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So, you recently got Ultron, solved your fear of the dark and want to know what to do with him? Look no further!

Hey MSF Subreddit, it’s me again, back to waffle at you about a…. Non-legendary character? What is this? Well, we are currently up to date on the legendary guides and more and more people are unlocking Ultron, so I figured we should talk about him! You might remember me from my previous guides:
Invisible Woman
Iron Man
Sorry it’s been a while since the last guide, it’s been the kids half term and I’ve been running around like a headless chicken looking after them, so I’ve not had time to sit down and put digital ink to digital paper (that analogy REALLY doesn’t work does it?). I’ve also recently been on the Overachievers gaming podcast so you can listen to me waffle on for a bit there, they can be found here and their latest episode should be released later today, seriously go give them a listen, Charlie and Dom are genuinely lovely fellas and deserve some love. Anyway, enough chatter, on with the info!
This is gonna be a somewhat different format than my previous guides because Ultron isn’t part of any team and basically works as a force multiplier for any team you add him to, so bear with me if everything feels different, it’s not scary, I promise! Before we go any further I feel it should be addressed - Ultron is the best character in the game, so I won’t be approaching this from a “budget” perspective, you absolutely should be going all-in on gearing, levelling and enhancing his abilities. To prove I know what I’m talking about here’s my own Ultron (and yes, I know, I need to add some levels to him, he’s “only” 70, but I’ve been spamming all my gold at my recently unlocked Agent Coulson).
A quick note on Piercing damage - I’ve talked in past guides about piercing damage being really good, but why is it so good? Well, basically, it ignores armour, which is naturally really good (unless you are the poor sod getting hit), if an attack is part piercing and part normal damage, the normal damage still is reduced by armour. In addition, piercing damage is affected by buffs and debuffs like normal damage, so it is increased by offence up and defence down on target, reduced by offence down and defence up on target, it is also reduced by deflect and can be blocked. It can also crit. This will all be important later, so I hope you were taking notes.
DISCLAIMER - Everything that follows is my own opinions, you might not agree with some of it and I’m happy to discuss that further but “LoL its wrong/crap” ISN’T effective feedback and will be ignored - if you want me to respect your opinion, respecting mine is a smart place to start ;)
Unit spotlight
I figured we should probably start with a baseline of what you can expect from the man (err, Robot) himself as I’ll refer to his abilities in places later, so having this knowledge might be helpful. People have suggested that you can just read their abilities in game, or on MSF.gg but I feel there’s some value in breaking down and commenting on the abilities and I’m too stubborn to change the format now anyway. I’ll be making the assumption that all abilities are at max T4 ability level, ie 7/7/7/5 - Ultron is basically the best character in the game currently, you really, really should max him out. I’ll also break down what his summons do, just for completion's sake as much as anything.
ULTRON - So, you’ve spent five bloody months scraping together enough gear to get into FTD, another bunch of time grinding out the nodes to actually clear FTD (urgh, it’s SO DULL) and you get rewarded with a whole butt ton of orange gear and this big metal douchebag. Was it all worth it? OH HELL YES. Ultron is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best unit currently in the game, not only is he viable for literally every game mode, but he WILL improve your performance in every game mode, as far as the games relative character tiers go he’s both the Alpha and the Omega. Now go clear FTD again to get his 7 star, pleb.
Basic - Attack primary target for 340% damage + steal 2 positive effects + clear Taunt - Really solid damage for a basic, but stealing 2 buffs from your target AND clearing taunt? Yeah, this is damn good stuff. You still don’t really want to do it OFTEN, but when you have to, it doesn’t feel bad, because it’s a bloody good basic.
Special - Summon 3 Ultron Minions at 340% normal damage and 100% of normal Health. Apply Defense Up to self and all ULTRON MINION allies for 2 turns - I know, I know “summons suck”, we’ve all used Yondu, or Nobu and we all know summons are pointless….. NOT THESE ONES. I’ll break down their individual abilities in a moment, but rest assured, they are ALL good. It’s important to note that if you have three open “slots” on your side of the field (you can only have ten active units in a battle at one time) he will ALWAYS summon one of each minion. If you have less than three he’ll always spawn units in the following priority order: Incinerator > Accelerator > Fabricator.
Ultimate - Attack primary target for 700% Piercing damage. This ability deals double damage against targets with Defense Up. Gain 1 Ability Energy per positive effect on self - The wording on this is somewhat bad, what it means is that it will always do 700% piercing damage, as having your damage halved, then doubled puts you back at 700%. Oh and it’s piercing damage. 700% of it. This hits like a mack truck, being pushed by a train, fired from the kind of rocket used to get people to space. If all of that wasn’t enough, it also gives you ability energy for every positive effect you have, this functionally allows you to use it EVERY TURN if you have 7 or more positive effects on Ultron. Which is dumb. And brilliant.
Passive - If Health is full at the start of a match, Revive once with 50% of this character's Max Health. On Kill, this character and all VILLAIN TECH allies have all positive effects prolonged by a duration of 1 - Ultron is so damn good you have to kill him twice! What’s really impressive is that this is still not even the best part of his passive! Remember when I said if you have 7 positive effects on Ultron you can ultimate every turn? Well, if you can kill every turn with that ultimate you can maintain those positive effects indefinitely allowing you to ult SO DAMN MUCH. Like Oprah once said “you get 700% piercing damage, you get 700% piercing damage, EVERYONE GETS 700% PIERCING DAMAGE!” (maybe) Oh and he extends the positive effects on all his summons and any other tech villains on the team too. So good it’s almost cheating.
So, what about his summons? What they all have in common is a basic attack with an added effect, an ultimate that buffs Ultron AND increase his speed bar (which is crazy good) and a passive that…. also buffs Ultron. These little buggers are tough too, it takes a 5 red star, level 70, gear tier 13 Punisher with his level 7 ultimate to reliably kill them in one hit, which is incredibly impressive for a summon.
ULTRON INCINERATOR - The damage summon, this guy is all about bringing the pain.
Basic - Attack primary target for 370% damage and clear 1 positive effect from target. If Ultron is an ally he gains the cleared effect. This attack will not clear taunt - That’s a big hit for a summon and the fact it steals away positive effects for Ultron just exists to fuel the machine. Very, very useful.
Ultimate - Grant offence up to self, 4 allies and Ultron for 2 turns and fill Ultron’s speed bar by 25%. If Ultron already had offence up, grant Ultron 1 ability energy - almost team-wide offence up for 2 turns and speed bar for UItron, well, that’ll make his ult REALLY HURT.
Passive - On death, grant Ultron Counter - ok, so counter isn’t game breaking or anything, but it’s another buff towards the target 7 you want on Ultron.
ULTRON ACCELERATOR - This guy is more about utility than raw damage, as the name suggests, he’s all about speed.
Basic - Attack primary target for 340% damage and change speed bar by -30% - The damage is good, but the speed bar change is GODLY, if you can get two of these guys on the field they basically prevent a slower opponent from ever getting to move.
Ultimate - Grant speed up to self, 4 allies and Ultron for 2 turns and fill Ultron’s speed bar by 25%. If Ultron already had speed up, fill Ultrons Speed bar by 40% instead of 25% - as if getting speed bar increase wasn’t good enough, almost team wide speed up too? Very nice.
Passive - On death fill Ultron’s speed bar by 25% - Even when you kill his buddies they make Ultron better and given he’s already acting about twice as often as the average opponent, why not have some more speed bar?
ULTRON FABRICATOR - the closest thing the game has to a robot medic, stacks of utility and they painted it green, so you can tell it’s a healer!
Basic - Attack primary target for 340% damage and grant 1 ability energy to Ultron - more free ability energy! Damage is solid too. Ultimate - Heal the 4 most injured allies, except Ultron, for 7,000 health +15% of this characters max health. Heal Ultron for 14,000 health +25% of this characters max health and clear 4 negative effects from Ultron. Grant Ultron regeneration for 2 turns and fill Ultron’s speed bar by 25% - The only thing this doesn’t do is make you a bloody cup of tea. Insanely stacked ability that keeps Ultron healthy, clear of negative effects AND makes him move faster. Easily the best ability of all the summons.
Passive - On death grant Ultron deathproof - Another, different buff for the pile, one that makes Ultron even harder to get rid of. Tasty.
T4 ability upgrade priority
I know I said you need to upgrade all of his abilities, but if you don’t have 800+ T4 materials lying around this is the priority order, with explanations.
Special - changes summon from 2-3 minions to fixed 3 minions. We just got done talking about how insane Fabricator is, so you need to guarantee that you get one on the field.
Ult - Increases damage from 620% to 700% damage. I don’t really think this needs too much explanation.
Passive - Before you upgrade it, Ultron only extends 4 passive effects on kill. If you want to keep that ult rolling out you need to make sure you can extend all passives every time you kill a target.
Basic - Increases damage from 270% damage to 340% damage - whilst you don’t want to have to basic a lot, if you do use it having it hit for that much extra damage is nice.
T13 gear
Ultron uses Adamantium which he shares with such notable characters as Captain Marvel and a bunch of other schlubs no one cares about. The only time I’d recommend taking Adamantium away from Ultron is if you have a 6 or 7 red star Captain Marvel and even then, it’s a close call. I’d strongly advise you to start stockpiling both Adamantium AND tech gear in general so that you can basically unlock him and instantly promote him to gear tier 13 (he’ll certainly make your second FTD run a whole lot easier). Because I’m a nice guy, here is a link to a gearing guide for him, so you can ensure you’ve banked enough goodies to get him where he needs to be.
Ultron Team Compositions
It’s super easy to fall into the trap of just saying “hey stick any four idiots with Ultron, he can carry them”, so I’ve tried to put together some team compositions for each game mode here that have a bit more thought put into them and I’ll do my best to avoid that trap, that being said, if you are ever assembling a team and need that 5th character, he’s an easy add that improves every team, much like Minnerva.
BLITZ - Stick any four idiots with UItron, it literally doesn’t matter. Errr…. Yeah. No really though, in blitz grab the four toons you have at the highest power level who don’t already have a team, Ultron can take their weight. If you care about optimal blitzing you don’t want to destroy team synergies for him and you don’t have to. Stick idiots like Nebula and Korath in his team (Nebula is actually pretty funny, she gets about a million evades and counter attacks thanks to his passive). Literally, do whatever you want, if his team mates die Ultron just has more slots to fill with his summons who are often better than the teammates ever were. What is interesting about Ultrons strength is that he can even carry power mismatches very easily, so if you have a very high red pull that has suddenly made blitz fights uncomfortable for their synergy team, you can whack em in with Ultron and he’ll take the weight.
ARENA - Anyone near the top of an Arena shard will have gotten sick of seeing Ultron/Phoenix/Magneto/Juggernaut or Colossus/Insert 5th team comps. If you ain’t near the top of your arena shard yet, prepare to climb, fast. Ultron is an insane steroid to your arena progress. My current favourite composition is UItron/Phoenix/Colossus/Magneto/Invisible Woman as they have a great mix of utility, survivability and damage. The tank slot you can just fill with whichever tank you have at high red stars and the fifth character can be either utility like Invisible Woman, Psylocke or Minnerva, or just any old high red star character you have geared up. For Arena defence, there is no current “unbeatable team” your best hope is to just stick annoying to fight characters in your defence alongside Phoenix and Ultron and just hope people leave you alone.
RAIDS - Minnerva is Ultrons best friend in raids, he has so much utility and damage that all he really needs is someone to keep him healthy and Minnerva is the single best healer in the game, it’s truly a match made in heaven. In Ult 6 you can basically run any 3 other characters with them, popular choices are Groot/Star-Lord/Rocket and Shield TroopeShield Security/Star-lord (I use this because both my trooper and security are 5 red stars).
In UIt 7 you need to get MUCH more creative, as those nodes are utter nonsense. Popular compositions are all about stacking an utter ton of healing and utility and trying to outlast the opponents. Sample compositions include Minnerva, Shuri and Invisible Woman for massive sustain, I’ve seen Scientist Supreme turn up and Colossus and Phoenix (and just accepting that you’ll need to revive Phoenix every node) are popular too. Look, Ult 7 SUCKS, just do your best.
In Greek raids any node where you can take “Tech” or “Global” becomes utterly free, Ultron and any four schlubs can clear almost any node in even the tier 4 Greek raids.
WAR - Unless your alliance is heavily biased towards war offence (and trying to rapid clear opposing helicarriers) you probably have Ultron on defence. If you choose to use him on offence it comes back to the blitz strategy of “Ultron and your four spare idiots”. On defence it heavily depends on what other team compositions you use, I’ll recommend a few compositions below, but DON’T actively rip apart teams like Supernatural or Shield to get the units for him, I’ll try and recommend some substitutes.
Ultron/Hand Sentry/Drax/Mantis/Dr Strange (Sub out Strange if you use Supernatural and replace him with Loki or Hela) - This is frustrating as hell to fight, Drax and Mantis are a real pain to fight through, Hand Sentry makes it hard to focus Ultron and their fifth member exists to just outright screw with you. Hela being new and blitz only somewhat relegates her presence to whales and insane blitzers, but damn does she synergise nicely with Ultron - removing deathproof on enemies allows him to pick his targets with impunity.
Ultron/Drax/Mantis/Crossbones/Shield Trooper (Sub out Trooper for Korath, Crossbones for Merc Riot Guard) - Ultron not having access to red stars makes him less tanky than you might necessarily expect (though he’s still plenty capable of taking a beating) so hiding him behind extra tanks is a great way to confound attackers and none are better at this than Drax with his auto-taunt. If you run Coulson-Shield on defence a double tank + Ultron setup becomes the perfect place to stash your Shield Trooper, stick him between the two tanks and watch enemies get butchered by his counter attacks.
Ultron and the Marauders - yeah, I know they are not out yet, but in the interests of future-proofing the guide I’ll just point out that the Marauder team are currently composed of only 4 members, which leaves that last spot for Ultron to slide into nicely.
Ultron and your toughest loose units - Again it comes down to just carrying idiots with Ultron, but if you have a couple of high red star units that don’t have specific homes you can stick Ultron with them and use him as that force multiplier we were discussing earlier.
FTD - It’s probably not a surprise to anyone, but Ultron wrecks face in Fear the Darkness, if you can get him to Gear Tier 13 he makes your second run a cakewalk. Try and maintain a team of Ultron/Minnerva/Star-Lord/Tank plus either Groot, Jessica Jones or Invisible Woman to cleanse and you’ll have almost zero problems. Obviously it’s heavily dependant on who you have geared, but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who to drop for Ultron.
Enemies of Ultron
We’ve established that Ultron is a monster, but he still has some matchups you probably won’t enjoy. Most of them are specific opponents rather than teams and I’ll explain why here.
Magneto - His special is a REAL problem for Ultron, especially if it’s T4’d. If he lands it on you it stops all of the buffs stacking up and clears any you might have, which utterly destroys your combo of “buff up, ult stuff, repeat”, your Ultron Fabricators ultimate can clear the debuff, but it's the slowest of your three bots, so it will utterly throw you off balance. On top of this, Magneto ultimates blind really does make 700% piercing damage irrelevant. Naturally this works in reverse if you are fighting Ultron and have a Magneto on your team.
Vision - in a similar fashion to the above but WORSE scenario if Vision special lands on Ultron before he summons it leaves him a massive sitting duck. On top of that his ult can remove your buffs and his basic leaves you bleeding and with offence down. Nasty. In the same vein as above, it’s a really good way to tackle an enemy Ultron though.
Phoenix/X-Men - I’ve mentioned earlier that Ultron’s summons are incredibly tough for a summon, but Dark Phoenix ult laughs at your army of summons and utterly destroys all those stacks of buffs you’ve carefully built up. What’s worse is that Colossus doesn’t even have the decency to die when you ult him! This is still an absolutely winnable match up, but you have to be super careful to not activate Dark Phoenix early and when you are ready to kill Phoenix make sure you have 1-2 accelerator summons on the field to keep her speed bar low while you beat on her.
Power Armour - I already mentioned that Vision was nasty, but Vision with friends is worse. Rescue makes the team members hard to one shot, their aoe is very good at chewing through your minions and Falcon makes mincemeat of Ultron when he’s stacked full of buffs. PA is one of my favourite teams at handling enemy Ultrons in War for these very reasons.
Supernatural - the new kids on the block are actually REALLY unpleasant for Ultron. If you’ve not seen it already there was a video posted on the sub yesterday of a guys meta team getting wrecked by a really high power supernatural team, but to summarise - Dr Strange makes Ultron hate his life - summon minions and use their ults and watch him heal to full health and gain 24 stacks of deflect, yes, you read that right. This basically makes Strange nigh unkillable for you since he can shrug off your ult (thanks in part to Ghost Riders 40% hp buff), which has the knock on effect of meaning that whoever you DO ult and kill gets instantly revived. There are ways to win this matchup with smart play and a bit of luck, but honestly? Just let someone else handle it.
I hope this is helpful, if you have any questions/suggestions I didn’t answer, feel free to ask em in the comments and I’ll update the main post with important additions. Ultron is a pain in the behind to unlock, but he’s utterly worth the effort and he’ll make a massive difference in the level of challenges you can face once you obtain him and he very much lives up to the hype.
Please do let me know if you liked the single character style focus of this guide, I’m still in the middle of writing up one for Minnerva, so any feedback I can take forwards will be helpful. I’m also working on Guides for Sinister 6 and hero-brawlers (by community request) so look out for those in the near future.
Beyond this I’ll be accepting community requests (just don’t ask for old/rubbish teams like HAND or Avengers, I’ll just say no, or AIM, because frankly I’m at least 3 months away from being able to spend resources on them, sadly) once those are done as I know not everyone likes video based guides and I feel like written guides are a sorely neglected resource in this community.
I also wanna take this opportunity to give a special thanks to my long-suffering Alliance Leader Chaz who not only has to put up with me talking about alliance war strategies non-stop but also spelling and grammar checks these guides (so if there’s an error it’s his fault, not mine, honest!). Much love brother.
Thanks again for reading, see you next time and congratulations on your shiny new death-robot!
submitted by FullMetalCOS to MarvelStrikeForce

[Frist Contact: Book 1 - WarpStar] Chapter 35

[Chapter 34] [Index] [Chapter 36]

Chapter 35
"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." ~ George S. Patton
“There goes three more battleships,” An officer yelled out over various chaos surrounding the bridge. Admiral Briggs was beginning to rethink his recommendation for this assault. Every military tactician and strategist told him, and the rest of the Admiralty that engaging without intelligence would be suicide. However, their only possible way to gather information was destroyed, attempting to get that intelligence. The only thing the WarpStar had truly done was warn Earth of the impending doom. Orion stood no chance; the bulk of the Federation’s Navy is proving to be just as useless. Not a single Alliance ship above a destroyer has been lost, the fighters and bombers are doing an excellent job thinning the drones and frigates, while the federation destroyers are moping the field with alliance destroyers and frigates. But the cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships, and capital ships all had intensely fortified shielding that no energy weapon was seemingly able to penetrate.
“We cannot afford to lose any more ships,” The Admiral said with a heavy heart. Looking down at his console, about to enact an order, he would regret, but it would be unduly necessary. “We have to start thinking about Earth’s defense.” Thinking of the worst-case scenario, he gave the worst order of his career. “All ships prepare for emergency burn. Emergency evacuation to Sol at the first possible moment is authorized. All ships, pull back.” He couldn’t open his eyes. He couldn’t avenge the trillions of souls lost on Orion. He couldn’t get justice for his brothers’ family.
A flood of messages came to his screen from every ship in the fleet “Sir Im getting priority-one messages from every ship in the fleet,” a duty officer reported.
“Sir,” the ship's operations officer interrupted, “I don’t need to read those messages to know what’s going on. Hyperdrive is down; there is some sort of dampening field surrounding the area, unknown coverage area. It is blocking our ability to connect with the hyper-network.” The young officer looked up at the Admiral with fright. “We’re trapped!”
The Admirals heart sank. In his long, lucrative military career, he had never been afraid for his life, or the lives of his crew and personnel under his command, until today. “May God have mercy on our souls.” Religion as a whole had died out a few hundred years ago, but it still had smaller followings throughout the human universe. It was mostly worshiped in peoples private lives and had never reached into the public life beyond church meetings and activities. Religion no longer had any influence on politics or dictated how anyone had to live their life. The Briggs family never released their faith but understood it was their faith, and no one else’s. This never prevented the Admiral from reciting a prayer for his men and women; today’s only difference was he quoted it to the fleet.
The entire fleet heard the sermon straight from the Christian bible. Every man and woman in the fleet listened. Every background of ethnicity, culture, and different religions paid attention, including those who did not believe in a God. That was the moment humanity was united as one.
“Sir!!” a duty officer yelled at the top of his lungs to grab the attention of the Admiral, reciting a prayer for the fleet. “They just lost a carrier! Confirmed nuclear detonation!!”
The Admiral paused in disbelief at what he was watching play out on his fleet status screen. Every crew member on the bridge erupted in uncontrollable cheer.
“Who scored the kill shot?” Briggs was searching his terminal for the information, found the only ships near it was Alpha and Delta squad who were ordered to take out the ship, but Alpha one reported no joy on the kill shot. “Thank you, Jesus,” he had said to no one in particular, expecting no reply. But he did get an answer, one that no one had seen coming.
“Federation fleet, this is WarpStar actual. Reporting kill on command carrier.” Capitan John Henderson cheered up the fleet with his report.
The Admiral, and probably everyone in the fleet, had stolen a glance up, thanking what higher power might have just handed them a miracle.
“WarpStar, you are a sight for sore eyes. I expect a report on why the hell you are not dead, but for now, we need you to find that ship broadcasting a disruption field and kill it.” The Admiral’s fears were gone; God was watching over him now.
“Negative Sir, the ol’gal is beat to hell. We are in no combat situation. However, I have intel suggesting the answers to defeating this fleet is on that planet. That’s all I can give you right now” John chose to leave out the part where the intel is just a suggestion from a Sumerian Admiral, and nothing of any actual evidence.
The Admiral wanted to hammer the Capitan’s brains on the floor for suggesting he not only disobey a direct order but suggest he flea the battlefield when so many of his brothers and sisters were dying. But he held back, and his gut was telling him to let the WarpStar do its thing. God, or a higher power, had brought them back from the dead, he had to trust that. “Godspeed Capitan.” Admiral Briggs watched his display, tracking the trajectory of the mangled destroyer, silently praying they perform one more miracle.
“How may I be of assistance?” Commander O’Connell surprised everyone as he walked on the bridge, getting the all-clear from the doctor to return to duty.
“Charles!” John said excitedly, quickly turning to point to the command island, “Take a seat, take care of everything else and let me do the flying!”
“Sir, this isn’t exactly….” Charles began to protest as he sat in the command chair.
“Procedure” John finished the executive officer’s statement. “I know, just do it. No time to debate.”
The WarpStar did not have much time, as they entered the belly of the battle, with the damage the ship had already sustained entering the Orion system, she was far from being combat effective.
With a breath, John had no idea he was holding; he strapped himself into the seat and began the ride of his lifetime. He wouldn’t feel any of the maneuvering he was about to perform as long as he kept the tolerance within the 15g limit. The ship moaned more as he increased thrust and maneuvering thrusters to aim towards the spurious planet.
Charles quickly started assigning designations to targets close to the ship on the command terminal on the island, marking a destroyer about to make a fast run as sierra one, a frigate as sierra two and a battleship as sierra three. Hoping to unleash a barrage of super-heated plasma at sierra one and two before the agile ships had a chance to escape the firing cone. “Tactical, target sierra one with disruptors, I want plasma lance barrage on sierra two. Upon confirmation of either destruction of exit out of targeting cone, I want everything you have on sierra three.”
All three ships the WarpStar was targeting were ignoring the pursuing ship, all hunting down targets of their own. Sierra one was chasing after the destroyer Valiant where the frigate was chasing after a group of fighters designated Alpha squad. The battleship was unleashing a hellish barrage of energy weapons on a group of cruisers attempting to extinguish its existence. The frigate was an easy kill; several plasma lance beams had no trouble tracking and targeting the small ship at such close range, melting the collection of metal and exposing the crew to the vacuum of space. The destroyer seemed to have evaded a few of the disruptor bolts, but the vast majority of the barrage hit the ship, disabling it, creating a much more deadly weapon as it turned into a hunk of metal unable to maneuver flying at high velocity.
The battleship proved to be a much more difficult task to accomplish, destroying the giant beast before it left the engagement cone was not easy. Despite its large size in comparison to the WarpStar, it was still traveling just as fast as the destroyer, and the frigate was. The WarpStar had closed a considerable distance before firing on the battleship, limiting the time the ship had to fire on the warship. John had anticipated this, as soon as the destroyer was obliterated, he cut thrust, carefully throttling the port and starboard thrusters to keep the bow of the ship just slightly in front of the battleship, as the WarpStar’s momentum continued on the vector they had been pushing for. John constantly rotated the ship to face the enemy as it attempted to escape the cone of destructing being unleashed. The WarpStar’s tactical officer struck several direct blows with everything they had. Plasma disruptors, lance beams, and a flurry of Plasma torpedoes melted the primary propulsion drives of the warship, allowing the Federation cruiser George Bush to strike the final blow, destroying the first battleship of the engagement. Unfortunately, it was not soon enough for four of the other cruisers who were lost to the striking blows of the Alliance battleship.
“Sierra three has been destroyed,” Heidi reported. No one on the bridge cheered, but everyone seemed to have released a long breath that no one realized they were holding. Instead of cheers of joy at the destruction of the second ship in the battle, they were relieved that ship would no longer take lives. It had struck down four cruisers before the WarpStar could put an end to its existance. Those four cruisers likely had more Federation personnel than that battleship had. The Federation was losing this battle, and fast.
Without any more hesitation, John returned the bow of the WarpStar back to its heading, and increased thrust to 15g’s, attempting to close the gap to the planet as quickly as possible. John braced himself for severe maneuvering as he approached the barrier of the deception field, blocking the planets true identity, but when the green and blue marble appeared, no debris was in their path. Unfortunately, they were not out of the proverbial woods just yet. John cut thrust and rotated the ship, so the stern was facing the direction that moment was carrying them to enact the braking maneuver, when two destroyer sized ships appeared in front of them on the viewport.
John and Charles looked back quickly, before either of them could yell out a command, Heidi just shouted, “I’m on it!” as she began to unleash everything the ship had at them. Targeting the ship on the left exclusively, it did not last long as the WarpStar ripped into the hull with torpedo after super-heated plasma torpedo.
“How the hell did they evade detection?” Robert said louder than he intended as he worked his controls as the first ship was ripped to shreds. “Second destroyer fleeing, outside of weapons range”
John didn’t acknowledge the report, instead, switching the master circuit unit to the first circuit, ship-wide broadcast. “All hands, brace for emergency brake burn” Wasting no time, he changed the thrust indicator to 17 g’s, pushing beyond the 15g limit of the inertia subsystems. John had not ordered the increase in power to the inertia systems to try to compensate for the extra 2g’s that would be felt by the crew.
Sensors were clear of any enemy threat as John put the WarpStar in a stable orbit to prepare to enter the atmosphere. The blue and green marvel below hidden from view of the ships engaged in a battle just outside an unknown barrier. The same barrier preventing sensors from viewing, or capture any evidence of the battle, creating the illusion of a peaceful sunrise just in view of the viewport. “It's beautiful,” John said to no one in particular. No one replied, everyone on the bridge took in the stunning view, marvel in the creation the universe had provided them. They were taking in awe of the destructive force of the nearby star, just before similar destructive forces engulfed the view of the WarpStar.
The inertia subsystems could not fully compensate for the effects of reentry. Atmospheric friction, and actual gravity from a large and strong gravity source fought against the subsystems that all worked together to prevent what the crew was feeling now. Most starships were not built for atmospheric entry. Planet hoppers were mainly used for that. However, since the WarpStar was designed for exploration first, it had the ability to enter an atmosphere with ease. Friction resistant coating lined the ventral side of the ship, allowing for safe passage from the vacuum of space to the harsh and violent conditions of planetary reentry. The WarpStar class is also the only ship in the fleet to be built with aerodynamics in mind. A perfectly symmetrical and sleek design was built for planetary flight as well as interstellar travel.
The firey dance of death only lasted a few moments outside the viewport, when the ship finally slowed down enough to generate huge amounts of energy no longer. John placed the throttle speed selector to 8g, forcing the throttle control only to produce enough thrust for atmospheric flight.
“Disable inertia subsystems,” O’Connell ordered while never releasing his view of the vast mountains they were approaching.
“Disable inertia subsystems, aye,” a watch standard answered the order while carrying it out. The planets natural gravity would be too strong to fight against the will of the artificial gravity and inertia dampeners systems, so standard procedure is to disable the shipboard ones to prevent the systems from overworking and burning out. The WarpStar was not feeling the full effects of the gravity from the planet, which was producing a solid 0.9 g, a tenth of a g less than Earth norm.
“Nav, find out where that city is and route it to my station,” John ordered.
“Nav Aye,” the navigation officer quickly began his work.
The route to the megacity displayed on his panel to his left, showing a path over the mountains just below. With a slight grin on his face, he began his descent towards the towering terrain. The highest peak was at 45,000 feet. Higher than Mt. Everest on Earth, high above the clouds, the WarpStar descended below the summit, entering a valley of mountains on either side. John had everyone griping their brace bars near their stations as he performed fast and hard maneuvers to fly the destroyer through the valley. Everyone was quiet, watching their stations or the view outside the viewport, everyone except the Terrain Avoidance and Warning system, otherwise known as Asshole Steve by pilots. It was an ancient system that never left regulation to be installed and had become sort of a tradition in flight, both in atmosphere and space. As John was flying the destroyer through the valley, asshole Steve repeatedly complained about “Sink Rate” and “Too low Terrain, Pull up!” John had ignored the system, being a veteran pilot, he knew how to feel his ship and guide her through the worst nature could throw at him.
It only took the WarpStar fifteen minutes to reach the end of the valley of fun, as John would later describe it. Beyond the mountain range was a small ocean; around the size of the Mediterranean with lush blue waters, it seemed to have never been touched by the corruption of man. “Sir, radar is getting a hit down there. Optical’s are confirming it.” Robert broke the silence as the WarpStar darted over the smooth ocean. “I have wreckage from wooden Victoria era ships, to what appears to be starships.”
“This must have been where these people evolved from,” Charles replied.
“I doubt that, Sir. Quick analysis from sensors reports only fifty years of age difference between the wooden ships and the starships. But to be one hundred percent accurate, we would need to excavate them”
This added to the mystery, a mystery they could not solve at the moment. Who were these people that built the giant megalithic city on this planet, and concealed it from outside view? Who would have built wooden sailing ships? Were they annihilated by the people who constructed the city and the starships? Too many questions that hinted at even more questions when answered. Both John and Robert had secretly hoped, wished, they would return to investigate the mysteries presented once the battle or war was over.
“There, perfect landing spot. We will have to take a hopper to the lab” John pointed out a clearing just outside the reach of the megalithic city. The Capitan made a final approach to the spot, flew around it, and reduced the throttle to idle while in hover mode just above the landing zone. “Too low, Terrain,” Asshole Steve chimed in as the ship began its slow but steady descent to land. “Five Hundred” Asshole Steve counted down the meters until landing.
“Setting gear down. Cut power to primary engines.” John said mainly to the flight recorder and gave the order to power down the main engines.
“Two Hundred,” Asshole Steve remarked as the ships view began its descent, while the view of the city stretched from end to end, up and down in the forward viewport. “Fifty” with that remark, and a feel of a ‘Thud’ the WarpStar hand successfully landed on the alien world.
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