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The adventures of JNFam and the unstable SIL.

\TW/CW: Brief mentions of abuse, sexual assault, suicide*
**EDIT: I guess my screenshots are having troubles getting posted. I'm working on fixing it, because the absurdity of it all can really only be accurately captured through the words that have been said to us.
Buckle up friends, this is gonna be a long one.
I've posted in justnoMIL a few times, because up until now it's been the MIL that's been the center of the problem. But I think it's time to let the entire story off my chest, after completely unhinged SIL hunted down my reddit and posted abusive comments.
So let me set a background and some history real quick.
MIL = Has uncontrolled BPD, anxiety, and depression. Can't stick with a therapist long enough for any therapy to be effective. However is currently on Ketamine, and ignoring all doctor's advice about it, rendering all treatment ineffective. Threatened suicide once to get him to take emergency leave and visit her. Upon DH's arrival, all was fine.***(No judgement on mental health challenges, I face anxiety and depression myself. It's the distinct, unyielding refusal of treatment that's problematic here.)
FIL = Way more subtle in his abuse than the rest of the cast here, but still huge on gaslighting and less obvious abuse. Tells DH that he's "part of MIL's treatment" and expects him to cater to her delusions and name calling at the expense of his own mental health.
BIL = Undiagnosed, but clearly unstable. Likes to throw around racial/sexual slurs. Openly refers to women as property; "if that were my woman I'd put her in her place", "control your woman", "dump that bitch", etc. Was kicked out of the Army years ago.
SIL = We were friends on facebook almost a year ago, and she posted and said a lot of stuff that was obnoxious, but was solved by muting her account. This is back when I thought it was important to have family in your lives(even though DH has said many times he only tolerated her because she was BIL's wife) Think: "covid isn't real, I'm being oppressed by wearing a mask", "my kids are my kids, who cares what I feed or how I treat them", etc. But as soon as her racist rants and the "why can't we have a white pride day, we're the best race" posts started popping up, I deleted her.
Ex-Wife = DH's ex. Abusive in every way. Hit him regularly, installed keyloggers and parental controls on his phone, coerced sex with guilt when he said no, threatened suicide and divorce when she didn't get her way, stabbed their couch when she thought he was on Tinder(after they split up, after she had slept with other people. Also he wasn't on Tinder), tried to control his spending when she earned none of the income and their bills were paid. DH currently has a restraining order on her, as well as an assault charge.
DH = My entire world. My support, the love of my life. Absolutely the most patient and understanding human I've ever met. Tried desperately to play peacekeeper for many months, only to be met with name calling, hostility, and guilt tripping.

So now that you know the whole cast, let me take you back to September, when our nightmare started.
So DH is military, and was getting ready to deploy. His deployment rotation ended up getting cancelled, but that's besides the point. We just found that out recently. We got an offer from MIL to take care of our puppy while he was deployed, so I could still work and not have to worry about the dog being alone, as he was only 3 months at the time. We thanked her, and told her the dates he was going to be gone. We told her she didn't have to do this, but that we were extremely thankful for it.MIL isn't supposed to be traveling for several days after her Ketamine treatments. She took it upon herself to leave immediately after one. She insisted on coming down six weeks early, even though we told her we could bring the dog to her, closer to the date. She told us no, she needed the trip away from home anyway. We say okay and she starts driving. She lives about a 4 day drive away.
She gets here and immediately starts criticizing us. One of my best friends is a veterinarian, and has been training dogs professionally for most of her adult life, so I go to her for advice where my own knowledge fails, to ensure the best life for our puppy. The first day MIL was here, she bought a self-feeder and a waterer, both the X-Large, 4 gallons. She bought him a giant kong toy that was bigger than his head, and filled it with peanut butter, something we told her we weren't giving him yet since both his parents are allergic. He chipped a tooth on that toy, because it's rated for adult aggressive breeds, not baby huskies. She said she bought all that stuff because the "dog girl" at petco recommended it for him. Both the bowls are bigger than him. An adult HUMAN doesn't need 4 gallons a day. And a puppy will just eat and drink until they're sick, they don't know any better. But regardless, she filled both while we were at work and let him have free reign of the house. Normally we have dog gates up so he doesn't destroy everything. She took everything down, gave him more than his weight in food and water. We came home to a torn up house, pee, poop, and vomit everywhere. When we got home, we got berated for how we were "treating him". She was rocking back and forth in the chair, literally crying about how we were "abusing" him. That he didn't have enough toys, food or water, and that we should "never crate train a dog". He has an entire toy box with a wide variety of toys, bowls appropriate for his size, and while we are crate training him, it's rated for his full size, not his current size (so it's giant), he doesn't get left alone in there and the door doesn't shut. He has a bed, toys, and a rawhide in there.
I was mad, but didn't want to be rude, so I excused myself politely and stepped out for some air. When DH finally came outside after being yelled at some more, I told him I was no longer comfortable with her taking the dog, and that we would work something else out. He agreed and asked them to go back to the hotel, and we could talk in the morning. Well morning came, we went out for breakfast and a walk in the park. While we were sitting eating breakfast, his mom brought up his dad's career. My husband tried to include me in the conversation, but I mentioned that I don't really know enough to contribute. Bless him, he tried to change the subject to include me, but MIL kept changing it back and we were both clearly uncomfortable. We weren't that far from home, so I told him I was going to walk back, so he could spend time with his mom. I texted him on my way back to ask if that was okay, or if he wanted me back, because I didn't want to be rude, but he never answered. He doesn't check his phone while he's with his mom, because she gets furious if he focuses on anything other than her while they're talking. She had her phone out the entire time. They eventually said goodbye, and before he got home (a 3 minute drive from the park), he got a text from his mom calling me all sorts of things. She told him that I was insecure for taking time away from them when they came all the way up here, called me a bitch, spoiled brat, all sorts of shit. So of course he showed me the text, because he's a good partner. I was hurt and angry, and texted her a long response. I wasn't rude, I didn't call her any names, I basically just said it was all very hurtful, and that I was actually encouraging DH to spend time with her, because yeah, he doesn't get to see her that often.She didn't respond to me. She called DH, saying said she didn't realize, and half apologized; "I didn't mean to be hurtful, I'm sorry she was upset by my concern". I accepted it for the sake of sanity and family, and moved on. She told us she didn't want to take the dog anymore anyway, but would pay for boarding, and just wanted to have a good visit now. We told her she didn't have to pay for anything, that we would find someone, but agreed to the good day. We went out, spent the day together, had lunch and had fun. I thought that was that, and it was all water under the bridge at that point. But I guess that's where she started hating me? My husband has always just sat and let her yell at him, so me saying "I'm sorry, but I need to excuse myself to get some air" when she first got here really set her off? But I digress.The rest of their visit went fine, all was good, we all had a great time. They drove back home and all was well.
Well, about a month and a half ago now, my husband got word that he was going to be transferred to a new station soon and he excitedly told MIL about it. She wasn't super thrilled, but we brushed it off as concern about the move and distance, since it's further away than he's ever been stationed.A few days later, I sent her some pictures of my husband's new haircut, because she asked me to send her pictures of him. She just said "nice pic" and nothing else. So I asked her if she was okay, and she told me she was worried about the move, worried that I pressured him into a location further away from her and that she would never get to see him. I told her I had nothing to do with the move, and that I couldn't go that long without seeing my family anyway, so I promised we would visit. She again didn't say anything to me, but later called him about it. He reassured her that no one has any say in where the army sends him, since his job is very specialized and there's only a couple places in the US where he can even work, that this is actually really good for his career, and that he's very close to a promotion. She said "Oh I didn't realize" and dropped it.
About a month ago, she changed her profile picture to one with DH and his ex-wife, with the caption "best day of my life". MIL knows all about the abuse that Ex-Wife put him through. She never liked Ex-Wife, and told DH she was glad they split.So when I saw that his mom changed her picture to that, I removed myself. I didn't say anything, comment, or anything. I just didn't want to deal with the drama. A couple days later, she reached out to DH to ask why I had deleted her. He told her it wasn't a big deal, that I wanted to have a good relationship with her, and that everything was okay, that I just didn't want to see pictures of Ex-Wife on my timeline. My grandfather had just passed, and I was in a pretty vulnerable spot, and given the past drama, I just thought it better to remove her instead of stirring the pot any. This triggered her pretty badly I guess, and she started throwing all sorts of names and hate out. A lot of "Fuck you both", gaslighting, just a ton of stuff DH absolutely did not deserve.Here's where I might be an asshole. I was furious that she would treat him like that. I've watched her use him as an emotional punching bag for our entire relationship. Every time she's depressed, anxious, or has a problem with BIL, which is roughly twice a week, she calls him to unload on him. He never feels good after the phone calls. He's always on the verge of tears, and I've seen him have a full breakdown after being told he was a bad son for not being able to get his leave approved to come visit her enough. So I sent her this a giant message laying out how she was treating us. It was long, so I'll just post screenshots in the comments. I didn't call her any names, I didn't throw any of the hate back at her, I just told her what DH goes through when she calls him. She read it, but didn't respond.
Enter BIL. BIL texted DH an unholy nightmare of a rant about it. I can't in good conscience repeat a lot of the words BIL texted, but I will post screenshots. The SUPER watered-down version of it is basically this; he told DH that I was blocking the whole family for talking to DH (I didn't block anyone, nor have I even spoken to any of them so...?), told DH I was a clone of Ex-Wife (It's really important that you understand I've never spoken two words to BIL in my life. He doesn't know anything about me other than the text I sent MIL. Nobody in the family has ever made an attempt to get to know me), he told DH that he was "my bitch", that DH should "dump me over this shit" and "put that bitch in her place".BIL had only heard MIL's side of the story at this point. A point of view that, like most narcissists do, was wildly twisted and mostly false.DH responded with WAY more patience than I would have. He was angry, but again, threw no name-calling or slurs around like BIL and MIL had. He told BIL what MIL had actually done and said, why I responded like I did, and that he was way out of line for it. As expected, no response.
So at that point DH and I talked, and decided that all of this was entirely too much drama, and DH blocked MIL and BIL, while I just kept them deleted. FIL had stayed silent through all of this, and has always been someone DH looked up to, so DH wanted to hold onto hope that him and FIL could keep a relationship.
So a couple days pass. FIL texts DH. He wants DH to unblock MIL and have a conversation with her, try to work things out. He told DH that she's taking him blocking her pretty hard, blaming herself for everything that happened. He says she spent the last night looking at old family photos and crying, said she was suicidal over the whole thing. DH says he does eventually want a relationship with her again, but she needs to show some real, sustainable progress with her treatments. Told FIL that the way we were treated was unacceptable. He said this over text, but didn't get a response.Then we woke up the next morning to a text from FIL. Telling DH that he is part of her treatment, that he needs to reconcile for her treatments to work, and that that MIL is still suicidal and needs a stress-free environment.
That was 21 days ago.
I thought we were done.
I thought DH had made it clear what needed to happen before contact was made.
I thought FIL, though equally as manipulative, had at least understood.
But DH got a text from FIl Thursday morning, asking if he was still "allowed" to talk to him. Followed it up with an "Assuming yes, I'd like to try to sort out what it would take to get you to talk to your mom", as if he hadn't been crystal clear in his last texts. The one glimmer of hope that he gave us, was saying DH could set ground rules if he wanted.He said that JNMIL's latest treatment went well and that she's doing better.DH and I were both skeptical. It's been less than a month since the last contact. That alone would be enough to be weary, but family and some friends have reached out in that time to say things like "MIL posted ____(insert guilt trip/estranged child/poor me post here)_____, is everything okay?"
Well, before that text, DH wanted to hold on to that glimmer of hope that his mother was going to get better, and that things between them could be reconciled eventually. He responded with a long text basically saying that while he hopes FIL is right, and that her treatments are working, he's just not ready to accept the risk of that behavior in his life again. He doesn't want to welcome that toxicity into our marriage. He told FIL that the very first step towards any healing or reconciliation would be a genuine apology to me, or any remorse shown at all. He told FIL that right now, he still feels like breaking the no contact would be sending a message that he can be guilted into forgiving all of her name calling and general hostility. That their acceptance of what BIL had said was unacceptable.
That went over about as well as you might expect.
"Not trying to guilt you into anything. I'm asking a question in an attempt to try to reconnect as a family. I'm a bit confused too, as it seems like you are now saying your mom is abusive. When did you put her in that category?"
Friends, I was furious. He told DH that he could set ground rules for contact, then didn't like the only thing DH asked of her (an apology).I've been so worried DH was going to let them back into our lives. But he really let his spine shine through when he responded, and I love him so much for it. He set it out straight for FIL, told him that he's really hurt over everything MIL has pulled, called her out on her toxic behaviors, and calling FIL out on his unwillingness to agree to the only thing DH asked for, then told him in no uncertain terms that he was done. He blocked FIL on social media, then blocked all three of them through his phone carrier. We had a long talk about it last night, and agreed that this was the end of any hope there still was of having contact again.
Thought that would be the end? So did DH and I.
Because she is blocked on all platforms, including phone, MIL sent DH an email, guilt tripping the hell out of him. Friends and family have been made aware of these threads, and it got back to them. Oh well, that's why I used a throwaway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The email was lengthy, and for the most part, total BS.MIL claims that she apologized for calling me a spoiled brat and comparing me to Ex-Wife. She did half apologize for the spoiled brat comment ("I'm sorry she took it that way"), but as far as I knew, only BIL had compared me to the ex-wife. So that was news to me. I wonder what else she's been saying about me, without even knowing anything about me. No one in that family has ever made any attempt to get to know me, only contacting me to talk about DH and our puppy, so that's a neat trick.She says that no one is blaming DH for her illness or expecting him to be responsible for her mental health, which, to their credit, is half true. No one blamed him for her illnesses or implied he was at fault. HOWEVER, FIL did outright tell DH that he "is a part of her treatment plan" **See screenshots**. So I don't know who's lying to who on the JN side of the family, but it's obviously happening somewhere.
She thinks DH is unblocking her for long enough to stalk her facebook profile, then re-blocking her.. Which is just... Insane. And if you know anything about blocking people on facebook, is just not how that works.There was some things thrown around, such as: "OP knows nothing about me, but YOU do", "I'm sorry your mind was changed about me so easily", "you posted how horrible and abusive I am, your words, not mine" and "I didn't post things to be hurtful" and of course, my personal favorite, the age-old song of "I still love you and the door is open to you", as if he's the one handing out slurs and personal attacks like candy.She of course also threw in some guilt about how she raised him with love and support, and how she would have just suffered through taking the dog if she had known she would be "tossed to hell". (Should I feel bad here for not letting her take the puppy? When she wanted to give him 4x his body weight in food and water?)
She had been told both directly and through FIL that we wanted no contact. She had been blocked on everything as a result, and decided to go around everything to contact DH directly and subtly attack me. Again, contrary to what BIL has said, I don't actually have anyone blocked. No one has tried reaching out to me. MIL however, does have me blocked now.
DH and I talked about this. We decided this was the last straw either of us could take. We are permanently no contact, regardless of future treatment, apologies, personal growth, etc.Because DH has everyone blocked, I reached out to FIL. I told him this was wildly inappropriate, and any further contact would be considered harassment, and an anti-harassment order would be filed with the courts.

Bet you thought I was done again, huh? ME TOO, FRIENDS. ME TOO.

SIL found my threads on JUSTNOMIL.It wasn't immediately obvious that is was her, but some looking at her profile sure made it extremely obvious who she was.
You guys ready for what she said? I grabbed a screenshot before automod deleted her comment.
" To be fair, you seem like the toxic one in this situation and have now put your husband in the position of losing his whole family. You used all the classic techniques (gaslighting, victim playing, triangulation, exaggeration) of a nacisisst. Well done. I feel bad for hubby and his family. Hopefully he will figure out your game soon, but geez.....he really seems to have a "type". "
I showed DH. He laughed. He knew IMMEDIATELY who had written it, without even looking. He reminded me that BIL and SIL are the ones MIL always calls to complain about, and that SIL has always been this way. He reassured me that everything he said, he decided on. He reassured me that cutting contact was his idea. He reassured me that he's 100% fine with it, since the whole JNFam never treated him with much respect anyway.He reassured me that the emails, texts, facebooks messages, and social media posts all spoke for themselves.He made sure I knew he loved me and made sure I was okay.
Who knows what the next harassing message will hold, but I'm eternally grateful that I have such an amazing, supportive husband on my side.
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Bluehole - Let's talk Wellbia/XINGCOD3 user privacy risks for the sake of transparency

For those who don't know..
XINGCODE-3 is a kernel (ring0) privillege process under xhunter1.sys owned by the Korean company Wellbia (www.wellbia.com). Unlike what people say, Wellbia isn't owned or affiliated with Tencent, however, XINGCOD3 is custom designed contractor for each individual game - mainly operating in the APAC region, many of them owned by Tencent.
XINGCODE-3 is outsourced to companies as a product modified to the specific characteristics of the game. The process runs on the highest privilegied level of the OS upon boot and is infamous for being an essential rootkit - on a malware level, it has the highest vulnerability to be abused should Wellbia or any of the 3rd Party Companies be target of an attack.
It has been heavily dissected by the hacking community as being highly intrusive and reversed engineered (although nowadays still easily bypassable by a skilled and engaged modder by created a custom Win Framework).
While most is true for a standard anti-cheating, users should be aware that XINGCOD3 able to scan the entire user memory cache, calls for DLL's, including physical state API's such as GetAsyncKeyState where it scans for the physical state of hardware peripherals, essentially becoming a hardware keylogger. Studying the long history of reverse engineering of this software has shown that Wellbia heavily collects user data for internal processing in order to create whitelists of processes and strings analyzed by evaluating PE binaries - having full access to your OS it also is known to scan and having access to user file directories and collecting and storing paths of modified files under 48 hours for the sake of detecting possible sources of bypassing.
All this data is ultimately collected by Wellbia to their host severs - also via API calls to Korean servers in order to run services such as whitelists, improve algorithm accuracy and run comparative statistics and analysis based on binaries, strings and common flags.
Usually this is a high risk for any service, including BattleEye, EasyAntiCheat, etc. but what's worrying in Wellbia, thus. Bluehole's are actually a couple of points:
(not to mention you can literally just deny the service from installing, which by itself is already a hilarious facepalm situation and nowhere does the TSL call for an API of the service)
  1. Starting off, Wellbia is a rather small development company with having only one product available on the market for rather small companies, the majority hold by Chinese government and countries where the data handling, human rights and user privacy is heavily disregarded. This makes my tinfoil hat think that the studio's network security isn't as fortified as a Sony which had abused rootkits, just due to budget investment alone. Their website is absolutely atrocious and amateur - and for an international company that deals with international stakeholders and clients it's impressive the amount of poor english, errors and ambiguous information a company has in their presentation website - there's instances where the product name is not even correctly placed in their own EULA - if a company cannot invest even in basic PR and presentation something leaves me a bitter taste that their network security isn't anything better. They can handle user binaries but network security is a completely different work. The fact that hackers are easily able to heartbeat their API network servers leaves me confirming this.
  2. This the most fun one. Wellbia website and terms conditions explicitely say that they're not held accountable should anything happen - terms that you agree and are legally binded to by default by agreeing to Bluehole's terms and conditions:" Limitations of Company Responsibility
  1. IGNCODE3 is a software provided for free to users. Users judge and determine to use services served by software developers and providers, and therefore the company does not have responsibility for results and damages which may have occurred from XIGNCODE3 installation and use.
  • 2. Company has no responsibility attributable to user’s computer or network environment-based reasons.
  • 3. Company has no responsibility for XIGNCODE3 and XIGNCODE3 based service errors, XIGNCODE3 and XIGNCODE3 based service prohibition from other services are attributable to user-based reasons."
(the fact that in 1. they can't even care to write properly the name of their product means how little they care about things in general - you can have a look at this whole joke of ToS's that I can probably put more effort in writting it: https://www.wellbia.com/?module=Html&action=SiteComp&sSubNo=5 - so I am sorry if I don't trust where my data goes into)
3) It kinda pisses me that Bluehole adopted this in the midst of the their product got released post-purchase. When I initially bought the product, in nowhere was written that the user operative system data was being collected by a third party company to servers located in APAC (and I'm one of those persons who heavily reads terms and conditions) - and the current ToS's still just touch this topic on the slightest and ambiguously - it does not say which data gets collected, discloses who and where it's hold - "third party" could be literally anyone - a major disrespect for your consumers. I'm kinda of pissed off as when I initially purchase the product in very very early stages of the game I didn't agree for any kernel level data collection to be held abroad without disclosure of what data is actually being collected otherwise it would have been a big No on the purchase. The fact that you change the rules of the game and the terms of conditions in the midst of the product release leaves me with two options Use to Your Terms or Don't Use a product I've already purchased now has no use - both changes ingame and these 3rd party implementations are so different from my initial purchase that I feel like it's the equivalent of purchasing a shower which in the next year is so heavily modified that it decides to be a toilet.
I would really like for you Bluehole to show me the initial terms and conditions to when the game was initially released and offer me a refund once you decided to change the product and terms and conditions midway which I don't agree with but am left empty handed with no choice but to abandon the product - thus making this purchase a service which I used for X months and not a good.
I really wish this topic had more visibility as I know that the majority of users are even in the dark about this whole thing and Valve and new game companies really make an effort in asserting their product's disclosures about data transparency and the limit of how much a product can change to be considered a valid product resembelance upon purchase when curating their games in the future - I literally bought a third person survival shooter and ended up with a rootkit chinese FPS.
Sincerely, a pissed off customer - who unlike the majority is concerned about my data privacy and I wish you're ever held accountable for changing sensitive contract topics such as User Privacy mid-release.
For completely removing it from your system should you wish:

Locate the file Xhunter1.sysThis file is located in this directory: C:\Windows\xhunter1.sys

Remove the Registry Entry (regedit on command prompt)The entry is located here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > ControlSet001 > Services > xhunter

For more information about XINGCOD3 and previous succesful abuses which show the malignant potential of the rootkit (kudos to Psychotropos):

- https://x86.re/blog/xigncode3-xhunter1.sys-lpe/
- https://github.com/Psychotropos/xhunter1_privesc
submitted by cosmonauts5512 to PUBATTLEGROUNDS

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