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Dolphin VR Quick Setup Guide and Tips

Note: before getting any VR device make sure you buy or have a computer that is VR ready. It is recommended that your computer have at least 3 3.0 usb ports and a high end graphics card.
This quick setup guide is meant to answer various questions many users have when they come to this forum or want to setup Dolphin VR in general.
Dolphin VR is compatible with: Oculus Rift CV1, Oculus Rift S, Vive, DK2 and Valve Index headsets
Recommended: Be sure to check out the Game Setup Guides/Problems/Solutions section. There is a lot of useful information to get certain games running properly.

Table of Contents: (Press Ctrl-F to search for a specific topic)

-Dolphin VR download
-How to set up Dolphin VR
-Getting Gamecube/Wii Controllers to Work with Dolphin VR
-Getting Graphics/VR Settings Just Right
-Sound Settings
-How to Change Camera Positions within any game Using Hotkeys (Forward, Backward, Up, Down, Left, Right and Reset: (Create custom camera angles with the Freelook camera!)
-Using Hide Object/Culling Codes (A necessity for almost every game)
-Inserting or adding new hide object codes
-How do I insert a code if the hide object tab is blank and has no codes listed?
-Gecko code download and issues:
-An external program paired with Dolphin VR that can fix glitchy water reflections, shadows and other graphic issues (3Dmigoto)


-Correcting Sound Stuttelag Issues (CPU Clock Override) First Method
-Correcting Sound Stuttelag Issues (Frame Skipping) Second Method
-Correcting Sound Stuttelag Issues (deleting the cache and shader files, no framerate glitches) Third Method
-Graphics look all messed up discolored
-Black border in both sides, obstructing view, moving, shaking as you turn your head
-Game Freezes
-Settings that can make games NOT WORK!!
-OpenGL MSAA Error Message and How to Fix
-Games won't start or take a few times to boot up
-In-game graphics appear upside down, rotating or on strange angles (Solution)
-Codes not working (Possible Solution):
-Can I have two versions of Dolphin on the same computer?
-Game Setup Guides/Problems/Solutions

-Extra, additional content:

-Other Guides: Using Oculus/Vive with other emulators/optional way to play N64 games
-First Person Mods
-Another VR program you might want to try with Oculus/Vive (VorpX)

Dolphin VR Quick Setup Guide and Tips:

Dolphin VR download:

How to set up Dolphin VR:
Instructional Video:
Important: Dolphin VR makes 2 identical directory folders. How to fix:
For some reason the place where Dolphin puts all of your game setting files, (your main Dolphin Directory), Dolphin will make two of the same directory folders. They should be called "Dolphin Emulator". Rename one of them so they are not the same (I renamed mine to Dolphin Emulator Backup). My Dolphin Emulator folders can be found in This PC, Documents, Dolphin Emulator. You'll know if it's the right directory folder if it has files like : GC, Wii, GameSettings, Config, StateSaves, Maps, Cache, etc. If you don't do this, you could have potential issues down the line. One person kept getting black screens at start up.
Enabling Unknown Sources:
And as shown in the video, it is important that you go into your Oculus or Vive control panel within the settings., click the Gog, go to general, and check off unknown sources. This will allow Dolphin VR to run with your headset.
But, what about the games?
Note: This guide will not tell you how to download or find any games. Legally, you should have ripped and made copies of games you already own. But, doing a google search of a game ISO should give you plenty of options...

Getting Gamecube/Wii Controllers to Work with Dolphin VR:
You can connect an actual Wiimote to your computer with bluetooth as well as a Gamecube controller, through the USB adapter that came with Smash bros Wii U (more information below). Also you will need a Wii sensor bar (A wireless one will work too) that you can plug in and put on your tv. My sensor bar is USB and I just plug it into my TV, you have to have your tv on for it to work though.
To connect a real Wiimote make sure you have Dolphin VR running and just press the red button inside the Wiimote. It will connect in through Bluetooth. Also, make sure in the "Controllers tab" you have "Real Wii Mote" selected as well as "Continuous Scanning" selected.
This video shows you how to set up the Gamecube Controller:

Getting Graphics/VR Settings Just Right:
Almost all the games you play will need to be adjusted graphically in the Graphics tab. Certain things might look off. So, go into "Graphics" and then "Hacks". Selecting and deselecting EFB Copies, Disable, Remove Blank EFB Copy Box, switching between Texture and Ram etc.
In the VR tab you might want to play around with Pullup 60 to 90fps/Timewarp 60 to 90fps. To see if things run smoother. If not, deselect them.
Also, some games like Zelda Skyward Sword and Kirby Return to Dreamland have parts where the screen goes upside down. So, play around with or turn off the Roll, Pitch and Yaw found in VR settings at the top. Another strange occurrence is in Skies of Arcadia Legends, where you have to have "Disable Opcode Warnings" (bypasses an error message right after leaving Valua) and "Hud on Top" (brings text forward from the background) selected.
Lastly, you might get better quality depending on which backend your using in the "General" tab within the graphics settings. Try switching between Direct3D11 and OpenGL. Whatever works best for your setup. And in Windows Control Panel under Power Options make sure "High Performance" is selected.
For NVIDIA users:
Go into your NVIDIA control panel and make these adjustments:
-In "adjust image settings with preview" make sure "use the advanced 3D image settings" is selected.
-Go to "manage 3D settings" In the program settings tab find or add the DolphinVR exe/emulator to the list. Next, below under "OpenGL rendering GPU" select your graphics card. Do not use auto-select. Then, under "Power Management mode" select "Prefer Maximum Performance".
-Warning: Do not turn on anything with Antialiasing or Dolphin's OpenGL video backend won't work
Also in Windows Control Panel under Power Options make sure "High Performance" is selected.

Sound Settings:
In "Config" in the "Audio" tab make sure you have "DSP LLE recompiler" with audio backend "XAudio2" selected. I found this is the best compromise to get decent audio.

How to Change Camera Positions within any game Using Hotkeys (Forward, Backward, Up, Down, Left, Right and Reset: (Create custom camera angles with the Freelook camera!):
You can zoom the camera backward or past the HUD (2D plane or square blocking your view) in most games. You can do this by going to "Options" at the top and selecting "Hotkey Settings". Set "Freelook, up, down, left, right, zoom in, zoom out and freelook reset to whatever you want on your keyboard. Then just tap that key you set for whatever direction for continuously, in whatever direction you want and the camera will moderately or sometimes slowly, move forward, backward, up, down, left or right. If you mess up just hit freelook reset to reset the camera.
Manipulating the camera like this also gives you custom first person views otherwise not possible in the original games. You can also use this to look around the environments!! Note: Free look reset will reset and realign the camera to its original position. There have been many cases where people have complained that when they start a game their character is too small, off to the side, out of view, or in front of you. Free look reset, will correct this and reposition the camera to where it's supposed to be.
Note: once your freelook camera keys are mapped to your keyboard, you can change the intensity of how fast or how slow the camera moves with each button press. You can do this by going into "VR" options and then raising or lowering the number value within the "Free Look Sensitivity" option. If you bring it too high the default is around 1.25. You can also do this more easily if its mapped to the keyboard. Go into config/hotkeys and bind "Freelook Decrease/Increase Speed" to separate buttons on your keyboard.

Using Hide Object/Culling Codes (A necessity for almost every game):
A Hide Object Code is meant to clean up or erase graphics and or flat objects that are in the way due to the VR interface; which might be blocking your view in many games. With every game you play in Dolphin VR make sure you check if there are any hide object codes. Most games are unplayable without these.
Right click a game listed below in your list and go to properties. Within this menu go to the "Hide Objects" codes tab. Make sure everything is checked off. Should fix like %95 of the problems.
Also, check the AR tap for Culling codes. Culling is what developers used to do to save memory in older games. Basically, whatever your character was not looking at would be invisible. But in VR when you look around to the left, right and behind you, all or most objects will be invisible, because of this exploit the developers used to use. Culling codes make it so none of the geometry/graphics disappear when you look around. So check any of these off.
Culling Codes Forum:

Inserting or adding new hide object codes:
Run Dolphin VR as administrator. Right click on the game you want and go to properties and select the hide object tab. Click on where it says "Edit Config" in the bottom left corner. A notepad document will open up with all of the Dolphin user data. This is where the hide object codes are stored. If you want to add a new one someone has made, you need to insert it here. A single code will look like this:
$remove underwater chest overlay

But when you go into Edit Config you will see something like this:


$remove underwater chest overlay
$Remove Z-Targetting Bars
$Remove Poe Soul Effect128bits:0x00000000FFFB0000:0x02800000FFFB0100
Insert your code under the " [HideObjectCodes]" line, then save the document. If all went well you should see your new code appear in the list in the hide object tab. Check it off to use it.

Same thing with AR codes: go to show default under the AR tab ex:

And with Gecko codes: under edit config:

How do I insert a code if the hide object tab is blank and has no codes listed?:
If a game has absolutely no hide object codes listed and you want to add one fresh, do this: go under the hide object tab and click "add" Name your code something like "test" and hit okay (doesn't matter what the code is, just hit okay to make a temporary code). We are just making this temporary code so something will appear in the list under the hide object tab. Now that you have a code in the Edit Config document, you can insert your real code using the steps above.

Gecko code download and issues:
Along with Action Replay codes you can also use Gecko codes. You can quickly and simply load/download a list of codes for any one game. Simply right click on a game, go to properties, select the Gecko Codes tab and at the bottom click Download Codes WiiRD Database.
WiiRD Database Gecko code main site: https://geckocodes.org/
Note: if you ever get this error message while playing a game: "IntCPU:Unknown instruction 0001f44 at PC=800C1550 last_PC=8000d1f18 CR=800a2c50" It is due to certain Gecko codes you have selected. For example: If you have too many Gecko codes selected while playing Xenoblade Chronicles you will get this annoying message. You can bypass the message by clicking yes but it will keep appearing over the course of the game. Only use a few codes or use the code and uncheck it later.

An external program paired with Dolphin VR that can fix glitchy water reflections, shadows and other graphic issues: (3Dmigoto)
3DMigoto Setup: (Recommended but not required to fix most games.)
Special thanks to surrealeus:
"You can use a program called 3dmigoto to turn off shaders for dolphin VR which wipes out the bad reflections/water reflections that can be glitchy in some games. Use this method. Download the latest version which is 1.3.16. "Unzip the 5 files and ShaderFixes from x32 or x64 as needed into your main Dolphin directory/installation folder (example: my main Dolphin VR installation folder can be found in "ThisPC"/"Documents"/"Dolphin Emulator". The main Dolphin VR installation folder should have some of these folders inside: GC, Wii, GameSettings, Config, StateSaves, Maps, Cache, etc. Just place the 3DMigoto files outside of these folders.
Take note and remember: in the beginning of this set up guide I mentioned how when you first installed Dolphin VR it made two identical directory folders...So just a reminder: when you first install Dolphin VR, for some dumb reason Dolphin actually makes two identical Installation folders in the same location. Wherever your Dolphin Directory is, for instance: within This PC, Documents, and inside the Documents folder, you should find two Directory folders named "Dolphin Emulator". You should have renamed one of them to something like Dolphin Emulator Backup, so Dolphin doesn't get confused. Just make sure to put the 3DMigoto files in the one called Dolphin Emulator, the one Dolphin VR is actually using.
Continuing on, (Paste in the x64 files). Also paste in the 3DMigoto Loader.exe. Next, open d3dx.ini, with a program like notepad or notepad++ and search (ctrl F) for the [loader] section. Set the target program, you'll need to remove the ;
target = Dolphin.exe 
Then remove the colon from the module line as well like so:
module = d3d11.dll 
Save the changes before closing out of d3dx.ini/notepad. Now launch 3DMigoto Loader.exe from within your dolphin directory and then start Dolphin VR and run your chosen game like normal. On the dolphin window which is normally blacked out, you'll see some green text at the top which indicates that it's running. Press 5 on your number pad to cycle through vertex shaders 4 to go backwards. You'll eventually disable reflections. Press 6 to save the setting." You also cycle through Pixel shaders as well, 2 to go forwards 1 to go backwards, 3 to save changes. So you can have 2 layers of changes.
Note: 3dmigoto seems to only work with Direct3D 11 so if you have OpenGL selected in Dolphin VR as your graphic backend change it to Direct3D 11. Just go into Graphics settings and change the backend at the very top. Also, in some cases you might be clicked off of the Dolphin VR screen and have something clicked on your desktop by accident. If you find the numlock keys aren't working just click back inside the screen. Also, make sure numlock isn't on so your 2 and 5 keys actually work. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of Dolphin VR.
You can also use this to partially erase a character. For example: in Twilight Princess Wii, I used 5 to erase Links head and torso, and 2 to fix water reflections. With a characters body/head erased you can zoom forward with the freelook camera and step into a characters shoes, so to speak. This may not work for every game though.
Games tested and fixed with 3DMigoto:
-The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii): Fixed bad water reflections
-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii): : Fixed bad water reflections
-Sonic Colors (Wii): Removed shadows around Sonic
-Sonic Adventure DX (GameCube): : Fixed bad water reflections in Emerald Coast
-Nights Journey of Dreams (Wii): Fixed bad water reflections


Correcting Sound Stuttelag Issues (CPU Clock Override) First Method:
(Preferred Method)
Within Dolphin VR, and found in Config/Advanced you will find the option called CPU Clock Override. Normally, this option might tax your CPU but this is not the case because Dolphin is actually altering the speed of the emulated CPU - not your actual CPU. So, this option is safe to use. Move the slider up in small increments until you notice the sound stutter and framerate improve. For example: I tested this with Mario Galaxy 2 and it improved the framerate. Might cause some minor glitches though.

Correcting Sound Stuttelag Issues (Frame Skipping) Second Method:
Note: Doesn't work with CPU Clock Override selected.
If you are having sound lag/framerate slowdown go to "Emulation" at the top and select "Frame Skipping". Set it to 2. This will fix some sound/lag issues. Although, you might lose a couple FPS making your character look slightly glitchy... Not a big deal if you want to improve the sound/lag. This method might not work for everyone though.
One last thing I noticed is: If you make a save state and keep loading that save state while playing a game, over and over again, the game might slow down a bit or have lag issues as well. So, I guess to avoid this it is advisable to load from the in game save whenever you can.
Note: I learned these sound/lag issues aren't do to computer issues as my computer is pretty powerful and I have plenty of ram. It's do to the Dolphin Emulator itself. Something with internal game Shaders and the emulator not storing the operational processes of any one game you're playing within your own computers ram.....Some dev builds of the regular Dolphin emulator had an option called "Ubershaders" This allowed for the game processes to be stored in your computers ram if it could handle it. But, sadly Dolphin VR doesn't have this option, so you'll have to stick with frame skipping to 2 or CPU Clock Override.

Correcting Sound Stuttelag Issues (deleting the cache and shader files, no framerate glitches) Third Method:
As you might all know even if you have a powerful PC, certain games in Dolphin VR can have massive stutter and slowdown at times. Things might seem normal for a while then one time, on day, you load up the game and it is almost in slow motion! When the cache and shader files build up from subsequent playtime, slowdown can occur. Like mentioned above, this can also happen if you keep frequently loading save states. What you can do is this:
Find where your main Dolphin directory folder is. Mine is found at "This PC"/"Documents"/Dolphin Emulator. Now look for the Cache folder and go inside here. Delete all of the files listed. Next, go into the Shaders folder and delete all of the files there. Do this every time before you load up Dolphin VR and the game you are going to play.
Note: The cache and shader files are safe to delete and won't cause any issues or conflicts if you delete them.
This worked for me when I was playing Twilight Princess Wii. Ordon Village became incredibly laggy with massive stutter and slowdown. Once I did what I mentioned above, things returned to normal.

Graphics look all messed up discolored
If you load a game and the graphics look wrong, off or discolored, go into Graphics and select Hacks. Just doing this will fix most graphic abnormalities that can arise.

Black border in both sides, obstructing view, moving, shaking as you turn your head
Upon startup, if you see a shaking, wobbling black border in both eyes just restart the game until it goes away and everything is stable. Not sure why this happens.

Game Freezes
Turn off all codes. Some AR or Gecko codes can cause the game to freeze. Also, in Config/General un check Enable Dual Core (Speed up). This can cause certain games to freeze as well. Example: Sonic Adventure 2 freezes at the racing level with Tails and Rouge with this on. So turn it off if any other games freeze.

Settings that can make games NOT WORK!!:
Fake completion Setting:
In config, under Enable Dual Core Speedup, I had "Fake completion" selected. By selecting this almost all of my games stopped working!! I Changed it back to auto. I'm telling you guys be careful and remember what you're playing around with. One wrong selection and you can &*%k up everything!! I guess if anything can be derived from this it's that: not all games will work with Enable Dual Core Speedup/fake completion selected. So, be warned!

OpenGL MSAA Error Message and How to Fix
When using OpenGL graphics backend if you ever get this message:
"MSAA on default framebuffer isn't supported. Please avoid forcing Dolphin to use MSAA by the driver.4 samples on default framebuffer found."
This means you are forcing Antialiasing and for some reason Dolphin doesn't like that. You will get that error message and when you start a game if it's possible, you will get all kinds of graphical defects in your game. So you need to go into your graphics card control panel (Mine is Nvidia) and turn these settings off:
Image Sharpening, Ambient Occlusion, Anisotropic Filtering, Antialiasing-FXAA, Antialiasing Gamma Correction, Antialiasing-Mode, Antialiasing-Setting, Antialiasing-Transparency and Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA). Turning these off should fix the problem.

Games won't start or take a few times to boot up:
-turn off all VR settings and AR codes.
-You get the message: "Please connect classic controller". Solution: plug in a normal controller.
-Download a new ISO. Game could be corrupt or wrong region.

In-game graphics appear upside down, rotating or on strange angles (Solution)
If you notice while playing a game, parts of a level are upside down at strange angles, or rotating just go into VR settings and uncheck Roll, Pitch and Yaw. This happened to me on two occasions in: Kirby Return to Dreamland and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Codes not working (Possible Solution):
I've heard people stating that certain options as well as codes they activate, aren't working. Well, if you have older pervious, versions of dolphin on your computer and you have installed Dolphin VR as well, some options and codes might not work.
So, what I suggest is: remove all previous versions of Dolphin from your computer then clean install Dolphin VR again. That should correct the problem of the codes not working.
From user Yarib:
"Fixed it by uninstalling dolphin, backing up my controller profiles and memory card, then deleting the dolphin emulator folder from my documents, and then reinstalled and re-enabled cheats for the culling. My guess is that some files or old settings were messing with it from previous dolphin installations. It now works amazingly well. Thank you for your hard work!"

Can I have two versions of Dolphin on the same computer?:
Well, yes and no. First let me explain what happened then I'll tell you how to do it in the second paragraph. I had both Dolphin VR and the Official Dolphin emulator on the same computer. I was switching between them and had massive conflicts/errors when I switched back to Dolphin VR. The settings I had in the official Dolphin emulator weren't compatible when I switched over to Dolphin VR. In the official Dolphin emulator I changed the freelook hotkeys. When I went back to Dolphin VR I got an error message "unknown entry type 6 in config" And I couldn't do anything!! The only way I was able to change things back to normal was to go into the Wii folder and delete shared 2. Don't know how I figured that out!!
But, there is a way to have both emulators at the same time. You have to make a text file or notebook file called portable.txt and place that in the official Dolphin emulator folder. This will stop the sharing between both emulators and keep all of your config changes and files from the official Dolphin emulator, separate from Dolphin VR.

Game Setup Guides/Problems/Solutions:
Skies of Arcadia (GameCube) See video description
Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GameCube) Not fully playable
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (GameCube)
Mario Kart Wii
Nights Journey of Dreams (Wii)
Sonic Colors (Wii)
Okami (Wii) (Problem getting past beginning of game, but possible)
Sonic Sonic the Fighters (GameCube)
Kirby's Return to Dreamland (Wii)
Paper Mario TTYD
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii) Unknown AR code? (beat the game but don't know what this did?)

-Extra, additional content:

Other Guides: (Using Oculus/Vive with other emulators/optional way to play N64 games)
Optional way to play N64 games in VR using Wii64-Beta 1.1! Setup Guide
How to play WiiU, Original Playstation, N64 and SNES games in VR on Oculus Rift

First Person Mods:
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Mario 64

Another VR program you might want to try with Oculus/Vive (VorpX):
lets you play certain compatible PC games in VR!! It's a program called VorpX. It lets you play games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, Jedi Knight 2, Jedi Academy, Mass Effect series, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Halo and many others in VR!

Supported Games:
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