to catch him off guard.
  5. Enemy invite. If you are in covered area like decent size building and you know for a fact that there is at least one enemy team waiting for you to go out. Shoot a few suppressor-less rounds to mark yourself on the map. Sounds counter productive but there are circumstances where it can help. You don't know how many enemies are there in the area but if you bait them in, they may start fight each other. You still have advantage for having a safe stronghold. And if a team decides to push you, you can meet them on your terms, especially, if you have a shotgun guy on your team. And if you still find this idea stupid, fine.
  6. Flank the flanker. You are aware of a team nearby. Shoot with suppressor-less gun and immediately reposition. With any luck another team will come to investigate and you will take them down from a superior position.

It doesn't have to be camper game

People often criticize the game for favouring campers but I think it is opposite: the game rewards aggressive people with brains the most. It is so easy to just sit in a corner, where you pre aim and don't need to worry about sprint to fire but that makes you very predictable. If aggressor's position is discovered, it doesn't help camper, aggressor can choose to disengage or attack from another place. When attacker discovers enemy position, he can plan how to deal with the camper and choose when to engage on his own terms. Same way the disadvantage of gunshot red mark on the map can be countered by repositioning, as attacker you don't stay in one place.
All the tools and strats that I described above work best for aggressors and are nowhere as useful for campers.
If camper uses heartbeat, they can only look in that direction. If attacker uses heartbeat, they know enemy position and strategize a plan for attack.
Stun is next to useless for camper and if they choose to push with stun, then technically they become attackers.
Shield guy sitting in a building is useless, however, shield attacker can methodically push forward and drive camper into a corner.
Campers do have some tools too: mines, claymores and trophy system. Mines and claymores can be easily dealt with. Trophy system is the only truly effective tool with no good counter but attacker still has much more tools and advantages at their disposal.

How to camp

Judging by what I explained above one would assume that you shouldn't camp. Yes and no. Holding power position or a building can give you lots of advantages and is a very important aspect of the game. But to maximize this advantage you must remain mobile and unpredictable. You need to be aggressive camper, someone who can outsmart opponents and force the fight on your terms. Treat attackers as campers, gather info, make decision and meet them on your terms. Let me describe my solo routine in Downtown bank tower to illustrate what I mean.
I secured bank office. I don't camp lift or roof, I patrol the building. I go to the roof and clear new comers. I check for footsteps down the staircase, if I see steps I go a few floors down, then sit and wait. I will catch first guy completely off guard and then go full aggression on the rest, killing 2-3 people with shotgun like that is a piece of cake. Then I return towards office and clear it. People love to be sneaky and wait by the lift but I know they are there cos of footsteps and leave them little chance. By patrolling whole area I don't let enemies to secure positions and settle up, they are never in a power position, I catch them in the least convenient times and press my shotgun advantage. When I am with friend, we coordinate together doing the same. If I just camped lift, any team would know exactly where I am and have easy time spamming me with c4s, nades, stuns or bazookas, I would be driven into a corner. But I don't give them such luxury, I don't shy away from well timed aggressive peeks and pushes, and they can never know my exact position.


Don't get me wrong, camping is still big part of the game and you will camp more often than not. There are plenty of situations, where you don't have time to be tactical/methodical/thorough when pushing places or repositioning. There are also situations in which you have no choice but burrow into corner and sit tight.
But be brave and trust in your skills. Aggressive play will get you killed but it will also make you more experienced. Game provides all the tools to play aggressively as a team. Full team potential is realized through aggressive and assertive actions. By being camper you rely on enemy incompetence and mistakes and you may get away with this most of the time. But by being aggressive you rely on your skill and confidence, and can still capitalise on enemy incompetence and mistakes all the same. Playing warzone for kills is not a bad idea, you will win less often but you will gain experience faster and learn to make decisions fast, especially if you play as a team. Surviving while staying aggressive is a skill of its own that you won't learn by sitting in one building for half a game.
Also, check out my loadout ideas:https://www.reddit.com/CODWarzone/comments/izikv1/loadout_ideas_for_best_team_work/
submitted by -Arhael- to CODWarzone

Breathing new life into Wish-Ender

Heyo. Fairly simple post, read below.
When was the last time Wish-Ender was actively used ? During Season of Dawn when a bug ridiculously buffed its damage output, while the bug itself made the weapon quite usable in higher pve activities, it created hell in Gambit and could wipe out Envoy's (with their Shields) on a Single Shot as well as taking out the Primeval in a 1-2 phases without bubble or well dmg buff or anything that you'd normally see in a gambit DPS phase. It was soon nerfed and that was it, several posts and suggestions were made to not fix the gun, but give it special ammo .etc, but it was broken beyond relief and bungie fixed it soon.
Now, the bow sits as a "trophy-show-off" in pvp with Hunters pairing Adamantine Braces and using the Truesight to get wallhacks, its pve quality has been reduced as a egg shooter for Cursebreaker. The bow itself isn't very hard to get but its still requires a decent time taken to get. It simply cannot be used in higher activities because of its huge draw time and its puny damage and its a bow thats a exotic with nothing special to add to it. It sits in a dilemma with the truesight being useless in pve and the higher draw time making it hard to use in pvp.
Since Champions are here to stay in Destiny 2 (with champion specific guns like EV, Div, Ruin and Breath), why not give the bow overload mods, with it being decently powerful against overload champions ? Ev, Ruin and Breadth were easily attainable ( still is, provided you have exotic ciphers) , Divinity however is a raid exotic, not a lot of people actually raid, which leaves them to using the bow/sidearm/hc with overload mods, which are fine in their own way, but they are not as effective as Divinity.
All things considered, the state of wishender is pathetic, it could get a new breath of life into it by giving overload perks, buffing its damage decently against ov's (ov's alone, because a all around damage buff would make it broken in pvp), allowing the penetration stat to also partially damage and stun ov's (both stun and damage will be less effective than a direct hit)
I also wanted to suggest it to make it even more powerful by giving it special ammo and making the damage output x2, but seeing as a bunch of people like to use Wish-Ender in PvP, that doesn't seem much optimal.

tl;dr : give wishender overload perk, buff its damage against overloads alone
Let me know what you guys think.
submitted by Roman64s to DestinyTheGame

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