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West Ham United 2-1 Chelsea. Riot's official support page on Champion Mastery can be found here. He made his first appearance for Middlesbrough on 6 January 1973 in a 2–1 league defeat to Fulham at Craven Cottage. RP Points Code Generator is the first and only generator to allow users to generate Free Riot Points Card Codes Online! Kevin Collins: League of Legends all champions, all skins https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=618. They can be purchased with real money and are used to purchase in-game things to add convenience, extra customization options, or diversity to the experience.

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Castle Champions Hack v1.1 Gold Crystals Cheats Do. Blue Essence ( BE) is one of the primary currencies used to unlock League of Legends content, the other being Riot Points. APKModMirror provide Road Riot v Hack MOD APK (money) APK file for and Up or Blackberry (BB10 OS) or Kindle Fire. Defense of the Ancients, the game has followed a freemium model since its release on October 27, 2020. Facebook Texas Holdem Poker Hack v Free + PROOF. Riot Vanguard (valorant anti cheat) Blocking Throttlestop https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=627.

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This Online Version will definitely save you lots of money! Double Round-Robin; All matches are played in a Bo5; 1 point for each game win Winning 2-0 grants 2 points; Winning 2-1 grants 2 points. Riot police was deployed to maintain order This match, with Chelsea allocated more than 5, 000 tickets, was the biggest test yet to the police and stewards but once again trouble stirred. Bournemouth are currently 19th in the Premier League table, six points off Watford and West Ham in 17th and 16th respectively, on 34 points. Path of Exile Currency; Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta; Pokemon GO Accounts; PUBG Accounts; Pixel World Lock; R. Influence Points, or IP, were one of two currencies used in League of Legends prior to being replaced by Blue Essence in V7.22.

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Riot Points; Mobile Top Up; About; How To Download [Crack] TetherMe 2.1-1. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon cracked game (1) Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon keygen (1) Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon pc (1) free (1) free dragon city gems (1) free riot points (1) free riot points generator (1) ghost warrior 2 crack (1) Grand Theft Auto (1) Grand Theft auto V (1) grand theft auto v 2020 (1) grand theft auto v download (1) Grand theft Auto V Pre. Clyde levelled with five minutes left as Peterhead tried to hold on. Goodwillie found space on the left side of the area and cracked a shot off the left post. Los Angeles Mod 2.1 [Emergency 4] [Skin Mods]. SlovoEd Deluxe English Explanatory Dictionary 6.3 is a useful dictionary software that lets you easily find appropriate translation of any word and express yourself most precisely thanks to high translation rate, detailed and up-to-date dictionary. The League of Legends hack tool is working on Android and iOS device without Rooting or Jailbreaking your device.

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Update to support new MobileSubstrate (remove previous work-around) Add an option to not use Data APN for tethering. Players will need to restart Fortnite in order to install the patch and play. Abstract This thesis explores state-sanctioned violence used as part of law. Crack with Activation key Full Free. At costs of 450 IP, 1350 IP, 3150 IP, 4800 IP, 6300 IP and 7800 IP for champions and 6300 IP for a single rune page, Riot Games is basically forcing you into purchasing RP to unlock content quickly considering how few IP you gain per game, because to unlock all content through constant playing would require thousands upon thousands of games, requiring most if not all. Riot points hack v 2.1.

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A mobile tie-in version was developed by G5 Entertainment and released the same month. GAME DEMO 5065.9 MB. Popular files. Is there a definite situation in which this can be used? Riot Points Use 2 Purchasing Riot Points 2.1 North America (NA) 2.2 Europe West (EUW) 2.3 Europe Nordic & East (EUNE) 2.4. The famous DMC keygen is back with BANG! Maple Story EU Mesos; Maple Story US Mesos; Minecraft Accounts; Madden 21 COINS; N.

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Jailbreak news: [Crack] TetherMe 2.1-1 https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=628. Latest Hacks and Cheats espacially for you! Road Riot v Hack MOD APK (money) is a free Apps Games. RP is the premium currency used to unlock League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics PC content, mostly ranging from cosmetics to other functions outside of direct gameplay. Taking this selection sees us profit should the Gunners win 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 or 2-1, as well as the 0-0 and 1-1 draws, or even if the hosts are beaten 1-0 or 2-1 by Liverpool at the Emirates. Riot points: VALORANT index.

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We are honored to present you the newest League Of Legends Riot Points Hack Engine v This New unique cheating system will give you any amount of riot points. A Little Bit Of Everything - One Riot One Ranger https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=614. E+W (1) Where 12 or more persons who are present together use or threaten unlawful violence for a common purpose and the conduct of them (taken together) is such as would cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for his personal safety, each of the persons using unlawful violence for the common purpose is guilty of riot. Influence Points will be earned by simply playing the game, while Riot Points will be available for purchase with real money. With Riot Points You can buy characters, skins, boosts as well as bathing bundles in the game League of Legends. League of Legends is one of the rising stars quickly when it comes to games MOBA.

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Game Updates - League of Legends https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=633. Widget For Samsung Galaxy S5 APK Android App Free Download. Age of Empires 2 HD Edition [PC Game + Crack by RLD]. TinyTask is a small tool, barely a few kilobytes in size, that lets you record and reproduce simple activities that you normally carry out on your computer. He sacrifices his lover, Samantha, to activate the Dark.

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Generate all the Riot Points you want! If you want to help Riot with fixing this issue, when it occurs, describe the issue and attach the R3d log for the game in question and then submit a bug report on the forums or email it to Riot. Simply play the game loads, play it well and you'll start upping. With three wins from three, Liverpool are well on course to top Group D, with Ajax and Atalanta both five points back. Points Shop News Steam Labs. Arsenal have now dropped 21 points from leading positions in the Premier League this season - 15 of them under Arteta.

Definitive Black Mirror Timeline with Date Stamps [MAJOR SPOILERS]

I believe this is the most comprehensive timeline for BLACK MIRROR on the internet. If you have any suggestions or details that I've missed then please let me know! (Edited to be more visually friendly)
Chronological Episode Order:
  • 1.1 - The National Anthem
  • 4.3 - Shut Up and Dance
  • 4.6 - Hated in the Nation
  • 2.3 - The Waldo Moment
  • 1.2 - Fifteen Million Merits
  • 2.2 - White Bear
  • 4.5 - Men Against Fire
  • 4.2 - Playtest
  • 2.1 - Be Right Back
  • 4.1 - Nosedive
  • 1.3 - The Entire History of You
  • X.1 - White Christmas
  • 4.4 - San Junipero
  • Kelly marries her husband and has a child.
  • Yorkie comes out to her religious parents, who reject it, and she has a car accident which leaves her paralyzed.
  • An unknown war ends, but sometime between now and 2012 there is a Holocaust-like campaign against human-victims believed to be genetically inferior that leads to creating MASS.
  • ADI’s (Autonomous Drone Insect) are launched by Granular for their first summer of work replacing bees.
  • Carlton Bloom kidnaps Princess Susannah.
  • Prime Minister Michael Callow is informed of the kidnapping, and for her return he must have live unsimulated sex with a pig on national television.
  • Michael attempts to catch the kidnapper before the deadline.
  • Princess Susannah video is uploaded to YouTube on July 8th and goes viral.
  • Carlton Bloom’s controversial agitation exhibition at the Tate Modern closes three weeks ahead of schedule amid criticism.
  • The Home Secretary Alex Cairns attempts to manufacture fake footage to broadcast, but the rouse is discovered and a news station receives what appears to be Susannah’s finger in response.
  • Michael orders an immediate rescue operation but it’s a decoy and he loses more public support.
  • The party, public and Royal Family demand that Michael fulfill the ransom.
  • In secret, while everyone is distracted by the impending broadcast, the Princess is released completely unharmed.
  • Michael has sex with a pig, which disgusts the public.
  • Carlton commits suicide while watching the broadcast.
  • Michael’s political image remains intact, even improving.
  • Princess Susannah is expecting a child.
  • Michael’s relationship is secretly failing behind closed doors.
  • Victoria Skillane and Iain Rannoch kidnap, torture and murder Jemima Skyes.
  • The White Bear symbol is used in the nationwide search for Jemima.
  • Georgina Tarrington, Wayhaven CEO, leaves keys on a tire in a parking garage.
  • Kenny installs Shrive malware remover on his laptop, which features a Waldo sticker, but a hacker gains access to his webcam then records him masturbating to child pornography.
  • Kenny receives an email threatening to release the video unless he does everything they instruct and he agrees.
  • Kenny abruptly leaves work and bikes to his first drop point to receive a package containing a cake from a motorcyclist.
  • Kenny takes the cake to Room 121 to find Hector, a man also being targeted.
  • Kenny and Hector use the car from before on their quest and find a gun, sunglasses and hat inside the cake.
  • Kenny robs the bank and Hector is the get-away man driving the car to a field far away.
  • Hector is instructed to destroy the car alone, but Kenny is instructed to go into a park and deliver the cash by himself.
  • Kenny encounters another man being targeted with a large box containing a drone, he launches it and says they have to fight to the death with the winner taking the money.
  • Kenny attempts to shoot the man but the gun isn’t loaded, however he kills him anyway. He exits the woods and receives a call from his mother, indicating that his video has leaked online, then offers arrest him.
  • Hector returns home only to find out that his secrets have been exposed.
  • Iain commits suicide in jail.
  • Georgina reads a news report about her racist email scandal.
  • Headlines read: Prime Minister Callow announces divorce & Victoria’s trial for the murder of Jemima develops.
  • “One Smart Cookie” kitchen aids begin advertising.
  • Talent show 15 Million Merits launches next week.
  • On May 15th journalist Jo Powers is found dead at home with her throat cut after being subjected to online death threats after she published a column critical of a disabled activist’s suicide.
  • Karin Parke investigates Jo’s death and meets her new partner *Chloe “Blue” Perrine, a transfer from the cyber forensics department, who left after Iain’s case.
  • Karin discovers Jo had been targeted with the Twitter hashtag #DeathTo.
  • #FREETHEWHITEBEARONE trends about the Victoria trial along with posts about Harlech Shadow V, a new game by Shou Saito.
  • Jo’s autopsy reveals an ADI was lodged in her brain and Rasmus learns that they were locally hacked, then is assigned the case with NCA agent Shaun Li.
  • A rapper named Tusk becomes the new target because he insulted a small kid on a talk show and dies via ADI as well.
  • Karin and Blue link the deaths to a website promoting a “game” where Twitter users can vote to kill a hated public figure with #DeathTo and a picture.
  • Karin and the investigation team attempt to protect the next target, Clara Meades, but are unable to.
  • Blue realizes that the ADIs find their targets using advanced facial recognition software and Shaun is forced to admit that the government is covertly using ADIs for public surveillance.
  • The #DeathTo hashtag grows rapidly after the public learns the “game” really does kill people and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Tom Pickering, becomes the new target.
  • UKN news ticker reads “US military announces MASS project.” (A specialized augmented reality eye-implant used for a secret eugenics program allowing soldiers to kill enemies easier because they see them as deformed monsters called “roaches,” following the outcome of an unknown war).
  • Karin interviews a Granular employee who attempted suicide after receiving online hate, but her roommate, Garrett Scholes, another employee, saved her life six months ago.
  • Karin’s suspicions are confirmed with the ADI found inside Jo’s brain turns out to contain a manifesto written by Garrett.
  • Blue is able to trace Garrett’s location when he wrote the manifesto, and a raid of his hideout uncovers his phone which contains a system for sending out the ADIs and a list of everyone who ever used the #DeathTo hashtag.
  • Karin works out that the true targets are the hundreds of thousands of people using the hashtag and the deactivate function may command the ADIs to kill.
  • Shaun triggers the system and the ADIs attack and 387,036 people die on May 18th.
  • A UKN news ticker reads “Victoria Skillane’s appeal thrown out of court” and that “Shou Saito announces immersive new gaming system.”
  • Karin explains at a hearing that Blue went missing and is presumed to have committed suicide, but secretly knows that she’s still alive and has tracked down Garrett.
  • Bingham “Bing” Masden’s brother dies and gifts him 12 million merits, he lives in an isolated environment that has genetically engineered food.
  • Jamie Salter performs the voice and movements of a cartoon bear named Waldo, due to its success on a late-night comedy show he is given a pilot for his own series.
  • Producer Jack Napier suggests Waldo should compete against Liam Monroe in the upcoming 2013 Stentonford by-election debate and Jamie reluctantly agrees.
  • Waldo interrupts all of Monroe’s campaigns comedically.
  • Jamie meets Gwendolyn Harris, another entrant in the by-election, and they have sex but her campaign manager instructs her to stay away from him which causes friction.
  • At the Stentonford Debate all the candidates argue, Waldo unleashes an angry rant and it’s a hit on YouTube.
  • Jamie and Jack meet with a member of The Agency, who suggests Waldo has great potential, but Jamie leaves the campaign.
  • Jamie tries to make up with Gwendolyn but she rejects him.
  • Jamie rejoins the campaign but breaks down and begs the public not to vote for Waldo.
  • Jack takes over Waldo and orders the public to attack Jamie, putting him in the hospital.
  • Jamie watches Liam win the election from his hospital bed, the UKN news ticker reads “Controversial ‘agitation’ art exhibit to close three weeks ahead of schedule” and since Bloom’s closed two years ago this is either a knockoff or similarly named exhibition.
  • Jack, as Waldo, prompts the public to riot over the results.
  • Bing overhears Abi singing and encourages her to enter Hot Shots, a talent show and only escape from the endless stationary cycling for merits.
  • Bing and Abi develop a friendship and he purchases the ticket for her.
  • Abi sings “Anyone Who Knows What Live Is” to the judges but they suggest she become a porn star instead.
  • Jamie becomes homeless, observes new global political ads for Waldo and an advertisement for Abi’s upcoming performance on Hot Shots, then is assaulted by two police officers after throwing a bottle at the Waldo screen.
  • Bing returns to his cell without Abi to see an advertisement showing her performing sexual acts but he can’t skip it because he doesn’t have enough merits and desperately tries to escape his cell, ramming the door until the glass breaks.
  • Bing hides a shard of glass under his bed.
  • Bing saves up another 15 million merits to buy another Hot Shots competition ticket.
  • Bing appears on the show and threatens to kill himself with the glass shard, but the Judges think it’s a performance and offer him his own show.
  • Bing streams his rants live in a new, larger, nicer cell.
  • On October 18th Victoria wakes up in a bedroom, unable to recall anything, surrounded by images of Jemima, who she assumes is her daughter, and photos of Iain Rannoch.
  • Victoria sees the White Bear symbol on the TV screens and exits the house to see people constantly recording her, a man wearing a balaclava with the symbol on it pulls up in a car and fires at her with a shotgun.
  • Victoria escapes then meets Jem and Damien, who are getting supplies, but the masked man kills Damien.
  • Jem explains to Victoria that the symbol turned most everyone into dumb voyeurs who just record everything, but those that are unaffected are hunted, though she plans to destroy a nearby transmitter to stop the effect on the area.
  • Baxter picks up Victoria and Jem, seemingly to help but takes them to a forest and holds them at gunpoint, revealing he is the masked man.
  • Jem escapes but Victoria is held to a tree about to be tortured until Jem returns to kill Baxter.
  • Jem and Victoria arrive at the transmitter and are attacked by two hunters, Victoria wrestles a shotgun from one of them but it only fires confetti.
  • The walls open to reveal an audience applauding and everyone but Victoria are actually actors in a real-world play, she’s strapped to a chair and is told that she abducted, tortured and killed Jemima with Iain.
  • Victoria is driven back to the compound, returned to the room where she woke up and placed back in the chair by Baxter then shown footage of Jemima before he wipes her memory and crosses off 18 on the calendar.
  • In the summer, after the military has spent the last two years successfully implementing MASS, a unit led by Medina including Koinchange, known as Stripe, and Raiman, known as Hunter go on a mission in a village, whose food supply ransacked and tainted by the roaches.
  • Following a lead, they head to an aging manor and interrogate its owner, Parn Heidekker, who is suspected of harbouring roaches. The unit comes across three roaches while Parn attacks Medina.
  • Stripe kills two roaches but one escapes, he is briefly flashed by a device.
  • Stripe continues having strange dreams.
  • During training, Stripe’s MASS interface glitches out so he brings it up to a doctor and the psychologist, Arquette.
  • The soldiers arrive at a compound for another hunt the next day, and another glitch re-enables Stripe’s sense of smell.
  • A roach sniper kills Medina, but Stripe and Raiman continue the chase.
  • Raiman shoots what Stripe sees as a woman but she saw as a roach, and Stripe knocks her out.
  • Having been shot in the melee with Raiman, Stripe escapes with Caterina, a woman roach, and her child and later awakens in an underground dwelling.
  • Caterina explains to Striple that the MASS implant has altered his vision to be able to kill people who are believed to be genetically inferior.
  • Raiman tracks them down, kills the two roaches and knocks Stripe unconscious to return him to headquarters for confinement.
  • Arquette explains to Stripe that the green light device was an optical transmitter which infects implants with a virus, but the implants themselves are used to dehumanize the enemy, and he’s been working for a global eugenics program to “purify the bloodline” of humanity.
  • Arquette shows Stripe a video of him knowingly consenting to losing his memory and sense during the MASS procedure.
  • Stripe attempts to attack Arquette but is blinded by the implant and is then shown the real footage of his mission, killing people.
  • Stripe agrees to have his recent memory erased and is then discharged to return home, a dilapidated house that he sees as perfect through the implant.
  • Sometime around September Cooper leaves to travel the world, and keeps ignoring his mother’s calls feeling unable to connect to her following his father developing early onset Alzheimer’s and dying.
  • In October while visiting London, Cooper meets Sonja be through a dating app and they hook up.
  • Cooper finds out his credit cards have been maxed out, so he has to use an app called Oddjobs to get money.
  • Cooper stays with Sonja and finds an opportunity with SaitoGemu, a video game company, she suggests getting a secret picture while inside to sell.
  • Cooper goes to the company and meets Katie, an employee that administers the test.
  • Katie tells Cooper to turn off his phone before entering and he does, but she has to leave and he turns it back on to take a picture.
  • Katie returns to begin the test and hooks Cooper up to the machine, but during the installation process Cooper’s mother calls and interrupts the signal, during the brief 0.04 seconds he experiences an incredibly scary and realistic virtual reality encounter, but the disturbance accidentally kills him.
  • Shou enters the room and Katie explains the situation then logs the information.
  • Grains are introduced, using video recording version of the MASS program, in the United Kingdom for those that can afford them.
  • R-Eye technology, using a consumer version of the MASS program, is introduced in the USA as a social ranking system on cell phones in certain parts of the country.
  • Martha and Ash move to a remote house in the countryside, the next day he is killed returning the rental van.
  • At Ash’s funeral, Martha’s friend Sarah tells her about a new online service that lets people stay in touch with the deceased by using all their past online communication and social media profiles, but she rejects the idea, however is sent an email from the service anyway.
  • Martha becomes overwhelmed by grief and soon discovers she is pregnant, prompting her to respond to the virtual Ash’s email.
  • Martha begins a correspondence with Ash and begins to believe it’s authentic.
  • Martha accidentally damages her phone and learns of the next stage of the service, an experimental phase where a body made of synthetic flesh can have the program uploaded to it, like an android, and agrees to the terms.
  • The body takes on Ash’s physical characteristics but Martha is initially uncomfortable, though satisfied sexually.
  • Martha eventually becomes frustrated with the situation and orders Ash to jump off a cliff, but the clone begs for its life and she doesn’t go through with it.
  • Martha and Ash’s daughter is born.
  • Kelly’s son dies at 39.
  • Late in the year, Ffion and Jonas begin having an affair, six months later they conceive a child, but she had already started dating Liam Foxwell around this time.
  • Ffion and Liam get married.
  • Ffion and Jonas’ child is born, but she allows Liam to believe that the little girl, Jodie, is his.
  • Lacie Pound lives with her brother Ryan but is eager to continue the social ladder climb, currently sitting at a 4.2 rating.
  • Michael is kicked out of a zoo again.
  • Lacie learns that in order to be able to afford living in an exclusive estate she must have a 4.5 rating or above and tries to improve herself.
  • Lacie’s old friend Naomi, a 4.8 rating, randomly contacts her and asks if she can be her Maid of Honour at the wedding on a private island called Honeysuckle, near Point Mary.
  • En route to the airport, Lacie’s rating keeps taking hits, resulting in not being able to get on her flight and having to rent an older rental car that she doesn’t have a proper converter to charge.
  • Lacie attempts to hitchhike and is picked up by an older woman in a truck, Susan, who reveals she was once obsessed with ratings until her husband was passed over for vital cancer treatment because he was a 4.3 and not 4.4 rating.
  • Naomi calls Lacie and informs her that she’s no longer welcome at the wedding due to her 2.6 rating.
  • Lacie gets drunk and decides to go to the wedding anyway, breaking into the island and gatecrashing the reception to perform her speech.
  • Lacie is ranked down by the guests and is eventually taken away after thoroughly embarrassing herself.
  • In jail, the R-Eye technology is removed from Lacie but she finds herself happily exchanging insults with another prisoner without fear of being ranked down.
  • Liam attends a work appraisal meeting.
  • Liam arrives at a dinner party, hosted by Jonas, with Ffion and their friends.
  • Liam becomes suspicious of Ffion’s interactions with Jonas at dinner.
  • One woman says she was attacked and had her grain violently removed but her vision remained in-tact, now she prefers living grain free.
  • At home, Ffion admits to Liam that she had a previous relationship with Jonas which makes him paranoid and they argue.
  • Liam is up all night studying his memories, Ffion wakes up and is questioned by him again.
  • Liam drunkenly drives to Jonas’ house to confront and force him to delete all the footage from his memory involving her.
  • Liam drives away but crashes into a tree and passes out. After waking up, he walks home to talk with Ffion about her having sex with Jonas 18 months ago and she eventually admits that the child isn’t his.
  • Ffion and Jodie leave Liam.
  • A short time later, Liam cuts out the grain from behind his ear because he’s miserable.
  • Z-Eye technology, using a consumer version of the MASS program, is introduced in the UK as an asset for real and online activities, comes with “blocking” augmented reality technology.
  • Joe Potter and Beth Grey go on a karaoke date, he drinks and she sings “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is” a la Abi from Hot Shot.
  • Joe and Beth have dinner with Tim and Gita.
  • Joe finds a positive pregnancy test and realizes Beth is pregnant, but she is getting an abortion.
  • Joe and Beth argue about the pregnancy and her drinking at dinner.
  • Beth blocks Joe with her Z-Eye.
  • Joe attempts to apologize but Tim explains she’s left her job.
  • Around September, Joe discovers Beth is still pregnant and tries to confront her, but she has him arrested and given a restraining order, plus he’s legally blocked from seeing her or the child and any photos they appear in.
  • Joe writes many apology letters to Beth, but she never replies.
  • Joe sees Beth with an infant child at her father’s cottage.
  • Joe leaves a bunny present for his daughter around her fourth Christmas.
  • During the summer Greta purchases a Cookie, a digital copy of her consciousness to help control a smart house for wealthy people.
  • Matt Trent helps Greta’s Cookie adjust to her new life.
  • In the late fall, while flipping through channels Joe watches a Hot Shots special on Selma (possibly Sonja or her cookie) and Toy Soldiers, flips past Tonight For One Week Only and observes on the ticker that “Liam Monroe claims Twitter account hacked” (still involved politically) followed by “Victoria Skillane appeal bid rejected” (10 years later) then learns on the news that Beth died in a train accident and the block has been lifted.
  • Near Christmas, Joe gets a present for his daughter.
  • Matt, using skills he developed as a dating coach teaches seduction techniques to single men, attempts to help Harry gatecrash an office Christmas party, communicating to him through the Z-Eye. On the call, they are joined by other men, Pie-Ape and I_Am_Waldo plus more, for additional assistance.
  • Matt helps Harry connect with Jennifer using information gathered from social media.
  • Jennifer observes Harry apparently talking to himself, though he is actually talking to Matt and the others.
  • Jennifer seduces Harry into coming with her, but she turns out to have schizophrenia and has poisoned Harry, thinking he has the same affliction. She drinks the same and they die together.
  • Matt’s wife learns what he has been doing, they fight and she blocks him.
  • Matt is arrested for illegal seduction coaching and second hand involvement in Harry’s death.
  • Joe takes his present to his daughter, but finds out she is Tim's daughter instead, he winds up arguing with and killing the little girl's Grandfather, which scares her out into the cold to eventually die.
  • Joe takes to the streets over his guilt, but is taken in by the cops shortly, though he won't talk.
  • Matt bargains with the officials to assist in obtaining a confession from Joe in exchange for his release.
  • Matt enters the simulation with Joe and sets it for what they will perceive as 5 years.
  • Matt exits the simulation, having succeeded in obtaining the confession from Matt’s cookie in about 70 minutes.
  • Joe is charged with the deaths of two people.
  • Matt is freed, but is blocked by everyone from here on out.
  • An officer sets Joe’s cookie to a level that will drive it insane.
  • Martha is still at the country house, the Ash clone in the attic, and she allows her daughter to see him on weekends.
  • Martha’s daughter convinces her to approve a hangout with Ash so he can have some birthday cake, even though she knows he doesn’t need to eat.
  • Martha joins them upstairs after having a brief emotional moment.
  • Created sometime after 2017, using various programming elements from the MASS system plus Eye and Cookie technology, San Junipero is a virtual reality system that allows people to uploaded their consciousness before dying to a simulated eternity, but people near death can also visit for a trial period lasting five hours a week.
  • Kelly’s husband dies and refuses to live in San Junipero.
  • Yorkie visits San Junipero for the first time and meets Kelly, who propositions her for sex but Yorkie says she’s engaged.
  • One week later Yorkie finds Kelly flirting with a different man, but wind up at her bungalow where Yorkie loses her virginity and at midnight they both disappear.
  • One week later Yorkie searches for Kelly but can’t find her, she’s told by Wes that Kelly may be in the 90’s or 00’s.
  • Yorkie eventually finds Kelly in 2002 and they have an argument. *Kelly reveals to Yorkie that she’s dying and is just there to have fun, but after they sleep together again agree to meet in the real world.
  • Kelly physically goes to visit Yorkie to discover she’s comatose and that her family refuses to sign the papers allowing her to permanently enter San Junipero.
  • Greg, a nurse, reveals to Kelly that he wants to marry Yorkie so that she can legally live in the virtual reality system after death.
  • Kelly persuades Greg to let her enter the system so she can marry Yorkie herself, which allows her to approve the euthanasia in the real world.
  • Yorkie dies and enters San Junipero, but afterward argues with Kelly about their future.
  • Kelly doesn’t want to live in San Junipero out of respect for her husband, who declined to live there because their son died and didn’t have an opportunity to enter.
  • Kelly purposely crashes her car, Yorkie appears and tries to help but Kelly’s time expires.
  • In the real world Kelly’s condition worsens and she decides to be euthanized, but will live in San Junipero with Yorkie and they live happily ever after.
  • Robots maintain the consciousnesses of the San Junipero residences in a giant server room.
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With the massive AP item rework incoming, please don't forget Guinsoo's Rageblade.

There once was an item built by Kaylez and Jaxi everywhere.
That item was of course Guinsoo's Rageblade.
The item has fallen completely out of favor, and line of the itemization design viewpoint that riot has been implementing and soon will implement with the incoming Ap item shifts.
While this is happening I ask that the Bros and Dudettes at Riot please give this item some love.
My thoughts on it(some of which conflict with each other, and would never be on the same kit, brainstorming etc) :
  • Pick a side : Neither gain on ap or ad is really that great, and you are more often than not going to just pick two more specialized items.
  • Increases your base atkspd with its stacks and not your bonus atkspd : Allows other atkspd buffs to scale positively while allowing a seperate toggle to balance on it than "Atkspd vs gold efficiency".
  • Make the item a phage level price point, and have it build into something else : That or rename that legendary tier something else Guinsoo's Rageblade while introducing more phage-tier prices items (least likely, most work involved, a man can dream).
  • Has a Maw of Malmortius/Olaf style passive where it gets more effective the lower hp you are. Berserker item etc.
  • Remove it's Spellvamp and lifesteal, and choose either Super Spellvamp, or Some form of sustain on-hit to add to it : This gives the Diana, Ekko, Morde, etc ap fighters something to pickup that isn't ludens(remove ap ratio pls 2.1 ap ratio on some kits is silly) +lichs, or wota+liandry+rylai. Also I don't think vlad can build it :).
  • Make it build out of Glacial shroud + amplifying tome + amplifying tome : Ha, jk, dank meme.
  • Give it an active that is only useable when you are under a specific % hp : This could be a lot of different abilities that seem "rage"like and aren't just an atkspd steroid or flat stat gain.
    I mean you've got
  • Focus on a target(a way more balanced poppy ULT style)
  • Cause "counter attacks"(flat amount based on your atkspd let's say, something) for a few seconds
  • Enemies hit leave a bloodtrail that heals you(nocturne style)
  • Summons a ghost you with a ~10% movespeed buff
There is a lot that could be done with the item right now, and I feel like it needs some love.
Thanks if you read this.
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