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Key stage 1 english sats papers

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KEY STAGE 1 July 2020 National curriculum assessments Page 1 of 28 Key stage 1 English reading Sample questions, mark schemes and commentary for 2020 assessments Introduction to sample materials The new national curriculum will be assessed for the first time in May 2020. Year 6 children will be tested in English and maths at KS2. KS1 and KS2 Free resources Download your free flashcards, audio and practice papers for SATs preparation! There were new tests for key stage 1, as well as key stage 2. What the tests covered: The tests covered English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling, and mathematics at key stages 1 and 2. There will also be a key stage 2 science sampling test every other year.

SATs / End of Key Stage 1 Comprehension Assessment

Contents ittle Cousin ClareL Pages 4.

2020 key stage 1 English reading Paper 2 ... - SATs Papers

Key stage 1 sats when are they. See bottom of page for more details. KS1 Year 2 SATS Papers Maths – Paper 1 – Arithmetic – Instructions, Question Paper, Marking Guide. Prepare your Year 6 children for the SATs reasoning questions by using this pack of two tests that cover a range of Key Stage 2 objectives in a similar style to the KS2 sample tests.

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The Department for Education has produced some free sample papers for the Key Stage 1 SATs tests that you can download. Key Stage 2 SATs English Practice Test Paper 1 2020 A full English grammar, punctuation and spelling (SPaG) practice test paper modelled on the actual KS2 SATs 2020 exam with complete answers and marking guidelines. KS1 SATs books - SATs Help for Key Stage 1 - Parent Guides. Free Primary SATS Resources https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=947.

Activation key testing is good - it's Sat tests that are bad

Assessment and Management Tools for Primary Schools. There are two complete sets of papers. Every sentence should begin with a capital letter. This resource contains a set of six Year 2 practice papers.

Free key stage 1 sats papers

Visit a Pumpkin Patch Coaxing the kids out of the house and into the fresh air is well worth the battle whilst the air is still mild and the leaves are fresh and crunchy. The results are also scrutinised by Ofsted when they inspect schools to determine the. Create an account to track progress and measure results. Work as quickly and as carefully as you can.

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Maths papers include detailed step by step solutions and English papers include writing plan and hint for all questions. The results are also scrutinised by Ofsted when they inspect schools to determine the consistency in performance and provide evidence of standards improving or declining. On-Time Essays: Key stage 1 english past papers perfect. First Year 6 Assessment (we did these papers in September 2020) Papers: Paper 1 – Arithmetic – on one page.

Caves Reader 2020 Layout 1 06/04/2020 09: 48 Page 1 - KS2 SATs

2020 national curriculum tests Key stage 2 - SATs Papers Guide. SATs (KEY STAGE 2) 2020 - PAPER 3: ENGLISH READING. Crack Coded Sentences Worksheet. KS3 Success Guide Maths Levels 4-7 (Key Stage 3 Success.

SATs Keystage 1 - past papers - free on one site

The new KS2 SATs tests set in schools since May 2020 do not have a Level 6 variant, though L6 past papers can still be used to offer children extra practice in the run up to the exams. We also sell books to help children with their Phonics, Science, Spelling, Problem Solving and more! On dangerous ground - SATs Revision Papers https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=950. Key Stage 1 English Sats Papers 2020.

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Hi I wonder if anyone knows of a site where you can download KS3 past papers for free. These SATs are externally marked and will be taken under official exam conditions. Questions are aimed at all abilities. Key stage 1 english sats papers.

Avengers Displaced #2: One Too Many Chances

Avengers Displaced #2: One Too Many Chances
Author: u/duelcard
Editor: u/Churchbrimmer, u/FPSGamer48, and u/Voidkiller826
Story by: u/FPSGamer48
Event: Avengers Displaced
Recommended Reading:
Required Reading:
Avengers Displaced #1: Out of Time
“I cannot wait.”
In the darkness, a flicker of light sprang to life.
The blue-skinned Atlantean known as Namorita groaned as she slowly sat up, senses shaking. A numbness crept up one arm, and she quickly rubbed it to get the blood flowing. A soft, grainy sensation made itself known beneath her fingertips, and she withdrew her hand to find sand.
A fine, white sand that, beneath the dawning sky, glittered like diamonds.
A curse came to her left. Namorita spun around to find the archer known as Clint Barton, code name Hawkeye. In one hand, he waved a jet-black tactical flashlight around; its small beam danced on the sand. Namorita watched as Clint fumbled with a pouch on the inside of his jacket.
It hit her like a train, and she clutched her head in throbbing agony.
Moments ago, the two of them, along with the rest of the Avengers, had been fighting a well-dressed man who called himself the Gryphon. With Gryphon’s strange powers, the Avengers had fought an uphill battle, eventually getting the upper hand. But at the very moment they thought they had won, everything was…
And now they—Namorita and Hawkeye—found themselves here.
When the pain cleared, she looked back up with warm tears and the burning question on her mind. “Where are we?”
“It’s desert all around,” Clint replied, searching through his tiny bag of supplies. Random objects were tossed onto the sand: an hourglass, a pencil, a tiny pair of scissors. Clint pulled out a compass and held it in the air triumphantly.
“That’s a compass,” Namorita noted after taking in the high rise dunes surrounding them.
Clint nodded. “Our phones and comm lines are all down. Nothing works, just static feedback. I mean, we are in a desert…” His face paled.
Namorita froze as she arrived at the same conclusion. The sun had peeked out of its hiding, breaking the night with rose-gold hues. At its apex, Namorita knew she would literally sweat to death. And there was no water for her...none at all.
“Come on, move!” Clint shouted, pulling her to her feet.
They began to climb the nearest dune, which proved no easy task. They left a trail of indents in their wake, one that circled back down to the distant swales. At the top of the crest, they overlooked the growing morning, and something more promising farther beyond.
“That has to be it,” Namorita squinted, peering at the horizon. A hint of green poked out amongst the white. And as long as she had been alive, green meant water wasn’t far away.
As they headed to their next destination, Clint focused on the tiny compass in his hands. “Our general direction is northeast, but that’s all I can tell you. What deserts have civilization in the northeast direction?”
“Uh,” Namorita thought back to her classes. “The Sahara. The Arabian. Gobi.”
“I swear, if we are in Egypt, I will...do nothing,” Clint panted. “There’s actually a really good chance we are. Boy, this sucks.”
They continued their tedious jog, taking infrequent breaks to rest and share a packet of peanuts. As they drew nearer, more trees came into view, lining the bare faces of massive plateaus. Beyond the foliage, the sunburnt sides of old-looking buildings came into view. With a burning sun on their backs, Namorita and Hawkeye descended towards civilization—and the titanic river that flowed through it.
“What the hell!” Clint exclaimed, smacking his lips. He limped forwards with more vigor. “Must. Get. Water.”
Namorita knew she didn’t look so good herself. But still, caution couldn’t be thrown to the winds. Rivers were some of the most polluted bodies of water, home to millions of bacterial species. Namorita hailed from the depths of the Atlantic and even she knew the risks. “The water. Could be dirty.”
“Don’t care. SHIELD will just treat. Me with a. Good vaccine milkshake.”
They made their way through the dirty roads, which on opposite sides stood dozens of buildings. Something seemed off to Namorita. There were no glass windows in sight, merely hollowed out squares so one could see inside the rooms. Speaking of windows, there were also no power lines, vehicles, or anything resembling modernity either.
Where were they?
They cut through a stretch of reeds, wading into the greenish river and dipping their faces in. Like a guppy, Namorita hastily swallowed as much as she could. The taste wasn’t bad, almost sweet. To the Atlantean, the sensation cooled her skin, calming her. She wanted to stay there forever. But there was no time to relax as hesitant shouting erupted from behind.
Namorita and Clint whirled around to find dark-skinned people in stained robes approaching them. Lightweight armor rested upon their head and shoulders, to show that they were guards. In their hands, curved copper blades shook. They spoke in an unintelligible language, one that was nasally heavy.
“Man, I thought they’d be...more modern,” Clint wiped the water from his chin. “Why are they dressed like ancient Egyptians?”
“Mr. Barton,” Namorita spoke, eyeing the symbols on their armor. Thin strokes ran in columns, each character in the shape of something important. Two animals that looked like cattle, atop an eye and a throne—Namorita recognized them all. The first place she had seen something like these symbols was back in the Atlantean museum back home. That museum—her father’s grand palace—showed artifacts from civilizations across the ages, serving as a pride of Atlantis to have lived so long.
The symbols were hieroglyphs.
“Yeah?” Clint asked when she didn’t follow up.
“We are in Ancient Egypt.”
“If we don’t lose them now, we never will!” Namorita slammed herself against the cool shade of the brick, breathing heavily. A hand to her face brought back a palm full of sweat. That wasn’t good. She needed much more water in this sweltering heat.
“No, I’m sure we did,” Clint muttered after gagging on some bile. “Jeez, I need a break.”
The two spent several minutes regathering their senses and peeked from their spot to get a better look at their bearings. They knew why they ended up like this, but it was going to be near impossible to remember how. After heading deeper into the village, they had crossed a long bridge that opened up into an even bigger city. Arrows, rocks, and barking hounds had given chase, but the dynamic duo had escaped them at all odds. Now, they sat hidden in an alleyway that smelled like manure, while dozens of guards patrolled the streets, hungry for blood.
“It’s a damn good thing that there weren’t many people back then,” Namorita remarked. “Or maybe it’s bad. I don’t know. On one hand, there’s not that many people searching for you, but on the other, you could lose all your pursuers in a crowd.”
Clint shook his head. “I’ll take the lesser population. Knowing our luck, we’re going to have to fight some guards. We can’t run forever.”
“Uuugh!” Namorita groaned. She missed the air conditioned rooms of the present—the future. She missed the sweet taste of juice that remained a prisoner in her fridge. She missed it all.
The archer peeked out from their spot, surveying the street. “Come on.”
They continued to weave between buildings, managing to stay out of sight of the occasional throng of cheerful people. Ancient Egypt was full of untended greenery and architectural mazes, and the two snuck around with one goal in mind. Towering high up against the backdrop of the cloudless sky, a white-coated pyramid stood at the center of the city. All ascended towards the grand palace at its base—what they could only assume was the home base.
It was the most basic of instincts: people gravitate towards landmarks if they feel lost. And the two, lost throughout time, certainly found a colossal pyramid to be very welcoming.
“If only we knew how to read ancient Egyptian,” Clint sighed. They had stopped in a small garden, tucked in a pocket between a string of red brick houses. The higher altitude gave them cover from the streets. Nearby, a large planter box, abundant with lush ferns and trees, provided excellent camouflage. He scooped up water from a nearby well and greedily drank. “A tad too convenient, I suppose.”
“I could try,” Namorita suggested. She stooped to have herself a drink as well. “Atlantis grew close to Egypt during the Bronze Age, and its language has been preserved by Atlantis. I can’t guarantee an accurate translation, though.”
Clint scratched his head. “Don’t you just look at the symbols to see what they represent? Like a cow hieroglyph would mean a cow.”
“Yes and no. Ancient Egyptian grew phonetic over time.”
“You know more than I do. What’s that say?” Clint nudged her, pointing. They moved into the enclosed planter that overlooked the street. Beneath them, laughter and neighing passed.
Namorita fought the urge to look down and followed Clint’s finger, towards a set of dominant hieroglyphs etched carefully into the sides of a tall pillar. The obelisk was rigid and rooted to the ground next to its neighboring buildings, but looked to be newly painted. How wondrous it must feel to be shown off.
“Let me think,” Namorita squinted, making out the first hieroglyph: an eagle, facing left. “Ah…” Next came a circle with several vertical lines dashing across it, like a rounded vent. “Kh, ahkh…” They were followed by something that looked like a pair of lips and a single feather standing up. “Ahkh...ri. Akhri.”
“The hell is an Akhri?”
Namorita’s eyes widened. She drummed her fingers on her arm rapidly. “I know this. It’s...an old Egyptian city. And a powerful one at that. My father has top ten lists of ancient places, and on his Egypt one, Akhri appears.”
“That’s news to me. What are the others?”
“Uh,” Namorita struggled to remember. “Memphis, I think. Thebes. Heliopolis. I don’t know that much, but I do remember when he rants.”
Clint scoffed. “I never knew the almighty Namor was such a nerd.”
“He always said knowledge is the source of all power.”
“He’s not wrong,” Clint conceded. “You better remember that, Your Majesty.”
Namorita felt a blush rising to her cheeks and she frowned. “Not yet. I don’t want to be a queen yet.”
“Too late. Your first duty is to tell me more about Akhri,” he grinned annoyingly.
The Internet would be so nice right about now, but she didn’t have the luxury. Absent-mindedly, Namorita rubbed both of her gauntlets, struggling to recall. “It was an independent but boisterous city, eventually conquered by a pharaoh named Rama-Tut. Under his rule, it collapsed within ten years and was never heard from again. That’s all I know.”
“Hmmm. Well, that’s not much. You suppose this Rama-Tut has conquered this place yet?”
Before they could speak any more, loud drums flooded the streets, and the two dove face down into the wet mud. A parade of people appeared right after. Loud singing and chanting echoed from right below. Namorita felt her heartbeat growing faster in anticipation, and she was sure Clint felt the same. They were so close to whatever was going on outside—separated only by a brick wall. It grew worse as they thought they heard bells directly above them. As they turned, the planter shook, tossing them a bit. A heavy animal, perhaps? In what felt like forever, the ear-splitting procession finally passed.
Clint shoved himself over the planter, peering around. He nodded. “Instincts never fail. The pyramid’s the way to go.”
Namorita peeked to have herself a look, and was greeted by the backs of hundreds of people and a whole stampede of animals. From large elephants to prancing ponies to squabbling monkeys, the entourage felt like a mobile zoo. City dwellers peeked out from their houses, clapping and cheering. Namorita watched as they eventually disappeared into the city depths, but Clint was right.
Everyone was headed to the pyramid.
Namorita and Clint followed in their wake, always keeping a careful distance behind. The closer they drew to the palace, the more guards they had to evade. These new sentries were definitely of a higher rank, sporting more intricate armor and brighter weapons. Out the corner of their eyes, the duo could see squadrons of archers standing in relatively high towers overlooking the rest of the city. This was going to be harder than they thought.
But somehow they managed without being caught.
The parade had stopped before an open forum right before the palace. The circumference of the plaza was lined by tall columns, each akin to the obelisk they had seen earlier. Workers polishing the elaborate scrambled back into the shadows to make way for the lumbering elephants. The parading participants, animals and humans alike, began to fan out to the sides. A massive crowd had already gathered around the steps of the acropolis, watching as several soldiers began to unload large, wooden cages from carts.
What Namorita saw inside those cages chilled her to the bone.
Muscled people, bound and gagged, were roughly pushed out of the cages. Their chains shook as they were dragged into the blistering sun. There were twenty or so of them, and guards whacked them with sticks to line them up in a row. Numerous birds—hawks—circled the air, their shrill shrieks piercing Namorita’s ears. In immediate succession, a sequence of horns blasted through the air, but the sudden noise didn’t so much as faze the prisoners.
Before the captives, a throne rested on the shoulders of eight giants. The procession descended down from the palace and into the open forum. A bare-chested man adorned in a green headdress and an overwhelming amount of jewelry sat atop the royal seat. A crook and a flail shook in each of his hands.
Namorita swallowed. There was no doubting it now.
“We’ve arrived at possibly the worst time,” she muttered, and Clint looked at her questioningly. “The pharaoh of Egypt, Rama-Tut, has just finished conquering this city of Akhri.”
Clint’s eyes widened. “How? We didn’t see burning buildings or heaps of bodies!”
“Conquering doesn’t necessarily mean a genocide,” Namorita swallowed, still struggling to comprehend the situation before them. “Maybe it was a quiet, political takeover. Maybe he just married the governor’s daughter. Either way, we’re against a freaking pharaoh.”
The scene before them began to play out and the duo could only watch, motionless. Masked men strode out from the shadows, bearing mammoth axes across their backs. They took positions behind the prisoners, weapons drawn into a batting position. Namorita’s hands flew to her mouth.
This couldn’t be.
The pharaoh had begun to speak, his voice calm and collected. It resounded around the whole forum, tearing into the heart of everyone present. Namorita didn’t understand a word he said, but the meaning was clear. This was a display of his power: his first public execution of his foes.
The enemy of our enemy is our friend, Namorita told herself. Heart pounding, she focused her powerful vision across the stage, taking in everything. The executioners hadn’t swung yet, the guards were looking away from the city. This was a very good opportunity to run—to the pharaoh, or away from him. There wasn’t a single cell in her body that didn’t choose the former option. Namorita wanted to hasten away from Rama-Tut, as far as she possibly could.
But what really caught her attention was the verdant gem in the pharaoh’s crown. She could see it, clear as day. Its taunting presence was an eyesore, but everything all began to make sense now. She thought back to the fight with Gryphon, just this...morning?
The green stone was so alike the one that was on Gryphon’s necktie. It lit up whenever Gryphon had used his powers—regenerating his drones, turning Stark’s suit to rust. That was the key then, and so it was now.
Her shaky breaths broke her out her trance, and Namorita knew they had to act.
“There.” Clint echoed her thoughts. His eyes narrowed. Namorita could tell he was focusing on the green gem, embedded into Rama-Tut’s crown. “Let’s get it.”
In a unified scream, both Avengers leapt down from their hiding spot, commanding everyone’s immediate attention. Their arrival was met with shock, and they took that opportunity to immediately act.
Namorita rolled forwards into the executioners, disarming several of them with a series of quick strikes. She slammed her gauntlets together, releasing an electric shockwave through the air. The rest of the executioners fell, muscles twitching as they contracted painfully.
Arrows whistled past her face, and by their direction, Namorita could tell it wasn’t Hawkeye’s. With help from a sharp knife that she unsheathed from her thigh, the Atlantean snapped through the prisoners’ chains like paper. They scrambled to their feet, and began to wrestle with the oncoming guards.
What brave souls.
Meanwhile, Clint had taken the fight to the pharaoh himself. His arrows burst at the feet of the giants, crippling them from pain. The throne tilted to the ground, and Rama-Tut himself leapt down onto the sand. A look of distaste crossed his face—the same arrogance that Namorita often saw in her father.
Hawkeye fired several arrows at the pharaoh’s crown, and the stone inside lit up with an untimely glow. The projectiles froze in midair, giving the pharaoh plenty of time to dodge.
Namorita sprinted at Rama-Tut, only to find herself moving at the pace of a snail. She cast her gaze down so see each of her arm muscles twitching as they moved through the air. It was so surreal.
“Over here!” Clint yelled, firing an arrow into the ground near his feet. A curtain of smoke spilled out, enveloping most of the forum. Rama-Tut unfocused his gaze from Namorita towards the smoke, and the gray cloud began to retract back into the arrow.
Clint appeared to Namorita’s side, panting hard. He snapped back the extensions at the end of the bow, turning it to one that matched his entire height. “Give it, now.”
Rama-Tut’s eyes rolled backwards into their sockets, spinning strangely. Namorita tripped, released from Rama-Tut’s hold on time. The two watched as the pharaoh opened his mouth to speak. Instead of nasally Egyptian, English came out.
“You’ve come for this,” the pharaoh said, pointing to his jewel.
“I don’t know how the hell you speak English,” Clint warned, pulling back an unwavering arrow. The drawstring grew taut. “But you better give it.”
“I. Think. Not!”
Clint released, but the arrow never flew. In a burst of green, the world flipped upside down. As the sky and sand collapsed around them, the two heroes found themselves thrown against the river of time.
Namorita gasped as she sprang up from the sand, struggling to her feet. She glanced to her left, where Clint lay dazed. Finally, she had awoken first. With urgency, the Atlantean princess pulled the archer up, and immediately they began to climb the nearest dune.
“Thirty-eight!” Clint yelled over and over again, burning the number into their heads. Using their renewed strength and stamina, they marched across the sands, coming back to the familiar view of civilization.
They would win for sure, this time.
The number was pretty significant, and served more of a way to keep sane in this turn of astonishing events.
The first time they had confronted Rama-Tut had ended in failure. They had found themselves back beneath the cold dawn, atop the barren dunes again. It had taken them much longer to regain their senses. Their stamina and physical forms had been restored, though, back to their states when they had first arrived. Even so, they botched their second attempt dramatically, with Clint suffering a twisted ankle right before they met Rama-Tut. Once again, they ended up at the beginning of the loop. Each following endeavor required Sisyphean effort, almost enough to break their spirits.
This marked their thirty-eighth time, and they knew the actions they had to take by heart.
First, they would run across the desert for an hour, reaching Akhri as the morning sun ascended into the sky. They’d take a quick break, immediately swimming to the opposite shore. If they were quick enough, they’d avoid the fishing boat that came rocketing from upriver. Once in crowded Akhri, they would be able to navigate the roads with ease, avoiding all dangers altogether. They would be able to rendezvous with the parade at the forum, during which time Rama-Tut would always show up.
“Heh,” Namorita scoffed, ignoring the cramp in her side as she leapt across a pair of triple-story houses. She landed across the rough plating, turning to face Clint for a second. “It’s like a speedrun.”
“Don’t remind me of that,” he grit his teeth, rushing past her. “You’ve said that line for the past sixteen times. It’s giving me a case of deja vu that I’d rather not have.”
Namorita fought back the urge to laugh. “Alright. It’s just that we’ve done this so much it’s not even scary.”
“You know...there’s a speedrun of this game called Doom: Eternal,” Clint gave in to the conversation. “You’re probably wondering how I know that game. I actually really want to play it, but...I never have time. So I just watch speedruns of it before some of my missions.”
They came to a rest, both panting hard for several minutes.
“Doesn’t sound like you’re managing your time correctly,” Namorita joked. In their field of business, it was important to keep all distractions far away before action.
“Well, long story short, many people beat it by glitching through the map. A game that’s supposed to take more than a day to beat, they finish it in less than half an hour. That’s mind-blowing,” Clint nodded.
Namorita groaned, peering at the pyramid in the distance. “Wish we could glitch straight into Rama-Tut himself. Imagine his face if we did.”
“It’ll be a shocker, that’s for sure,” Clint let out a soft chuckle. An expression of seriousness crossed his face. “This has to be the run. We’re so damn close.”
“Let’s do this.”
The two made their way to the forum where they attacked right before the public execution of the many prisoners. They worked quickly to free them, and like the many times before, Rama-Tut leapt down from his throne in greeting.
“Welcome, again! Don’t you think this is a bit tiring?” the pharaoh roared as he converted to their tongue.
“That’s why we’re here,” Clint began.
“-to finish you,” Namorita snarled.
The two leapt into action. Namorita sprinted to his left, leaving a cloud of dust in her wake as she circled the pharaoh. Likewise, Clint made for his right, disappearing into a blanket of dark-gray smoke. Rama-Tut had difficulty focusing on two opponents at once, especially ones he couldn’t see. The two heroes burst out from their cover, attacking Rama-Tut from behind.
The pharaoh whirled around, eyes ablaze with a green light. In an instant, time stood still, but it was all over.
Clint, with his sharp eye, had fired an arrow ahead of time, at a perfect angle and trajectory. The projectile cannoned into the crown at the exact moment the pharaoh had faced them, knocking the gem out of its container. Namorita, with an outstretched palm, had lunged forward, palm outstretched. The verdant stone flew through the air, and right before Rama-Tut could use its powers, landed in her hand.
And when time stood still, Ancient Egypt disappeared.
The man with cobalt-colored skin strode out into the eerie silence of New York. In front of him was a spectacle to behold. The wheels of cars lay paused for eternity. Specks of dirt and gravel hovered in the air, and the man found it annoying to move between them all. It was impossible to move things when time was frozen, but he so wished he could. He stepped past hundreds of humans with expressions of horror on their faces. Between seconds, they weren’t living anymore. Merely statues.
“An ode to the times of old,” the man muttered, smiling to himself. It was a poetic line, one that he was quite proud of. It pleased him, almost as much as what he had come to see.
Two Avengers, the purple-dressed Hawkeye and the blue-skinned Namorita, lay in midair, preserved in a state of eternal tranquility. In Namorita’s hand was a green gem—the very thing this man was looking for.
“At long last, we are reunited.”
The man reached out with a sinister grin, though there was no one who could see his smile.
“I cannot wait.”
To be continued in [Avengers Displaced #3]()!
submitted by duelcard to MarvelsNCU

XPWEW Friday Night Pyro (11-20-2020) results "Jacques Decoy"

Show: XPWEW Friday Night Pyro

Date: November 20th, 2020

Episode: 453

Channel: VICE Network @ 10 PM Eastern Standard Time / 7PM Pacific Time

* Pyro Opening Montage*
Pyrotechnics explode at the ramp across the stage set. We are welcomed by the XPWEW Friday Night Pyro commentary desk with the beautiful and dignified Kaitlyn Khaos as well as always the living legend Nick Simmonds. Kaitlyn Khaos informs us that they will be speaking on the phone on live television at some point tonight from Masato Tanaka's medical specialist to confirm if he will be 100% and eligible to perform against The Set on behalf of Team Bryce. As we know currently El Demonio returned and will be reserving that spot as a replacement for Tanaka in case he can not make it to the event. So as it stands right now Team Bryce consists of the XPWEW Tag Team Champions Golden Bryce, Alveno La Flare, We know that Masato Tanaka is probably but El Demonio has stepped in and after being fired from ABA "Awesome Bomb Academy", being ostracized from his training camp, The Chairman Troy Clausen hired Coby Caprice to a trial basis XPWEW contract and Golden Bryce is taking a chance on the kid, Big match, biggest match of his career Coby Caprice will be on Team Bryce.
TONIGHT! Jake Awesome is angry we know that, he's been breaking microphones and racking up thousands of dollars in fines. The Gatekeeper found himself trapped at the end of a Net Gun from the hand of our current World Champion Leonard McGraw y'know he's not a happy camper....(The Set's music begins) Well I guess we are going to get some answers from The Gatekeeper right now!

< The Set enters the ring: Jake Awesome, Ruckus, Siaka Lexoni, Jordan Oliver, Chrissy Rivera, Myron Reed & Kotto Brazil ?
Jake: I'm 31 years old. (The Set claps, Jordan Oliver puts a birthday hat on Jake and they take a corny selfie) Jake: thanks, I love you guys. I do.
Jake: Leonard McGraw is 28, granted he looks 48 but believe it or not I'm the eldest between us. Believe it or not I sometimes forget just how long I've been around. I was 16 when I first got inside a ring, I was 17 when I started taking my first bumps and by 18 I was a Tag Team Champion with my Dad and Jordan, Myron and Kotto. I consider you boys to be like my own children and maybe someday we'll win the tag team titles together. By 19 I was a bonafide star of this company and rebranded the entire wrestling industry in my image. I listened to the insufferable Jim Cornettes of the world tell me that I was "a cow on ice" inside the ring, that I would never make it to the WWE with my abilities. Well Jim, The WWE has begged for me and I said no. I didn't sell out to anybody. I may have changed my values but I got over on my own and I stayed over on my own and now I look around at the world of professional wrestling in the year 2020 and I see Jake Awesome everywhere. I see every major talent doing the same things I was chastised for doing back in 07' and that's fine. I changed the infrastructure of this business and I didn't have to fly to Stamford to do it. And I admit the last year I took my eye off the ball but I did it for my friends, I did it for The Set. That's why Ruckus won the Xtreme Rumble and won the world title in the main event of Lockdown. That's why Jordan Oliver has been Juniorweight Champion for 450 days running that's why Chrissy, Myron and Kotto will be future world champions, the path will always run through me. It always has and it always will however while I was building another empire, I simply allowed Leonard McGraw to succeed. Leonard, you are a paper champion to me. Because until you defend that title against Jake Awesome. You are nothing. I am the gatekeeper and come Sunday, I will take back my throne. Count you days McGraw < The Set attempts to exit the ring >
< Golden Bryce, Alveno La Flare, El Demonio & Coby Caprice enter >
< Bryce makes a babyface speech speaking directly into the camera practically begging Tanaka a speedy recovery and urges Jacques Dudley to return and get his rightful revenge on The Set and especially the Juniorweight Champion Jordan Oliver >
< Siaka Lexoni says Bryce is a failure, Alveno is a clown, El Demonio is a fluke and Coby Caprice...who? >
Ruckus: Siaka, I remember him that's Colby Jack, Colby Cheese Caprice. I beat you within an inch of your life boy, Frankly I implore the fans at home to save their money and they should reconsider buying a pay-per-view event in which a scrub like Coby Caprice has a main event match.
Coby: Ruckus, you ever understood the story of the underdog, Coby goes on an endless rant almost until Jake Awesome speaks up and tells him to shut up "Hey, monkeys in the trunk cut off this scrubs mic.
Bryce: Bryce says if Team Bryce defeats The Set at Battlefield on Sunday then The Set must disband
Jake: Bryce, You know me. 4 times you stepped in my ring and 4 times you walked out crying. I insist you turn around, back to your son Stefon, your little wife Jocelyn. Go back to your mediocre life. Because if THE SET wins, We get a shot at those Tag Team Titles ASAP
Alveno: You're on (Bryce looks unsure of himself)
Bryce: You got it!

- XPWEW BATTLEFIELD AD (November 22nd, 2020) Order it now only on FITE TV app available on Apple TV, Roku, Firestick & more

- Genevalisse enters
- XPWEW Women's Champion Lotus enters

[Recap video package of the announcement of a 5 on 5 elimination team match as the gals of XPWEW will take on Bea Priestley and Jamie's Hayter's band of female wrestlers from Stardom will do battle this Sunday at Battlefield.]
- Stardom's Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter join commentary and they are absolutely hilarious together, mostly when they goof on Nick Simmonds at the desk while he is trying to call the match as serious as possible

1 on 1 [Non-Title Match]
M1: Lotus (c) def. Genevalisse

Post Match: Stardom girls (comes down and circles the ring around Lotus but the XPWEW girls come out and even the odds)
Ultimately: Doxy Deity comes out with Tito Santana lagging behind
Doxy: Lotus, the web you weave will soon wrap around you like a vice grip and you only have 48 hours left as champion. Enjoy it ya charity case ahahahahah (Tito does Razor Ramon fingers)

LIVE CALL: Nick Simmonds speaks on the phone with the doctor of Masato Tanaka following his attack from The Set last week, will he make it to Battlefield...it's such an awkward segment LOL but ultimately we come to the conclusion that Tanaka should not compete but he will be there in an arm sling, hell or high water. Despite doctor's orders. Tanaka will be on Team Bryce for Battlefield as they take on The Set!!!
Tonight: Kaitlyn Khaos says its been signed! Leonard McGraw will defend the XPWEW World Title tonight against Garrett Thompson in a rematch from their Appalachia encounter last month, GT gets a proverbial "Last Chance" match tonight and the main event! 1/2 of the XPWEW Tag Team Champs Golden Bryce will return to action as he takes on Siaka Lexoni!

- El Demonio enters
- Coby Caprice enters with Alveno La Flare
- The Set's Myron Reed & Kotto Brazil enter along with XPWEW Juniorweight Champion Jordan Oliver and Chrissy Rivera

Tag Team Match
M2: Myron Reed & Kotto Brazil (w/ Jordan Oliver & Chrissy Rivera) def. "Team Bryce" El Demonio & Coby Caprice (w/ Alveno La Flare)

*Match results when a double team move connects on Demonio and Coby can't break the count in time and The Set win this contest as they gather all the momentum before The Set vs Team Bryce in a 5 on 5 elimination match!
Nick Simmonds: The Set! Ruckus, Siaka Lexoni, Jordan Oliver, Myron Reed & Kotto Brazil will be taking on Team Bryce which consists of Golden Bryce, Alveno La Flare, El Demonio, Coby Caprice & despite doctor's orders Masato Tanaka will be in action after The Set attempted to take him out last week, but he's gonna still compete anyway despite medical reasoning, is it smart on Tanaka's behalf, we'll see!

Backstage: XPWEW correspondent Larry Legend is in the locker room of Leonard McGraw.
Larry Legend: Leonard the biggest match of your career is Sunday as you defend the XPWEW World Heavyweight Title against "The Gatekeeper" Jake Awesome, what is your emotion going in?
Leonard McGraw: My emotion going in? Hell I've got plenty emotion Larry, Hell I was ANNOYED you barged in barking and hollering in my locker room, I was PISSED you sat down and made your scrawny ass comfortable and I was HOTTER THAN A SUM BITCH you felt the need to ask such a stupid question, But I'm a nice guy I'll answer ya,, Hell I don't know, where are Jake Awesomes emotions? huh did you ask him that? Was his emotion EMBARRASSED he got trapped with a net gun last week, was his emotion ASHAMED that he feels the need he can't stand on his own two feet anymore he's gotta have little do-bots like Marion Reed and Koko Brazil following him around doing all his laundry and shit. It think he should be HUMILIATED he has to stick to a group nowadays, He says all this shit like he's the champion Hell he ain't been world champion of this company since my ass started climbing up the card. I think Jake Awesome needs to look into a mirror and realize he ain't what he used to be. I think Jake Awesome is WORRIED, I think his emotions are UNEASY, I think Jake Awesome is flat out resting on his goddamn laurels. You don't allow shit, I earned this title. I earned the right to be world champion and if he's the goddamn gatekeeper where thats some funny shit cause this belt is the keys and I'll open that goddamn gate any time I please. So Jake Awesome round up your kids, hug your wife. Because you ain't the man like you were when I use to watch this program, but I'm the world champion and Sunday you will have no other excuse. Your the one on borrowed time old man, not me. Thank you for your time Larry, your a nice fella I don't care what anybody says
*Leonard shakes Larry's hand*
Larry Legend: That was XPWEW World Champ Leonard McGraw, Kaitlyn Khaos and Nick back to you at ringside!!

- 3M3 enters (but all commentary talks about during their entrance is Leonard's amazing promo against Jake that we just witnessed, We are getting a very focused Leonard McGraw on Sunday)
- The Vaudevillains enter with Mandy Leon

Tag Team Match
M3: The Vaudevillains (w/ Mandy Leon) def. 3M3

After the match The Briscoe Brothers Jay and Mark bring out a real live bear, (with a professional bear handler) and introduce The Marauder Simon Gotch and The Drama King Aiden English just exactly on who they have to face if they can’t beat them at Battlefield (I call him Pooky)
Mark: Boys, This here is Pooky. She's a friendly bear but she won't be too friendly if you can't beat us on Sunday.
Jay: Oh yeah this might not be Pooky's last appearance on Friday Night Pyro but all I can say is come correct on the Battlefield Sunday and save yourself from getting mauled, Vice TV better let their sponsors know it could get scary next week, Simon we might even have a funeral for your ass next boy! Be safe!
< Vaudevillains English and Gotch aggressively hop around in anger inside the ring while Mandy Leon attempts to calm them down>
< The Briscoe Brothers laugh and pet Pooky the bear as we fade to black for commercial >

- Garrett Thompson enters
- XPWEW World Champ Leonard McGraw enters (Backstage The Set is watching on a monitor with Jake Awesome staring intently at the monitor)

1 on 1
XPWEW World Heavyweight Championship on the line
Appalachia Rematch
M4: Leonard McGraw (c) def. Garrett Thompson

- and after the match Leonard mouths off incoherently at the camera while walking up the ramp, he's ready for The Gatekeeper this Sunday

Backstage: Champagne Clausen knocks on Troy Clausen's door
Troy: Come in...Oh .....what do you want
Champagne: Well I mean, Garrett just lost his second opportunity for the title and you know I've noticed I was a lot higher on the card when I was champ
Troy: (dismissive) Yeah that's how it works
Champagne: I was a ratings draw and I've looked, the ratings have severely dropped since Leonard McGraw has became world champion and I deserve a shot
Troy: Curtis,,I just....I think people responded to your title reign a lot more once All Man took it off ya, to be quite frankly. I give opportunities okay it's what I do
Champagne: What about Jacques Dudley
Troy: Did I say I make mistakes, Of Course and that is water under the bridge, I would love Jacques to return
Champagne: Oh how you've changed, This position has changed you, This whole damn company has changed you and for the worst. I'm glad you disowned me because we're nothing alike. I'm calling the shots and at Battlefield if I beat Garrett Thompson. It's gonna be my turn next.
Troy: First off. I make the decisions around here pal. You and Garrett at the pay-per-view sure, but you are going to need to win a few more matches to get title attention
Champagne: Like I said. It's gonna be my turn next..or heads are gonna roll
- Champagne exits Troy's office

- Siaka Lexoni enters with Ruckus (Ruckus joins commentary and the internet loves everytime Ruckus and Nick Simmonds interact)
- Golden Bryce enters (1/2 of the XPWEW Tag Team Champions)

1 on 1
M5: Siaka Lexoni def. Golden Bryce < during the match Jacques Dudley's theme song blares and Bryce gets excited that his begging of Jacques to join Team Bryce must've came true, the music continues to play long enough for Jordan Oliver to come out from behind, Myron picks up Bryce's legs, Jordan hits his own 'Clout Cutter' but its a 3D! A Dudley Boyz inspired 3D from Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver! It was a fake theme music decoy by THE SET!

< Ruckus is laughing hysterically on commentary that Bryce fell for the decoy of Jacques music playing >
"G-Baby done fell for the oldest trick in the book hahahahaha dumb ass"
< Siaka hits the triple beam kick and Bryce is out for the 1-2-3! Siaka defeats Bryce!!! >
< Siaka gets hoisted up by Ruckus, Jordan, Myron, Chrissy and Kotto beats his chest in celebration at the show closes with The Set yet again getting one over on Golden Bryce as the show fades to black >

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