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TRUMP EXPOSED: The Conspiracy Against the American People to Keep Trump in the White House

DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS TO MY COMMENT BELOW: I will not be able to respond because of the amount of downvotes I receive. I have already told the mods of both subreddits to let people say whatever they want about me without being banned. They may choose to do on their own but I respect their authority to choose when or when not to do that.
Foreward: An American Dream
A young man living in Conservative upper middle America was taught many things. A man was taught that God was all powerful. A man was told he was all knowing and all seeing. A young man was told he must worship him. A young man was told that an old man would become President. A young man was told this man would be the greatest president of all time. A young man was told he’d make America great again. A young man was told his ideas would be accepted under all circumstances. A man was told everyone would follow what he believed, even if they didn’t believe it. A young man was told that old man won the presidency, and the filthy traitors on the other side called foul. They cried and whined and tried to cheat, but the old man won. The young man rejoiced. He knew that soon the world would be as he had always been told it should be. A young was told many things. However, the thing the young man was told the most was that he was worthless.
But what if it wasn’t a dream? What if it was a lie?
‘ Chapter One: The Slow then Sudden Shift in American Discourse (1999-2020)
Youngsters in America can be forgiven to think that the discourse was always this way. Confrontational. Factional. Racist.
This is the part of the story when you expect me to say that it wasn’t always like this. The fact is I don’t know.
There is however, an unquestionable bias against left wing media, especially in online spaces.
In order to properly analyze where we are and how we got here let’s begin at a flashpoint. This flashpoint of political propaganda could be titled “the SJW cry heard round the word.”
Chapter Two: The Politics of Power Online
It is perhaps one of the most viewed memes in existence. As Donald Trump is announced president at his inauguration a video shows a young person crying in agony.
There was a time when a pure moment of despair such as this would be a private matter, or at the very least one that would be forgotten quickly. However, this was not how things worked in 2016.
The video exploded across social media. Instead of a show of support, the young person was met with derision, insults, and perhaps even threats. This young person was dragged through the mud online on sites such as Youtube. A host of entertainment figures mocked her, jokingly stating that she was a sore loser, and should get over the fact that Trump lost.
It’s quite easy to point at a loser who is expressing genuine emotion and reframe them as a “sore loser.” The GOP did the same thing to Gore in 2000. I remember being a youngster and printing a photo of a baby crying labeled as “the new logo fo the DNC.”
Was that young person wrong though? Was that emotion truly not warranted?
Chapter Three: A Dream Deferred (LGBTQ+ “rights” in the Trump Era)
It was not so long ago that an American presidential candidate had run on a platform of Hope, Unity and Progress. When Barack Obama was elected it felt like many to be a repudiation of W., a reactionist Republican who dragged America in to an endless conflict. There was a sense that America was out of a dark time and would finally make a slow but unimpeded march towards progress.
However, as those feelings of hope turned to apathy the GOP was hard at work spreading it’s misinformation through the internet. Conspiracy theories surrounding Barack Obama abounded, the most famous being the birther conspiracy. He was accused of being a Muslim and a danger to democracy. This rhetoric spilled out as John McCain ran against Barack Obama in 2012. An old woman at the rally accused Obama of being a Muslim. John McCain rebuked her, stating she should not fear him and that he was not a Muslim but a “family man.”
While John McCain may have been a final vestige for Confucianism in American politics, a revolution brewed beneath his feet. Raw footage of McCain supporters displayed an outraged mob, claiming that John McCain was filled with the Holy Spirit.
How many people and how many automatons were involved with pushing the dialogue right and how far back does it go? We may never know the answers to this.
Chapter Four: Trumps Campaign and International Online Culture
The next Republican candidate was, at first, thought of as an underdog. A crass charlatan with no regard for Confucianism in American politics. He was overtly nationalist, racist, and protectionist. Rhetoric like this has not been seen for some time in America, and Americans seemed to love it.
There were no Americans more sycophantic to Donald Trump and his platform than those who were only able to find community online. Here, in the online space Donald Trump became a king. His every word hung on to by a tribe of incurious sycophants. His message amplified through all corners of cyberspace. The Republican Party had something from a lot of Americans it had never had before: devoted passion.
Trump became a president, a meme, a joke, and a cult figure all through the power of the internet. The false prophet Q, a cowardly troll from the depths of the right wing space, bestowed upon him divine powers. The power to take revenge.
The idea of a Democratic Party that cheats you might be traced as far back as segregation. The DNC was in favor of enfranchising voters which is an inherent danger to the monolith that is the GOP. Propaganda of all sorts depicts them as more palpable stereotypes of the Semitic race. Lying, cheating, stealing and of course ready to bring about the “New World Order” at any time.
Trump invigorated many Americans who were previously frightened to speak such deeply held beliefs aloud. This due to Confucianism in America. Being overtly racist may be acceptable in small circles, but even the most red of areas are not complete safe spaces for such people.
Trump changed all that. He said Mexicans were rapists. He said the Chinese were treating them unfairly. He decried the unfairness of global trade alliances and treaties.
He told such people exactly what they always knew. Anyone opposed to Donald Trump was a traitor.
Through his rhetoric and the right wing media sphere Trump radicalized millions of Americans to his policies. They became the craziest people of all: conspiracy theorists.
Chapter Five: How Conspiracy Theories became Mainstream
“Famous conspiracy theorist” should be an oxymoron. But if you think that you’ve never heard of Alex Jones.
Alex Jones came to prominence after the attacks on the WTC in 2001. He claimed it was perpetuated by a cabal of Democrats and Republicans alike. alleging the powerful figures were committing sex crimes against minors in secretive locations such as Bohemian Grove. When W. left office he quickly pivoted to targeting Barack Obama, or perhaps even beforehand. We can’t know if Alex Jones is taking orders from Roger Stone or he’s simply a conspiracy theorist who is useful to the GOP.
His media empire stretched across the internet, spreading lies and misinformation. This caused untold harm to the American public, but he was mostly given a pass until he finally flew too close to the sun after Sandy Hook.
After a litany of lawsuits filed by enraged parents, Alex Jones was forced to backpedal on claims the Shooting was a hoax and the parents were “crisis actors.”
Eventually, Jones was de-platformed along with his company Infowars. However, while this may have been a respite for the families of Sandy Hook victims, Jones still had his base deep in his pockets and pulled them with him to an even darker corner of the internet.
As the years went on, the supporters at Republican rallies became more radical. Trump supporters in 2016 said things that would make a John McCain supporter blush. Trump Supporters in 2020 were saying things that would make John McCain supporters fear for their lives.
There are many stories of young men and women around the world being radicalized by the internet. Led to hateful and isolating beliefs by the alt right pipeline algorithm and right wing media.
Americans look around now and ask: What happened? How did we get here?
We may look at the chaos around us and assume it’s an accident, or incompetence, but what if that’s the way they want it?
Chapter Six: Election Day 2020
America stood at the edge of their seats as Election Day arrived. Americans lined up at the polls and watched news media at home. In the course of the worst pandemic of America’s history, Americans on both side feared for their safety. On the left, Americans feared the coronavirus. On the right, Americans feared that a cabal of democrats would take away their livelihoods, shut down the economy, and inject them with nanobots.
As tensions mounted. The president tweeted: STOP THE COUNT
This codeword activated GOP agents both online and on the ground. Pro-Trump protesters rushed the counting offices. Demanding the count be stopped, or started, or recounted, or audited, or whatever else Donald Trump asked them to ask.
GOP agents in VA were deployed to attack Philadelphia, but were captured by brave officers from Pennsylvania. Their hummer full of weapons and fake ballots.
The next day, Harrisburg is overrun by Trump supporters holding signs with “STOP THE STEAL” in uniform block letters. Other such protests occur across the country.
Meanwhile, agents in spaces such as Twitter and Facebook immediately begin posting enormous amounts of disinformation and right wing talking points. Anyone who was on Twitter at the time knows what this was like.
Twitter and Facebook, longtime sycophants to Donald Trump, were nearly helpless to stop it. Measures taken against bots were inadequate to deal with the massive disinformation campaign led by Roger Stone.
The lies told are impossible to debunk. Not because they are true but because conspiracy theories are big business now. Attempting to debunk Roger Stone’s lies is as useful as “pissing in the wind” as we say in America.
Now, with nearly 20% of the American people in a parallel universe (Quniverse) and hopefully 80% of us living in the real world (Coronaverse) we’re left only to watch in horror as the President languishes in office, near dead and full of coronavirus. As he flails about creating as much noise as possible for the right wing propaganda machine to amplify.
Many people consider him a hero, but not me. As a real American. I call him a traitor, a liar, a grifter and a poorly coordinated thief. Our American Democracy is stronger than Trump but those who follow him now are not.
submitted by an_american_male to conspiracytheories

Nov/6/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ battle of Shushi \\ Gyorbagyor-2020 \\ Azerbaijan targets school, historical site, civilians \\ jihadists' families write letter to Erdogan; sons missing in Azerb. \\ battlefield & analysis \\ Artsakh's international recognition \\ SOAD returns

Your Friday report contains 4145 words. 16-minute read.
They Protect the Land: https://youtu.be/XqmknZNg1yw

jihadists from the Caucasus

Syrian outlet Alyuam writes about the presence of 2,000 militants in Azerbaijan transported from northern Syria. 150 of them, however, are radical militants originally from the Caucasus region who had earlier traveled to Syria for money. They were recruited from the Syrian cities of Afrin and Bab.
Video in Arabic: https://t.me/infoteka24/10936

more jihadist bodies arrive in Syria

Syrian SOHR activists have learned about the transfer of 12 more militant bodies from Azerbaijan to Syria. Additionally, 10 more deaths were confirmed in the past few hours. SOHR alone has identified 250 deaths.
Turkey sent 2,580 militants, from whom 342 have already returned. "It is also worth noting that some of the fighters sent to Azerbaijan were not even aware that the Azerbaijani forces belong to the Shiite community, and discovering this fact prompted many fighters to return to Syria just after they had known," says SOHR.
https://factor.am/306161.html , https://www.syriahr.com/en/191389/

jihadists' family members want their relatives back / letter to Erdogan

VVoenkor reporter citing Syrian STEP NEWS: family members of missing militants from Amashat and Suleiman Shah groups have asked Erdogan to find and return their relatives. They want commander Abu Amasha to be transparent about the whereabouts of relatives in Karabakh.
"We are a group of refugee families coming from all regions of Syria who live in poverty in the north. We fled our homes due to brutality. Abu Amasha took advantage of our poverty to recruit our sons and send them to Karabakh's harsh conditions without proper military training.
There is no connection with them while Abu Amasha refuses to provide details about their condition for over a month now. We hope our plea will reach Mr. Erdogan and every Turkish official and they'll apply pressure on Abu Amasha."
https://t.me/RVvoenko393 , https://factor.am/305820.html , https://t.me/anna_news/9407

Russian police neutralize terror cells

Russian authorities busted a Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami terrorist cell in Kazan that was trying to establish a "global caliphate". Five arrested for spreading extremist materials among the Muslim population of the Tatarstan region.
They busted another suspected terrorist from Katiba Tawheed wal-Jihad cell in Adegia region. He was trying to organize a terror attack in the city Volgograd (Stalingrad) to blow up the Motherland statue. Cops believe it was coordinated from Syria.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034132.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034154.html

few more things from earlier

Combat footage showing Armenian soldiers suppressing Azeri fire while a team goes to evacuate a wounded soldier:
Yesterday, Iran moved more military equipment towards its northern borders with Artsakh. Among them is a vehicle that can create a temporary bridge over a river. The river Araks divides Iran from the area of Artsakh currently invaded by Syrian jihadists and Azeri troops.
Yesterday the army said they shot Azeri armored vehicles and a truck carrying troops. The photos were published:
Japanese pianist Chicaco Kajima performed Arno Babajanyan's "Anurjner" (Nocturne) and dedicated it to Armenia, wishing for peace.

military aid to Azerbaijan & Joe Biden

National Interest article by Michael Rubin: President Biden Must Shut Down Azerbaijan’s Sanctions Waiver on Day One
"The current Azerbaijani offensive [against Karabakh], however, violates each condition of the Section 907 waiver […]. Whereas first Heydar and then Ilham Aliyev once stood against Al Qaeda, Azerbaijan now works in conjunction with Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries, many of whom previously served Al Qaeda-linked groups or the Islamic State."
Full: https://nationalinterest.org/feature/president-biden-must-shut-down-azerbaijan%E2%80%99s-sanctions-waiver-day-one-171872

the debate over Armenia's armament between 2012-2020

There were questions about Armenia's weapons arsenal. Some circles said it would be better to purchase more TOR instead of OSA air defense. During a TV interview, army spokesman Artsrun said OSA is what Armenia's budget allows. $5,000 OSA missile vs $400,000 for TOR.
"For the price of one TOR unit, we purchased dozens of OSA. These units successfully destroyed [Israeli-made] Azeri drones during the July clashes so Azerbaijan had to invite Turkish F-16 and drones. One of our OSAs destroyed an [Israeli-made] Azeri Hermes drone [worth ~$100m, correction $30m] which costs more than what we spent on our entire OSA contract."
Army spokesman Artsrun said Armenia has purchased more modern high-tech weapons between 2018-2020 than in the past combined. Ex-president Serj Sargsyan viewed that as a challenge against his legacy [he was ousted in 2018] and publicly rebuked Artsrun. "Artsrun either doesn't know all the numbers or he's intentionally distorting the reality."
Army spokesman Artsrun responded: as I've said during the interview, we've always tried to buy whatever the budget allowed. We tried purchasing modern weapons between 2012-2018. The volumes increased between 2016-2018 (after April battles), but between 2018-2020 we purchased more modern weapons than ever before.
In 2012-2018 we purchased a few hundred modern vehicles. In 2018-2020 we purchased twice as many.
2012-18 we got modern communication devices. 2018-20 we got 3x as many.
2012-18 we got limited quantities of modern anti-tank weapons, like Kornet. 2018-20 we got 3x as many.
2012-18 we got Smerch missiles. 2018-20 we got more, and multiplied the ammunition storage.
2012-18 we got a modern ballistic missile. 2018-20 we got modern destroyer jets.
2012-18 we got small quantities of modern short-range air defenses. 2018-20 we tripled that count, added some older generation models, and bought the latest generation TOR-M which is the best in the world.
2012-18 we got radio communication devices that ended up being faulty and never worked. Only in 2020, we were able to fix them in addition to purchasing much better ones, by multiplying the quantity.
2012-18 we imported and produced limited quantities of drones. In 2018-20 we increased the quantities five-fold.
2018-2020 we signed a large contract to re-equip the air force. The details are secret. TOS was purchased, and so on. And that is not all.
https://news.am/arm/news/611756.html , https://news.am/arm/news/611756.html , https://news.am/arm/news/611761.html

November 6 events / battlefield / diplomacy / humanitarian aid

00:51: Yesterday the Russian MFA criticized the presence of 2,000 jihadists in Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev responded by accusing Russia of being biased.
An official from Russian MFA responded to Aliyev's accusations, saying "To be honest, we don't understand President Aliyev's emotional response to Russian MFA's remarks on foreign mercenaries in Karabakh. Maybe President Aliyev's aides showed him other people's materials or [mislead him what Lavrov had said]. We continue to believe that the introduction of armed militants in South Caucasus is a threat to the stability of every country in the region."
2:08 ANNA: capital Stepanakert is being bombed.
5:37 WarGonzo: the indiscriminate bombing of Stepanakert has been going on for two hours. Armenian artillery is working to silence the Azeri firing points.
9:15: video showing the aftermath of Azerbaijan targeting a school in Stepanakert.
https://t.me/wargonzo/3962 , https://t.me/anna_news/9402
5:22: the leaders of Canada and France discussed the Artsakh conflict and the terror situation in Europe. They agreed to continue to defend human rights and fight extremism.
https://tass.ru/mezhdunarodnaya-panorama/9927497 , www.1lurer.am/hy/2020/11/06/Մակրոնն-ու-Թրյուդոն-քննարկել-են-Լեռնային-Ղարաբաղում-ստեղծված-իրավիճակը/353702
6:42: Spanish-Catalonian city of Berga has officially recognized Artsakh's independence and condemned the Azeri aggression. "L’Ajuntament de Berga condemna l’agressió militar de l’Azerbaidjan a la República d’Artsakh i la col·laboració de Turquia"
9:02 Artsakh govt: Azeri army bombed Shushi and Stepanakert all night. Three civilians were killed; two brothers and their grandma. Several buildings caught fire in Shushi. Some destruction in Stepanakert.
Destruction video: https://youtu.be/wSQg59cwyy4
Video: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034108.html
https://t.me/infocomm/25548 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034120.html
9:18 System of a Down's Serj Tankian: "We as SOAD have just released new music for the first time in 15 years. The time to do this is now, as together, the four of us have something extremely important to say as a unified voice. Read our full statement at www.SystemOfADown.bandcamp.com"
The tracks are titled "Protect The Land" and "Genocidal Humonoidz".
Protect the Land: https://youtu.be/XqmknZNg1yw
Rolling Stones wrote an article about the return of SOAD and why they did so now.
9:56: the Ukrainian-Armenian community has sent 100 tons of humanitarian aid yesterday. Another 40 tons on its way. They're helping 100 Artsakh families with housing and 2,500 people with food and necessities.
10:19: Vanetsyan's "Hayreniq" party volunteers are also in front lines. A few of them received non-life-threatening shrapnel/bullet wounds. The group dismissed "fake news by Azerbaijan about the 'destruction' of our group."
https://news.am/arm/news/611787.html , https://news.am/arm/news/611849.html ,
Speaking of fake news: Azeri outlets circulated a photo of an Azeri flag hanging from a Mosque and presented it as being in Shushi. The image was not taken in Shushi.
10:47 army: the battles continued at night. The army conducted effective defensive battles, inflicting heavy military-technical and human losses on the enemy forces in the eastern, southern, and south-western fronts.
Azeris made repeated attempts to attack Shushi but were thwarted. The enemy suffered heavy losses in the south-western part of Berdzor, too.
Army units fully control the operative-tactical situation and take steps to further detect and neutralize enemy forces.
11:20: producer Artavazd Peleshyan donated $15,000 in proceeds from the "Nature" movie premiere in France
11:37 (video): Azerbaijan lost a large number of vehicles and personnel while trying to attack Berdzor (Lachin). Armenian drone footage shows a destroyed convoy of vehicles that were attempting to move through forests and gorges. The video shows 1 T-72B tank, 5 BMP-2, 4 MRAP Matador, 1 Sandcat, 1 transport vehicle Kamaz, 1 unidentified vehicle.
Video: https://youtu.be/8mYEBWFHl18
Video: https://m.facebook.com/artsakhdefencearmy/videos/496310371329276/
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034113.html , https://t.me/anna_news/9414
12:11: a group of Russian-Armenian doctors took a "vacation" to visit Armenia for help.
12:20: there are also those who have to deliver food and water to soldiers in dangerous front lines. Yeremyan Projects handles the southern front. Soldiers are now very well familiar with their blue 7KG bags filled with basic necessities.
Breakfast, condensed milk, honey, butter, lunch soup, canned food, sausages, cheese, water, bread, coffee, sweets, fruits, tobacco, food heaters, etc.
This supplier delivers 80 tons of food per day to the main base, followed by small deliveries to positions. CEO Davit Yeremyan is in Artsakh and helps with evacuating wounded soldiers.
Someone earlier claimed soldiers don't get enough food. Soldiers released video from the front line showing their table and inviting everyone to join. [IT'S A BAIT, YO]
12:25: a photo was circulated showing a group of Azeri soldiers using a civilian flight to travel from Nakhijevan to Azerbaijan. "This fact should be of serious concern to foreign airlines. It may be more reasonable for them to temporarily suspend flights through Azerbaijan for security reasons," said some experts.
12:26 Russian Foreign Intelligence chief Narishkin: we have accurate data about the transfer of Middle Eastern militants to Karabakh, including thanks to cooperation with local (Syrian) intelligence colleagues.
Turkish intelligence services are taking part in the Karabakh conflict. Russia's foreign intelligence service feels it, sees certain elements of its work. [Is this the first time Russia officially recognizes Turkey's direct involvement?]
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034118.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034126.html
13:09: clergyman sings Ter Voghormyan in Shushi church while the sounds of artillery are heard from a few kilometers away.
13:30: Turkish TRT outlet has fired the reporter Mehmet Qaraja who accidentally reported the truth yesterday by placing a TV banner that read "Azerbaijan is targeting civilians" ( Azerbaycan sivillere saldiriyor). Mehmet issued an apology.
13:32: Armenians demonstrated in front of the Tel-Aviv municipality building. They want the suspension of arms supplies to Azerbaijan because they're used against civilians.
https://youtu.be/OBiwzxEqd0A , https://news.am/arm/news/611819.html
13:36 army: around 11:30 we shot an Azeri drone in the south.
14:05: "These rains were a great help to our forests burned by the enemy," said chief meteorologist Surenyan. Some 2,000 hectares of Artsakh/Armenian forests were intentionally burned by Azerbaijan.
https://news.am/arm/news/611829.html , https://news.am/arm/news/611877.html
14:29: CIS Republics Council meeting took place. The Armenian delegation highlighted Azerbaijan's war crimes and the recruitment of terrorists in Artsakh.
Azeri delegation said "Comprehensive development of cooperation in CIS is impossible for as long as Karabakh conflict is unresolved. "
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034133.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034142.html
14:58: shoemakers Arli and other volunteers prepare waterproof boots for soldiers:
15:03: Greek city Didymoteicho approved a resolution to express solidarity with Armenians and to condemn the Azeri-Turkish aggression.
15:16: the Basque city of San Sebastian approved a resolution condemning Azerbaijan's aggression and expressing solidarity with Armenians.
15:40: Assyrians living in Sweden are preparing another round of aid for Artsakh. The ADFA (Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldean) organization prepared warm clothes for winter.
"These days, the Assyrians from around the world stand by the Armenian people. This is not the first ADFA initiative. 1,500 Artsakh families in Armenia were provided with basic foodstuffs," said Anahit Khosroyeva, an Assyrian activist from Armenia.
1⁵:45: open-air concerts will take place near St. Anna and Sr. Katoghike churches on Sunday. The proceeds go to 1000plus.am (soldier's medical therapy).
16:23: video about the soldiers who are defending village Taghavard in the central front:
16:44 Belgian MP Ellen Samin: We'll continue to ask the Belgian government to recognize the independence of Artsakh.
Full interview: https://news.am/arm/news/611865.html
16:45: u like wine? 22 winemakers are inviting you to taste some on November 15th in Verev restaurant. The proceeds will be donated to Himnadram.
17:27: just ignore this video. It's an Armenian man, who had just captured Azeri vehicles, saying some nasty stuff to Ilham Aliyev in Azeri language:
17:25 QP MP Alen to TASS media: we're ready to organize a meeting between any ambassador and the two captured Syrian jihadists. Militants' presence in this conflict is undeniable.
17:44: Pashinyan met the departing Italian ambassador and thanked him for the work. They discussed Artsakh.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034168.html , https://factor.am/306046.html
17:31: doctor Armen Bdoyan receives the "Tigran Mets" award for his duties.
17:56: a female deputy commander of one of the reconnaissance groups returned from the battlefield and finally met her 1-year-old son.
Video: https://youtu.be/4pCCNiwW8Vs
17:59 army: the battles continue near Shushi.
18:04: French company BERINGER AERO will also suspend the sales of tech components to Turkey after learning that they were used in military Bayraktar drones. "The company adheres to its policy and has never allowed the use of its products in a way that could be life-threatening."
18:05: Bellator MMA fighter Georgi Karakhanyan dedicated his victory to Artsakh and waved the tri-color. "Artsakh is ours. It's for all Armenians."
18:16: the Parliament of a major Uruguayan province Paysandú has unanimously recognized the independence of the Artsakh Republic.
18:27: Civilian infrastructure of Stepanakert and Shushi were bombed again. Illegal cluster bombs were also used. Large damage was done to an archaeological camp near Tigranocerta ancient city.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034175.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034181.html
18:31: in addition to the two captured Syrian militants, three more have an arrest warrant in-absentia, after the Armenian prosecutors learned their personal details [photos inside] and their specifics activates in Artsakh.
Have you seen Abu Stef al-Hindawi, Ahmad al-Tayeb, and Abu Diab al-Halabi? The suspects are armed and dangerous. Call 1-800-gyorbagyor immediately.
Later, NSS announced the identification of 20 more militants [photos in link] hired and paid by Turkey. Their details were given to international law enforcement institutes to launch an international manhunt. NSS is working with allied countries to get more details on these jihadists.
Video: https://youtu.be/FnT0cU4LrxM
https://factor.am/306123.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034195.html
18:40: a group of 10 female soldiers have finished the training and are ready for deployment. The unit is named after Armenian queen Erato (1 B.C, Artashes Dynasty). First lady Anna Hakobyan is among them.
https://factor.am/306131.html , https://a1plus.am/hy/article/384757
18:47 army: Azerbaijan has lost 7405 soldiers, 736 tanks and armored vehicles, 257 drones, 6 TOS, 25 aircrafts, 16 helicopters.
18:48 army spokesman Artsrun: the Qarin Tak [a suburb of Shushi] defenders proved that they are heroes. They are the new Zeytuntsis [defenders during 1915 genocide]. We will win thanks to people like you.
19:41: another group of 71 Azeri soldiers were identified as deceased by non-official sources. (36 similar groups in this Twitter account).
20:14 army: this is commander Qajik Arshakyan. He used his tank to shoot 4 enemy tanks:
20:24: PACE held a session about Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons. Armenian delegate BHK Naira presented the Artsakh conflict, humanitarian crisis, Azerbaijan's use of phosphorus bomb, and various terrorist activities.
20:44: grandmasters Levon Aronyan and Manuel Petrosyan invite you to watch chess at 13:00 in Charles Aznavour Square on November 8th. They'll play against 20 kids from Artsakh. Simultaneously, Aronyan's mother Seda Aronova will sign and sell books. All proceeds go to www.HimnaDram.org
20:54: Abkhaz-Armenian "Hamshen" volunteers are traveling to Artsakh to join the army. "Every ethnic Armenian has the right to defend his homeland," said Abkhaz President's aide.
Photo: https://news.am/arm/news/611912.html
21:09: per existing law, the IRS deducts 1,000 Drams from each paycheck to help soldiers (hence the website named 1000plus.am). The Defense Ministry drafted a bill to raise it to 3,000.
BHK party, and a prominent QP MP, proposed a progressive taxation bracket. BHK wants 1k for those earning <150k, and gradually increase up to 6k for those earning >1m.
https://news.am/arm/news/611914.html , https://factor.am/306101.html
19:40: interview with Russian "grandma Katya" who lives in Stepanakert:
21:02 Russian ANNA reporter: I just returned from Shushi. There are serious battles there. Finally, the Artsakh army brought a tank to the battle. That means they have the air covered. Just a week ago you couldn't even imagine this. It would have been destroyed within half an hour. Now, these square boxes move forward and shoot at the enemy.
That means Azerbaijan's technological advantage is weaning off. The Armenian soldiers have higher morale because the drones don't buzz 24/7 anymore. Now they can prepare a plan of action.
22:00 army spokesman Artsrun's briefing: there have been nonstop battles near Shushi for two days now. Yesterday and today, the battles were quite intense in these areas. If May 8, 1992, is known in our history as the liberation of Shushi, then these days will enter in our history as the brilliant Shushi Defense Day.
Operation Gyorbagyor to destroy Azeri and terrorist infiltrator units successfully continues. Today, our artillery, infantry, and other units did miracles. The enemy left behind dozens, if not hundreds, of bodies in the gorges. Soon we'll publish videos and photos. The battles continue right now but they are milder.
The infiltrators near Shushi roads were destroyed also by armed defense units consisted of Qarin Tak residents. Further south-east of Shushi, Azeri troops attempted to bring reinforcement towards Shushi, but were detected and destroyed by defense forces of nearby Armenian settlements.
Today was a day of the heroic defense of Shushi. Shushi is ours. Shushi will not fall no matter how much Aliyev hopes to have it. Be confident that the Armenian army will fight until the end. Shushi won't fall.
Other fronts were relatively calmer today.
Q: today Russian intelligence head Naryshkin mentioned Turkey's support of Azerbaijan. What's the scale?
A: the entire Turkish army apparatus works to help Azerbaijan. Not just one segment of the Turkish army. Intelligence, technical aid, commanders, etc. Azeri army command no longer exists. There is a Turkish general command unit that controls Azeri and jihadist troops.
Q: how hard were the battles near Shushi?
A: Hard. Today I spoke with Shushi defenders and they made it clear that our artillery has never worked as brilliantly as today. It is a fact that our artillery defeated the Azeri artillery today. The defense of Shushi continues. I can't say that harder day will never come, but we came out with honor today. The situation has changed.
Q: Azeri govt blocked social media/info from day one. Lately, there has been dissatisfaction among Azeri users after they began seeing the death toll and the photos of their shahids (martyrs). What will happen if the media blockade ends?
A: Regardless of whether the media blockade is lifted or not, the dissatisfaction and subsequent action won't take long to arrive. I assure you.
Q: what's the situation in Hadrut?
A: As I've said before, the battles continue in Hadrut and nearby villages. The enemy troops tried every attempt, especially with the use of highways, to reach Shushi, but were destroyed in every gorge. The video that we showed today [an entire convoy of destroyed Azeri troops and vehicles] is just one example. There are much more horrific scenes. We'll film and show.
The war continues. The struggle is hard. This is our fight for survival. Fill yourself with confidence and trust our army, they will win.
23:22: a Lithuanian ad agency took down anti-Armenian ads in Riga purchased by Azerbaijan, after the Armenian embassy's intervention.
https://www.facebook.com/visualmedia.lv/posts/1281854398858658 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034199.html
23:41: the legislative Assembly of French Corsica has officially recognized Artsakh's independence, citing Azeri-Turkish violation of Geneva Conventions. The Assembly urges all UN nations to recognize Artsakh.

movement against the Turkish "Grey Wolves" terrorist movement

German Parliament MP Sevin Dagdelen (Kurdish) has urged the government to follow France's example and ban the Turkish extremist group "Grey Wolves" and its German arm called ADÜTDF. The latter is known to cause provocations with Greeks, Armenians, and other minorities living in Germany.
"In Turkey, the Gray Wolves, along with the ruling coalition partner of the right-wing Turkish Nationalist Movement, have close ties to the circle of terrorist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There should be zero tolerance for Islamist-fascist organizations in our country," said the German MP.
Kommersant article: France is convinced that Erdogan's reproaches to Paris have led to terrorism and unrest in France and Austria. As a result, France banned the Turkish ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves (GW) group. They discovered a GW training camp in France. On the internet, the members of GW incite hatred and violence against Armenians and Kurds living in France.
Armenian monuments were defaced in Lyon with RTE (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) and other GW slogans. Turkey still denies the existence of the GW movement.
The denial is the normal practice there. They denied shooting our [Russian] jet in 2015, while our ambassador Oleg Peshkov was assassinated by a GW member.
Western and Arab media has repeatedly mentioned the use of GW cells in Europe by Turkish special services. It has 200,000 members today. Founded in the 1960s, the GW members have assassinated numerous left-wing politicians and journalists.
GW was banned in Turkey after the 1980 coup. Many members moved to Europe and formed cells in Germany, the Netherlands, and France. In 1981, GW member Mehmed Ali Aghja attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul ii.
GW has never been independent. They've always been tied to the Turkish national movement political party, which allies itself with Erdogan's ruling AKP party. Without this alliance, Erdogan could not have won the 2017 elections.
A threat to French-Armenians is a threat to all of France, said the French ambassador Jonathan Lacote and shared a photo of French police guarding an Armenian school in France.

other regional kerfuffle

Two Turkish officials will continue to remain under European sanctions for another year, over Turkey's illegal activities in Eastern Mediterranean seas. The EU is considering more sanctions.
Turkish opposition MP: Erdogan told the public to boycott French products, but does the public even have the means to purchase the products? People can't even buy bread.
Erdogan's regime has arrested 26 teachers in predominantly Kurdish Diyarbakir city (aka Tigranakert) for having participated in pro-democracy activities and writing wrongthink comments on the internet.

COVID stats

+5,202 tested. +2,210 infected. +1,647 healed. +30 deaths. 38,088 active.

agriculture & loans

Economy Minister Tigran: The total volume of subsidized agricultural loans provided by the government is 100B drams. Most of them are 3-15M loans.
Due to this year's pandemic, we introduced a new 1M Dram subsidized micro-loan. These played a big role in keeping economic activity in the agricultural industry.
Before the pandemic, there were 7B in loans. Then the COVID-aid loans were introduced, bringing total loans to 50B, from which 13B are the micro-loan.
The grape harvest was 30% bigger this year. The gross agricultural outpost is expected to rise this year. Despite the pandemic, there is a 0.5% growth.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034115.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034119.html

elevator refresh process continues

Yerevan continues to replace the Soviet-era elevators in residential high-rise buildings, be it private or public. 318 done. 182 more expected by the end of this year.

Sports news

Roma's midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan is declared the best player of the Roma vs Cluj match. He scored the Europa League tournament's fastest goal.

How to help Artsakh & Armenia

www.1000plus.am (international, medical help for former soldiers)
www.HimnaDram.org (international, for Artsakh)
www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible, for Artsakh)
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