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Is this an actual recollection of the decay of the US manufacturing?

I'll be honest, today is the first day I've actually started to question my beliefs. I'm a free-market libertarian.
The basic premise that I've heard is that the US still has a large industrial stronghold, and the jobs lost are due to automation and higher productivity. The output per worker is higher than before, we have aerospace and automotive industries, the wages are high blah blah blah..
Well sometimes it helps to look at what the industry professionals are saying and not trust the propaganda.
"This prompted me to look deeper into the renaissance idea, so I investigated the changes in employment and establishments in 38 manufacturing North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) industries from 2002 to 2018. I really hoped that the optimists were right about the manufacturing renaissance, but the data I collected in Table 1 (see link) shows some inconvenient truths—that 37 out of the 38 manufacturing industries are declining in terms of both number of plants and employees.
Some of the industries, such as textiles, apparel, furniture, hardware, magnetic media, computers, cutlery, hand tools, and electrical equipment, have been declining for many decades and are probably beyond recovery. And I was surprised to see that industries whose resource material is in the United States, like wood and paper, are also declining."
In 1965 American machine tool manufacturers had 28% of the world market for machine tools, but today we have 5% of the world market. In 2018, U.S. machine tool manufacturers exported $4.2 billion and imported $8.6 billion, according to the U.S. Census Bureau USA trade online.
I've come across a left-wing author from 1991 who claims free market is the reason the US industry, particularly its fundamental parts, like tool and die manufacturing, semiconductor industry, machine tools industry and so on took a large hit. He cites the case of Japan that actually neglected what he calls the 'neoliberal policies' and actively intervened in the economy, full-on Soviet-style.
Tokyo extensively protects virtually every Japanese industry, but for different reasons. Industries like microelectronics, steel, machine tools or automobiles are obviously promoted because of their strategic importance. Tokyo carefully protects a range of industries like agriculture, construction, and distribution for their political rather than economic importance. Tens of millions of farmers, builders and distributors and their families give the ruling LDP votes in return for protection and heavy subsidies. This in turn allows the LDP to remain in office and continue supporting both strategic and political industries. The losers are of course Japanese consumers who pay inflated prices for even basic goods and foreign producers whose profits and often livelihoods are lost to Japanese neomercantilism. If Tokyo had followed free market rather than neomercantilist policies for the seven industries analyzed below, none would have achieved their present level of development, and some might not have survived. Japan's steel, automobile, television and machine tools industries may well have been wiped out by competitive imports while its agriculture, construction and distribution industries would be severely limited in size and scope. Japan's economic growth would have been considerably lower while other countries with a comparative advantage in those industries would be wealthier.
(I have a full pdf, if someone wants more quotes)
The exact strategy is outlined by the author as follows (he takes a case of machine tool industry, which is literally the most important industry, cause these machines are used to build the other machines):
If Tokyo had relied on a free market to develop its industry, it would not have a machine tool industry; America's comparative advantage in machine tools in the 1950s and 1960s would have wiped out the Japanese industry. Although Japan's machine tool industry, like all other Japanese industries, had always been protected, in March 1957 MITI presented a comprehensive plan for developing the industry. There is considerable controversy over the effectiveness of MITI's machine tool policy, with some arguing that the industry grew in spite of MITI's efforts while others maintain that MITI's hand was decisive. Specific MITI policies may not have been as effective in promoting Japan's machine tools as they were in other industries. Yet the important point is that Japan's machine tool industry would not have survived in a free market. MITI's policies creating or permitting a web of import restrictions, cartels, subsidies, and export incentives allowed the industry to not only survive but become the world leader while simultaneously battering America's industry.
MITI and the Japan Machine Tool Builders Association allocate production and market share for the industry. Import and investment barriers simultaneously protected Japan's machine tool industry and forced foreign manufacturers to sell out their technology. Machine tool imports dropped steadily from 30-50 per cent of the market in the 1950s to 5 per cent in 1983. During the 1950s, machine tool manufacturers were actually given import subsidies - matching funds and write-offs - to buy machines necessary to make other machines. After Japanese firms mastered the production of these types of machines, import tariffs were imposed to protect the industry. The tariffs varied according to the perceived importance of the product to Japan's growing industry: machines not produced in Japan were subject to a 10 per cent tariff, those competing with infant Japanese products were slapped with a 15 per cent tariff, while strategic products suffered a 25 per cent tariff. As the industry steadily strengthened, the government slowly reduced these tariffs under persistent foreign pressure. Tariffs ranged from 4 to 7.5 per cent throughout the 1970s and were completely eliminated in 1983.
Now I have two questions:
  1. How much of it is true? Did free market betray the American manufacturers? Did government intervention help Tokyo to become an economic superpower?
  2. If it's true, how does a free-market economy can protect itself from the aggressive trade behavior? If an interventionist government acts as a corporation bent on conquering your economy, how is it possible to combat that? No market player can establish a defense strategy, since any competing government is by definition stronger than the largest corporation, even in case of, I don't know, Google vs. Japan. And not to mention that vast capabilities that a government possess to undermine your economy, since it can train an educated workforce, provide large subsidies, depreciate the currency, lobby its interests in the US Congress etc
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Stay in the loop of the latest Front-End development news with the digest (CSS / JavaScript / VueJS / Angular / React)

The team of Zfort Group is really passionate about programming and we care that everyone could learn coding.
That's why we issue Weekly Front-End and PHP digests to help the community to develop their skills. Hope you'll like the digest!
Web Development:
AdRoll: How to Run a Front-End Infrastructure Team http://tech.adroll.com/blog/frontend/2017/08/29/how-to-run-a-front-end-infrastructure-team.html
Part 1: Bootstrap 4 vs Foundation 6.4 — The Grid https://codeburst.io/part-1-bootstrap-4-vs-foundation-6-4-the-grid-8c02747f14fb
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iOS 11 Safari will turn Google AMP links back into regular ones when sharing https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/23/16193584/ios-11-safari-google-amp-sharing-url-scheme
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Angular 4 and Sibling Component Interaction https://robferguson.org/blog/2017/08/31/angular-4-and-sibling-component-interaction/
Libs & Plugins:**
easter-egg-collection - A javascript library which includes easter eggs. https://github.com/WeiChiaChang/easter-egg-collection
lozad.js — advanced performant Lazy Loader using Intersection Observer API https://github.com/ApoorvSaxena/lozad.js
jest-in-case — Jest utility for creating variations of the same test http://thejameskyle.com/jest-in-case.html
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