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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne - Free download and. How can I change my Warcraft 3 CD Key? War3 tft patch 1 26 music. WarCraft 3: Frozen Throne - PC Game Trainer Cheat PlayFix his response. English website for Warcraft 3 TFT News, Replays, Videos, Streams and Stats.

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Works on all tested computers, which is 20+ computers. W3Arena not working with 1.27a. Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto battler strategy game, inspired by Dota Auto Chess, developed and published by Riot Games, which was initially released as a game mode for League of Legends in June 2020, and is now available as a standalone game for. Things what makes it good: Story Characters JASS abilities Custom Data (Models, skins, etc) It needs to be playable in. With regular updates that ensure a constant evolution of gameplay, features, and heroes, Dota 2 has taken on a life of its own.

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I've never done this before! Are there any issues with this build?

What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
For Gaming: I'd like a set up that can smoothly run Blizzard games (WoW, Black Ops4, War3 Reforged, HotS) on high-ultra settings. I plan to play on 1920x1080.
For Recording: I'll be doing some music recording with this computer as well. For those familiar, I haven’t yet decided on a DI box (so it could be passive or active), but it’ll be USB. The DAW I'll be using is Reaper (so, relatively low CPU demand). I guess the main reason I mention this is I’m not sure if my PSU is adequate. (Should it be gold instead of bronze?, 650 instead of 550?. This part makes me nervous!)
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings)
1920x1080, 60+fps, high/ultra settings (same games mentioned above, WoW and other Blizzard titles)
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
In what country are you purchasing your parts?
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
Type Item Price
CPU Intel - Core i5-8500 3 GHz 6-Core Processor $209.90 @ OutletPC
CPU Cooler be quiet! - Pure Rock Slim 35.14 CFM CPU Cooler $27.89 @ OutletPC
Motherboard MSI - Z370-A PRO ATX LGA1151 Motherboard $79.99 @ Newegg
Memory G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4-2666 Memory $59.89 @ OutletPC
Storage Samsung - 860 Evo 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $72.99 @ Amazon
Video Card Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1060 3GB 3 GB Windforce OC Video Card $204.88 @ OutletPC
Case Fractal Design - Define C ATX Mid Tower Case $96.98 @ Newegg
Power Supply Cooler Master - MasterWatt 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply $48.59 @ Amazon
Operating System Microsoft - Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit $98.89 @ OutletPC
Monitor Acer - G226HQLBbd 21.5" 1920x1080 60 Hz Monitor $84.99 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total (before mail-in rebates) $1024.99
Mail-in rebates -$40.00
Total $984.99
Generated by PCPartPicker 2018-11-20 23:47 EST-0500
Provide any additional details you wish below.
I'm mainly just looking for reassurance that this build will work out well for me given the above details. If anyone sees any improvements that could/should be considered, I'd love to hear them. The case may change, but I plan to stick with a mid size tower.
I'd also like to know how to add USB ports in the back of the tower. Most cases I see come with just two USB, but keyboard and mouse take that up right away.
submitted by kenbruhan to buildapc

Uther the Lightbringer – Abilities, Quotes, and Skins Lore

Hello, all! As promised, here is the followup to my Uther lore thread I posted on Friday, with the lore behind all of his abilities, talents, quotes, interactions, and skins.
Uther lore thread
All previous "Lore of" episodes
Uther represents the paladin, an Alliance unit in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, a hero unit for the human faction in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and a playable class in World of Warcraft. However, while Uther was first introduced as a paladin unit in WC2, his Heroes of the Storm kit doesn't seem to take any real inspiration from that original incarnation. Instead, he is mainly based around the WC3 and WoW versions of the paladin.
  • D: Devotion, Eternal Vanguard - Uther's trait is one of those that have two separate effects built into it, so I'll just talk about each one individually.
    • Devotion - This ability is based on Devotion Aura, which first appeared as a passive Paladin ability in WC3, where it passively increased the armor of nearby friendly units. In World of Warcraft, Devotion Aura is a paladin ability that has gone through numerous redesigns over the years. Originally, it was a spell which, much like other aura spells, lasted indefinitely once activated and provided a buff to all nearby allies; specifically armor, much like the WC3 version. In the Mists of Pandaria expansion, Devotion Aura was changed to be a short-term (specifically 6 seconds long) buff that granted all party and raid members immunity to Silence and Interrupt effects and reduced magic damage taken. In Legion, it was redesigned yet again, this time as a talent available exclusively to the Holy specialization that passively causes all allies within a short radius of the paladin to take 20% reduced damage (split over the number of players in the aura), again being more similar to the WC3 version.
    • Eternal Vanguard - Eternal Vanguard is not directly based on any paladin ability, but is reminiscent of Spirit of Redemption, a passive ability for Holy priests in WoW that causes the priest to transform into an angelic spirit upon death. As the Spirit of Redemption, the priest cannot move, attack, or be targeted but can continue casting healing spells — now free of mana cost — on allies for 15 seconds, after which the priest dies "for real".
    • Flash of Light - While a spirit under the effects of Eternal Vanguard, Uther can use this spell to heal allies. In WoW, Flash of Light is a paladin healing spell that can be cast significantly faster and heals for more than the similar Holy Light spell, but also consumes a larger chunk of mana and should thus generally only be used in panicky situations when there isn't enough time to cast Holy Light to save an ally.
  • Q: Holy Light - The Light, or Holy Light of Creation, is one of the two most fundamental forces in the Warcraft universe. Before the birth of the cosmos, the Light existed as a boundless sea of harmonious energy, but as its energies shifted, pockets of cold nothingness formed and gave rise to the Light's opposite, the dark, vampiric force known as the Void. The mounting tensions between the Light and the Void eventually caused a series of cataclysmic explosions that gave birth to the physical universe. Pure Light and Void exist outside of reality but can manifest in the physical universe as holy and shadow magic, respectively. Paladins and other wielders of the Light can call upon the positive energies of holy magic to heal. In WC3, Holy Light is a Paladin ability that can either heal a friendly unit or deal damage to an enemy undead unit, but cannot be used on the Paladin himself (unlike the Heroes version). In World of Warcraft, Holy Light is a slow but efficient Holy paladin spell which simply heals an ally for a significant amount.
  • W: Holy Radiance - A Holy paladin spell in WoW which, after a short cast time, healed an ally for a significant amount and all other nearby allies for half of that amount. It also granted a charge of Holy Power, a special paladin ability resource generated by certain abilities and consumed by other finishing move abilities (similar to a rogue's or Feral druid's combo point system, which can also be seen in Valeera's abilities in Heroes). Holy Radiance was removed in Legion.
  • E: Hammer of Justice - A paladin ability that stuns an enemy for 6 seconds. The WoW version doesn't deal any damage, unlike the Heroes version. It is one of the first abilities learned by low-level paladins, becoming available at level 5.
  • R1: Divine Shield - Divine Shield is a paladin ability in WC3 and WoW that surrounds the paladin with an impenetrable shield, making them invulnerable to all damage. The original WC3 version lasted much longer than the WoW and Heroes incarnations, starting off at a 15-second duration and able to be upgraded all the way to a 45-second duration. The WoW version only lasts 8 seconds, has a 5 minute cooldown, and causes Forbearance, a debuff that prevents the paladin from being affected by Divine Shield and a couple of other powerful spells.
  • R2: Divine Storm - Divine Storm is an AoE damage ability for Retribution paladins that consumes 3 of the aforementioned Holy Power to unleash a whirl of divine energy, damaging all nearby enemies. Unlike the Heroes version, WoW's Divine Storm has no cooldown and does not stun enemies.
  • Level 1: Hammer of the Lightbringer - In the non-canonical Warcraft RPG sourcebook Shadows & Light, the "Hammer of the Lightbringer" is the name given to Uther's warhammer. In World of Warcraft, players who defeat the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel have a chance to loot a one-handed mace called Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer, suggesting that it once belonged to Uther.
  • Level 4: Holy Shock - Holy Shock is a Holy paladin ability which can be used to either deal damage to an enemy or significantly heal an ally. It is apparently inspired by the WC3 version of Holy Light, which could either heal friendly units or damage enemy undead units. Holy Shock is notable for having been the namesake and one of the staples of "Shockadin", a somewhat popular but not really viable WoW talent build allowing paladins to specialize in ranged damage spells, but which seems to have gone extinct by now due to various ability changes over the years.
  • Level 4: Pursuit of Justice - Pursuit of Justice was a passive paladin talent that gave the paladin a permanent 15% movement speed increase, plus an additional 5% for each charge of Holy Power up to 3. It was removed in Legion.
  • Level 7: Guardian of Ancient Kings - A high-level paladin ability which originally temporarily summoned an angelic guardian to assist the paladin in various ways depending on the player's specialization: it helped Retribution paladins deal damage, healed Holy paladins, and reduced the damage taken by Protection paladins. In Warlords of Draenor, it was made exclusive to Protection paladins, and in Legion, the spell was altered to no longer summon a Guardian of Ancient Kings, but rather to tranform the paladin into one, reducing all damage taken by 50% for 8 seconds.
  • Level 7: Hand of Protection - Hand of Protection was one of several "Hand" spells, paladin abilities that gave powerful short-term buffs, all of which were removed in the Legion expansion. Hand of Protection made an ally immune to all physical attacks for 10 seconds, but also prevented them from attacking or using physical abilities during that time.
  • Level 13: Well Met - "Well met!" is Uther's Greetings emote in Hearthstone. I guess it's become a meme because of the distinctive way Uther speaks the line and because the way people tend to spam emotes at each other in Hearthstone.
  • Level 16: Beacon of Light - A Holy paladin ability which places a beacon on a friendly target, causing that target to be healed for a portion of all healing dealt by the paladin to other party or raid members.
  • Level 16: Tyr's Deliverance - Tyr was one of the mighty keepers — powerful beings created by the godlike titans to lead the collective of races known as the titan-forged in protecting Azeroth. Tyr was the greatest warrior of the titan-forged and valued the idea of achieving justice through self-sacrifice. I could talk for way longer about Tyr's lore, but the most important parts are that he helped guide five proto-dragons — Alexstrasza, Malygos, Neltharion, Nozdormu, and Ysera — to defeat the massive, evil proto-dragon Galakrond and later convinced his fellow keepers to uplift the five into the Dragon Aspects. During one battle with Galakrond, Tyr's hand was bitten off, and he later had it replaced with one forged of silver. Later, after Tyr's fellow keeper Loken was corrupted by the Old God Yogg-Saron, Tyr and his followers warred against Loken's forces, eventually stealing titan artifacts called the Discs of Norgannon and fleeing south, where Tyr eventually sacrificed himself to hold off two servants of the Old Gods sent by Loken — Kith'ix and Zakazj. After a fierce battle, Tyr and Zakazj killed each other, but Kith'ix managed to escape. The site where Tyr died was named "Tyr's Fall", or "Tirisfal" in the tongue of the vrykul race, and legends of the noble keeper and his silver hand persisted for centuries, having a profound impact on the humans that later settled in the Tirisfal Glades. Tyr's silver hand later inspired the name and symbol of Uther's paladin order, the Knights of the Silver Hand. In World of Warcraft: Legion, Tyr's own warhammer, the Silver Hand, becomes the artifact weapon for Holy paladins. Wielding the Silver Hand grants the use of a spell called Tyr's Deliverance, which releases the Light within the weapon to heal a nearby injured ally every 1 second for 10 seconds.
  • Level 16: Benediction - Benediction was a passive paladin talent which reduced the mana cost of all of the paladin's instant cast spells by a small percentage. It was removed in Cataclysm.
  • Level 20: Redemption - In WoW, all classes with a healer specialization have access to a resurrection ability that brings an ally back to life with 35% of their maximum health and mana, but takes 10 seconds to cast and cannot be used while the player is in combat. The paladin version is called Redemption.
  • Level 20: Divine Protection - A Holy and Protection paladin ability which slightly reduces all damage taken by the paladin for 8 seconds.
Removed talents
  • Level 1: Dense Weightstone (removed in 0.10.0) - Dense Weightstone is a low-level item that can be crafted by players with the Blacksmithing profession in WoW. It increases the damage of a blunt weapon by 8 for 1 hour.
  • Level 1: Fist of Justice (removed in 2.25.0) - Paladin talent which, in different ways depending on the player's spec, reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice.
  • Level 4: Boundless Conviction (removed in 2.25.0) - A paladin talent which increased the amount of Holy Power a paladin could store from 3 to 5. The talent was removed and made baseline for Retribution paladins in Legion.
  • Level 7: Burden of Guilt (removed in 2.25.0) - Paladin talent which caused Judgment (a ranged damage spell) to also slow the target's movement speed by 50% for 12 seconds.
  • Level 7: Cleanse (removed in 2.25.0) - This is an old generic Heroes of the Storm talent that isn't unique to Uther, but I'll talk about it here since it's based on a WoW paladin ability that removes all Poison, Disease, and Magic effects from a friendly target. Cleanse was originally available to all paladin specs, but in Legion it was made exclusive to Holy, and Protection and Retribution paladins instead received the similar spell Cleanse Toxins.
  • Level 7: Rebuke (removed in 0.10.0) - Paladin ability that interrupts an enemy's spellcasting and prevents them from casting another spell in the same school (magic type) for 4 seconds.
  • Level 16: Righteous Defense (removed in 2.25.0) - A rather unique paladin ability which, when used on a friendly target, randomly selected up to three enemies currently attacking that target and taunted them, forcing them to attack the paladin instead. It was removed in Mists of Pandaria.
Poke quotes
Warcraft III Uther quotes
Warcraft III Paladin quotes
I'm too old for this nonsense! - Uther was 64 years old at the time of his death, according to the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos game manual. One of his WC3 poke quotes is "I'm getting too old for this".
Sometimes, the Light at the end of the tunnel is a train. - A joke on the saying "light at the end of the tunnel", an idiomatic expression for a better situation after a long hardship and also something that has often been reported as being seen by people who have had near-death experiences. This quote may also be a reference to one of a couple of different songs and musical albums — specifically "The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Was a Train Coming the Other Way)", a 2001 song by English musician Richard Hawley; "The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Is the Light of an Oncoming Train)", a 2002 song by the British rock band Half Man Half Biscuit; or The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is a Train, a 2005 album by English musician Whitey.
Today, I'm Uther the PAINbringer. - Uther's title is "the Lightbringer", given to him by his fellow paladin Turalyon after the Battle of Blackrock Spire.
What the...? What happened to that silver hand in the sky? / Seriously, 'Order of the Weird Space Triangle' doesn't have nearly the same ring to it! - This is a bit of a layered one. In WC2 and WC3, the in-game mouse cursor for players of the Alliance and human faction, respectively, uses the appearance of a metal gauntlet, as does the mouse cursor for all players in World of Warcraft regardless of faction. In Heroes of the Storm, however, the cursor uses a more abstract appearance as a white and gray triangle-ish shape. The Order of the Silver Hand is the name of the paladin order that Uther and Archbishop Alonsus Faol founded prior to the Second War, and which Uther continued to lead up until his death. The Silver Hand actually derives its name and symbol from the legend of Tyr (see the talents section above), but these two quotes jokingly imply that it's actually named after the appearance of the in-game mouse cursor in WC2, WC3, and WoW.
Back in my day, there was only one type of paladin, and we were glad to have 'em! - In WC2 and WC3, all paladins were simply "paladins", with all of them filling mostly the same role and possessing the same abilities. In WoW, however, paladins — like all playable classes — have several distinct class specializations with different playstyles, abilities, themes, and gameplay roles: Holy (healer), Protection (tank), and Retribution (damage dealer). Being a Support hero, Uther in Heroes of the Storm is mainly based around Holy paladins, but his abilities and talents take inspiration from all three paladin specs.
And we could only level to 10! What are you now? Level 100? More? [sigh] You kids these days... - The default maximum level for hero units in WC3 is 10 (though this cap can be modified in custom maps and certain campaigns). In World of Warcraft, the maximum character level was originally 60, but each subsequent expansion has increased this cap by increments of 5 or 10. At the time of Heroes of the Storm's release, the WoW level cap had been raised from 90 to 100 by the Warlords of Draenor expansion. As of the writing of this post (during the Legion expansion), the level cap is at 110, but the upcoming Battle for Azeroth will raise it to 120.
[someone sneezes off-camera] Light bless you. - A play on the phrase "God bless you", which is usually said in response to someone sneezing. Warcraft humans' worship of the Light fills much the same role as Catholic Christianity in the real world, with the human-centric Church of the Holy Light incorporating real-world attributes like bishops and cathedrals. In Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, there were actually explicit references to God and other real-world religious concepts like Heaven and Hell, but these were drastically toned down in later games, and the human religion was retconned from one of worshipping a single deity to the non-theistic faith in the Holy Light.
Let the righteous know peace, and the injust know the back of my hand. - I'm not actually sure what this is referencing, if anything.
My church is the field of battle. I mean, why do you think I carry this book around? My health? - One of Uther's WC3 poke quotes is "My church is the field of battle". I'm guessing that the second part is referring to the Manual of Health, a WC3 powerup item that increases a hero unit's hit points by 50 when clicked on.
By the way, a little bronze dragon told me about what you blood elves plan to do to my grave. I'm not thrilled about it. - Long after Uther's death, a blood elf named Mehlar Dawnblade tasked Horde adventurers with helping him defile Uther's Tomb, since Mehlar blamed Uther for the atrocities that his student Arthas committed. When Uther's insignia, which Mehlar had corrupted with fel magic, was brought to the tomb, Uther's ghost appeared and reprimanded the adventurer. The bronze dragonflight, which includes members such as Chronormu, is responsible for safeguarding time, and thus often travel through the timeways.
Interaction quotes
(Generic boast) Uther: "We will fight with honor." - Reference to Uther's start-of-match opening remark in Hearthstone: "I will fight with honor!"
Uther: "Why should I trust you, boy?" Arthas: "If you prefer, I can always kill you again." and Crown Prince Arthas: "You shouldn't, old man." - For years, Uther served as Arthas' mentor in the Knights of the Silver Hand and came to love the prince like a son. However, when the Plague of Undeath began spreading throughout Lordaeron, Arthas' quest to save the kingdom gradually caused him to fall to corruption, become a death knight of the Scourge, and murder his own father, King Terenas. Eventually, Arthas killed Uther while the paladin was attempting to guard the urn holding Terenas' ashes.
Arthas: "If you fail, Uther, know that I can always use another death knight." Uther: "Shut your mouth before I shut it for you." - Death knights are powerful, rune-wielding, unholy warriors of the undead Scourge. Many of the death knights that emerged during the Third War have close thematic ties to paladins, with many of them being former paladins that fell to darkness, and with the in-game WC3 Death Knight hero unit having abilities that are essentially reversals of the Paladin unit's abilities.
Crown Prince Arthas: "Try not to fail, Uther, as you did in service to my father." Uther: "Shut your mouth before I shut it for you." - Refers to Arthas' father, Terenas Menethil II, King of Lordaeron, to whom Uther was a close friend and loyal servant.
Uther: "And there goes my hearing." The Butcher: [roars] - Self-explanatory.
Uther: "Genn Greymane himself. It's about time Gilneas was back in the fight!" Greymane: "You're one of the few around here I trust, you know." - After the Second War, Genn Greymane chose to withdraw his kingdom of Gilneas from the Alliance of Lordaeron for various reasons and constructed the great Greymane Wall to isolate the nation from the rest of the world. Gilneas only rejoined the Alliance and the world at large after the Cataclysm many years later.
Greymane: "If I am to accept help, then I am glad it comes from you." Uther: "Hah, good to hear it, you old dog! G-- eh, sorry." - Dog puns, since Greymane is a worgen.
(To Horde characters) Uther: "Oh, the Horde. And this was shaping up to be such a nice day, too." - During the Second War, Uther led the Knights of the Silver in fighting for the Alliance of Lordaeron against the savage orcish Horde until the orcs were defeated and placed in Alliance interment camps. Years later, when Thrall rallied the orcs into escaping the camps and reforming the Horde, Uther led unsuccessful efforts to corral the uprising. He also later worked with Prince Arthas to combat an uprising from the Blackrock clan of orcs, though this was a wayward clan that had chosen not to join Thrall's Horde.
(To Horde characters) Uther: "Adding 'New' to the Horde's name doesn't absolve you of your sins, you know." - The revitalized Horde Thrall created by freeing the orcs from the interment camps is sometimes called the "New Horde" to signify a return to the orcs' noble, shamanistic roots and differentiate it from the demon-corrupted, bloodthirsty "Old Horde" that committed numerous atrocities as it rampaged across the orc homeworld of Draenor and the human nations in the Eastern Kingdoms. Uther didn't seem to believe the orcs to be capable of redeeming or changing themselves, still seeing them as vile curs by the time he and Arthas battled against the Blackrocks prior to the Third War.
Uther: "Lady Jaina, it is a pleasure to fight by your side once more." Jaina: "You have no idea how much we've missed your counsel, Uther." / Jaina: "Lord Uther, I am so sorry about Arthas. If only I could have convinced him." Uther: "That guilt lies with me, and I will live with it until my dying day." - Uther, Jaina, and Arthas fought side by side in their efforts to prevent Lordaeron from falling to the Scourge during the Third War, but neither Uther nor Jaina were able to prevent Arthas' corruption. Even long after Uther's death, he is remembered by the Alliance as a great hero whose shining example continues to serve as a source of inspiration and guidance.
Uther: "So it's you." Dreadlord Jaina: "Hah, you paladins never were easy to fool. Makes me glad Arthas killed you." / Dreadlord Jaina: "A wielder of the Light. How quaint." Uther: "Just shut up, will you? We've got a battle to win!" - As a demon wielding dark, corruptive fel magic and seeking to destroy Azeroth, Dreadlord Jaina is naturally opposed to the Light-wielding Uther. Her response in the first interaction refers to how Arthas killed Uther and many of his fellow Knights of the Silver Hand during the Third War, including Ballador, Dagren, Gavinrad, Halahk, Magroth, and Sage Truthbearer.
Uther: "I'll assume this 'Crusader' I've heard so much about is you." Johanna: "Yes, me. You know, no one will judge you if you can't keep up, paladin. You're simply outclassed." - Warcraft paladins and Diablo Crusaders, Paladins, and Templars share many similarities, being holy warriors that use a mystical force called the "Light" to protect the weak and smite the wicked. In terms of lore, many of Diablo's Paladins fell to darkness as a result of Mephisto's corruption of the Zakarum faith, and the cleric Akkhan formed the Crusaders to purify the faith. When the Crusader was introduced as a playable class in Diablo III: Reapers of Souls, many World of Warcraft paladin players became rather jealous (for lack of a better word) of many of the Crusader's unique abilities. This was also acknowledged by Blizzard in the 2014 April Fools fake patch notes. Several paladin abilities that have since been introduced in WoW appear to have taken very clear inspiration from the D3 Crusader, including Blessed Hammer (though that one was originally a Diablo II Paladin skill) and Divine Steed/Steed Charge.
Johanna: "Think you can keep up, paladin?" Uther: "Please. I was swinging the Light while you were still in short pants." - Uther's response here is likely a reference to The Light and How to Swing It, a paladin book item that was supposedly written by Uther and can be found in WoW's Dire Maul dungeon. The name of this book is in turn likely a reference to The Lead and How to Swing It, a 1994 album by Welsh singer Tom Jones.
Kel'Thuzad: "Ah, Uther. Always meant to thank you for the urn - it's made quite the phylactery." Uther: "Oh? Are you expecting me to give a damn? Hah. That's rich." - After King Terenas' death, Uther stood guard over the enchanted urn holding the king's ashes. Arthas killed Uther in order to obtain the magical urn, which was necessary to protect the remains of the necromancer Kel'Thuzad on the journey to the high elf kingdom of Quel'Thalas, where Kel'Thuzad could be resurrected using the elves' magical fount, the Sunwell. After Kel'Thuzad was resurrected as an undead lich, it was unclear what happened to the urn, but later in World of Warcraft, players noticed that Kel'Thuzad's phylactery (the physical container holding the lich's soul) used the same inventory icon as King Terenas' urn in WC3. Though it should be noted that the icon in question is pretty commonly used for numerous other items as well, this coincidence, coupled with the lack of explanation for where the urn went or where the phylactery came from, led to speculation that the urn and phylactery were one and the same. This interaction between Kel'Thuzad and Uther evidently confirms this theory, but since Heroes of the Storm is non-canonical, it hasn't technically been confirmed in canon lore yet. (Though, personally, I expect it's only a matter of time before it gets canonically confirmed as well.)
Uther: "'Skeleton King', eh? Little on the nose, don't you think?" Leoric: "Do not speak to me in those tones!" - Leoric is a king and he's also a skeleton, so "Skeleton King" is a pretty obvious title for him.
Leoric: "Do not trouble yourself. My expertise shall more than make up for your shortcomings." Uther: "No wonder your people killed you." - Leoric was killed by a group of his own soldiers — led by the knight Lachdanan — due to a slight case of Diablo-possession-induced insanity.
Uther: "Hah! Hail and well met, my fellow soldier!" Lt. Morales: "Everyone loves a medic." / Lt. Morales: "You look like a tough one. Let's win this thing together!" Uther: "Which part? The giant eagle shoulderpads, or is it my magical first aid hammer?" - Uther and Morales are both career soldiers that use their abilities to heal others.
(To new races) Uther: "You're from Azeroth? I swear, you leave the planet for a few years and everything goes to hell!" - Azeroth is home to a vast variety of races that didn't really become known to the humans of the Eastern Kingdoms until after Uther's death, including night elves (such as Illidan, Maiev, Malfurion, and Tyrande), tauren (such as E.T.C.), and to an extent pandaren (such as Chen and Li Li).
(To night elves) Uther: "And here I thought high elves were full of themselves." - While humans have had a long history of cooperation with the high elves of the Eastern Kingdoms, as mentioned, they didn't really encounter the high elves' "parent race" — the night elves of Kalimdor — until after Uther's death. All elven races are sometimes viewed by non-elves as being quite prideful and arrogant.
Uther: "Sylvanas? You look like hell!" Sylvanas: "Hold your tongue, or I'll tear it out!" / Sylvanas: "I thought I was done suffering fools!" Uther: "And I thought being dead would make someone LESS aggressive!" - Sylvanas was originally the Ranger-General in charge of the defenses of the high elf kingdom of Quel'Thalas until she was killed and raised into undeath by Arthas when the Scourge invaded the kingdom. It seems Uther met Sylvanas at least once while she was still alive, and since she hadn't yet been killed by the time Uther died, he is quite bemused to see her undead form in the Nexus. It should be noted that Uther's ghost later interacted with Sylvanas when she and a group of Horde adventurers infiltrated Icecrown Citadel in search of answers on how to defeat the Lich King, but since Heroes' Uther is still, well, alive, that hasn't happened yet from his perspective.
Uther: "Hail, friend! What do you say, ready to dispense some justice?" Tyrael: "I am justice itself." / Tyrael: "I stand beside you, Lightbringer! Justice will be met this day!" Uther: "Hah, now this is going to be one to remember!" / Uther: "Hail, friend! What do you say, ready to dispense some justice?" Mecha Tyrael: "Justice dispensation is my primary function." / Mecha Tyrael: "Weapon systems fully charged. Fuel cells at maximum. Justice commencing." Uther: "Alright, let's see what you've got!" - As a paladin, Uther greatly values the concept of justice. Tyrael, being the Archangel of Justice, is the embodiment of the concept.
Uther: "Varian, the last time I saw you you were still a pup." Varian: "Oh, admit it, you did that on purpose." - After Stormwind was destroyed by the Horde in the First War, the kingdom's survivors — including the orphaned Prince Varian — sought refuge in Lordaeron, where Varian befriended that kingdom's own prince, Arthas. After the Second War, the Knights of the Silver Hand helped Varian, now a teenager, settle into his role as king of the rebuilt Stormwind. It seems Uther did not see Varian again after that. The pup thing is a reference to the fact that Varian is heavily associated with wolves, having received the name Lo'Gosh ("Ghost Wolf") while he was an amnesiac gladiator and being considered the champion of the wolf demigod Goldrinn.
Uther: "A necromancer, eh? Can't say I'm a fan of your kind." Xul: "Save your vitriol for someone who cares." - Lordaeron fell to the undead Scourge thanks to the machinations of the Cult of the Damned, led by the necromancer Kel'Thuzad, so Uther would have plenty of reasons to dislike wielders of necromancy.
Xul: "Try not to die out there. I'd hate to have to summon a skeleton from your corpse." Uther: "You know, you sound awfully familiar." - References the fact that Uther and Xul both have the same voice actor, Michael McConnohie.
Uther: "You know, you sound awfully familiar." Kel'Thuzad: "What are you implying, paladin? That all necromancers sound alike?!" - Michael McConnohie is also the voice of Kel'Thuzad. Kel'Thuzad's response here is also a bit meta in that it points out how Uther says the same thing to both Kel'Thuzad and Xul, both of whom are necromancers.
Kill quotes/Killing Uther quotes
Okay, so I really hate to do this, but I am simply unable to fit in all of the material I wanted to include within the constraints of Reddit's maximum character limit. To solve this, I'll post all of Uther's kill quotes and the quotes from other heroes killing Uther in the comments instead of including them in the post proper. Again, I didn't really want to do this, but it's unfortunately how these things go when there are so many references to talk about.
Other quotes
By my honor. / For the Light! / Right. / Very wise. (move) - WC3 move quotes.
For Lordaeron! (attack and shop) - The human kingdom of Lordaeron is Uther's homeland and was the leading nation of the Alliance during the Second War. It fell into ruin due to the undead Scourge during the Third War.
For the Silver Hand! / Light curse you! (attack) - WC3 attack quotes.
I am the hammer of justice! (attack and shop) - An unused line that can be found in the game files for the WC3 mission "Digging up the Dead" but is never actually spoken by Uther in the mission.
Justice demands retribution! (revenge) - This is Uther's threaten emote in Hearthstone.
Strike with great vengeance! (attack) - An attack quote used by generic Paladin units in WC3.
The Light is with us! (attack) - WC3 select quote.
  • Silver Hand - A reference to Uther's paladin order, the Knights of the Silver Hand.
  • Grand Marshal (former Master skin) - Grand Marshal's Aegis is an item set for Alliance paladins that could only be obtained prior to patch 2.4.0 and was purchased using the Honor Points and Mark of Honor currencies obtained from participating in PvP gameplay.
  • Judgment - Judgment Armor is the tier 2 paladin set in World of Warcraft. It is often considered one of the most unique and iconic armor sets in the game, and is a consistently popular choice for paladin transmogrification (a system allowing players to change the appearance of their gear to look like other items). Heroes of the Storm's Judgment Uther depicts an alternate timeline in which the Lightbringer survived his duel with Arthas and went on to join King Varian Wrynn's forces and lead the Knights of the Silver Hand during the campaign to confront Arthas in Northrend.
    • Blessed Judgment - This recolor has a similar coloration to the Blessed Battlegear of Undead Slaying, a plate armor set that could only be obtained during the one-time Scourge Invasion world event that was active during the pre-expansion patch for Wrath of the Lich King. Visually, the set is a recolored version of Judgment (though it only consists of hands, shoulders, legs, and chest pieces) and can be worn by any plate class, not just paladins.
    • Penance Judgment - This recolor is based on a purple recolor of Judgment Armor introduced in The Burning Crusade. While it has no official name, the set is sometimes unofficially referred to as "Penance" armor after the name of the set's helmet, the Mask of Penance. The different pieces of the set drop from different bosses in various The Burning Crusade dungeons, and it's not a true item set; that is, wearing all of the items together won't grant any special set bonus to stats or abilities. Instead, it's merely a bunch of items that, when put together, forms a purple recolor of Judgment.
  • Medic - This skin is themed around terran medics from StarCraft. See Subsourian's post on the topic for more detail. One thing I wanted to mention that wasn't included in Subsourian's post is that Medic Uther's hammer features the "L" insignia of the kingdom of Lordaeron, which is sometimes used as a symbol for humanity as a whole.
  • Sulfuron - A variation on Judgment Uther, apparently depicting Uther as having defeated Ragnaros the Firelord and picked up Ragnaros' powerful elementium hammer, Sulfuras. The name "Sulfuron" itself appears to variously be an adjective form of - or synonym for - Sulfuras, Ragnaros' hammer.
    • Felfuron - Fel magic is the chaotic, destructive, corrupting, and life-consuming magic of demons in the Warcraft universe. It commonly has a bright green color, and the name "Fel" is a common prefix for green skins in Heroes of the Storm.
And that is all for this week. Again, see the comments for the stuff I had to leave out of the main post. For the next lore thread I'm thinking of covering none other than Thrall, but due to how much work that'll likely require, I'll probably take an extra week to work on it. In other words, see you all in two weeks! (Probably.)
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