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Octopus on iPhone 7

There has been some confusion recently over the potential availability of Octopus card functionality on iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus devices other than those offered for sale in Japan (A1779, A1785).
First of all, it is understood that Core NFC will support FeliCa tags in iOS 13 on all iPhone 7 devices. Applications that use this functionality will be using the NFC controller in readewriter mode, mediated by Core NFC.
The NFCFeliCaTag interface (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corenfc/nfcfelicatag) provides a number of methods such as readWithoutEncryption, requestService, and similar that act as syntactic sugar for the opaque sendFeliCaCommand that allows an application to send arbitrary bytes of data to a tag, and get the response from it.
Being able to send and receive arbitrary data to a tag is very useful, because it allows for the implementation of those functions that the API does not directly expose: the reading and writing of blocks that require a mutually authenticated encrypted session with someone or something that is authorized to read and write those blocks. This is what the Octopus application uses to allow users to recharge and update physical Octopus cards, either using an Android device, or an iOS device with the Bluetooth-connected Octopus Mobile Reader, which is also sold in Japan as the RC-S390: the Bluetooth reader is used as a workaround to allow the application to read and write data to the card.
Sensitive operations such as card recharging, debiting to move funds on the card to an online account (O! ePay) or the configuration of auto-charge (AAVS) are possible because the operation is fully controlled by the card operator: the user selects the charge operation, and the application enters into a dialog with the server in which the application will be told repeatedly 'send this block data to the card, then send me the response from the card'. The card and the issuer authenticate each other and a temporary session key is derived that allows the card issuer to read and write the card through the application without the application being aware of what is actually being written. The application cannot tamper with the blocks of data without both the card and reader noticing, and the card is resistant to 'tearing' (that is, it does not violate the security of the operation if the communication is broken by removing the card from the reader).
iPhones reading and writing FeliCa tags securely is not new - the Suica ingestion process requires the iPhone to read and write blocks in a similar exchange with a trusted remote server to confirm the user is in possession of the card, following which the card is then written to in a manner which causes readers to recognize it as blocked. Doing so avoids having to put the Suica ID on the hotlist maintained by each reader in the hope that one of those readers will then encounter the card, disable it, and report the kill to JR East so that the dead card can be removed from the hotlists (reader memory is limited) [1]. The ingested card must also be immediately killed to prevent double spending of the balance: reader hotlist updates are not immediate, which is why if you lose a physical Suica card you must wait for it to be hotlisted across the system, after which the transaction records are checked and you get back whatever of your balance is left. What is new is that Core NFC now exposes this raw read-write functionality to applications.
That Core NFC in iOS 13 will obviate the need for the RC-S390 reader is in itself a big win for Octopus users, as they will be able to use their iPhone 7 and later to move funds to and from their Octopus card as they currently can on Android devices, and it also allows those issuers listed at https://www.sony.co.jp/Products/felica/consumedownload/ios.html#Comparison to recharge their cards on their iOS device without having to purchase an RC-S390 reader.
Of course, what most people are interested in is the second case: card emulation, or the ability to tap an iPhone 7 on an Octopus reader and have it recognized.
In order to emulate an Octopus card, everything that is included in a physical Octopus card must be available. At an extremely simplified level, that is:
  • A unique ID for the emulated Octopus card (IDm) recognized by OCL
  • The presence of the Octopus FeliCa system code (0x8008) on the emulated card
  • The correct format of that system: the blocks and services required for transit, money, building access control, and all of the other Octopus services
  • Per-card diversified keys that allow the emulated Octopus card to perform mutual authentication with the readers that participate in the scheme: note that there are different keys for different use cases, so that building access control readers can authenticate the card without being able to affect its balance, etc.
  • Secure memory, so that the balance on the card, the 9-digit Octopus ID, etc., cannot be changed except through the operator's authorized process
Since an emulated Octopus card should resemble a physical one as far as a reader is concerned, it is worth taking the time to consider how physical Octopus cards come into being:
  • OCL orders FeliCa Standard cards from Sony. All Octopus cards are FeliCa cards, and only Sony manufactures them.
  • Sony takes manufactured cards, and performs the '0th issuance' step (0次発行 in Japanese documentation), writing the IDm value and a transport key to the card that will later allow it to be formatted. The cards are shipped to OCL and the transport keys are sent by e-mail, encrypted with GPG.
  • OCL receives the card shipment and performs the '1st issuance' step: each card's IDm is read, the corresponding transport key looked up, and the transport key is used to send the issuance commands to the card. These commands carve out memory blocks for the Octopus system much as you would format a memory card, and define the access control parameters for each service. It is at this point that the keys used by OCL are written to the card (you can see some of this process in the Common Criteria documentation certifying the older RC-S860 card, available at https://www.commoncriteriaportal.org/files/epfiles/CRP165.pdf). Now the card is no longer under the control of Sony - only OCL may read and write the blocks on the card according to the format that they have themselves designed. The card is now a blank Octopus card ready for personalization.
  • OCL performs the '2nd issuance' step in which it creates a 9-digit Octopus ID and writes that together with the starting balance of zero and other required information such as adult/eldechild status to the card. Now the card is a valid Octopus card and can be issued to a user: OCL or an authorized scheme participant such as MTR may later update the card to add AAVS, commuter passes, etc., but those updates are not part of the basic issuance process.
It's at this point at it's useful to explore the concept of a diversified key. To read and write an Octopus card in the way needed to operate the Octopus service (ie: to do more than just read the balance), you need access to a symmetric key that is stored in the card. While the cards themselves are at least EAL4 certified and offer a reasonable degree of tamper resistance, it still means that the card key is present in a tangible form that would allow a determined attacker to extract the key given sufficient time and money. Therefore, it is important that the key be unique to the card - otherwise, attacking one card and extracting its keys would allow any other card to be accessed using those same keys, causing chaos.
However, if each card is to have a different key, how are those keys to be obtained? This is the principle behind key diversification: a master key is used together with card-specific data to derive the keys necessary to access the card, and that derivation happens inside a secure access module embedded within a reader (or in an HSM in the case of a cloud-based service such as the Octopus application). There are several key diversification algorithms, but a simple yet naive method is to take the card's unique ID (the IDm value) and hash it together with a master key. Thus, the master key is to be 'Octopus', then the key for IDm 01:3C:00:BA:C0:01:D0:0D is the first 16 bytes of sha256('Octopus-01:3C:00:BA:C0:01:D0:0D') = 1c9b919b6 [...], but for 01:3C:00:BA:C0:01:D0:0C it will be d77b7217b [...], which is completely different. In practice key diversification is much more complex than this because different keys are required to ensure segregation of entitlements and the diversification does not have to depend on the IDm value, but essentially its security comes from the fact that possession of a key for one card does not allow you to derive the key for another card without being in possession of something that users do not normally have physical access to.
Now that we have considered how physical cards are born, it's time to go back and think about the emulated ones. Since cards don't have to be manufactured and shipped, they can be created just in time for personalization. The only involvement required of Sony is to allocate an IDm for the emulated card. This could be done as a single block from which sub-allocations are made most likely to Apple directly for Apple to manage themselves. All of the rest, including formatting and key diversification, can be carried out by Apple and OCL together.
Thus, if Apple can obtain sufficient IDm values from Sony and both Apple and OCL can agree a provisioning method in which an Octopus system is bootstrapped and the 1st and 2nd issuance steps performed, and Apple didn't do anything silly like explicitly disabling its ability to use FeliCa with a secure element in hardware on the non-Japanese iPhone 7 devices, there is no problem in bringing Octopus to all of the iPhone 7 models.
Incidentally, Apple does something interesting with IDm in its Apple Pay implementations. Mobile Suica implementations have a fixed base IDm [2], and all services can be accessed at any time on a Mobile FeliCa device: thus you have a unique identifier you can't change that everyone can query. On Apple Pay implementations, each emulated card has its own unique fixed IDm value, and you can only dump the data for the service currently selected. This improves user privacy, and also means that Apple does not have to rely on Sony issuing a per-chip IDm: in other words, unlike Mobile FeliCa, IDm doesn't have to be written in the factory - but you can be sure that Apple is paying Sony per IDm allocated.
How Apple provisions virtual cards on Apple Pay devices is black magic, but it is almost certain that they have some kind of method that can allow them to securely read and write data into the secure element embedded in the device without it being exposed to the user or the application processor.
So, why can't Apple do this to enable Suica on iPhone 7 devices sold outside Japan? The reason is almost certainly contractual: Osaifu-Keitai services using the Common Area (iD, QUICPay) absolutely require the cooperation of FeliCa Networks in order to be issued, and while JR East has control over its own issuance process, they probably outsourced some of that to FeliCa Networks as well. It is highly likely that FeliCa Networks will only provision keys it is responsible for to devices that were factory-injected with some kind of specific key that functions like the transport key for physical cards - this may be part of the Osaifu-Keitai system certification requirements.
In my opinion there are only three reasons that Apple should not be able to bring Octopus emulation to iPhone 7:
  • If they are unable to allocate IDm values to these non-blessed devices because that process is tangled up with FeliCa Networks
  • If they shot themselves in the foot and disabled their ability to interface their secure element to the FeliCa CLF in the PN67V on those non-Japanese iPhone 7 devices because they didn't see Octopus coming.
  • They don't feel like supporting iPhone 7 at all, not even the Japanese models: each device has a different generation of secure element, and additional development/testing/certification work may be required for them. This is again a combination of what Apple is willing to do and on which hardware platforms OCL is willing to authorize Octopus to be emulated on. It's nothing to do with FeliCa Networks or Sony.
We shall just have to wait and see what transpires. Even if Octopus emulation is not forthcoming for iPhone 7 users, Octopus users will benefit greatly from the readewriter function as the Octopus application will work as it should.
As a final observation, the Pixel 3 contains an Osaifu-Keitai (yes, Mobile FeliCa) implementation on an NXP PN81, operating as an embedded secure element. It also makes use of NXP's Loader Service. In other words, what is described in NXP's press release (https://www.nfcworld.com/2019/02/22/361738/nxp-adds-support-for-felica-to-nfc-phones/) was already implemented at the launch of the Pixel 3, most likely under the auspices of the FeliCa Networks certification program mentioned in the press release. The use of eSE, and not a specific Mobile FeliCa custom CLF+SE as seen before, implies that all Pixel 3 devices could be Mobile FeliCa enabled, but for the probable 'no OTA' provision. Pixel 3 hardware is different for Japan, but the need for a different SKU is driven by baseband RF concerns, as with the iPhone.
Incidentally, the global Pixel 3 appears to work with SWP, so ironically the 'non-FeliCa' version is compatible with Octopus Mobile SIM while the Japanese version isn't, as FeliCa frames are routed to the eSE.
[1] Hotlist management is also a reason to reject a card that hasn't been used for a while. Most lost cards are found by people who know they are lost, and honest people are unlikely to tap cards that don't belong to them on card readers. If these lost cards are hotlisted but never disabled by a reader that encounters them, then the hotlist can grow to a size that can't fit in the memory of a reader.
One way to manage this problem is to have the reader reject cards that have no recent transaction record (say, six months), and refer the cardholder to an operator. The operator then 'unlocks' the card using a terminal that has access over the network to the master hotlist. The latency of the unlock operation isn't critical, so this kind of online referral is fine, and it allows for the hotlists in each reader to be pruned after a certain amount of time has elapsed since the card was hotlisted. This is likely to be the reason that Suica cards that aren't used for six months need to be processed by a gate attendant (it could also be because of key rollover).
Octopus has a similar three-year reactivation requirement (https://www.octopus.com.hk/en/consumeoctopus-cards/proper-use/inactive-octopus/index.html), but it should also be noted that cards issued before 2017 can also require reactivation: according to MTR, Octopus is valid for 1,000 days following the last add-value transaction before reactivation is required.
[2] Technically one IDm is present for each system code, but the IDm values are related: for example, on a combination PASMO and JAL card, the transport system (0x0003) may have the IDm value 01:10:0A:10:00:00:00:01 and the Common Area (0xFE00) in which JAL's service resides will have IDm value '11:10:0A:10:00:00:00:01'. Mobile FeliCa behaves in this way after a system split, which is only used by transport applications. This is why you see two different areas in the Osaifu Keitai application after activating Mobile Suica (https://img.king.mineo.jp/system/content_comment_images/images/000/000/203/594/M_image.jpg?1521943007) - this is likely done to allow the transport operators more control over their own keys, as the Common Area is managed by FeliCa Networks.
submitted by FelicaDude to u/FelicaDude

rating the sims 3! and talking about some sims 3 stuff..

tysm for all the comments, help and votes i received based on the sims 3! i've played it and it was *good*. im not going to say it's amazing because i think it would be better with expansions and cc. unfortunately, im finding it too hard to download cc for ts3 but it's okay; i'll figure it out eventually.

i played the sims 3 for nearly an hour today but in 2013, i played it for 2000+ hours per year. for the sims 4, i only played it for 589 hours and i got it in 2018 oof.

i'd rate the sims 3 base game a 7.5/10. i think it would be better with expansions so i hope to get some this month or next month! what would you rate the sims 3 base game (just the base game with no cc)

please please pleaseee can someone send me a video expaining how to download cc on the sims 3 using 7-zip? thx!

does anyone know a sims/sims3 chat that i can enter on reddit? if not, i'll make one! just follow me when you see this post just so that you're alerted. lets shade the sims 4 lmao

(and if you wanna send me some expansion codes then you are most welcome hehe! lol honestly don't but idm!)
submitted by veganvelvet to Sims3

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