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KH2FM Modding Tut #1 - Setup, Dumping, Patching [Kingdom

Sk tr s In ). 4: 8/2 (Min/Max ge) ks) ludes sta 135 (8 w /$ 0 2 1 $: an B (inc iv ll Fee u S n Joh Time: F&RC te 0pm Location y Da 4: 00 - 5: 0 a. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + is an Action Role-Playing game, developed and published by Square Enix, which was released in Japan in Below are the Summaries and Titles of the Kingdom Hearts Games included in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ for Playstation 2 Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories. They also added more cut scenes, weapons, abilities, bosses, and a different secret ending but similar to the one in KH2. Language: English + Russian Description: ArtCAM Pro 2020 SP3 is a software package for spatial modeling / machining, which allows you. CnC: Final War is a semi-total conversion for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge that retells the Second Great War between Allied forces located mostly in Eu. The game features beautiful graphics for a Gameboy Advance game, lots of Disney and Square Enix characters, and an. Directed by Tetsuya Nomura, Masanobu Suzui.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

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Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - PCSX2 Wiki https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=933. Kingdom hearts 1 final mix english patch. Final Fantasy Trading Card Game get more info. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix was released with Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories in a collection titled Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+, which was released in Japan on March 29, 2020. Other changes include recoloring Heartless and introducing new Heartless, new weapons, new enemies, new abilities, new cutscenes, Gummi Ship missions, new Ansem Reports, and a new secret. Find great deals on eBay for kingdom hearts 2 final mix english. Video game cheats and walkthroughs @ CheatsGuru.Com.

Does Kingdom Hearts Final Mix have an English version

Messaging app with speed and security enhancements. Final Fantasy Agito was a free-to-play video game for iOS and Android platforms and is a follow-up to Final Fantasy Type-0. This is a Legacy of Kain Wiki namespace page. So i downloaded the patcher and put it on my game. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Vol. 2 by Shiro Amano https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=947. Kingdom Hearts is one of the major entities in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Add file Report PCSX2 and KH1 Final Mix(English Patch) ISO.

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Kingdom Hearts Special Edition – PlayStation.Blog

The game uses English voice acting with Japanese subtitles among additional in-game features. It covers all twelve titles, from Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, including the re-releases and Final Mixes. Key Features Solidworks 2020 Full Version. Kingdom Hearts (video game). He found some ammo for his gun, another medkit, and another smaller. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix English Patched 1. I just picked up KH Final Mix about a week ago and there's an achievement for synthesizing/crafting every item.

I never thought I would see a version of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix with English text.

But it's right fucking here!
I know the page is a bit bare and seems odd but I promise it works just as well as any other game. I've been playing it for an hour now and I've just defeated Vivi and Axel as Roxas in Twilight town. The game's language is of course already English because it is the international version but this ISO allows you to play the game in full English. It feels so wonderful to be able to play this again and not have to guess my way through menus or skip over dialogue just because I cannot read it.
In game text translated to English
Area title
Cutscene with subtitles translated to English
And menu translated to English.
submitted by Rachet20 to gaming

The Leper from Darkest Dungeon, and how he would be in For Honor

The Leper from Darkest Dungeon, and how he would be in For Honor
Hello, and welcome to a very, and I mean very long post (and my first, sorry if I messed something up) about something that will probably never happen, but deserved to be considered, at least for fun.

After playing a lot of both games and absolutely loving them, I started to wonder how it might be if you tried to mix the two to try and make something "original" (and totally not taking something that already exists in one game and adapt it to the other).

If you're here because you saw the word "Leper" in the title and you played Darkest Dungeon, you might know what this is about, if not let me introduce to you the world of horror and frustration (and sometimes pure satisfaction) that this character comes from.

Also, I just saw after finishing this never ending post that the rule 5 mentions "Keep posts strictly For Honor related", I hope it counts as strictly For honor related then...

This character proposition will have 3 parts :
- The first one being an introduction to the character : where he comes from, its backstory and how he could be implemented in For Honor.
- The second one being his stats, the potential moves / specific assets from this character, how those moves are adapted from Darkest Dungeon, his feats and the possible issues that don't have a good solution (yet, this is where you come in).
- Finally, the third (and shortest since I have no imagination) is the cosmetic choices for the Leper and what would be cool to have that could bring the Darkest dungeon vibe in For Honor.

If you wish to have information about how the Leper is in Darkest Dungeon, here's his wiki page ( BUT BE CAREFUL, THERE IS SPOILERS YOU WANT TO AVOID IF YOU INTEND TO PLAY THE GAME! ) : https://darkestdungeon.gamepedia.com/Leper

Please keep in mind that English is not my first language, so excuse me if there is any typo or mistake in the text.

This post and its contents may not be uploaded on any website, except if I give you direct permission. (I spent so long on this, I'd be quite mad if someone just took it and got all the praise)
This post is not an official Red Hook Studios product, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for anything this post might do.
Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon”, "The Leper", every image used and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in Darkest Dungeon is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.
(I don't know if that was mandatory but I'd rather not take the risk after spending the equivalent of 9-10 hours writing this)

And so, this is where the fun begins.

Part 1 : Introduction

Let's start by explaining to those who might not know, what Darkest Dungeon is.
Here is the game intro cinematic, if you want to take a look : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRh_mlAwxTI

Darkest dungeon is a turn-based game made by Red Hook studio where you, the player, receive a letter from your Ancestor, warning you about disastrous events that brought ruin to your family. You begin your trip to the Hamlet from where can be seen a manor, destroyed and emanating a curious and unsettling aura of impending doom.
Unfortunately, before you could even reach the Hamlet, the Caretaker that drives your stagecoach is starting to become more and more affected by the surroundings and in his madness, crashes you and the stagecoach in the forest.
Escorted by a crusader and a highwayman, you weed out bandits blocking your path and safely arrive to the Hamlet. The atmosphere reeks of madness and you know that the people you will send to reclaim what is yours will be tested physically, but also mentally, sometimes to death.
Then begins your quest to seek and destroy the evil that turned the once peaceful place in a ghost town, only to unveil what truly lies deep underground... In the Darkest Dungeon.

And this is where the Leper comes in. As the word is spread that the rightful heir is taking back it's place and seeking to bring back peace in this country, more and more adventurers come in search of fame, glory and gold. One day, a man shows himself wearing a bronze armor, a mask, carrying a massive, but broken executioner sword, words filled with poetry and bandages covering all his body. He calls himself "The Leper" and swears loyalty to the Heir.

My boi Leper, look at him
The Leper was once a king, now in search of a way to purge as much evil as possible before his sickness takes him. In Darkest Dungeon, he joins the Heir's quest. In For Honor, he might just fight for peace and what is right, just like he did for the Hamlet.
(I highly recommend you to look at his comic I put as a picture, and maybe this video which is the comic but animated, so that you can have an idea of the Leper's backstory : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJWKbelvdQs )

His comic
As the game describes him : " Struggle, and futility — all one's days are a constant toil to shelter life's ember through one more night. The Leper not only knows but embraces such solemnity. Tortured existence has taught him to count not on the care of others. He has learned to channel his energy inward, a kingdom within one man. His power can neither serve nor comfort others; but, drawing on it, he can gain strength others can but dream of, or the endurance to bear what no other could. And when his massive blade falls, death's call rings loud to all caught in its thunderous arc. However, such force falls not nimbly, and foes may lightly evade their execution. [...] In the end, all will meet with death. The Leper sets his sights only on ensuring as many of the twisted horrors of this land as possible attend their final appointment, until his own may be postponed no more. "
And this will be the main thing you need to remember to get why I suggest some things, but I'll likely put a reminder of this when explaining his moveset.

Since For Honor characters are made starting by their weapons, the Executioner sword, though not meant for combat (then again, the one that the Leper carries is enormous, even when broken), is not one we already have, and therefore a valid candidate.
He wears a heavy suit of armor and is the toughest character in Darkest Dungeon strength-wise, so keep that in mind because now let's dive in...

Part 2 - The character in For Honor

Alright, so, I might have around 1500 hours on For Honor, but I sure as hell don't know how to balance things properly, so if you see anything that is way too weak or way too OP, don't hesitate to tell me in the comments, so I can try and change that.
Also, with the CCU I know that balance has shifted quite a bit, so if some choice seem illogical, comment at will.

In Darkest Dungeon, the goal is to explore (you might have guessed already) dungeons, in search of loot like gold to take care of your adventurers, and heirlooms to retore your Hamlet, until you are ready to send your best teams in the Darkest Dungeon.
When you explore said dungeons, with a precise goal given to you, you will more than likely (Like 100%, unless you don't have a fighting objective and are extremely lucky) have to fight the monsters roaming the area, so that you can progress further.
In those encounters, the fight system is the following : The four members of your team will face a group of enemies (ranging from 1 to 4 foes). The tricky part here is that your characters cannot perform the same moves if they are in the back lane (Position 3 and 4) than the front lane (Pos. 1 and 2), and you won't get hit my the same attacks (with some exceptions).

In this game, the Leper takes the role of a frontline tank, withstanding the heaviest blows usually hitting the front ranks while also delivering the most devastating moves in the game in terms of raw power (In the late game, most enemies have around 24-28hp, a standard blow from the Leper can deal around 16 to 32).
But his strength does not come without drawbacks : and can only hit the enemy rank 1 and 2 effectively (where the tanks are, and not the most important enemies most of the time) and if driven out of position, will take a long time to come back to the front, while being unable to attack (The Leper can only move forward 1 rank at a time, unless one of his allies retreats behind him, and he can only attack in rank 1 or 2).
He also has poor dodge and poor accuracy (It's the factor that, combined with the target's dodge, determines if your hit is successful or not), explaining why he is considered a heavy hitter, when he hits and a true tank but unable to evade powerful blows at an acceptable rate. Still, he is truly a force to be reckoned with, and will stand proud, until the Death door's bell rings one too many times...

Like that's ever gonna happen.

First, the stats :
Class (Like it matters) : Tank, Health = 140 (Like Lawbringer), Speed = 1.78 m/s (Like Highlander)

|| Thought process : In Darkest Dungeon, the Leper is a very tough character and packs a lot of health, but is slow and will almost always play last during a round (unless buffed), hence why he is one of the few with the largest health pool in the game Post-CCU (Like LB and JJ if I'm not mistaken) but also the slowest speed (which might lead into a potential issue later).

Then, the moves and unique abilities of the Leper : (Damage and durations will be mentioned later in details)
Don't hesitate to see the images and captions to have an idea of how the Leper looks when doing his most important moves.
And yes I know, those names are just his barks and original moves, but I lack the imagination to make better names.

- Lights (L) : Enhanced lights (Not interrupted on regular block)
- Heavies (H) : Slower than most heavies but also more powerful, also gain the unblockable property when is a heavy finisher.
- Zone (L + H) : A feint-able horizontal swing that covers a 180° area in front of the Leper, but cannot hit from far away. (No forward momentum or anything, keeping the front line hitter philosophy)
|| Thought process : We have seen that having more than 500ms lights is terrible, no matter the character, so I thought it would be best to give enhanced lights without anything more and instead focus on the heavy attacks, giving them a slower speed but quite good damage to keep the hard hitting personality. Also, his attacks have decent range (a bit like Lawbringer) but no forward momentum (Again, keeping the "able to hit when close, but hard to hit nimble opponents" thing)

- Fog before sunrise : L - L
- Blood in the mud : H - H
- Summer before the Fall : L - H
- Petals must fall : H - L
|| Thought process : I know, those are two hit chains and unlike Tiandi or Zhanzu, they don't flow in anything in particular.
Or do they?
Sike, they do.

Special abilities :

- Rain in the forest : When finishing a chain with a heavy , the Leper will have his sword quite far from his body because of the strength of the strike and the weight of the blade. However, this allows him to come back with a wide swing with more inertia than usual.
When finishing a chain with a heavy finisher, you can cancel the recovery with a zone, and this zone becomes uninterruptible and has more damage but also has a longer recovery and cannot be feinted, making you GB vulnerable.
This forces you to make a prediction : Either you think your opponent will try to GB after a dodge or try to do a dodge attack that doesn't interrupts your heavy finisher, and you zone to trade/interrupt them, or the opponent thinks you will zone and you don't so you won't be GB'd. In that case you won the big brain duel and can dish out additional damage AND get the frame advantage, or just not get annihilated (which is good too).
On the other hand, if you zone and the opponent predicted it, you might be parried or GB'd, and if the opponent dodges then GB and you didn't zone, your heavy finisher recoveries won't allow you to counter-GB, making you stand there. Unable to defend yourself. Just like Shugoki when he misses Demon's embrace (of course, not to this extent).
||Thought process : To me personally, being able to cancel recoveries with something is quite fun, and in the case of the Leper, an enhanced zone that rewards a good prediction and is punishable when handled properly, seemed alright.

- Withstand : Now this is where things will start to get closer to Darkest Dungeon. Press the full block button to enter a state called Withstand. In this state, the Leper will open his arms downward, tanking every blow with his bronze plate armor instead of blocking with his sword. (Not realistic I know, but if he can tank a bloody cannonball in Darkest Dungeon like that, why couldn't he do it with swords and axes?)

The Leper using Withstand
This will have 3 effects :
First is that damage will be reduced to chip damage (+ some extra damage in case this is way too strong).
Also, since this is a superior block (like Conq's full block), enemies will be forced to stop their chains, unless they used a zone (Zones aren't interrupted by superior block, don't ask me why), and if in revenge / enemies are OOS, will knock them down. (So that you can use it in a gank without taking the risk of dying in one GB and not look like a total badass)
And last but definitely not least, the Leper will start to build-up Virtue, a status that I will explain in details later on. (If you played Darkest Dungeon, you know this is going to be good)
But it also has drawbacks, you cannot Withstand against unblockable attacks, cannot counter GB until FULLY out of this state, will also block your allies attacks (and not build Virtue), are unable to move at all AND CHIP DAMAGE IS FATAL WHEN IN WITHSTAND (Hard to T-pose and tank a hit when you are on 1 pixel of health).
Also, the most important drawback is that being FORCED out of Withstand with an attack or a GB will make you lose some Virtue.
||Thought process : What would the Leper be without his most iconic sprite of all game? In Darkest Dungeon, this move buffs him to take less damage and be more resistant to negative effects like bleeding, poison, forced displacement and debuffs. Instead, I found it to be better if it blocked damage with a little +, and it's not over yet...

- Rising tide : When ever you finish an attack (light or heavy, finisher or not), you can cancel the recovery by entering the Withstand state. This is a good way to catch a dodge attack you predicted, or just to assert dominance between two chains.
And no, it doesn't make the zone after heavy finisher obsolete, because : yes, you will build up your Virtue and T-pose on them haters, but you're still vulnerable to GBs and missed a great opportunity to have some good damage.
||Thought process : A bit like BP and his Bulwark counter, I thought it would be best to catch blows and tank it instead of just flipping them. It's quite the same thing, but it wouldn't work on very fast or unblockable dodge attacks.

- Focus : (I was gonna call this "Revenge" like the move he has in DD, but we already have that in For Honor so...)
Whenever the Leper enters Withstand, his moveset changes drastically, and will have different properties than regular attacks...
- Light attacks becomes Slash, slightly more damage and same speed but is uninterruptible (Trading with Hyper armor does not give Virtue). Can be used on every side.

In-game sprite for Chop, but is better for Slash in my opinion (Since it's a light attack so 1 hand)

- Heavy attacks becomes Chop, an extremely powerful heavy that always come from the top and that is slower than regular heavies. Is also uninterruptible BUT NOT UNBLOCKABLE and does not give Virtue when trading blows. Getting hit by this attack will more than likely mean that your health bar went on a vacation. Then again, it must hit... All or nothing, just like in Darkest Dungeon.

In-game sprite for Hew, but is better for Chop in my opinion (Because it's a heavy, so 2 hands)

- Zone attack becomes Hew, which is the enhanced zone from "Rain in the forest", with the same properties and same risks. A new level of big brain plays like Heavy finisher into Withstand into zone just opened itself to you. However, it requires big brain energy from both opponents.
(i don't have an image for this one, just imagine him doing a very wide swing)

- Finally, a new attack is added : Purge (And let's be honest guys, that attack is way too fun in DD). When holding S (or backwards on console idk) and inputting a heavy, the Leper will start a wide swing from the ground to the air, and guess who's in the middle of it.

In-game sprite for Purge (Just imagine the sword came from the ground)
Purge is a feint-able bash with proper tracking (Not like Warmonger *cough cough*), and when it connects with the enemy, it will send them flying in a way similar to Shugoki's heavy after a GB (I know, not very original, but that's the move from Darkest Dungeon, go check the wiki). This will deal slightly more damage than a light, but is a nice little way of flexing your muscles, and potentially send them into Oblivion if you so happen to be on Point C in High Fort for example.
Doing any of those attacks, even feinted, will take you out of Withstand.
This is a good way of trying to use a top "slash" as a bait for a "chop", a "hew" if you need to leave Withstand with a bang, or "purge" if you want to have some funny ledge compilation or have a feint into GB (since it's a reactable bash, it's a 50/50). All you have to do is to predict correctly (Then again, every character must use prediction too if you want to use them at 100%)
||Thought process : This is where all the moves from the original game will come into play : Chop being a single target dealing enormous damage, Hew an attack targeting the two front enemies but dealing less damage, and Purge being able to hit back the First enemy all the way in the back line. Slash is just a name I found in a mod that reworks the Leper, but the Leper I'm talking about is the original one.

- Gift of fearlessness : I know, you might think that Withstand is just gonna be another Full-Block with nothing else (Apart from the Virtue, but damn this will take some time to explain), but let me spice that up for you :
When you get hit at least once, and for as long as you stay in Withstand the next attack you will throw will have added properties.
Slash, Chop and Hew gain the unblockable property (might be too overkill, but forces a reaction from your opponent, and he better have 9000IQ for this one)
Purge will deal more damage, send you slightly further and will also affect those around the blow (will just stagger them, interrupting their attacks), enemies or not.
Also, you will gain twice (too much?) more Virtue as long as you maintain this state and keep tanking blows with the same chip damage (Remember that the Leper is meant to be used smartly, so don't greed too much).
||Thought process : Having a kit focused around a full block might be weird after the CCU, but with all the offence and the Leper being slow, I thought it would be best to keep his identity of tanking and having slow attacks, but also rewarding a successful defense by forcing the opponent to be in a situation that he'll likely not make it out without taking a hit, his primary goal being to get the good prediction, or at least minimize the damage.

- Virtue : This whole post is already way too long, and we're only addressing now the most unique thing the Leper would have to offer.
In Darkest Dungeon, the trials our champions are subjected to might prove to be too difficult for their minds to handle. Be it that some madman predicted Doomsday, or that a huge skeletal collector decided to show you all the heads from your previous adventurers, the adventures in Darkest Dungeon will sometimes reach a breaking point : An affliction check.
When stress builds up and reaches the fatal number of 100, 1 of 2 things will happen :
The most likely outcome of this unbearable madness is your character becoming "Afflicted", a severe set of debuffs and negative effects will now plague your hero. One may become filled with Paranoïa, making them unable to trust their fellow adventurers, and stressing them out, or worse.. Some also become Masochistic, refusing any form of healing, or hurting themselves, even in the most lethal of situations...

A Vestal becoming Irrational
However, there is a slight glimmer of hope, where your hero will not fall in the face of chaos, and rise stronger than before, with the name : Virtuous. When heroes are blessed by a Virtue, they will gain great buffs and special "act-out" randomly at the beginning of their round.

The Leper becoming Focused (This one is low res, excuse my poor editing skills)
Needless to say, since in For Honor there is no eldritch horrors lurking about, so we will only focus on the Virtue part of the character (unless someone has a cleaver way of implementing stress and heart attacks)
Of course, this will require an additional HUD element (visible to the Leper, and maybe the enemies).
After taking enough damage in the Withstand state (I am not even going to propose a proper range of damage, because it'll most likely be broken af, but somewhere around 50 chip damage, without taking into consideration the possible bonus damage, seems ok), the leper will gain a random virtue from Darkest Dungeon. For every virtue, I will tell you what it does in Darkest Dungeon, and how it could be in For Honor.
When the Leper gains a Virtue, he will do a 2000ms in which he is invulnerable and unmovable (by GB, bashes, feats...) and will do an animation + say a voice line after the animation indicating which Virtue the Leper got.
(In the game, there's also a line indicating clearly the Virtue, but having some text pop-up might not be the best idea)
A Virtue is chosen randomly between the 5.
Virtues in For honor are lost when the hero dies or when the Virtue bar becomes empty again, and you also lose Virtue from regular hits now (but can still be refilled thanks to Withstand).
When in Revenge and Virtuous you don't lose Virtue points, but cannot gain them either.
Also, just like in Darkest Dungeon, Virtues will have "act-outs"; In Darkest Dungeon they have 25% chance of being activated at the beginning of a virtuous hero's turn. And in darkest dungeon, we could have a 25% chance of being triggered every 10 seconds.
Also, like in Darkest dungeon, you cannot have to act-outs in a row (If you got an "act-out", the next check in 10 seconds will not have 25% but 0% chance of being triggered, keeping this in the spirit of Darkest Dungeon and it's sometimes luck oriented gameplay, without making it absolutely broken)
Whenever an act-out is triggered, a little halo of light will appear above the Leper, and a corresponding bark will be played (A bark is the name of the text said by characters in Darkest Dungeon)

A Stalwart Leper indicating he will do his act-out (There should be a halo of light as well but I didn't time the screenshot well enough)
Needless to say, that a Virtue is supposed to be powerful, but if they seem to OP, don't hesitate to tell me. Also, Virtues are disabled in Duels.

Courageous : In Darkest Dungeon, a hero that becomes courageous is less affected by stress coming their way, will be faster and will have an "Act-out" that will slightly reduce the stress of other party members.
In For Honor, we could have a reduction of Virtue loss by being forced out of Withstand or by attacks, have a stamina boost (like less stamina consumed, or better stamina regeneration), and the act-out could be that every time it is activated, allies gain a boost to their stamina too (But less than the Leper), a bit like JJ's Tier 2.

Stalwart : In Darkest Dungeon, a hero that becomes Stalwart takes less damage from attacks and gains more Deathblow resistance (A mechanic specific to Darkest Dungeon), and their "act-out" is reducing their own stress by quite a lot.
In For Honor, we could have a defense buff by like 15% less damage taken, and when under 25% health, it becomes a 30% reduction. The act-out could be a small refill of the Virtue bar every time it is activated, making the Leper able to stay Virtuous longer.

Focused : This was the trickiest one to come up with. In Darkest Dungeon, a hero that becomes focused, their accuracy and critical chance increase a lot, and their act-out gives one ally a temporary accuracy and critical boost.
In For Honor, we could have this Virtue having no passive effect, but every time the act-out is activated, the Leper and a random ally near the Leper will gain a 30% damage boost on the next attack that hits the opponent (Not blocked or dodged).

Powerful : In Darkest Dungeon, a hero that becomes powerful, he gains a good damage buff and when the "act-out" is activated, it will give the same damage boost to all you allies for a short period of time.
In For Honor, we could have a permanent 25% damage boost to the Leper and when the "act-out" is activated, also give it to all the nearby allies for 10 seconds (maybe more).

Vigorous : A tank's dream. In Darkest Dungeon, a hero that becomes vigorous, he becomes a lot faster and has better dodge. But most importantly his act-out is a heal worth 10% of the vigorous hero's max health.
In For Honor, we could have an increase in I-Frames on side dodges (like 1 or 2 frames, so 33/66ms more), have a bigger stamina pool (to make it different from the one courageous gives), and the "act-out" could be a 20 health heal (only for the Leper).
||Thought process : I know, you might think these are OP, and to be honest they might be. But Like in Darkest Dungeon, Virtues are very hard to get, but if one of your heroes is virtuous, he becomes tremendously more powerful. This is what I tried to replicate here, although it would need some serious balancing to keep it in the realm of "Good but not OP".

And there you go, this is the Leper's moveset and special abilities. Now let's dive in the numbers.

First of all, there will be no detailed recoveries, because if can't properly balance a character, I won't even dare approach those values. I know how they play out in-game, but I'm just glad I don't have to come up with them.

Light attack Opener: 14 dmg, 500ms
Light attack Finisher: 16 dmg, 500ms
Heavy attack Opener: 28 dmg side, 33 dmg top, 700ms side, 800ms top
Heavy attack Finisher: 35 dmg, 900ms
Zone : 20 dmg, 600ms
Enhanced Zone / Hew : 26 dmg, 600ms
Slash : 18 dmg, 500ms
Chop : 45 dmg, 1100ms (Enormous recovery even for a Withstand move, all-or-nothing)
Purge : 20 dmg, 700ms
Enhanced Purge : 25 dmg, 700ms
||Thought process : I have no idea what I'm doing, I just hope those feel right and keep the character's integrity, while also being viable and not OP.

Then the Feats :

To keep the idea of not being able to give strength to others, the only feats he will have are feats that affect him, and also no projectile feat. (And yes, Virtues do give buffs to allies, but they are not exclusive to the Leper in Darkest Dungeon)
Il will try to reflect several aspects of the Leper within each Tier :
T1 = Intimidating presence
T2 = Resistance
T3 = Self-Sustain / Tougher than most
T4 = Not that easy to kill

Unique Tier 1 : (passive) Intimidate : All enemies that are locked on to you have a small damage and defense debuff.
Exotic idea time : (active) Forces all the enemies within a certain range to lock on you and deal less damage, for a small period of time (5s forced lock, 15 sec debuff for example), and you are visible through walls for 15 seconds.

In-game icon for intimidate
Other Tier 1 : Harsh Judgment & Come At Me
||Thought process : The move Intimidate in Darkest Dungeon is a move that is not used very often, but has the purpose of debuffing the target damage and speed, and mark you to death. That's kind of what I tried to do in the exotic idea, but I still prefer the passive version to be honest.
Harsh Judgment & Come at me are skills that reinforce that aspect, even though Harsh judgment could use a small buff (it's still better than most people imagine), and Come At Me is a good way to access other tiers fast while keeping this "intimidating" mindset.

Unique Tier 2 : (passive) Bloody Shroud : Halves the damage per tick of bleed, fire and negative buffs.

In-game icon for Bloody Shroud
Other Tier 2 : Flesh Wound & Juggernaut
||Thought process : In Darkest Dungeon, Bloody Shroud is a skill you can access when resting around a campfire which boosts most of your resistances to negative effects. I thought it might be interesting to implement it that way.
HOWEVER, When I say halves the damage, it won't affect the duration : Meaning that if you get triple stabbed by a PK, each tick will deal only half the damage, but you will bleed for the same amount of time, leaving time for characters like Shaman, PK, Nobushi and Zhanzu to use their passive abilities and feats too. Also, it won't work on instant damage like the explosion of the fire flask. Only the fire part is affected. And by negative effects, I mean like Marked for Death, leaving a Doom Banner / Chilling Stare area, etc...
Flesh Wound and juggernaut or other feats that make the Leper able to tank more hits, but leave him more vulnerable to damage over time than with Bloody Shroud.
Also, I could have put Rock Steady, but that feat is broken, so that's a no from me until it is made less powerful.

Unique Tier 3 : (Active) Solemnity : When out of Guard mode and standing still, press the T3 button to kneel down and meditate. This will have to effects : Heal you over time (Somewhere in between BP bulwark Heal and Regenerate) and build up Virtue slowly (~2% per second). This feat has a 5 second cooldown afetr you interrupt it, or leave guard mode (so that you can't abuse the next feat so easily in a bad situation) and will continue until interrupted. HOWEVER, you will need to go through a 1000ms animation where the Leper gets up, and during that time you have no guard, and cannot dodge or counter GB. Moving or entering Guard mode interrupts Solemnity.

In game icon for solemnity

In-game Sprite for Solemnity
Other Tier 3 : Tough as Nails & Second Wind
||Thought process : In Darkest Dungeon, the skill Solemnity is a skill the Leper has that will heal him for a good chunk of his health and remove some stress. This is in some way what I tried to recreate here, and make it somewhat in line with the healing nerf from the CCU.
ALSO, while Solemnity does give Virtue points, it won't go past a certain percentage, so that people don't camp on control points until they gain a Virtue. It will go to around 50%, but the Leper will still have to Withstand a few blows to get his Virtue.
Tough as Nails & Second wind are good feats that also give the Leper another way to sustain itself, or make him tougher passively.
Now for the one that will bring the most controversy.

Unique Tier 4 : (passive) Death's Door : When a hit is supposed to kill you, you don't die but instead, a bell is heard and you enter the Death's door state. In this state, you have a massive Damage and Stamina consumption debuff (~25%) and have a 75% Deathblow resist. Each time you get hit, no matter the damage, the game will give you a chance of surviving that blow equal to your Deathblow resist. Then, 1 of 2 things will happen :
You hear the bell again, and the fight goes on. If the game made you survive the hit , you continue to live and have a 1 or 2 second grace period where you won't trigger a Death door check again but keep the death's door debuffs, and also decreases your Deathblow resist by 15%, which stacks until you reach the dreaded 0%. if you are lucky enough that is.
If you aren't that lucky though, you die (I know right), and gain the DEATHBLOW! effect. While affected by the DEATHBLOW! effect (This damn word is the bane of my existence in DD), you cannot be revived, even when not executed, and you have a 10 second respawn penalty (I am not too sure about that penalty. If anyone has a better idea, I would be glad to hear it).
You get out of Death's door by healing at least 1 health point and then the skills enters on cooldown (~1 min). But this does not stop there.
After you leave Death's door, you won't be able to enter it again for the duration of the cooldown, and you will suffer "Mortality debuffs". Those are less important than in Death's door (10% instead of 25%), but will last until the end of the cooldown.
Also, Senbonzakura (Hitokiri's unique T4 feat) will bypass Death's door. (Becaude I thought it could be cool to have a special interaction, but maybe that's just a useless nerf)
Other Tier 4 : Indomitable & Auto-revive
||Thought process : In Darkest Dungeon, whenever a character reaches 0 Health, they enter Death's door. While in Death's door, every time they take damage, no matter the amount, they will have a Death's door check. If they are lucky, they survive. If not, they die. Permanently. This is what I tried to do with this feat.
Tier 4 feats are supposed to be the most powerful ones in the whole game, and while being able to resist something that should have killed you is very strong (and maybe more hits if you are lucky enough), I don't know if it would have as much impact as a Fire Flask or a Spear Storm. Don't get me wrong, this is THE feat from the Leper (even though it's not unique to him, Death's door is a very important mechanic in Darkest Dungeon), but I don't know if it could rival other feats in Dominion or Breach.
Maybe that instead of using the Death door system from Darkest Dungeon's, I'll use a base chance of 67% fixed chance.
Then again, I am open to every idea, as long as it is balanced and can actually be done.
Idomitable serves the same purpose as Death's door, but the choice is a two sided coin : If you are unlucky, Imdomitable is better, but being able to tank 5 heavies in a row in Death's door is also very strong (The probabilities of this happening is not a lot, don't try this too much), but you'd better pray for good RNG.
Auto-revive is quite good and is simple (Even though it's kinda award when you auto-revive in front of the enemies after loosing in 4V4)

Gear stats :

Aegis, Remedy, Bastion, Vengful Barrier, Last Stand, Fresh Focus, Bulk up
||Thought process : I put almost every defensive defensive gear stat (except remedy) to complement the tanky playstyle of the Leper, with some synergy with shields if you play Vengful barrier and/or Idomitable, Bulk up to make the Leper even harder to kill (like he should be), And Last Stand / Fresh Focus are here to allow those who like to play in near-death scenarios (If any of you here play Flagellant like that, you are a bunch of madlads)

Potential issues :
- You might have noticed it, but the Leper doesn't have a running attack, as well as means to effectively deal with rolls. I thought of giving him a forward dodge Heavy that has no special property but good tracking, and that deals some damage, but I don't know if that's the best idea of a character that's devastating at close range but not supposed to hit from afar.
I also thought about giving him Purge but only for a sprint attack, but giving a bash as a sprint attack may not be the best idea in my opinion.
The problem is also that his attacks are quite slow, and I don't know how to make it feel right balance-wise (Since the CCU is balanced about speed and damage, the Leper will look like someone from before the CCU, slow but devastating, but again, that's what he does)
Well, that was long.

Part 3 - Customization

Well, this is where ForFashion comes in.

The Leper is my favorite character in DD (in case you haven't noticed), and while each character only has one skin with different color palettes, I think there is much that can be done fashion-wise.
First of all, The Leper should be in the Knight faction (Yes I know, another knight, but where else would he be. If you want a Viking go play Hellion or something)

Also, while I do love me some Latin, the Leper speaks English in Darkest Dungeon and it would be better to have the Virtue voice lines in English so that people can understand, or at least recognize them more easily.
However, in the Darkest Dungeon wiki, it is said that the Leper is likely inspired from King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, also known as (you might be surprised) "The Leper", so he might have some attack lines in Hebrew if you want something exotic.

Also, while we can't hear our characters in Darkest Dungeon, I could see the Leper talking with a rather deep voice, and with pauses between some words (for a Virtue), to sound more poetic.

The Executioner's sword is a good surface for the wonderful art team of For Honor (I love you guys), and could be a nice way of reflecting "a once officious weapon, now broken as the man who wields it."

Example of an executioner's sword
There is also much that can be done with the mask and the hood around it, but also the torso and arms (while not forgetting the bandages that are a part of the Leper's identity.

Example of armor
I would also like to make a shoutout to the person who made the Crowned Leper skin in Darkest Dungeon, here's an image and a link to the mod if you want it for yourself :

The Crowned Leper (with the option to have the broken sword) and the Original Leper

Also, two of his trinkets (Objects you equip to affect a character's stats) are a tin flute and his last will. Maybe they could be attached to his belt for example.
There isn't that much else that can be said without images, so I'll put some trinkets the Leper has and that could show you some ideas of customization.
(There should also be images of bracelets, but I reached the image limit)
Example of alternative mask 1

Example of alternative mask 2
Also, his sitting emote could be his camping sprite from DD :

The Leper while camping in Darkest Dungeon

And that's it, my proposition if there ever was to be the Leper in For Honor.

If you read everything, congrats you must either be interested a lot, or just have nothing else to do.
Also, I feel like I've missed some things, so don't hesitate to ask questions, I'll try to answer them.
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