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The Piano Pact (Drac's Ascension Part 10)

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Reynold drove back to Kroll's mansion while Catherine was in the back seat, cradling Lawrence's head as he lay down, screaming in agony from the bullet wound.
"It's alright, we're almost there," Catherine held her husband's hand as he squeezed on for dear life.
"Everything is going to be fine, just remember that, Lawrence. He missed your femoral artery, Kroll and the doctors are going to take care of everything. I already called them, and they can't wait to see you."
The car was cruising at breakneck speed, but Reynold didn't have a concern in the world about getting pulled over. The Chicago police enforcement knew not to pull over particular plates, and Reynold had them.
When they arrived at the mansion, Reynold and Catherine carried Lawrence to the basement in a chamber filled with modern medical equipment, and an operating table with surgeons in scrubs awaiting with tools in their hands.
"Oh my God! This is a nightmare!" Lawrence screamed.
Kroll came in from the side and rushed over to them.
"Don't worry, we'll take care of you," Kroll said, as they laid Lawrence on the table and injected a vein with anesthesia.
Lawrence closed his eyes within seconds. The doctors went to work while Catherine and Reynold met with Kroll outside the room.
"Alright. What happened?" Kroll asked.
Reynold explained how Adonis had shot Lawrence in the leg but they were still able to finish the job.
"Well, this is no good, absolutely no good. Don't you realize it's been you three? You're the only reason we've been able to topple the Chicago outfit. All the other cities are looking to us at how we're handling this."
"He should be able to recover, I don't think he hit the femoral artery, plus, you have some of the best doctors around in there operating. I really think he'll be fine," Reynold said.
Catherine wanted to chime in, but her voice was too thick to say anything. Her throat felt like a bottle of syrup as she tried to fight back the tears.
"He's going to be okay, Catherine," Reynold put his hand on her shoulder.
Catherine nodded.
"Do you think we're still going to be able to take out Marcia within a month or sooner?" Kroll asked.
Reynold shrugged. "I don't see why not."
Kroll pointed at the surgical room and glared. "Are you that daft?"
"I think Marcia's going to be the easiest to take care of. Don't you worry your pretty little head," Reynold patted the top of Kroll's hair.
Kroll's eyes widened as she clutched his hand with a bone-crushing grip. "What the fuck's gotten into you?" she shoved Reynold back.
He shook his hand to try and alleviate the pain, but he smiled. "I think you worry too much. Everything's all going to work out. We got Tyrannus wrapped around our finger."
"Don't ever let your guard down around him, as much as you might think you're pulling off the illusion of friendship, he's still a demon at the end of the day. He's been getting more blood than ever with our strategy, don't forget that," Kroll pointed.
"The ends will justify the means."
"But should you fail, I'll bring you in that meeting with the Society, and you can tell them why our bloodletting rates are higher than New York and LA combined with nothing to show for it."
Reynold chuckled as he held up four fingers. "That's how many demon knights we've killed. Their outfit is about to be nonexistent."
"What does Tyrannus have to say about handling Marcia?"
"We'll figure it out, don't worry."
"You don't have a plan?"
"Relax, will ya? We just dusted Adonis tonight, let's celebrate, have a drink, go out for a nice dinner, Christ almighty," Reynold groaned.
Catherine's face contorted and she burst out in tears. Kroll rubbed her back. "It will be alright, don't worry," Kroll glared back at Reynold. "You need to get your attitude together, and I want a plan from you and Tyrannus on Marcia. Got it?"
"Yeah yeah yeah," Reynold waved his hand and strolled down the corridor.
After breakfast with Abby, Drac drove to Indianapolis. She went to go pick up Marcia and promised to call Drac once she arrived in Milwaukee.
When he got back, he went to his downtown loft, wide open and expansive. Wood panels and crown molding along the walls to give it a vintage feel. Drac went upstairs to his bedroom and laid in bed, thinking about where he wanted to start on his to-do list. His thoughts became warped, he found himself in the third-person in his tasks, flirting with the line of consciousness.
Drac was tiptoeing through a warehouse, full of narrow corridors, occasionally able to see the main floor through cracks in the wall. Broken glass crunched at his feet with each step. A deep groan echoed off the walls, and the hairs stood on the back of his neck. Drac picked up his pace, jogging through the hallway when the floor beneath him collapsed. Plummeting through the air, the warehouse had disappeared as he landed in an open patch of a forest. Standing in front of him was an elephant who stared into his soul. He didn't feel afraid, but he felt his heart rate pick up as sweat dampened his forehead. The elephant made tiny steps forward and then-
-Drac woke up in a cold sweat. When he realized he was back in his safe downtown loft, he took a deep breath. Checking his phone, he didn't have any notifications. Swiping it unlocked and typing in his password, he started with the first thing on his list.
"Hello?" a girl answered.
"Hi Hannah, it's me, how are you?" Drac smiled.
"Oh my gosh! I wasn't sure if you'd call me back. I felt really bad about asking to come visit so soon. I understand if you're busy or something, I just got in my head about it the past few hours. Anyways, enough about me, how are you?"
"I'm doing good, just made it back to Indianapolis."
"How was your meeting in Chicago? Er- I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't be asking that."
"No, it's okay, I had a good visit, for the most part, glad to be back home. Speaking of home, if you and a few friends want to stay at El Lujo this Saturday, you're more than welcome to, the room is yours, have a party, I can even provide you with some alcohol too if you'd like."
"Uh, wow! That sounds amazing! Thank you so much, uh I'll totally take you up on the booze offer."
"Of course, and we can even get dinner at The Capital Grille beforehand if you'd like. Then I'll cut you loose for the evening, do whatever, it would just be nice to sit down and catch up."
"Yeah, I couldn't agree more! Sheesh, a dinner at The Capital... so fancy."
"It'll be well worth it. So how do you plan on getting to Indie?"
"I'll be taking my car. I'll probably stay the night at my friend's house on Friday, and then we could get together on Saturday for dinner. Sound good?"
"Sounds perfect. I'll be talking to you soon. Thanks, Hannah."
"Bye!" Hannah hung up.
Drac smiled for a moment and then sighed as he rechecked his phone. It was only 7PM. "Perfect," he went downstairs in the garage and got back in his car.
Driving through Indianapolis, he had to go out to the metro area to a town that was about thirty minutes away, but most of it was expressway driving. Drac pulled up to a video game store in a strip mall by suburbia. It was a little after 7:30PM, and Drac walked in through the front door.
The electronic bell jingled as the smell of plastic hung in the air. There weren't that many people in the store inspecting the aisles filled with video games from multiple generations and a section for DVDs. Drac thought about going down memory lane but continued to walk up to the counter where two twenty-something-year-olds stood behind the glass case filled with rare systems. A girl was at the cash register, and the boy was organizing some games to put away on the shelves.
Drac waved to them and walked behind the counter.
"Uh, excuse me?" the boy said.
"Sorry, I don't come in very often, but I'm here to see my friend Rex, I know he's back there, and I know he wouldn't mind," Drac strolled to the back of the store where they kept multiple copies of popular used games. As he walked further down, that's when he noticed random equipment such as computer parts and chords sitting on stacks of boxes. Over in the corner was an office with a large desk with two massive computer monitors. The space was dark and trip hazardous, but Drac knew his way around.
"Hey, Rex, how you doing?" Drac opened up the office door, and Rex jumped.
He straightened his glasses and paused the basketball game on his computer. "Drac! You scared the bejesus out of me! No call, no nothing, what's going on, man?" Rex took a deep breath before standing up to shake Drac's hand. "I'm guessing this is pretty serious, come on in and close the door."
Drac shut it and took a seat across from Rex's desk.
"Can I get you something? Got some booze and some red if you want," Rex said.
Drac thought about it for a moment. "What kind of red do you got?"
"Best I can pour for you is some A positive," Rex shrugged.
"Hey man, that's some good stuff, I'll happily take a glass if you don't mind."
"Be my guest," Rex opened up the fridge underneath his desk and poured two cups from a pouch. He handed the crystal glass to Drac and kept one for himself. "Cheers."
"Cheers," Drac echoed, taking a sip, immediately feeling like he could take on the world and lift up anything, but also buzzed enough to relax and loosen up.
"How was Chicago? Did my bug work out okay?"
"Yeah, I was able to leave and listen to their whole conversation from my car. I owe you one. You've got a bag with AB negative with your name on it next time you come over."
"Wow," Rex nodded. "That's really kind of you, but really not necessary. I'm always happy to help you out, and not just because you're my boss."
"I know, we've been friends for what feels like forever, which is why I feel comfortable dropping by without notice," Drac smiled.
"Yeah, what's up with that? You never come to my store. Spill it, bud."
"Chicago was good and bad. I don't if you've heard, but four demon knights have died there in the past few months," Drac provided the details of everything that happened and how Adonis died as he was staying there.
"Wow, that's some freaky stuff. Glad we're here, not there," Rex took a sip.
"Well, Marcia put together an interesting proposal. She wants some help in finding out who's killing everyone."
"So, she asked the Midwestern lords?"
"That's right, and whoever helps her gets to be her knight."
"What a load of bull shit. No thanks," Rex waved his hand and chortled, but when he noticed that Drac frowned, Rex leaned forward. "You're not thinking about helping her out, are you?"
"It would be a lot more money actually," Drac said.
"Money? Since when do you care about money? You practically own a key to the city of Indianapolis. You're a king here."
"There's no challenge anymore," Drac exhaled.
"Like hell there's not. You only have three knights, Luis, myself, and Nika. Shit's been brutal since Fenny and Leonard died. We're not pulling in nearly as much blood as we used to."
"That's true, but our businesses have been doing okay," Drac pointed. "I'm getting tired of this city anyways. I think we could use a chance to go to Chicago. You, Nika, Luis, and I running Chicago. Maybe not Luis, but the three of us could really rake in some serious business."
Rex blinked a thousand times. "What's gotten into you? You really think that Marcia is going to be cool with you bringing in your own crew to her city?"
"Everyone's dead there, why not?" Drac lifted an eyebrow.
"Man, we're talking about Chicago. It's way more of a dangerous game than Indianapolis. And I've got what I need right here, my video game store. What I wanted ever since I was a kid, you remember that? Don't forget, you used to like video games too!"
"I think it might be time to evolve. Chicago is huge, and I think I could have a chance at lord someday. If that ever happened, you know I would need you by my side."
"Fuckin' a, man. Fuckin' a," Rex held his head in his hands for a second. "I don't know, Drac. This is a lot to think about. I got my store here, I mean, my whole life is here! Not to mention I love my Pacers and Colts-"
"Oh come on, they have sports in Chicago, you can still watch your Pacers and Colts. Get a grip. I don't mean to be rude, but aside from your store, what else do you have here? It's not like you have a wife or kids."
Rex grimaced. "We don't have to go down and judge my decisions and life, but the point is, I'm comfortable here, and I love it."
"Rex... I didn't mean to insult you, and I'm sorry if I did. You're one of my closest friends, and it's just something I want you to think about. I'm still kicking it around, but I am leaning towards helping out Marcia. The fortune, stardom, the glory of my name, it's all there."
"So now it comes out," Rex sighed. "You're just trying to live up to the Dracula name. Hey man, I get it, if you feel like that's really important, go for it, but you were always someone who didn't care what other people thought, especially regarding your lineage. I gotta say, I'm a little surprised."
"What am I living for?" Drac said, and that was met with silence. "To be the greatest lord of Indianapolis?"
"I really don't see anything wrong with that," Rex shrugged.
"Look, I still have to talk to Nika, but I want you to think about it."
"You have my word, I'll think about it," Rex eyed over the table off to the side. A TV and a game system sat waiting to be played. "You have some time to play some NES, like the old days?"
Drac smirked. "Yeah, I can spare some time."
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[Newly translated interview] Unlucky Morpheus's interview with Geki Rock from 2017 (Band start, early days, Touhou, Black Pentagram EP, composition and lyrics, recording, and much more)

Finally, after months of procrastination, I got an interview done.
This one is quite long and has many good pieces of information that not a lot of people know about. It's a five-page interview with Geki Rock from 2017 after the release of the Black Pentagram EP. Shiren, Fuki, and Ogawa are present in this interview. The interviewer is Akira Yonezawa.
It talks about, How Shiren and Fuki started Unlucky Morpheus, the early days for the band, Comiket, Touhou, The Black Pentagram EP's composition and lyrics, Shiren's approach to composing songs, Studio and recording style for Unlucky Morpheus, and "The Club Room".
A side note not related to this interview that a lot of people misunderstand is that they think that Fuki's real name is "Fuyuki Tenge", according to her, both names are nicknames, she used to use the name Fuyuki Tenge in Unlucky Morpheus and Touhou related works, but now she's starting to drop it since it just brings confusion (Full story about the nicknames in the paid daily Unlucky Morpheus blog).
NOTES: This is my translation and there could be some errors, if you spot any errors then don't hesitate in correcting me. Lines written in italic like this are to be taken with a grain of salt. If there's any outside comments or clarifications I want to add, I'll put them in square brackets like these [].
With a lineup of talented players, Unlucky Morpheus known commonly as Ankimo, continues their activities with their unique style of releases in Comiket.
Although their stance on this aspect of Japanese culture may seem strange, their sound is meticulously constructed, the band's sincere pursuit of metal is evident in their sound.
We caught up with the band to find out more about their unique approach, from how they arrived till their current stance on the recording of this EP.
  • Since this is your first interview, can you tell us what Unlucky Morpheus is about as a project?
Fuki: When I'm working with Unlucky Morpheus I use the name "Fuyuki Tenge", this project was started by me, Fuki, the vocalist of Light Bringer, and Shiren, who plays guitar for Yousei Teikoku and Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan.
Shiren: Perhaps you might not know what Comiket is if you're not familiar with this field, Comiket = Comic Market, you might know it as that, the project started with independent CD sales in that place. At first, it started with just the two of us, we started gathering members when we started playing live, then the members started to participate in the recording as well...... and it started to feel more and more like a band. We started by making metal arrangements from the BGM of a game called "Touhou Project", along the way I started composing original songs, that's how we operate.
  • How did you two meet?
Fuki: Around 2007, some of the instrumental members of Light Bringer, myself and Shiren, were talking about doing a kind of relaxed band that covers anime songs [That band is "Magical☆Ninja", check here for more info], that's where I first met with Shiren. That anime songs cover band lasted for about a year, and then it got disbanded instantly, after that we said [could also be I] "But we'd still like to work with each other..." and that's how we started Unlucky Morpheus.
  • So the reason you met, is close to what you're doing now.
Fuki: Right. Including the fact that we originally met in an anime songs cover band, we're fellow otakus [nerds] who get along well (laughter).
  • I think your method of activity is a completely different mindset than indie bands that play live houses, meanwhile the members of this unit operate as a band isn't that right. In the project's current form you can do interesting things, what are the advantages?
Shiren: While being active at Comiket, people with the same interests will be showing their work at the same time. Summer Comiket, Winter Comiket, M3 (Sound system media mix doujin exhibition), the event is held twice a year, if you look at those four events or so closely, you can mostly tell who are the active people at the scene, and the time when they release their CDs.
Fuki: It's buyer-friendly. It's a gathering of people who make works for the purpose of releasing them at the event. For example, there are a lot of doujin projects doing melodic speed metal in Comiket, so those people can become hardened and get closer together. It would be easier to understand if you can imagine it like a flea market, next to each other in a space of about ten meters, all lined up and dealing with melodic speed metal, the buyers get to encounter so many choices for their favourite music, it's an accessible place to meet. So, You don't even have to know us for you to be at Comiket, You'll listen to it and you'll be like, "Oh, cool! Let's buy it!" It's a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, it's very interesting and I think it's beneficial.
  • When I checked the "Touhou Project" music booth at the last Comiket 91, I was amazed to learn that there were 183 circles.
Fuki: When I heard that, I thought "That's not much! they've diminished..." (laughter).
Shiren: There used to be a lot more.
  • Is that so.
Fuki: Well, it's going out of style... But 183 is a lot when hearing it again (laughter). 180+ bands sellings CDs all at once, it's an amazing thing I think. Mostly everyone has new releases for Comiket, that's like 183 new releases all lined up next to each other, so there's a lot of different options.
  • When taking it into consideration, I thought the odds of getting these releases on your hands would be more competitive than regular bands.
Fuki: That's one way of thinking about it, but I think it's more of a good thing, because no matter how little name recognition you have, you still have a chance. But when you consider that the CD store has more than 180 inline... Also, there's the fact that the persons themselves are standing there and selling it, which makes it easier to catch attention. For that reason, I think that it's easier for the sellers to sell and meet people.
Shiren: Well, I didn't start out with a criterion for which one is better or anything like that in the first place (laughter).
Fuki: Certainly (laughter).
Shiren: At first, we didn't have to put our own CDs into circulation, I started it because I thought it would be interesting to be able to put it out in a place where many people would have a chance to listen to it. And as a result, a lot of people are listening, and we also developed, that's how it is. So I wasn't really doing it strategically from the beginning, but when I heard that, I thought, "I see...", that's how it came about, it's like that happened by chance.
Fuki: Originally, it started out as handmade CDs. I print the CD jackets at home, I did my best to print both sides of it, cut them, inserting them... and I made like 200 copies of them.
Shiren: We only put a few samples on the web, but at the first event, all 200 copies were sold. "Oh! This is great!" we thought (laughter).
Fuki: It's difficult for indie bands in general to go to a show and sell 200 CDs in a day, considering that there aren't even 200 fans in the first place. There isn't a single disadvantage to this type of exhibition at the moment, including the fact that you can hand the items directly to the customer.
  • Comiket booths are decided by lottery right? I wonder which comes first, do you make the album before it's decided or after?
Fuki: That's correct. So, the announcement happens in the middle of making it.
Shiren: If we don't make the cut we can sell it in a shop.
Fuki: Also we were allowed to put them up in an acquaintance's place for a bit. I wonder what the scaling factor was?
Shiren: I don't know, but it wasn't that strict.
Fuki: I think it depends on the genre, we made it most of the time though.
  • So each genre has its own quota.
Shiren: I don't know that much about the lottery (laughter).
  • It's also interesting that you don't know if you'll be given the opportunity to present it in the first place. So, once again, congratulations on the release of "Black Pentagram".
Fuki: Thank you.
  • It was sold ahead of time at Comiket, how has the feedback and response been?
Shiren: That's right, I always look for the response after a release (laughter). I think everyone who bought it ahead of time had a positive response. I feel that it turned out great.
Fuki: It's made up of three songs, but the favourite seems different between the people who listened to it. The title track "Black Pentagram" (track. 1) is in the vein of the previous album, "VAMPIR" (the second full-length album released in 2015), some people liked it very much, while others say that the second track "Dead Leaves Rising" is a new and refreshing innovation for Ankimo, the third track "Violet" which is a majestic melodic speed metal song, I was told that my singing is a bit catchy in it, and people like it because it was like classic Ankimo. And that makes me very happy. I'm happy that there's no song that's overlooked, and I think that they're all liked.
  • All three songs have a different approach.
Shiren: I usually make six to nine songs, but this time it's three, so I made a conscious effort to make sure that it would still feel as full as previous 30-45 minute CDs. As in, filled with variety I mean, I tried to make many different types of songs in its core.
  • After listening to it, I felt that all three songs were built up with great care.
Fuki: I'm very glad.
Shiren: They were put together with great care!
  • It's mainly unison, and I felt the intention to bring the band's sound together. Since it's mainly a sound activity, I was wondering about how some parts and background sounds and effects would sound in a live setting, but when I actually listened to it, I was very impressed by the fact that it was made in such a way that it could be brought directly to the live show.
Shiren: One of the consistent themes in Unlucky Morpheus is to make the most use out of the personalities and characters of the members. I'm especially aware of that this time around. In Unlucky Morpheus, the music isn't made with SEs [Sound Effects] or anything like that, it's completed from a musical score. In my mind, it's a bit like classical music, what you see on the score is the same thing you hear in the music, It's not often that I use background sounds and effects for the presentation. For example, it would be easy to add rain sound effects to a song that has rain, but I don't, I try to express the rain through the sound as much as possible, I believe it's in the concept of this band.
  • All the lyrics are written by Fuki, right?
Fuki: I like the style of writing lyrics for a song as if it were the theme song for the subject, that's the way I do it, especially for Ankimo, since this time it's three songs, I think in this CD it's especially enjoyable listening to me. So I certainly hope that you'll give it a listen. Regarding the lyrics, the last album "VAMPIR", had all of its songs based on a vampire motif, I felt very satisfied with the lyrics, I thought it was a nice concept album, so I thought "next time even though it's an EP, I'd like it to have a common theme", so I said, "How about immortality?". When I decided to use that theme, I decided to use the famous Countess Elizabeth Báthory, who was called a vampire, as a motif, there's a short story called "The Witch Medea" by Suzue Miuchi, the manga artist who wrote "The Glass Mask", that's the theme for the first song. As for the second song, it's about the novel called "Ninja Kareha Toukurou" written by Futaro Yamada, who wrote the "Ninpouchou Series" that the metal band Onmyo-Za often uses as a motif, Slash, Kill, and don't die, it's a slightly different theme story about a ninja who doesn't die by being cut and slashed. It's called "Dead Leaves" because "Kareha" means that. The motif for the third song was "Baoh visitor" by Hirohiko Araki, who wrote "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure". It's a manga he wrote before Jojo, but it's also a story about an ultimate creature, a main character who was altered to become a superhuman, like a masked Rider. I wrote the lyrics from the point of view of the girl who's in love with the main character, I wrote all three songs with the consistent theme of "Immortality" and "Inhumanity".
  • That's how doujin projects are made, right. This album opens with "Black Pentagram's" symphonic intro, how did you go about creating the music for this song?
Shiren: For this song, I wanted a lead song first of all. About the time when I was making this song, I was thinking "What should I do...", should I make it a mini-album or a smaller one like this one, whatever the case, I thought that I wanted to write a song that says "This is representative of the product", so I was conscious and focused on that. Fast, heavy, and filthy, the three main components for Ankimo (laughter).
Fuki: It's a particularly recent characteristic of Ankimo. We didn't use the word "Heavy" back then, we only started it about a year or two ago.
  • So there were some changes in the songs. The other thing that stands out in this album is the unison and the fact that Fumiya Morishita (Drummer) adds a lot of details to the arrangements.
Shiren: At the demo stage, we'd show some indication of what we're going to do with all the members, and then we'd work out the details at rehearsal, and recording afterwards, at the demo stage we show any ideas we have.
Fuki: Shiren is an experienced drummer.
Shiren: I'm not so sure about that... but it's enough to beat Giri (laughter).
Fuki: The drums are pretty well made in the demo stage.
  • In these songs in particular, I thought there were so many little tricks, from blast beats to two-bus stomps, it was like a field day.
Shiren: when listening, it's nice to imagine it as a painting. I'm in many bands at the same time, and I compose songs in all of them, when I compose songs I imagine them being played by the specific members of the band. First of all, I start with each member's specialities, and I try to bring out each members personality and character in the phrases when building the song, or sometimes I like to challenge them with something different, that's how I worked with Fuumin (Morishita) from the start.
  • I see. To go back a bit, when I was researching doujin, I came across the idea that there's a character that's used as the starting point, and then that character is expanded by various people interpreting it in different ways. The fact that the character keeps getting more and more expanded through interpretation is a great thing about doujin. Maybe Shiren's way of thinking about making the most of the members and the way of thinking about doujin are actually linked, I thought about that now.
Shiren: I didn't really think about it, but it's an interesting point of view. I've always been in more than one band in my life, that's probably why it was so natural for me to make it that way. I think since most people are in one band, they simply have to put what comes out of them, I think that makes it a group effort. Sometimes I do that myself, in order to write a song for each band, it's best to keep the members in mind from the beginning, so it becomes easier to make.
  • I see. So it's a way of thinking that came to you naturally as a result of being in multiple bands.
Fuki: Ankimo members tend to be in multiple bands (laughter). It's just that we're very sought after in many places.
  • Morishita joined Galneryus last year, Fuki from Light Bringer has been doing some solo work recently, and Ogawa does session work with Kiko Loureiro (Angra/Megadeth) and Paul Gilbert, right?
Ogawa: We've been talking about doujin and metal up to this point, but actually I'm not a doujin or metaller myself. It's like participating in a friends group (laughter). I went to vocational school with Shiren [MI Japan music school].
Fuki: Ogawa never goes to Comiket (laughter).
Ogawa: No, I'm not saying that I'll never go...... (laughter). It's like we're still in the after-school vibe. It goes like "Do you want to record together?" (laughter). As a result, the two of us did the most Ankimo live shows together.
Fuki: In essence, it's a two-person project, at live shows there's usually a person who won't be able to make it. Even when I'm not there, Ogawa is definitely there, and we did Ankimo shows without both of us (Fuki and Shiren) and Ogawa was there (laughs). Ogawa gets the perfect attendance award.
Shiren: I'm trying recently to prevent that from happening. About three or four years ago, that used to happen often.
Fuki: In terms of light footwork, I guess you could say that it's an advantage of it not being a band (laughter).
  • Kinda like an overseas band with a very long history of activities (laughter).
Fuki: Indeed (laughter).
  • When I was looking around, I saw in the description of Shiren's profile "A man approved by Paul Gilbert".
Fuki: I wonder who started it? (laughter)
Shiren: On the internet, anyone can say any kind of thing, then it's easily understandable that it might spread. I've been in various contests and won. There are some things that just stick around until later on. Paul Gilbert was once a judge. I came in second place at that time, but that's the whole tale (laughter).
Fuki: I'd like to know the person who was like "I was the first to say it" (laughter).
Shiren: The good and the bad, I think it a solitary thing, I'm not going to go "that's not right..." at every separate thing and try to explain it, that's how I think about it.
Fuki: But that title is catchy and funny isn't it.
  • Also, Jinya, the other guitarist, once posted a video of him playing on Twitter saying "Gilberty riffs", I saw it and said, "That's so Gilberty!" (laughter).
Fuki: Gilberty (laughter).
Shiren: Jinya has a really strong love for Paul Gilbert. He's really into him.
  • You've had work experience with Paul Gilbert as a session player, isn't that right Ogawa.
Ogawa: I loved MR. Big, I was really happy (laughter).
Shiren: One time I was there as a player, and Ogawa was playing with Paul Gilbert from the judges' panel in the demo performance.
Ogawa: Also, I'm currently in a band with the Kami band member Mikio Fujioka.
  • It's already a great story. Also, Shiren is in Yousei Teikoku, and previously served in Babymetal's Kami band, It's interesting that the members have these battle records and then they would be standing in a Comiket booth.
Fuki: I think it's nice for the fans to buy the goods from the person themselves. From our point of view, we were frankly so used to it that we weren't really aware of whether we were grateful for it or not.
Ogawa: Does Fuumin go too?
Fuki: Fuumin comes occasionally.
Ogawa: It's easy to go and meet top players (laughter).
  • "Go and meet top players" sounds great (laughter). Back to the songs though, your guitar and bass are very clear and distinct. From silently pulling back to continuing in unison, the solos are catchy and come out strong, there's a very strong craftsman's feel to it, is this Shiren's character?
Shiren: I thought the backing would be too loud or noisy (laughter). While making the song, even when the instruments are out, I'm taking into consideration the counter line until the end. Sometimes we would go out together in full swing, but basically, we try to preserve each other's space and make sure that each close-up part is highlighted in its own section. It's a strong melody at every point that sits at the top, the vocals and guitar, drums and bass are like a triangular structure. I'm aware of those things, so maybe that's why it sounds like that.
  • I see. I can understand that concept very well when I listen to it. Also, the second track "Dead Leaves Rising" is a bit different than the other two, the tempo is a bit more subdued and hard-rocking.
Shiren: Basically for Ankimo, most of the songs I've composed utilize strings and symphonic arrangements, but this is the first time I've composed an original song without any synths. Everyone's performance skills have really improved, and I think that our unfiltered sound has become more convincing. I thought that if I did this kind of song now, it would sound really good, so that's the concept I came up with. Also, although we call ourselves a metal band, some people in the metal world think of melodic speed metal as something a little bit different from metal, something weaker and more pop-oriented. But we were confident that we can make something good with this unfiltered sound, so we did it to show that we can produce that kind of sound well. That's how I assembled and composed this song.
  • It's a good track with a crunchy and crisp shreddy riff, I feel that at this tempo Fuki's vocals are the most effective, what do you think?
Fuki: This song out of all the three other ones was the one I was most confident about singing. In a good way, there was no room for trial and error. "Alright, I'm going to sing it in a cool way!" I said when I sang it, so I sang it in a cool way like that (laughter). Singing it was fun. I've never sung this type of song with any other band. Shiren's compositions do a good job of bringing out those aspects. I felt like "Oh, I can sing like this too?".
  • It ties in with what we were talking about earlier. Then the third song "Violet" comes in with a balladic tone and takes it to a power-pushing development. This song seemed to have a strong anime song feel to it. If I had to pick a theme for the three songs, I'd have to say symphonic, hard rock, and finally anime song.
Shiren: That's precisely what it's like. This time, the first song "Black Pentagram" has an Ankimo sound to it, "Dead Leaves Rising" highlights the heavy metal side of the two roots for Ankimo, The last one "Violet", is more of the second root, anime songs and game music. So the three songs are like Ankimo's present sound and the original two pillars.
  • The way "Violet" is sung is quite different from the other two songs.
Fuki: That's right. In the last few years, I've become more proficient in the hard rock/heavy metal style of singing, since I've been doing that a lot, but about 6 or 7 years ago, when I started in Ankimo, I didn't have that much of a technique, so I was doing my best in singing. I was doing my best in trying to sing as hard and loud as I could, it was cute (laughter). For this song, Shiren directed me to "sing it like you used to sing back then", once I forgot the technique, it was actually quite difficult to sing it, I spent so much time recording it. It's easy to sing a cute song in a cute way, but it's quite difficult to sing a song with a sad tone in a voice similar to a young girl. When listening to the finished product, the contrast between the three songs comes out well. I'm glad that I was given those instructions, and I completely think that it was the right thing to do.
  • I've thought that you were a really good singer since the Light Bringer days, but I think that these three songs were laid out and used quite skillfully. By the way, how does the recording process go like? I'm sure everyone is busy but......
Shiren: I'm present throughout the whole process, basically we record the drums first, then the guitar, then the bass, and so on.
  • Does everyone go to the studio?
Shiren: Drums go to the studio. The guitar and bass are recorded at home because we have recording equipment. The amps are recorded to sound as if they were reamped. The vocals are recorded outside too.
Ogawa: "Can you do it today?" I get a sudden call like that (laughter). Because it's in the neighbourhood.
  • It's that "after-school vibe" you mentioned earlier (laughter).
Ogawa: Indeed (laughter). "Then let's record today!".
  • I thought you were doing it by sending data to the members.
Shiren: As for Ankimo, I always try to be present. I stack it neatly to an extent, "It's similar, but it' s different!", something like that, I knew I had to be there for the whole process. It might be nice to exchange data, but we absolutely have to do that exchange face to face. It's better to do it at home since it's so close anyway (laughter).
Fuki: It's faster to go than it is to send it (laughter).
Ogawa: And then, just as asked, "Yes, I'll go" (laughter).
Shiren: Ogawa, you rarely put your will into it, don't you?
Ogawa: Yeah, that's how it is as far as Ankimo is concerned. However, I think I put in a bit in the third song.
Shiren: Ankimo of course in terms of instruments has the guitars and drums in the foreground, and the bass plays a role in connecting the guitars and drums, and the symphonic strings also add color to the songs in most cases, in "Violet" it's the opposite, the roles got reversed, the bass and the violin got pulled to the foreground of the song, and the guitar and drums play a supporting role in laying the foundation in the background. So, this gave more room for Ogawa to let his character shine through.
Ogawa: Basically, I'm going to do what I'm directed to do, but I also wanted to be able to express my own style in the process.
Shiren: I know what Ogawa can/can't do, he never exceeds my expectations, but he does the max of what I expect. "You've exceeded our expectations!" some people say, we don't expect such a thing, I go from expecting a score of 100% to 103% (laughter). But we have a high standard and I think we all can put our 100% into it, it feels like we take it seriously.
Fuki: Your readings are accurate. Maybe it comes from playing mahjong (laughter).
Ogawa: We've known each other for a long time, haven't we? (laughter).
Shiren: Of course, developing and growing everyone and making it work as a musician is my goal as well. Since I was young I would watch someone and think "This person looks like they're great", and then they turn out great.
Fuki: Shiren is particularly good at that aesthetic. Back when I was still a nobody, seven or eight years ago when we first met, he asked me to work with him. I knew the drummer Fuumin for a while, but in the blink of an eye he ended up joining Galneryus (laughter). It feels like Ankimo is becoming more and more of a super player's gathering place.
Shiren: Everyone started out as "This person who's really good at it". We're all getting so much better (laughter).
  • While each one is getting more and more recognition, is the reason why you keep working on Ankimo because it's fun?
Fuki: It's fun!
Ogawa: We don't play live shows or anything like that at all, but we do get together and play video games (laughter).
Fuki: Fuumin and Shiren are quite serious gamers (laughter). "Bomberman" is a very strong game for us. So, me and Jinya are three or four steps ahead of each other in competitions, we usually play "Bomberman" with those four guys.
Ogawa: There was a lot of times last year when we hadn't decided on a show or anything, but we all got together and played games and drank a lot, and we were like, "Since we're meeting so much, we should do something, right?" (laughter).
Fuki: It feels like a club activity. Shiren's house is called the "club room", and it has a Super Nintendo (SNES) in it.
Ogawa: Along with the equipment.
  • It's really a club room (laughter). What are your plans for future activities?
Shiren: Sorry. We'll work on it this year......
Ogawa: "Bomberman" is prohibited!
Fuki: No way it's prohibited (laughter).
Shiren: We had a two-man live show on January 14th, which was recorded and filmed, so I'm thinking of making a live DVD of the show and another CD by the summer. Previously, it was more than six songs or so, so it took me a lot of time, and last year I didn't have much time to compose...... Well, I did play "Bomberman" (laughter). That's why I think releasing them in a more compact style like this one will allow us to release them consistently and increase the frequency of our activities. As far as live shows are concerned, it's just a matter of timing and availability for everyone's schedules.
  • Finally, do you have a message for Geki Rock readers?
Fuki: It's been a while since I've had an interview with Geki Rock, the last one was when Light Bringer had its major-label debut. I used to sing for Dragon Guardian, and then for Light Bringer and DOLL$BOXX, and now I'm a solo artist, and I'm involved in a lot of different projects. Unlucky Morpheus is a project that allows me to stretch out and try out the things that I want to do as much as I want to, so I think if you listen to Ankimo, you'll go like "Oh, so this is what Fuki wants to do".
Shiren: Even with the Ankimo originals, we wanted to bring out the essence of literature, Japanese animation, and manga which are the basis of our work. Even if we try to make it by imitating a foreigner, it's still a different culture. Rather than just being a degraded version, I thought it could be made more interesting by adding some uniquely Japanese elements to it. I keep these things in mind while composing.
Fuki: I read a lot of comics and novels, and I like to insert them into the lyrics. That's the kind of thing Ankimo lets you do, right? So it's a lot of fun.
Ogawa: Until now I've been able to do it by listening to what Shiren says and taking it seriously (laughter). Starting this year, I'm going to prohibit "Bomberman", and do my best to produce.
Fuki: Ogawa doesn't want to play it at all.
Ogawa: Fuumin and the others are too strong, so it's boring (laughter). I always get blown up quickly...... I'll practice more "Bomberman" and do my best.
Shiren: You said it was prohibited (laughter)!
Ogawa: Let everyone be prohibited, while we're at it.
Everyone: (laughter)
Shiren: It's hard to sum it all up (laughter), but thank you for reading the article. Some people may find it hard to get to know us because of our unique activities, but what we do is music, a CD is a CD, and a live show is a live show, so we want you to come and experience our unique world. It's kind of loose, but we're all amazing players, I'm confident that can make some amazing songs, so come on in and dive into the world of Ankimo!
Phew! Finally done with this one. Hopefully the next interview I translate will come much faster. The Black Pentagram EP English lyrics translations.
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