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IDM i like IDM IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) is a conventional term that combines styles of electronic music, which extended beyond traditional scopes of dance music oriented to night clubs. Looking for the definition of IDM? The IDM interface is so easy and user-friendly that you can simply drag and drop links on the interface. DAP 1 User; DAP 2 User; Facebook Credits. IDM supports Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, and 10. Here are a few reasons why IDM is considered the best download app. Facebook Credits $25; Facebook Credits $50; FLV Downloader Pro.

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Details & prices Enrolment - Associate Member (1 year) Details & prices Details & prices Enrolment - Affiliate (studying) Details & prices Details & prices IDM Membership Renewal (2020) Details & prices Details & prices Renewal - Fellow (1 year) Details & prices Details & prices Renewal - Compliment Member Details & prices Details & prices Enrolment - Member. Welcome to Khmer Training Channel! Intraday Inditherm Chart. The first thing is that you should download the crack file from a good source. IDM Build 3 Crack Patch With Serial Key Download Free Final (Updated [month_year]) If you went to download songs, movie, document then you can use this software. Amazon Canada Gift Cards.

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An analysis of movement and shooting mechanics in the CW beta, and why it feels "clunky"

Before I start, I know this is a long post so I provided TL;DR's for each section, although I recommend reading all of them fully to get a better understanding of the fixable issues this game has (in my opinion).
I've seen a lot of people reiterate that this beta feels clunky, and I agree for the most part, although exactly why that is the case is tough to pin down. After thinking about it while playing the game myself and also watching some pros play a while, I realized that there are a number of things that are bogging down the speed and smoothness of this game. I'm going to talk about what I think some of these issues are one at a time, while also trying to provide some constructive feedback about how they could be fixed.
Also, I know sliding is a hot topic right now, rightfully so (looking at you Duster Stock), and I'll talk about it towards the end, but I believe there are some other equally as important core mechanics that are really holding this game back and can be easily fixed.

Sprint out speeds

I think this is one of the biggest reasons this game feels clunky right now, and I don't see many people talking about it even though the stats are right in front of us. This game's base sprint out speeds are incredibly slow for a COD game, especially compared to recent games. SMGs are sitting at 320ms, while ARs are at 400ms. Just to compare to some recent games, MW's base sprint out speeds were 167ms for SMGs and 267ms for ARs. BO4's were 200-250ms for SMGs and 300ms for ARs. BO2's average sprint out speeds were 223ms, and that was without Dexterity for crying out loud*.* If you want a source, here is XclusiveAce's video on MW/BO4 and here is the one on all the other COD games. Having base sprint out times this high just slows the game down and punishes moving, which is sad to see considering time-to-kill is even more important for the pace of the game and I think they have that in the sweet spot (once they fix the connection/lagcomp issues). I don't know if they want us to make tough decisions regarding attachments or something, but I feel like there's no reason sprint out speeds should be this slow by default. I feel if they just increase base speeds across the board, this would dramatically aid in the pace and overall feel of the game.
TL;DR 1: Base sprint out speeds are very low compared to other COD games, especially recent ones. If these speeds were increased across the board, the pace of the game would improve and punish moving less, and moving and shooting would feel less clunky.


I can't be the only one who feels like mantling is painfully slow. Why does it have to be this way Treyarch? You guys made Black Ops 2 and know it was a great game, and it had extremely fast and smooth mantling because of the Dexterity perk. It was great. I'm sure they have their reasonings for not letting us mantle that fast in their games anymore, maybe because shooting during it is possible, but could we at least find a middle ground? Because this just feels bad. On top of that, it seems too sticky. There are many instances where I'm trying to just jump on a ledge without mantling from a fair distance away and the game decides I'm going to mantle whether I like it or not (maybe this sometimes means I wasn't going to make the jump without mantling, idk). I feel like the speed issue is an easy fix, just make the mantle animation faster. The stickiness issue maybe is not so easy to solve but increasing the speed of mantling would make it less of a problem at least.
TL;DR 2: Mantling is painfully slow and feels too sticky at times. Increasing mantling speed would make moving through the map feel more fluid and less like PUBG (that game's mantling is even more painful). Stickiness would be mitigated by increasing speed and could also be touched up.

ADS animations

ADS visuals, specifically iron sights, are too obstructive and zoomed in at times. This is the only issue that I can confidently say was better in the alpha. Want proof? Here is a clip of Scump running around with an MP5 in the beta. Here's a video of him doing the same thing in the alpha. Am I the only one that thinks the alpha one is a lot better looking and less obstructive? I guess this could be a matter of preference but if you think my opinion here is bad feel free to give your reasoning in the comments. Some of the guns are not as bad as the MP5 but this is definitely a universal change after looking at some other weapons. I've seen people mention ADS feels more "sticky" than it did in the alpha and this might be why, although that could be it's own separate issue as well. I really don't get why this was changed, but I feel like if they changed it they should be able to revert it back. Less obstructive iron sights are always welcome and I feel like this would make shooting a lot of the weapons in the game feel much better. This could also end up being a non-issue depending on the settings options in the pc version of the game.
TL;DR 3: Some of the ADS sight visuals in the game, mostly iron sights, are more zoomed in and obstructive than they were in the beta (example above). The template to improve this specific thing lies in the alpha, and Treyarch should know specifically what they changed and I guess can ultimately decide for themselves what they think is better. Could be non-issue on pc depending on settings.


This is the only thing on this list where I really can't pin down exactly what the issue is. Something just feels wrong. Is it less aim assist while in the air? Is your gun less accurate while airborne? Do you not jump as high? Is jumping speed just slower? I thought jumpshotting was a pretty great tactic in the alpha, and now it seems less viable. Maybe the ADS issue I just talked about affected this as well, I really don't know. What I do know is that jumpshotting needs to be a viable mechanic to use in COD to outplay people and win gunfights. It feels good, it increases the skillgap, it's been a thing in COD forever, please don't try to kill it. I can understand getting rid of dropshotting because fuck snaking, but please let us jumpshot like the COD games of old. It's also very possible that nothing was changed about jumping and I just suck, but I've seen a lot of people mention this so I figured I'd talk about it.
TL;DR 4: Something about jumping and jumpshotting just ain't right. I don't know what you did Treyarch but please make it similar to how it was in BO2/BO4, it felt so good in those games and only aided in widening the skill gap.

Aim assist

Aim assist feels too strong in some instances. I get it, we're crossplay now, but this shit feels so incredibly sticky sometimes it's ridiculous. I shouldn't be able to just track people through walls without doing anything, because a mouse can't do that so why should a controller be able to? There should at least be some effort involved in aiming, and I feel like aim assist in COD has just been getting stronger and stronger over the years. As for Treyarch games specifically, I thought BO1/BO2 aa was perfect. It seems to me like they upped the aim assist for BO3 because of the movement, which makes sense, but then they decided to stick with it for BO4 and onward. I wish we could go back to how BO2 was, but I'd be happy with it being the same as BO4 because this feels even stronger. There is also a chance that it actually is the same as BO4, as I haven't played it in a while, but it still seems too strong in the context of this game.
TL;DR 5: Aim assist feels too strong and sticky, to the point where it tracks people through walls and feels like you don't have to do any of the work. Toning this down would help in multi-target situations and also increase the skill gap of the game (and also just feel less bullshit).


Here we go. Almost everyone agrees sliding is an issue, but everyone has a different solution to the problem. I want to try to look at this from Treyarch's point of view as game designers to come up with a solution that makes sense in the context of how this game plays. Sliding can obviously be very abusable and broken, but it also shouldn't be completely useless. You don't want an incredibly slow and short slide, because what's the point? That feels bad and not intuitive at all.
I know everyone wants to be angry at slide canceling and say it's bad, but I don't think their goal should be to remove it. Being able to easily cancel a slide with ads (instead of the button combo we've all grown to hate) isn't such a bad thing in my opinion. It's accessible to everyone, it doesn't hurt your hands, and it makes the gameplay more smooth and fun. Now, you're probably thinking: "BUT THE CAMERAS!". I think the solution to that part of the problem is to just make slide speed AT MOST the same speed as a sprinting jumpshot would be. Wouldn't that make cameras at least consistent across the board? Unless there's something fundamentally different between sliding around a corner and jumping around a corner that I'm not seeing. If it's the slide animation that can be tweaked too. Peekers advantage will always be a thing in online fps games, the least we could do is make it consistent. I'm really interested to see peoples thoughts on this if anyone made it this far into the post.
TL;DR 6: Sliding is messed up right now. Something needs to be changed, but I also feel like the slide shouldn't be completely useless and should still feel good to use. I really recommend reading what I put above for this one to at least nuance your opinion a little more.

That's it. I feel like if all of these things are improved the game will feel significantly better, and I think they are definitely all fixable issues. If anything, I think people need to talk about the sprint out times more. I'm gonna tag FoxHoundFPS just in case, although I'm sure he gets a lot of pings.
Edit: formatting is hard
submitted by Colonel_Bill to CoDCompetitive

[Round 80140] Please give me the date (day/month/year or month/day/year, idm) this music video was released on YouTube, the name of the actress starring in the video, and the name of the current shop (according to google maps) which is now in the location shown from 1.09-1.39.

[Round 80140] Please give me the date (day/month/year or month/day/year, idm) this music video was released on YouTube, the name of the actress starring in the video, and the name of the current shop (according to google maps) which is now in the location shown from 1.09-1.39. submitted by InfiniteLithium to PictureGame

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