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[US-OH][H] NES Classic, SNES games, GBA, GBA SP, 3DS XL, Silent Hill PS1, Dreamcast games, Wii U games, 4.7 firmware PS4, PS4 Pro, x2 PSVR, PS4 controllers, PS Vita games, Switch games, Non/working consoles [W] Paypal, Venmo, Zelle

Hey everyone!! Lots of stuff to go through here so be patient with me! I’ve added a lot of items since my last post...some items have old time stamps, please LMK if you would like to see any item timestamped up to date.
Don’t like a price? Throw out an offer!
If a game is NOT listed, then it has been SOLD
Brand New NES Classic~~ (can update timestamp if requested)
Asking $100
NES Games
Blades of Steel - $5
Demon Sword - $10
Double Dribble - $5
Dragon Warrior - $15
Golf - $5
Hoops - $5
Jordan Vs. Bird - $5
Legacy of the Wizard - $10
Mega Man 3 - $25
Rad Racer x2 - $5/each
RBI Baseball - $5
Skate or Die - $5
Snake Rattle-N-Roll - $5
Super Mario Bros 3 - $15
Tecmo NBA Basketball - $5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $10
Game Genie w/ booklet - $20
SNES Games (shipping not included)
Madden 93’ - $5
NCAA Basketball x2 - $5/ea
NHL 94’ - $5
NHLPA Hockey - $5
PGA Tour Golf - $5
P.T.O. - $5
Road Riot - $10
Street Fighter II - $15
Super Mario World x3 - $15/ea
Super Play Action Football - $5
Super Slap Shot - $5
Super Soccer - $5
Nintendo 64 games
007 The World is not Enough - $15
Turok 2 - $15
Diddy Kong Racing - $25
Yoshis Story - $25
SouthPark Rally - $15
Zelda OoT - $40
Super Smash Bros - $40
Zelda: Majoras Mask - $150
Turbo controller - $13
Jumper Pack - $10
Memory Cards and Rumble Packs - $10 each or $5 each with purchase of N64 items
OEM Memory card and Rumble pack (w/ battery cover) are SOLD
Lemmings 2 (Box Only) - $5
Where in time is Carmen Sandiego - $10
NHL Hockey - $5
Madden 96’ - $5
https://imgur.com/a/Dgao7GL —————————————————
Game Boy Systems A-J
GBA SPs are all AGS-001 with exception to M
F: Tests ok, no issues - $45 SOLD TO u/ScrotusTheGreat
H: Tests ok, no issues - $50
J: Tests ok, no issues - $50
K: Tests ok, (no battery cover) - $30
L: Tests ok, no issues - $50
x1 OEM SP Charger - $10 x2 USB SP Chargers - $6 each
https://i.imgur.com/bnyOAhd.jpg ————————————————- Gameboy Games
4-in-1 (w/ manual) - $7
Alleyway (w/ manual) - $7
All-Star Baseball 99 - $5
Baseball - $5
The Castlevania Adventure - $15
Centipede/Millipede - $5
Donkey Kong Land - $10
Donkey Kong Land III - $15
Dr. Mario x2 - $10
Golf - $5
Mickeye’s Ultimate Challenge - $5
Pokemon Pinball - $15
Q*Billion - $5
Super Mario Land x2 - $10/ea
Super Mario Land 2 x2 - $15/ea
SML2 with ‘Steph’ on back SOLD
Tetris x3 - $10/ea
Tetris Plus - $10
Tiny Toon Adventures - $5
Urban Strike - $5
Yoshi - $7
Zelda: Oracle of Ages - $35
Zelda: Links Awakening DX - $25
Gameboy Advance Games
Cat in the Hat - $5
Crash Nitro Kart - $8
FIFA 2004 - $5
Lord of the Rings - $5
Mario Kart Super Circuit - $15
Pokemon Ruby (dry battery) - $40
SIMS Bustin’ Out - $5
Spongebob Squarepants - $5
SSX3 - $5
Super Mario Advance (dog bite damage, plays fine) - $10
Super Mario Advance 2 - $15
Super Mario Advance 4 - $15
Gamecube Games
x2 Zelda Collectors Edition - $70/each
Animal Crossing (no manual) - $50
Madden 03 (disc only) - $5
Madden 07 (disc only) - $5
Incredibles - $10
Ghost Recon - $10
Bionicle Heroes - $10
NASCAR Thunder - $10
Star Wars - $10
Zelda: Windwaker - $50
Paper Mario TTYD (no manual) - $85 SOLD TO u/Voltage247
Mario Kart DD - $45
MadCatz/Gamestop Controllers/Receivers
Controller on top needs battery contacts cleaned
Asking $35
x1 Wavebird with Receiver (will update picture)
Asking $60
Lot of 75 PS3 games, almost all discs are in excellent condition, a few may have minor scratches/blemishes. Games are complete unless otherwise noted
Air Conflicts
Alpha Protocol
Angry Birds Trilogy
Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY
Batman Arkham City
Battlefield 4 (x2)
Ben 10 Omniverse
BioShock 2
Borderlands 2
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
Bound by Flame
The Bourne conspiracy
Call of Duty 4
COD Modern Warfare 2 (printed cover, no manual)
COD Modern warfare 2
COD Modern Warfare 3 (x2)
COD Black Ops (printed cover, no manual)
COD Black Ops
COD Black ops II
COD World at War
Call of Duty Ghosts (x2)
COD Advanced Warfare (no manual)
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Collection
Conflict Denied Ops
Crysis 3 Hunter Edition
Dragon Age Origins
Dungeon Siege III
FIFA soccer 12
Fight Night Round 3 (Gamestop cover, no manual)
God of war III (no manual)
God of War III
The Godfather II
Gundam Crossfire
Home front
Killzone 2
The last of Us (printed cover, no manual)
Madden 25 (x2)
Mass Effect 2 (sealed)
Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots
NBA 2k14
NBA 2K18
NCAA Football 13 (no manual)
NCAA Football 13
NHL 15 (no manual)
Rainbow six Vegas
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Resident Evil 6 (Walmart case, no manual)
Risen 3
Rogue Warrior
Sniper 2
SOCOM Confrontation
Soldier of Fortune Payback
Star hawk (no manual)
Uncharted 2 (in game sleeve)
Uncharted 3
Watch Dogs
5 disc only games
NCAA Football 13
NCAA March Madness 08
Black Ops III Multiplayer Zombies
2 cases/manuals included also, no game included
Meter Gear Solid phantom pain
Killzone 3
Asking $200
————————————————— Dreamcast
(All discs are loose)
Grandia II w/ soundtrack - $30
Record of Lodoss War - $30
Legacy of Kain - $15
Resident Evil Code Veronica - $25
Space Channel 5 (Sealed) - $20
14 Wii U games
Super Mario Maker (wont play, free with any purchase) -$5
Skylanders - $5
LEGO Jurassic World - $10
Yoshis Wooly World - $15
LEGO Avengers - $10
Batman 2 - $10
LEGO City - $10
Disney Infinity - $5
Marvel super heroes - $10
LEGO movie - $10
Angry birds Star Wars - $10
Zelda: WW - $30
Mario Party 10 - $25
Super Smash Brothers (box/manual only) - $10
Red Nintendo 3DS XL w/ charger and 4GB SD card (no stylus) NOT IPS
Shell has some dings in it, front and back, see pictures
Asking $110
Angry Birds 3DS - $10
Super Smash Bros - $15
Super Mario 3D Land - $10
Super Mario Maker - $10
Hot Wheels - $5
Luigis Mansion : Dark Moon - $15
LEGO City Undercover - $5
New Super Mario Bros 2 - $10
Mario Kart 7 - $10
Star Wars : Complete Saga (DS) - $5
Mario Party DS - $10
Zhu Zhu Pets 2 - $500 (...$3)
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - $40
Wii Games
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Asking $15
PS1 Games
Silent Hill (no manual) - $75
Nintendo Switch Games and Cases
(TOP row are cases ONLY)
Mario Tennis Aces
Super Mario Odyssey
Yoshis Crafted World
Asking $13 each shipped, or $30 for all 3 shipped
Switch games :
Mario Kart 8 - $43
Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Sealed) - $55
~~Super Mario 3D All-Stars (opened) - $45 (no picture yet) ~~ SOLD
OG 500Gb PS4 with 4.70 firmware (hackable)
Will come with power cable, HDMI cable, DS4 controller with charging cord
Asking $220
*PS4 PRO 1Tb with hookups and controller, 6 games *
Latest firmware
Titanfall 2
Fallout 4
Final Fantasy XV
MLB 16/18 and NBA
Asking $260 shipped
x2 PSVR (both v1)
Both PSVRs come with all necessary hookups , ‘B’ is missing the camera stand
Asking $130 each
x2 Move Controllers
these are the mini-usb ones
Asking $50
PSVR Aim Controller
Asking $40
PSVR Games
Astro Bot- $15
Doom VFR - $10
Until Dawn : Rush of Blood - $10
PS4 controllers
$35 each
(Red/Gold have been sold)
bottom left controller has some Rubber coming off on the left thumb stick, Triangle button is slow to pop back up, that one is $30
——————————————————— PS VITA GAMES (All loose)
Persona 4 - $35
Muramasa - $30
World of Final Fantasy - $10
Final Fantasy X - $10
x2 OG PS4s - One doesn’t power on, the other powers on but no a/v SOLD TO u/ZionSully
$30 Each
x2 Xbox One S’s - One doesn’t power on (occasionally beeps like it’s about to, the other powers ok but no a/v SOLD TO u/ZionSully
$30 each
32Gb Wii U - Red flashing light
$25 (plus shipping)
US Buyers only please.
I accept PayPal Zelle and Venmo
Shipping is included up to $10 on most items, any amount higher than $10 i only ask for 50% of the total after that..meaning a $20 shipping total would add $5 to your total
More than 100 trades here on GameSale and over 110 over at GiftcardExchange
If you have any questions please feel free to message.
submitted by AScaredTurtle to GameSale

Football clubs in Red and Black

Starting from the traditional colors of one of the most famous teams in the world, AC Milan, I decided to start a journey into the world of colors of football clubs, and see: how many teams wear in the world wear the red and black color combination? Obviously, an accurate answer to this question can probably never be given, as there are tens of thousands of teams in the world, playing into thousands of championships, leagues and divisions ,in hundreds of countries.
So, in the end, the analysis was somewhat selective, mainly referring to the teams that play in the stronger leagues, or at least in the first division(s) of their country. Even so, on a fairly brief first search, I found over 150 teams that usually play in red and black, or whose traditional colors are red and black (or black and red, to say that order doesn't matter so much).
Honestly speaking, it's not one of the most usual color combination. In fact, if I asked football fans in general how many teams in red and black they know, I think most would answer, after only a few seconds of thinking: AC Milan. It’s true, it is by far the best known team wearing these colors. The others are either less well known in Europe (Flamengo, Newell's Old Boys, Pohang Steelers etc) or are teams among those who do not win trophies in their countries (Bournemouth, Nice, Eintracht Frankfurt, Real Mallorca, Rennes, Gençlerbirliği, etc), or if they win (sometimes), but in countries with less followed football (Midtjylland, Honvéd, Spartak Trnava, Vardar Skopje, Bohemians Dublin, Shkëndija Tetovo, HB Tórshavn).
However, this color issue is a bit more complex. Normally, we are used for a team to have (most often) two colors. Or, globally, it is not necessarily so. There are many teams that have or are associated with just one single color (Real Madrid or Tottenham - white, Fiorentina - purple, FC Liverpool - red, Chelsea - blue), while there many others that have three colors (for example, Manchester United has red, white and black, and many South American teams are "tricolor").
And then, of course, the question arises: how to select teams whose colors are red and black? Honestly, at first I was put in great difficulty, due to the large number of teams that either change their "main" set of equipment quite regularly, or have a third color (usually white, besides red and black). Finally, I decided to include on the list (which is an unofficial one anyway), along with all the teams that officially have the colors red and black, also those that usually play in the main equipment (from "home") in red and black, and possibly still have a color, provided that color is their third.
For example, this issue applies to many South American teams, which have the colors red-black-white (Flamengo, Chacarita Juniors, Sport Recife, Esporte Clube Vitória, etc.) and which I have included, although there are many others that I did not. For example Sao Paulo or Santa Cruz (both from Brazil), because they usually play in white, so I considered this as their main color. Also, I did not add on the list teams that usually play in red and white, for which black is the third color (for example, Manchester United), nor those that have a close set of colors to red and black but not exactly identical, such as orange-black (Shakhtar Donetsk, Dundee United, CD Aguila), pink-black (Wexford Youths) or red-gray (Cremonese).
But how are these colors represented on the kits? Sometimes, even if a club has two or more colors, they can play in one-color equipment, in this case full red, respectively full black. However, most clubs with red and black colors have kits according to the "AC Milan model", respectively red and black shirts with vertical stripes , black pants (most often), black socks. This model became so universal that it has been adopted by most teams with these colors. Still, there are of course other models. In South America, especially in Brazil, there are many teams playing according to the "Flamengo model", namely with horizontal stripes on the shirts and white (or, rarely, black) shorts. A typical variant also found on the American continent is the one with shirts divided in half, vertically: one red half, the other black (Colón Santa Fe, Atlas Guadalajara).
A simpler version is the one in which the shirts have one color and the shorts - the other color. For example, red shirts and black shorts, as it is the case with teams in Spain or France (Real Mallorca, CD Mirandés, Rennes), or the opposite - black shirts and red shorts, as Excelsior Rotterdam has.
As for the geographical distribution of the teams having red and black colors, it is actually quite balanced. In most countries, there is usually at least one team in the first division that uses these colors.
During the research, I found that there are a greater number of teams that use these colors in South American countries, especially Brazil, Argentina or Venezuela:
  • Argentina: Newell's Old Boys, Colón Santa Fe, Patronato Parana, Chacarita Juniors, Douglas Haig, Defensores de Belgrano.
  • Bolivia: Flamengo de Sucre
  • Brazil: CR Flamengo, Sport Recife, Atlético Paranaense, Vitória, Atlético Goianiense, Oeste, Brasil de Pelotas, Moto Club, Joinville, Ituano.
  • Chile: CSD Rangers Talca.
  • Colombia: Deportivo Cúcuta.
  • Ecuador: Deportivo Cuenca.
  • Paraguay: Club Cerro Cora_18.52.31.jpg).
  • Peru: Melgar
  • Uruguay: Club Atlético Basáñez
  • Venezuela: Caracas FC, Deportivo Lara, Portuguesa.

In Europe, the best represented countries are France, Germany and Turkey:

On the other hand, these colors are not too widespread in the UK and Ireland. With a couple of notable exceptions like AFC Bournemouth (England) and Bohemians Dublin (Ireland), the number of upper tier teams playing in red&black colors is really small.
(in Scotland, I had to go as low as the 5th tier to find clubs using these colors).

Likewise, this color combination is rarely found in the Nordic countries, particulary in Norway and Finland:

Surprisingly, in Italy, the number of red and black teams in the first divisions is also small, with only AC Milan and Foggia wearing these colors in the first two divisions:
  • Italy: AC Milan, Foggia, Lucchese, Pro Piacenza
Moreover, in Catholic countries, the correlation of these colors with the unholy (the devil) has, perhaps, caused this combination to be avoided. We can see that there are predominantly Catholic countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic or Belgium, where these colors are rare and only found at lower level teams (with the exception of Real Mallorca):
  • Belgium: RWD Molenbeek, Royal FC Seraing, SK Denderhoutem.
  • Czech Republic: -
  • Poland: -
  • Portugal: Olhanense, Penafiel, SG Sacavanense.
  • Spain: Real Mallorca, CD Mirandés, Reus Deportiu, Arenas Club de Getxo, CD Mensajero.

In the former communist countries, the colors red and black were often associated with the workers' teams, especially those of the metallurgists or of the miners. In other countries of the former Communist bloc, Bulgaria, for example, these colors are associated with the railway clubs, where all teams with the name “Lokomotiv” are traditionally playing in red and black:

Other European countries:

On other continents, specifically in Asia, Africa, Central/North America and Oceania, clubs wearing red and black are somewhat fairly spread. In South Korea, exceptionally, two of the strongest teams use these colors (Pohang Steelers and FC Seoul).
Here is a list, as comprehensive as I could make it, with the most representative teams from these continents having the colors red and black (FIFA members):





http://amefa1911.blogspot.com/2018/04/echipe-in-rosu-si-negru.html (original article)
submitted by MrRobert44 to soccer

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