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For people who have only seen parts of this, or have no idea what's going on at all and are wondering why fans are going so hard on the guys, here is an abridged timeline. While most of the summer was quiet, some things have sparked interest since the announcement of the fall Cain's shows.
September 12: The timeline now includes recent major events: the post foundon Hnet, Taylor's MusiCares panel, and the Cain's announcement.
November 8: Isaac's COVID outburst and story now updated.
  • Hnet: hanson.net - this is both HANSON's official website and the name of their fanclub. The vast majority of the content is exclusive to fanclub members.
  • CBIB: Continental Breakfast in Bed is the title of the 2020 Hnet members' EP. As the EP was made, HANSON posted clips of its making-of in a vlogcast-style calendar throughout spring of the same name. CBIB refers to either of these; if it's plural, it likely refers to the vlog posts.
  • HTP: Hansontime Podcast, a group podcast available to hnet members were HANSON discuss their music and other topics. These often include input from the fans.
  • CCC: Cain's Covid Catastrophe the unofficial name of the officially-unnamed fall 2020 residency HANSON have announced at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa.


May 25-27: George Floyd, a Black man, is murdered by a white police officer. For a few days, HANSON posts normal content on social media and receive ordinary fan comments.
May 28: Protests against police brutality are happening across America. HANSON shares a post about the rocket launch. The post receives many comments from fans pointing out that as a band who has constantly cited Black artists as influences, it is concerning that they choose to post about the rocket but have been silent about the black lives matter movement. Black and POC fans in particular begin expressing hurt and frustration. Many of these comments are still available on the Instagram post.
May 31: After a few more days of silence, HANSON posts announcing a livestream with an organization that provides mental health services to musicians. Many more comments come in pointing out that while it's great they are supporting mental health, why are they still silent on Black lives matter?
At this point, a divide is forming in the fan community between those calling the band in, and those claiming the band is being 'attacked.' For what it's worth, almost all the comments and almost none were attacks: they were pleas for the guys to do the right thing. That evening, TAYLOR posts about George Floyd on his personal Instagram.
June 2: Blackout Tuesday happens. The main Hanson account remains silent. TAYLOR shares a black square on his Instagram, receiving mostly supportive comments but a few people asking him to do more, like at least say the words "Black lives matter."
June 3: ISAAC posts on Instagram stating 'Racism is Wrong!' This is met with mixed reactions from fans. Some felt that while the topics were important and the acknowledgment was appreciated, it was not enough, especially for BIPOC fans point-blank asking them to proudly state Black Lives Matter.
June 4: ZAC posts about recording an HTP podcast but still does not address BLM. ZAC replied to a few comments; most notably, a 'statement' about why he hasn't said Black lives matter. He also replied directly to a Black fan. Things got hectic and he deleted all comments. These screenshots are widely available but we will be adding them soon.
This was when things began to escalate: the main Hanson account was still silent, refusing to say black lives matter, and now we had Zac silencing black fans by deleting all comments on his post. The latest post on the Hanson page was still the one about the livestream, and it continued to receive comments from both supportive and frustrated fans. Fans began fighting with each other in the comments, and at least one black fan outright said she felt gaslit by the white fans.

June 5(?): Earlier in the day, the main band account shares a video advertising BTTI. Another round of hurt, angry comments rolls in while the post is still up, including feedback from BIPOC fans, and it is deleted within a couple of hours.
ZAC makes an Instagram post available here addressing some issues around the controversy.
Later, the main band account finally makes a post 'directly' addressing the criticism and comments are still enabled. This is met with another mixed response from fans. Many felt it was already too little too late. There has still been no apology to Black fans, no acknowledgment of the influence Black artists have had on their music, and no willingness from the band to even do the bare minimum of actually saying black lives matter. The fandom continues to implode in comment sections.
That evening around midnight, TAYLOR posts on his personal IG saying 'Love Casts Out Fear'.
Many fans feel he is having the best response out of the three, but a lot of commenters encourage him to highlight black artists or show what actions he has been taking to support black lives.


\the word "Pinterestgate was kicking around before the post was made, then at the time it was posted it has already been titled Hansongate because although Zac is) by far the instigator here, all three have a responsibility in this.
June 6: Zac's social media accounts including a YouTube channel, a Pinterest board, a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a website, and a private Instagram all named "ITIAirsoft" or sometimes "Commanding Officer" begin circulating among fans. Rumors are that someone close to Zac is the one who leaked it.
It's clear that the original purpose of these accounts was to manage the Airsoft team of the same name that Zac assembled; however, as the team apparently seemed to get less active (last posts were ca 2015) Zac instead used the Pinterest account specifically to build his meme and propaganda collection. Screenshots show some memes depicting US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, commonly known as AOC which suggests that this account was still recently active (she was elected 2018).
The Pinterest board has been particularly damaging as it was full of rightwing propaganda. Including but not limited to racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and islamophobia. Worse still, several of the Pins included commentary from Zac (user "ITIAirsoft/Commanding Officer") that reaffirm his stance on the media he shared. One of the worst things was a pin supporting George Zimmerman, the man who murdered Trayvon Martin, a black teenager. At this time it was only rumored that the account belonged to Zac, but there was enough evidence that many fans believed it was his.
This was the day posthanson subreddit was created.
June 7: Boycotting. Fans begin to gather at this subreddit and many take action. Requesting membership renewals, donating to BLM adjacent charities in the band's name, selling their merch, canceling orders, etc. We're all at different levels here, some have denounced Hanson entirely, others are still waiting to see what happens. The main sentiment on this subreddit is heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal. This is NOT a group of fans out to celebrate Hanson's demise, but people who are genuinely saddened at their behavior.
JUNE 8: On the afternoon of June 8, the Hanson Instagram posted a single image, with comments turned off, affirming Black lives matter: "We believe any form of racism is an injustice, and injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. There is no question we believe that black lives matter."
While there was a moment of joy and relief from the fans, many of us following the Hansongate story were also suspicious and did not feel it was enough. They receive many critical responses on Twitter but a lot of supportive responses on FB. At this point, much of the fanbase doesn't even know about Zac's Pinterest.
Within 2 hours, Zac confirmed on Instagram via comments from a post on May 26 that he was ITIAirsoft and defended everything he posted that was questioned.
His wife, KATE, then released a statement on Instagram.
June 9: Kate disabled comments on her post. Screenshots circulate that ZAC is corresponding with fans via PM on hnet and expresses sadness about the situation but does not indicate he feels any remorse towards others; only himself. SCREENSHOTS 1 & 2
June 10: Business seems to have resumed as normal at 3CG; a newsletter was dispatched in the evening celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Shout it Out with no acknowledgment of the current situation. By now, many Facebook fan groups have closed membership or archived temporarily.
On the evening of June 10, Lisa Niemann, wife of known Hanson associate Trevor, released a statement on facebook.
Unconfirmed reports of fans being blocked from the Twitter and Instagram accounts of ZAC, KATE, and the band have begun circulating and at least one instance of a fan having their Hnet account deleted without warning.
June 11: posthanson posts an open letter requesting an apology/acknowledgement from the band.
So far, hnet CBIB and HTP remains up to date but there is no official word from the band.
JUNE 12 - 14: still no word from the band; all social media remains silent; more discussion continues amongst fans on all sides of the issue.
June 15: HBBC (Beer company) updates twitter with a photo that appears to be taken and posted by Taylor. CBIBs continue to be posted - fans have started to notice that all recent CBIBs are from the same day and that Zac is clearly absent from them.
June 16 - 18: very few posts aside from some activity on from the beer company.
Juneteenth (June 19): All 3 make individual posts.
June 20-21: Zac continues blocking fans that bring up Pinterestgate in any way, or even express anything less than positive without any response. On June 21, someone asks him why he is blocking people, and his response (and remaining fallout) is best viewed here.


By and large, the summer remained fairly uneventful. ITZ has mostly laid low.
July 18: A drafted but unpublished blog entry written by ZAC is found on Hnet. It's unclear how users found it but it was never officially posted as a blog entry or event on the website and was a draft. It was originally dated for June 26. Once it is discovered, it's promptly removed. Click here to read the discussion. The STICKIED comment on that post contains the screenshot.
While there is some measure of accountability taken in its text, ZAC still centers the conversation around himself. In the end, the post was never officially released, was exclusive to fanclub members, and has also been removed so it is considered a nonstarter.
July 22: TAYLOR hosts a panel for the MusiCares foundation. Some users tuned in to watch the stream and provided commentary on TAYLOR'S interaction with the panelists as race, white supremacy, and police brutality were discussed. Reactions were mixed but overall less-than-impressed. Click here to read the discussion.
CCC: September 1 - 8 ITZ announces a residency for fall and winter at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa and sell tickets for in-person events in addition to livestream tickets. This is viewed as highly irresponsible and selfish, which is discussed at more length at the following posts.
November 1: ISAAC posts the following on his Instagram stories:
“At some point very soon Christians and Church’s [sic] (and for that matter anyone of any faith) is going to have to decide, is [sic] your faith is more important than your fear. We are quickly approaching Christmas and it too will be canceled (by our governments), just like Easter was and Thanksgiving is being suggested to be. I for one will not comply. I fear God more that [sic] I fear death and far more than I fear my government!!!”
Screenshot and discussion hereBecause fans can't publicly comment on Instagram stories, they take to his most recent post about a Theodore Roosevelt book to publicly share their disappointment.
November 2: ISAAC shares another Instagram story attempting to clarify the first one, stating among other things “as this pandemic persists, what is your line with COVID/Lockdowns?”. Screenshot and discussion here.
Later this day, Radio.com announces an upcoming interview with the band, asking fans to submit their questions. Many fans responded by submitting questions about Isaac's views on COVID, as well as questions about the band's actions in relation to BLM. Comments on this post (Instagram).
November 4: Queerty picks up the Isaac story. Discussion and article link here. The story is also eventually picked up by MSN, Perez Hilton, and the Mirror.
November 5: ISAAC is a no-show at the Radio.com interview. Nothing about Isaac's stories or views was asked during the interview, however, at least one somewhat critical fan question was answered, in relation to the ‘hold on to the ones who really care’ line from Mmmbop:
“Speaking hypothetically, would the guys consider that person to be one who loves you unconditionally, or one who challenges you to be a better person?
While Taylor feels those two people, hopefully, can be one and the same, as for Zac, he always felt that line represented the “people that you have identified in your life that care for you,” he says. “It’s about you searching your own thoughts and saying, ‘who are the people who are really taking care of me, who are really giving into my life, and I need to do that back to them.”
Discussion here: https://www.reddit.com/postHanson/comments/jp0ds7/radiocom_live_checkin_with_hanson_a_snapshot/
November 6: ISAAC turns off and hides all Instagram comments, then deletes and reposts the Roosevelt book post, also with comments disabled.
November 5-7: Cain’s in-person and livestream events continue as the pandemic continues.
An E! Online article covers the release of Perennial and skims over mentioning the in-person aspect of the shows. The band makes no mention of Isaac’s recent controversy, nor of the contentious US election ongoing at the time.


November 10: VICE breaks an investigative story about Hansongate including interviews from the posthanson moderators and Black fans. The article includes the following statements from the band, which have been panned by fans as weak:
In an emailed statement to VICE, the band wrote, "We are so grateful to our incredible and diverse community of fans for their continued support and powerful connection with our music. We are proud to have people of so many different backgrounds as a part of the community who consider themselves Hanson fans."
In an emailed statement to VICE, Zac wrote, "The leaked Pinterest page provided a distorted view of the issues surrounding race and social justice, which do not reflect my personal beliefs. I apologize for the hurt my actions caused."
"What I shared was driven by an emotional reaction to a recent personal experience," Isaac wrote in an emailed statement to VICE. "I’m sorry for the pain and worry that my posts caused. I don’t believe there is a group conspiring against Christmas, only that I hope value is placed on both practices of safety and of faith."
Since its publication, the story has been picked up by NME, Vulture, Stereogum, InsideHook, Pedestiran.TV, and PinkNews. Some are deliberately spun incorrectly by stating it's about politics, and others have the right idea but are abridged or inaccurate.

Please note this section will be subject to rapid changes as the week unfolds.
And here we are.
submitted by bridgesbuilttoburn to postHanson

Hermitcraft Daily 412 August 9th-15th 2016

Welcome to the 412th Hermitcraft Daily.


Other Minecraft: End Castle & Mini Me (BiffaCraft)
No Man's Sky: Best Start Ever
No Man's Sky: The Search for Tea (August 12th Stream)
No Man's Sky: The Search for Tea (August 13th Stream)
Project Highrise: Scenario 1 (E2)
Project Highrise: Scenario 1 (E3)
Project Highrise: Scenario 1 (E4)
Project Highrise: Scenario 2 (E1)
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Stardew Valley: Spending Millions (E197)
Stardew Valley: Flying Toddler (E198)
Stardew Valley: Spring of Year 4 (E199)
Stardew Valley: Hour Long Special (E200)
Stardew Valley: Out Of Stock (E201)


Hermitcraft: Corruption Unveiled
C14 dating: Can't get enough of those geology puns
Fallout 4: New Threads (Jack of All Trades)
Fallout 4: Pet Ghoul (Survival Sunday)
Sims 4: Alien babies (The Black Widow Challenge)
Sims 4: That's not Terrible at all (Breed Out the Goblin with Corpse)
Stardew Valley: August 8th Stream
Stardew Valley: Stream
Stardew Valley: Stream


Other Minecraft: Dance Dance Revolution
Other Minecraft: Lingering Creepers, Bug Fixes (16w32a)
Other Minecraft: Semi-Automatic Chorus Fruit Farm (Tutorial)
Other Minecraft: House Tour


ARK: Baby Allosaurus
ARK: New Tames New Base (Annunaki Genesis E4)
ARK: Going Big Megapithecus Tame (Annunaki Genesis E5)
ARK: Indominus Rex vs Megapithecus (Annunaki Genesis E6)
ARK: Drake or RIP (Annunaki Genesis E7)
No Man's Sky: Spaceship Launch


Other Minecraft: Galacticraft Apollo Program (Crackpack E15)
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Other Minecraft: The Holy Hand Granade (Crackpack E18)
Other Minecraft: The bugfix Update (16w32a)
Other Minecraft: The Race for the Dragon (Mindcrack UHC S25)


Other Minecraft: Bacon Joins (Sky Factory E40)
Other Minecraft: Compressing Cobble (Sky Factory E41)
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Other Minecraft: CS GO Mirage (Modded)
Starbound: Erchius Mining Station


Hermitcraft: New Sheriff Office (E63)
Hermitcraft: I Screamed (E64)
Other Minecraft: Summer Heatwave UHC (Ladies UHC S14 E1)
Other Minecraft: The First Death?! (Ladies UHC S14 E2)


Other Minecraft: Grid Power (FTB Unstable E5)
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Other Minecraft: Exploding Pigs (FTB Unstable E7)
Other Minecraft: Botanical Brewery (Regrowth E36)
Other Minecraft: Altar'ed Perception (Regrowth E37)
Other Minecraft: AE2 Tech Time (Regrowth E38)
No Man's Sky: Hype (E1)
No Man's Sky: New Discoveries (E2)
No Man's Sky: Hyperdrive Time (E3)


Hermitcraft: Diamond Hunting
Other Minecraft: Epic Tools (Crackpack E5)
Other Minecraft: Massive Spawner Find (Crackpack E6)
Other Minecraft: Enderman Fer Dayz (Crackpack E7)
Other Minecraft: Quarry Time (Crackpack E8)
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GTA V: Big Decisions (E50)
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GTA V: Spending Money (E52)


Hermitcraft: Maintaining Monopoly
Hermitcraft: DERP Day-HQ Upgrades (August 11th Stream Part 1)/Hermit Olympics and Missile Wars (Part 2)
No Man's Sky: I'm Freezing To Death


Hermitcraft: 100 Ways to die in the End (E69)
Hermitcraft: Potion Saloon (E70)
Other Minecraft: All For Nothing (Regrowth)
Other Minecraft: Portable and Reloadable "Ender"-chest system?! (Iskall's Island)
Other Minecraft: All your X's and I's back again (Rift Up E1)
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Other Minecraft: DDR in Minecraft!?
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No Man's Sky: Space Anomaly
No Man's Sky: Abandoned
Teaser: behind the scenes of Pitfalls and Penguins: Make the Bloody Epic


Other Minecraft: Football Stadium + Download (Euro 2016)
Other Minecraft: Modern Barn Conversion & Lighthouse
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ARK: Tower of Doom
Out of Reach: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (E1)
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No Man's Sky: Welcome Aboard The USS Good Times (E1)
No Man's Sky: Aliens Are Taking Selfies Now... (E2)


ARK: Grinder and Stairs (E48)
ARK: Hot Teenage Starcatronets (E49)
ARK: Treehouse Master (Shigo Islands E6)
ARK: Moar Redwood Platforms (Shigo Islands E7)
ARK: Super Farms (Shigo Islands E8)
ARK: Miracle Of Flight (Shigo Islands E9)
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Inside: The Ending
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Out of Reach: Shipwreck Exploring (E2)
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: Swordepede
Who's Your Daddy: Daddy's Nightmare w/Pungence


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7 Days to Die: Artificial Gas Shortage (E21)
7 Days to Die: Speed-Scrapping Cars (E22)
Empyrion Galactic: Slow Progress
Space Engineers: Asteroid Base
VLOG: Several Improvements


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Hermitcraft: August 10th Stream
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Poly Bridge: Switchbacks & Flip Two (E35)
Poly Bridge: Swing, Swing A Bridge (E36)
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No Man's Sky: Pets, Monsters, & Multi Tool Upgrades (E3)
No Man's Sky: Dynamic Resonator & Hyperdrive (E4)
No Man's Sky: Antimatter Recipe & Warp Cell (E5)
No Man's Sky: Atlas Pass v1 & Upgrades (E6)
No Man's Sky: Mining Tricks (E7)
No Man's Sky: Black Hole (E8)
No Man's Sky: New Ship (E9)
Okhlos: Rekt
Starbound: Ocean World (E15)
Starbound: Finale (E16)
VLOG: Where is Ark? What's happening with all series and live streaming? (Channel Update)
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