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10+ Years of Android ownership. Just switched to iphone 12 Pro. My thoughts/first impressions

I've been a long time user of Android phones due to their affordability and customization. My first flagship Android phone was the Galaxy s3. I immediately fell in love with the design and overall functionality. All my friends and family would have iphones, but I would always stay true to Androids. Then I upgraded to the Galaxy s6 right before I left for college. At this point, I was a little bit upset as Androids weren't (and still aren't) optimized for Snapchat, as this is when my social life started to sky rocket, so much of my time was spent on that app.
2 years later in 2017 I switch to the Galaxy s8. Now, I loved this phone and it's been a killer 3 years with it. Awesome camera, lightning fast, amazing customization/UI and just overall enjoyment.
I would always look over the fence though and see what Apple was up to with their iphones, and my friends would constantly brag about just how well optimized and user friendly their iphones were. I was never one to delve deep into unlocking Androids' true potential and being a power user, but I wasn't a grandma either.
Fast forward to 2020, I hear about the iphone 12 and its return to the iphone 4 design (which was my absolute favorite looking iphone - I was never a fan of the "rounded" iphones). This, combined with the fact that my S8 was not only coming on 3 years old now + the iphones and Galaxy series of phones cost about the same, made me switch.
I got my new Iphone 12 pro about 3 days ago.
I power it on and start setting everything up. I'm a little disappointed by the screen resolution and detail, but it's not a major step down from my S8. Another big factor that contributed toward me switching was the fact that Apple decided to add widgets. I was a bit surprised in the fact that there is no Alarm clock or Email widget, but i'll make due. Another feature that disappoints me is the fact that there is no dedicated "back arrow" on the bottom right of the screen like with androids. It's either gesture controlled or a you have to reach to the top left of the screen to return somewhere. Something I did with my old S8 that greatly improved speeds was turn off unnecessary animations (like apps opening) - A feature i'm not sure is available on Apple products.
When I first took the phone out of the box, I was immediately impressed by the phones weight and build. This thing truly feels like it can take a beating and then some. The true tone display is very nice and color accuracy is impressive. The camera, as expected, is absolutely stunning. I took my first night mode picture last night and im blown away by the clarity and resolution a phone camera is able to reach. Snaps on snapchat look crystal clear (Granted, this is mostly due to the fact that Snapchat is well optimized for iphones), and zooming in no longer blurs pictures to the extent my older Androids did. The phone is not only remarkably faster, but the battery life is muuuuuch better than my old S8. Obviously, this is going to be the case no matter which new phone you get when you compare it to an old one though. Imessage is awesome and I love the animjoi feature as well.
Overall Impressions
The iphone 12 pro is an amazing phone. I love its new throwback design along with its true tone display and impressive camera. However, there was something homey about Android. Something I can't quite put my finger on that I miss. Maybe I need more time with my iphone and get more familiar with its features and quirks, as it's only been about 3 days. But overall im very excited with my switch.
submitted by KnightFan2019 to apple

[Guide] What I really, really wish I knew starting out...

Last updated: November 24, 2020


I'm pretty new to the series, picking up my first heavy save file within the last couple of months. I have 200 hours and have done most of everything, taking me to end game. I realize the game changes often, so a lot of helpful resources are somewhat out of date. I wanted to add a little of the knowledge I've gained to help out anyone who might be stuck or for newbies who want a better grasp of the game. I skipped a lot of the stuff that's easier to search for.

About No Man's Sky

So what is this game all about?
  • The best way I've seen it described as next-level Minecraft in space. If you're the type of person who likes games where you collect resources, craft a bunch of stuff, build your own base, etc. you will love this game. Same if you love exploration, discovery and hoarding tons of items. If you're looking to scratch a competitive itch, it may not be the game for you (although you can kill lots of stuff).
Do I need to follow the main storyline?
  • I mean, only if you want to. The storyline is like 1/16th of this game, imo. You can do just about everything without completing any of the story missions. If you're lost and unsure of what to do, the storyline is a great start. (This may need to be verified, perhaps you might have to do a couple of the starting missions first to progress naturally).


Is there any way for me to get fancy blueprints other than the Construction Terminal and/or tutorial quest?
  • YES. I didn't know this until way too long because the game doesn't make it super clear. If you want to build something but you need a blueprint that you don't have, it's most likely going to be on The Anomaly (which you can summon from space, anywhere) on the Construction Research Station (different from the Construction Terminal you place on your base). Each blueprint costs Salvaged Technology to unlock. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but a lot of the quests that have you interact with your Base Computer and hire Terminal Staff, they reward the same blueprints for 'free' as you can buy in the Anomaly.
Does it ever get easiecost less fuel to take off in my Starship?
  • YES! It gets way easier. I don't even remember the last time I fueled my Launch Thrusters. To improve this dramatically, make sure to buy Starship Tech from the Anomaly and install up to 3 S-Class modules per inventory (general/tech). I can freely fly around as much as I want with little care in the world and it didn't take that long to get to that point.
How can I collect more of [resource]?
  • If it is a basic resource like carbon, tritium or phosphorus, your best bet is to buy out a space station that carries the resource. For more rare resources I like to keep a paper list of which resources are stocked in which stations.
  • If it is a mineral you can buy it or make a base on a planet that has the mineral and build a Mineral Extraction Unit and some Silos.
  • If it is a gas you can buy it or make a base on a planet that has the gas and build a Gas Extraction Unit and some Silos.
    • Also keep in mind, gasses refine to other gasses at a 3:1 ratio, or combined with other items using a Large Refiner for a 1:1 ratio.
  • If it is a Harvested Agricultural Substance, you can build Biodomes to harvest just that one resource in bulk.
    • You can also plant them outside if you’re in the right Biome.
    • If you still don’t have enough, learn the element that goes along with the substance (like Cactus Flesh/Pyrite) and refine them together, which will create a little extra of each substance.
  • If it is an Animal Byproduct (milk, eggs, berries), find a planet with a lot of different fauna and camp out somewhere with a Nutrient Processor. Craft a ton of Creature Pellets and Bait specific for that animal and throw them around, trying to round up the other creatures on the outskirts of your radius.
    • Note: The Nutrient Processor has its own inventory called Ingredients Storage. This inventory can be accessed by any Nutrient Processor you build, which is great for stocking up on stuff you’ll need on-the-go.
    • Note: Keep in mind that Bait only stacks up to 5, so you’ll save yourself some slots by only crafting as much as you need at one time.
  • If you still can’t find it, download the app called Assistant for No Man's Sky which will show you where to source an item and what you can refine to get it (if possible).
What is Quicksilver and what can I do with it?
  • Quicksilver is a currency which can be used to purchase special titles and cosmetics, as well as a Void Egg (which eventually spawns a Living Ship).
  • You get Quicksilver for one Nexus mission per day. These quests must be completed in one go, so if you crash or exit the game, you will need to pick up a new Quicksilver mission at the Anomaly. At this time you can get up to 250 Quicksilvemission.
  • All Nexus missions can be completed in multiplayer. I wouldn't advise soloing them if you’re a brand new player but once you get some decent upgrades and familiarize yourself with the quest types, it’s no problem at all to solo.
What is Tainted Metal and how can I find it?
  • Tainted Metal is a currency that can be used at Scrap Dealers to buy some cosmetics and X-class upgrades. Currently Tainted Metal can only be found on Derelict Freighters.


Where can I find teleporters?
  • Every Space Station has a teleporter.
  • The Anomaly has a teleporter.
  • You can build them on your base (but they require power).
  • You can build one on your freighter.
How does teleporting work?
  • Teleporting is like fast-travel. You can go to any place that you have visited before within reason. I believe the teleporter holds the last 50 bases and space stations you have visited. There are certain places you cannot teleport to:
    • The Anomaly
    • Your Freighter
Can I go back to my base if I forgot to place a teleporter?
  • YES. You can teleport TO any on your bases from any teleporter, but you can only teleport FROM that planet if you build a teleporter and it has sufficient power.
Note: Space Stations only appear on your teleporter if you have actually landed on the Station and (?) gotten out of your Starship.

Base Building

How can I expand my base (to reach a hotspot)?
  • Open the build menu, choose an item you wouldn’t be able to build unless you had a base (like a flag or a battery) and walk away from your base toward the area you want to expand in. Once you see the build menu ‘revert’ to away-from-base status (it will show less options), step back a few until you see it reappear. Reselect your item and build it right at the edge. This should automatically expand your base’s radius. If you are unable to build still, place a save beacon and save your game. Then, reload and try again.
How many solar units should you attach to a battery?
  • For me, having two solar units per one battery has worked.
How can I make sure my base stays powered overnight via solar?
  • Connect everything up to your grid and look at the max grid size. Your total power generation needs to be at least 2x your grid size. If you hook up two solar panels per battery, you can't go wrong this way.
I'm running out of electricity, but I'm already using an Electromagnetic Generator
  • Simple solution: build more generators, as close to the center of the hotspot as you can. The generators need to be connected to each other to be considered part of the 'grid'.
I'm having trouble finding a specific hotspot type (electro/gas/mineral)
  • The best way I've found is to turn the audio up and listen for cues. If a hotspot isn't showing up on your scanner, if you listen you can tell which direction to go by the sound effect. It will be very faint and quiet. Just center yourself toward the sound and sprint/jet in that direction, periodically checking the scanner.
    • Sometimes I've noticed that it's easiest if you discover all hotspots in the area. For example, if you're looking for an electromagnetic one and it's not nearby, sometimes you need to locate the mineral & gas hotspots first.
    • Note: Some mineral-specific or gas-specific hotspots are a pain in the butt to find. If the resource is listed on the planet info (you can press F and look up at the sky to see planet info) there will be hotspots for that element/mineral. For gasses, it's based on planet type. If you look at that article, you can check if you're in the 'right' place for a particular gas.
    • For this reason, if you're building a base for the purpose of extracting resources, I recommend locating the specific hotspot of choice first. Remember, if you can't reach an electromagnetic hotspot (or don't want to go to the trouble of expanding your base to reach one), you can always power stuff with solar panels.
    Pro-tip: Easy base build: Build a large square or round building and you can fit 5 solar and 3 batteries inside, they auto click into place. You can even build it underground. It is more than enough to power a basic base and save having to run wires around so long as the buildings are connected. As your base gets bigger just build more as your foundations.


How do I get an Atlas Pass (v1, v2, v3) and what do they do?
  • You craft an Atlas Pass yourself, with a blueprint that you find in Manufacturing Facilities. With the v2, you can open the red lootable canisters and some (?) doors at places like observatories, outposts, manufacturing facilities, etc. Behind the doors are just some extra loot/lore stuff.
  • Once you craft the v2, you no longer need v1. Once you craft v3, you no longer need v3.
How can I find a high economy system quickly?
  • Okay, so this one blew my mind. First, you need to craft and install an Economy Scanner in your Starship.
  • Then, you just need to go to the galactic map. See the stats when you hover over each system? Each one has a star rating (except for dead systems with no station) and if there are 3 stars, it will be a high economy one.
I want to get to [x] galaxy, but I don't know how.
  • If you're looking for a specific galaxy, the easiest way is to hang at the Anomaly for a while and check the teleporter every so often. When you are physically near another player (and your multiplayer is on, which it is by default) you have the option to teleport to their base. When you're viewing the teleport locations, you'll see the Galaxy name under the base name like: [Eissentam Galaxy]. Then, just teleport to their base and fly into space, choose a random system and make your base there! This doesn't erase any of your bases like traveling to the center of the galaxy does.
  • You can also check out PanGalactic StarCabs who are committed to helping players travel anywhere they want to go.
How do I solve the puzzles in the Observatory?
  • These puzzles look something like this: 4634-6344-3446-****
  • Solving them is easy. Find a number that only appears once, like 3. In the first 3 sections, the 3 appears in the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places. That means the answer containing the '3' in the 4th place is correct. I suck at explaining though, so here's an article that explains it well.

Getting Units

Early Game:
  • Go underground and scan for Humming Sacs and collect as many Albumen Pearls as you can find to sell.
  • If you’re on a planet that has Vortex Cubes, you can collect & sell these as well.
  • Take quests from a space station. Any quest that asks you to scan objects, kill creatures, kill sentinels or fight pirates can be stacked with other similar quests from other space stations. For example, if you pick up 5 quests to kill creatures, you can knock them all out in one go. If you feel like spending time exploring an entire system, it doesn’t hurt to pick up the system-specific quests either.
  • If you build an underwater base and do some exploring underwater, you can find Abyssal Horrors which you can shoot in the eye and kill in order to loot Hypnotic Eyes which sell for a bit.
  • Once you’ve visited a bunch of different stations, teleport to a station and check what trade commodities they have on ‘sale’ (the maximum something will go on sale for is -80%). Buy these items and then teleport to other stations to sell them for as high of a markup as possible.
  • Make use of the blueprints you learned at Manufacturing Facilities. Craft Stasis Devices and Fusion Igniter for maximum profit.

Getting Nanites

  • If you’re still in early-game, the best way to get nanites is stacking quests from Space Stations. There are two easy(ish) ways to grind nanites quickly, but they rely on you knowing certain recipes and having specific resources:
    • Farm Abandoned Facilities for Larval Cores. Each Larval Core refines to 50 Nanites. You can find a ton of Abandoned Facilities really easily if you install the scanner on your Nomad Exocraft. It will allow you to scan specifically for these structures.
    • Craft a bunch of complex food items (the complexity is determined by how many ingredients, etc.) and visit Cronus at the Anomaly. It will take a bit of mindless clicking but you can give him a food item and he will give you between 15-500 Nanites (the wiki says 0-129 but I have definitely gotten more).
  • There are some other ways to get nanites, which I'm including below but I've found they are a little more grindy to get, if you need a lot of nanites quickly.
    • Salvaged Technology refines to 15:1 nanites, so you can sell those once you've unlocked every blueprint.
    • Platinum refines to nanites 35:1 nanutes.
    • Pugneum refines to nanites 25:1 nanites.
    • You can interact with spheres, cubes and flat, round black sphere projectors at Space Stations and some other locations for a few nanites. Also there are wall units that look like a yellow cylinder that you can interact with for some extra.
    • Damaged Machinery awards some nanites as well.
    • Scrapping spaceships is also a decent source of nanites, because they usually give you a ton of mid-range upgrade modules.
    • You can sell any unwanted tech back to the technician for a few nanites.
    • Refine: Residual Goop > Viscious Fluids > Living Slime > Runaway Mould which refines 5:1 into nanites (but it takes FOREVER!!)


  • Pro-tip: You can stack 3 of the same technology in both the Exosuit general and the Exosuit technology inventories. This means you can use a total of 6 S-class modules of, for example, the Movement and Shield modules.


You can have up to 3 multi-tools. You cannot destroy them but you can exchange them for another multi-tool at a Space Station or Outpost. Multi-tools come in four types: pistol, rifle, experimental and alien. The latter two are the rarest. Experimentals tend to have high scanning stats and Aliens tend to have high damage. You can only see the multitool type if you are comparing yours to another.
What kind of weapon should I use?
  • There are four main weapons: Scatter Blaster (close-range shotgun), Pulse Spitter (automatic), Boltcaster (semi-automatic), Blaze Javelin (charged laser). According to the wiki, the Scatter Blaster has the highest damage potential of these, followed by Pulse Splitter.
What is a secondary weapon and how do I use it?
  • Secondary weapons are bound to right-click (L1) and can be set up by going to the tools menu (X on PC) and selecting a secondary weapon. The main ones are Plasma Launcher (grenade) and Geology Cannon (cannon that destroys terrain). Both of these are charged with Unstable Plasma. You can also bind the Personal Forcefield (my personal preference) which lets you project a shield with right-click that is pretty darn good at blocking damage. Alternatively, there is also the Combat Scope that lets you zoom in slightly when aiming (doesn't work with Blaze Javelin).
Pro-Tip: Since you can have up to three multi-tools (and switch between them whenever you want) it's not a bad idea to spec out certain multi-tools for certain purposes (one for high scanning/mining, one for high damage, etc.)


How can I find a new Starship?
  • Starships are mainly acquired in two ways:
    • Use a Planetary Chart (distress signal) to find and claim crashed Starships. Not every chart will lead you to a ship, so keep trying.
    • Buy/trade directly with NPCs at Space Stations, Trading Outposts and Colossal/Planetary Archives. The latter two have a higher likelihood of getting rare and high-class ships, though.
  • Pro-tip: Claim each crashed Starship you see, fix the Launch Thrusters, Shield and Pulse Drive and then fly it to a station. Don't scrap it immediately, but wait at the station to see what flies in. You can talk to any NPC standing beside a ship and see how much they'd sell it for. Find one equal to your ship's worth and trade it (this will remove all of the broken slots making it worth more). THEN, scrap it (unless you really like it) for maximum value.
  • Note: For the special hyperdrives (cadmium, emeril and indium in that order), you only need the highest level tech installed. When you get Emeril Drive, get rid of Cadmium. When you get Indium Drive, get rid of Emeril.
  • Note: While on a planet, you can switch your Starship view to 3rd person for a better view of the planet around you. Not recommended for space travel, though.


What is the benefit of using an Exocraft?
  • Honestly? Speed. The two Exocrafts I use the most are the Nomad and the Pilgrim. With all of the tech installed for scanners, boost modules, engine modules and acceleration modules there isn't much room for a laser and/or a cannon, much less extra inventory slots. I use them to get from point A to point B more quickly than walking, unless the destination is like more than 3 minutes away once I hop into my craft. Then, I'm just gonna fly.
How do I get an Exocraft?
  • Collect a bunch of Salvaged Technology and head over to the Anomaly. You can buy it at the Construction Terminal but you have to use A/D (or arrows on PS4) to cycle to the Exocraft Technology screen. Then, you just have to buy the Geobay and construct it.
How can I use my Exocraft?
  • Once you construct a Geobay, you can summon your Exocraft anywhere on the planet (by pressing X).
  • If you don't have the Exocraft Teleporter yet, you can just carry the mats to craft the Geobay, and then if you're on a planet you want to explore but you don't wanna be tied down to one area, you can craft and immediately delete the Geobay and the Exocraft will stay, and you won't waste the resources you used to craft it.
  • If you have the Exocraft Teleporter, just craft that and then immediately delete the base (if you wish). The only requirement is that you must have those Exocrafts built somewhere in the Galaxy.
  • If you build the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser on your freighter, then you can summon any owned Exocrafts in any system that your freighter is in.

Freighters & Frigates

What exactly is a freighter and why would I want one?
  • A freighter is basically a base in space. You can build rooms, storage units, a teleporter, etc. It has an inventory just like your starship which can be used to store items and install technology. You can warp your freighter around, but you can also summon it in space or from a planet (however, to go to red, green or blue systems, you will need the special hyperdrive on your Freighter for that color system.)
  • Having a freighter lets you participate in frigate fleet missions which is basically like an idle game. You send your frigates away, and come back several hours later to collect resources.
How do I find more frigates?
  • Pulse around space, stopping every 10 seconds or so. You should hear a loud warping noise if a freightefleet is warping nearby. Recruitable frigates are marked with a green unit symbol. Fly up to one and it will prompt you to open your communication thingy (X on PC) and you can see their stats and recruit them.
My frigates keep coming back damaged, what can I do to prevent this?
  • You must create a fleet that is two (2) stars higher than the mission you are sending them on. In other words, if the mission is 3 stars, make sure your fleet comes out to 5 stars (see below for more info).
How can I max out my frigate fleets without wasting them?
  • Every mission has a type (industrial, combat, discovery, exploration and balanced) and a rating (in stars). Every frigate has a number rating for each of these types. The ‘balanced’ type is looking for high numbers in each category as a whole, which means you can add multiple frigates that can bring up each stat.
  • Buy the blueprints for the consumable upgrades. Each upgrade corresponds to a type (industrial, combat, discovery, exploration). If you’re low on frigates and need an extra boost to your fleet’s star rating, add a matching upgrade (or three) and watch the stars increase!
How can I get frigate fleet consumables without crafting them?
  • Sentinel Starships can be summoned by aggroing sentinels on a planet and then flying into space. Destroying them rewards the consumable fleet upgrades for combat and trade missions.
I want a freighter ASAP and I don’t care what rank it is.
  • Warp to a few new systems. The magic number seems to be around 5. Eventually, you will be met with a Space Battle where you have to defend a freighter against a bunch of pirates. If you complete this, you can land on the freighter at the end and the captain will offer you the ship for free (only if you don't already have one), but it will almost always be a C-class. You can also keep refusing the offer until you get a Frigate that you like.
I want a Nice freighter OR I already have one but I want a new one.
  • Pulse around space, stopping every 10 seconds or so. You should hear a loud warping noise if a freightefleet is warping nearby. Fly to the capital ship icon (white freighter icon) and land. Then, you can go upstairs and talk to the captain who will offer you the freighter for a fee.
What happens to my old freighter when I exchange it?
  • It goes poof. Make sure you clean it out (manually destroy rooms for parts) before exchanging it!
  • Inventory can be manually swapped over (ONLY from the freighter inventory) at the time of comparing/buying the new ship.
  • You will lose any special tech you have unlocked on the freighter but you will not lose any blueprints/colors you’ve unlocked at the terminal.
How do I find more Salvaged Frigate Modules?
  • The most consistent place I've seen them is as awards from Derelict Freighters (sometimes), Crashed Freighters (less often), and most frequently, in cargo pods in space. Shooting cargo pods makes you lose rep with the faction that owns the system, though. It also summons space police. If you don't wanna fight them, you can summon the Anomaly to get out. If you're like me and hoarded Vykeen Effigies and other rep-boosting items, you can always spam NPCs with them at Space Stations to raise your rep. Supposedly shooting the pods attached to Freighters don't make you lose rep but that hasn't been my personal experience.
How do I get the Matter Transmitter and why should I get it ASAP?
  • The Matter Transmitter is available for purchase on your Freighter. It costs 5 Salvaged Freighter Modules which aren't super common. If you save up though, the Matter Transmitter allows you to access your freighter's inventory along with all of your storage units on your freighter in any system your Freighter is currently in. No more rushing to build a Storage Unit and power it up on some random planet in order to grab some obscure resource you need for whatever reason.

Derelict Freighters

How can I find a Derelict Freighter?
  • Once a week, summon the Anomaly and talk to Iteration Helios. He is in the room downstairs with Ares and Cronus behind a counter. He will give you a Broadcast Receiver that you can use in space to find a derelict freighter.
  • Once you have built up enough units, it’s cheap enough to buy coordinates directly from scrap dealers at space stations. They are $5 mil a pop for the first of the day, and after you can buy another but they go up in price. If it won’t let you talk to the scrap dealer, you need to do quests to level up your standing with the Mercenaries Guild.

Manufacturing Facilities

What are the blueprints for at Manufacturing Facilities?
  • There are 2 pages of blueprints.
    • The first page has blueprints for common items that you’ll need to craft in order to fix and/or install stuff. Most of these things can be bought in space station trade terminals but if you learn the blueprint, you can craft it yourself. Here is also where you unlock Atlas Passes. (Please note: As of the latest patch (Origins) there is a bug with the Oxygen Capsule. If you purchase this blueprint, you probably will lose your ‘Factory Override Unit’ and not get the blueprint, and it will still show up as needing to be purchased).
    • The second page has blueprints for valuable items that you can craft and then sell for a lot of units. The most valuable items are the Stasis Device and the Fusion Igniter.
How to efficiently find Manufacturing Facilities?
  • The easiest way is to purchase a bunch of Planetary Chart (secure site) from a space station. This can take you to either a Supply Depot, a Manufacturing Facility or an Operations Centre. You’ll need to go to each site to clear it before you can use another map.
How do I solve the puzzle?
  • You will have to solve a ‘puzzle’ correctly to be eligible for a reward. Not all puzzles reward blueprints/etc.
  • You can drop a save beacon outside the front and save before going in, reloading if you choose the incorrect answer.
  • If you learn enough of the language, you can start solving the puzzles on your own using clues from the terminal.
  • You can reference this article from the wiki and ctrl+f the prompt to find the correct answer as well as eligible rewards (if any).


What do I do with all these extra C, B and A-class modules?
  • You can sell them back to a technology merchant for some nanites.
  • Alternatively, if you're trying to upgrade the stats on an S-class upgrade, you can save your game and then install an S-class upgrade. If the stats look bad, reset from your last save and use another module of the same type (but can be any class). Then immediately destroy it. Then, install the new upgrade and see if your stats are any better.

Expanding storage

How can I expand my Exosuit storage?
  • For every new system you visit, you will be eligible to upgrade your Exosuit by one slot. One will be available next to the Exosuit Technology Merchant, and one will be available by summoning the Anomaly in that system and going to the terminal beside the Exosuit Blueprints person. Upgrades start cheap but they go up in price capping at 1 million units each.
  • Alternatively, you will need Drop Pod Coordinate Data.
How can I find/use Drop Pod Coordinate Data?
  • The easiest way I've found is to use a Planetary Chart (inhabited outpost) until you get a Colossal Archive (also known as a Planetary Archive). This is a high-rank trade post. Search the Galactic Trade Terminal for Drop-Pod Coordinate Data and buy as many as you can afford. This is the easiest way, imo.
  • You use Drop Pod Coordinate Data in your Signal Booster to find a nearby Drop Pod. Make sure before you go that you have at least: Ionized Cobalt x55, Antimatter x1, Sodium Nitrate x45, Oxygen x40.
How can I find/use Multi-tool Expansion Slots?
  • They are offered as a reward for some puzzles in a Manufacturing Facility.
  • Alternatively, frigates can bring them back from missions.
How can I find/use Storage Augmentation Units?
  • There are two main ways to obtain them:
    • Running frigate fleet missions will occasionally reward one.
    • Scrapping an existing Starship will occasionally reward one.
  • Once you have one, you can upgrade your Starship by one slot at a terminal found in any Space Station or the Anomaly.

Repeatable Missions

What should I be not missing out on, on a daily/weekly basis?
  • Every day, a new Quicksilver quest is available in the Nexus. You can skip up to 2 days of missions and when you go on the third day, you can pick up 3 quests (not all at once, but in a row).
  • Every time you complete a new milestone (or several), make sure to go to the Anomaly and talk to Iteration Ares for some nanites as a reward.
  • Every so often, visit the Anomaly and talk to Iteration Helios to receive nanites in exchange for Flora/Fauna data.
  • Once a week, you can visit Iteration Helios to receive a free Broadcast Receiver which will locate a Derelict Freighter for you.


  • You can easily find a portal by using the Exocraft scanner to scan for a Monolith.
  • In the early game if you stumble upon a portal, you probably don't know a lot of glyphs. What I did was just enter a bunch of the same glyphs in a random order and went to a random planet.
  • Once you learn your glyphs you can visit /NMSCoordinateExchange to visit cool places.


  • Browse your Options > Network area and make sure you're comfortable with the current settings to avoid getting griefed by other players.

Troubleshooting & Quick Bug-Fixes

I can't expand my base!
  • If you find that you cannot expand your base further, save your game and reload your save.
I'm stuck accessing my storage unit and I can't move.
  • Open the base-building menu and then toggle build camera (X and then C on PC) to get out without having to restart your game/lose your save.
Stuff keeps disappearing from my refiner and harvesters!
  • If you don't regularly play with others and you want to not lose all of the stuff in your refiners/harvesters, then just go into Options > Network and set Multiplayer to Disabled. You can still do the Quicksilver quests at the Nexus, too!
I'm trying to hatch a Void Egg and the coordinates take me to... nothing
  • I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but... you must complete the Void Egg quests in the Euclid Galaxy. If you haven't changed Galaxies, it's not an issue, but I wanted to be in Eissentam and it takes me up to finding a planet and giving me coordinates... and then nothing is there. I went back to Euclid and I was able to find it easily.

Bonus Info

  • Try this: turn the sound effects waaaay down, and turn up the music. The sound effects are loud enough even on like, 5 for me. The music in this game is really good and should be appreciated so try this sometime!

Additional resources

If you want to learn more about the game, I wanted to list some helpful resources that have helped me a LOT along the way. I tried my best to organize and format this for readability. These items are in no way comprehensive but hopefully they taught you a thing or two.
I'm also open to editing and adding more stuff if you guys find this useful!
Please, if any mods see this, I think a weekly/monthly 'Questions' pinned topic would be good, so we don't clutter the main threads. People can ask questions in the comments and then others can respond to them.
Edit: Thank you so much for the awards, guys! I'm glad someone found value in my Adderall-fueled frenzy.
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